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So I finished the prologue mission for PoC and was halfway through the Lulu mission. I relogged and it won’t let me out of the prologue mission. Is there any fix to this? I tried retiring my run multiply times.

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Hi! Could I have some more details?

  1. If you complete the Jinx adventure once more, I expect your Lulu progress will come back.
  2. If you enter the event screen and press the button to go to the path of champions, if you've already ranked up Jinx it also probably auto-completes the tutorial it's trying to make you do again
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Originally posted by Zackydonz

Hi, thank you for your response.

  1. I did end up completing it once again because I am inpatient and love this game mode

  2. I tried going to PoC via the event screen and the home screen and no dice. I think as soon as I clicked out of the first territory it auto saved and no matter what I did it would not auto complete the tutorial.

Thanks for the details. So to double check - after you beat it again are you able to play more? Or are you still stuck in the tutorial?

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Originally posted by Zackydonz

After I beat it again the save on my Lulu run was still there and all I had to do was press continue

Perfect, thanks for the confirmation!