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Originally posted by magicshmop

Is sixmorevodka a team or a person? That's a lot of art for one person, but still impressive for a team.

they're an awesome team of artists. if you go to their studio site, they have a gallery of most of their current staff. https://sixmorevodka.com/

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these are great! as part of the design process, there's a constant feedback loop between our artists and our narrative and design team to make sure all of our art looks consistent, fits the lore, and conveys the appropriate feel for the design and mechanics of the card. There are many reasons art changes from one iteration to the next, but our artist partners have been great about making all our art both look great and fit into the larger story we're telling.

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Originally posted by Gron_Doom

Absolutely love what you and your artists have done with the art in this game. Looking for little clues and hidden stories in the cards is so great. I hope you enjoy reading about my little theories as much as I enjoy making them.

absolutely! people enjoying the game and it's world are the reason I get out of bed in the morning!

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