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I was so hyped about that card back bc it looks sick but I can't even use it in game atm.

Rito pls fix it.

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What the heck. Looking at this now!

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Originally posted by Omfsmm

Thanks <3

Hey u/Teachua79 and u/Omfsmm, just to confirm you completed all 5 adventures, and then you received your card back in the mail on the home screen? Or it never arrived there either?

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Originally posted by teachua79

I think the card back is missing, can't seem to find it.

Anyway, is it available to purchase with Gold? cause Shard of the Monolith (reward from Lab of Legends) can be purchased with Gold... so wondering if that option is available for people who just wants to purchase it without grinding lab?

No plans for it to be purchasable currently!