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Maybe this is just trivial and a very normal thing to feel when playing any game really, but playing POC and losing a run hits me waaaaaaay harder than when I actually get to finishing one. There is very little euphoria in beating adventures for me, and what I get afterwards is less euphoria and more relief that I can finally shut the thing off because I hit my goal of getting a champ up some levels that day. When I do lose a run midway, there's the instant massive urge to simply close the game and be done with it for the day. Not out of rage or anything, but just because the time passed becomes apparent really fast and at that point I'd rather be doing other stuff instead of going another round.

I love the game don't get me wrong, and maybe I'm just being a total b word about it, but maybe I'll start playing again when more stuff gets added in and more stuff gets tweaked that makes it feel more rewarding and fun and less of it just feeling like, as most games are, a time sink.

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I’m not sure how you can think Asol is fun while leveling champs, but to each their own I guess. I don’t think it’s fun when you usually have to cheat to win against Asol or otherwise just lose. Jinx and Kindred I think have been the only champs I’ve put through Asol pretty effortlessly at 2*, but most are pretty underpowered against him and need 2 hour resets or other cheats to win. I’m really not a fan of that play style, and I’d rather just play against Galio again for a difficult but usually pretty good chance at a win and XP and no cheaty games.

I actually solely play asol when leveling champs, normally don’t try to level them before they have 2 stars though. I often beat enough of the adventure to get paid in XP and sometimes I just get a crazy power build and win at level 1