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There's a decent number of champs / upgrades, but each is no difference between playthroughs. You can't choose playstyle based on perks you like , because there is too much random stuff. I keep playing original lab of legends but not Saltwater Scourge.

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Oh no, I'm a little late to this one so I suspect this'll remain buried! But I wanted to say thanks to everyone for giving their thoughts; threads like this are really useful to us, and we read them carefully.

That's doubly true when there's lots of critical feedback, which is invaluable as we run experiments like Saltwater. I'm pretty excited about the space we're exploring, but it's also vast; we need your help figuring out where the mode should go, using Journey to the Peak and Lab of Legends and Saltwater as anchor points along the way. Telling us what sucks about any individual iteration helps us get where we're going faster!

I'm happy to say that a lot of the notes in here are things we're tuning and changing already. There are also some that are new to us, or are framed in a new way. Either way, they all help us shape how we think about improvements to the mode and its next evolution.

So please, keep it comin'!