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908s hello everybody and welcome back to the
910s 2022 Legends of roomtera World
912s Championships my name is Decca and I'm
915s your guest host this weekend joined once
917s again by our incredible team of casters
919s and analysts to take you through all of
921s the action to kick things off on the
922s desk with me I have got the wonderful
924s Allen Boulevard and silver fuse how are
927s you guys doing today wonderful uh can't
930s wait for the day too probably gonna be
932s even more exciting than yesterday yeah
934s you know just excited to be here excited
936s to get into the action here on the world
938s stage I can't wait to see who makes it
940s top eight I mean we're one day closer to
942s seeing who is the world champion yeah we
945s have four players already confirmed to
947s make it through to that final bracket
949s but we still have more action to cover
951s as uh you know we had 16 players enter
954s into the world championships and we
957s still have eight more competing for
959s those spots today as we cover the second
961s half of those groups and those round
963s robin stages so we have 12 more best of
966s Threes coming at you for today but day
970s number one I mean you already talked
972s about it Alan how we had so much
974s exciting action but you think it's going
976s to be even more exciting today but
977s yesterday was already so exciting how do
980s we top that what were some of your
981s favorite moments oh most definitely the
984s satisfaction and excitement coming from
986s the smooth when he pulled his deck deck
989s coming at broadwing Silas and suppress
991s destroying the weapon taking out pretty
994s much the broad Wing that like the
996s satisfaction from getting this one off
997s to your deck just win it straight up we
1000s need you the game on turn two
1002s yeah I mean seeing like his excitement
1004s was just palpable wasn't it yeah I mean
1007s especially at his interview at the very
1008s end where you just gotta feel that
1010s emotion coming from him getting to that
1012s top eight and I loved seeing like a lot
1015s of these players have said what it means
1016s to me is to just be here but getting
1018s that upper half getting one step closer
1020s I love the excitement and joy he showed
1022s in that interview and I personally I was
1024s a big fan of kicker A's play the sun
1026s disk Deck with the rock bear Shepherd
1028s sort of this unexpected sundis pivoting
1030s into Beatdown like absolutely unfazed
1033s when his pivotal namesake card was
1035s destroyed was just an insane level of
1036s play even if he didn't make it through
1038s to the top eight yeah these are our top
1040s four players and how the round Robins
1042s shook out yesterday for groups C and D
1046s with by attack and Maddie 24 Mayo making
1048s it through for Group C and smooth
1050s swallowest and re-roll making it through
1053s for Group D I mean these Players
1055s yesterday you already talked about how
1057s some of them brought out some really
1058s interesting like choices when it comes
1061s down to how they approach the game but
1063s what else really stood out to you maybe
1065s a specific play or just a deck that you
1068s saw that you really liked oh I'm in love
1071s for this specific tournament going with
1073s the action varus like it has the both
1075s tools that you really wanted for the to
1078s stuff like Champion strength which is a
1080s right of negation or for the like more
1082s vain stuff unforgiving cold so really
1085s good into white range of the Decks that
1088s we see personally I think what am I
1090s really set the tone for the remainder of
1092s this tournament all aiming on the
1093s champion strength deck that a couple of
1095s players brought one maybe two different
1096s decks of that style so we know that
1098s going all in on it isn't necessarily the
1101s most optimal strategy based on his
1102s performance yesterday but maybe just a
1104s one or two of on this deck is what we're
1106s gonna be uh crowning with a champion and
1108s I've been really enjoying seeing aatrox
1110s come to life in this Tournament being a
1112s new card that was released and players
1114s only having seven days to decide how do
1115s I want to play this Champ What weapons
1117s do I want to add I think the different
1119s versions we see in this deck I'm
1120s interested to see which one ends up
1122s becoming the top dog I mean you talked a
1124s little bit about how you were excited to
1127s see like smooth's excitement we're
1129s getting some really nice highlights of
1131s just how satisfied he really was at some
1134s of the ends of these matches and got
1136s some words from him as well like he's so
1139s so excited the interview was amazing he
1142s was on top of Group D to make it through
1145s to the final day these tweets are great
1147s like you can just really feel how much
1149s it means to him to be here and also
1151s moving on to the next stage I'm
1154s certainly in all of the players who are
1155s excited as well as Baya rural or mati
1158s all of those players making to Top Cut
1159s and probably preparing already for the
1162s day three
1163s there's a lot of action still to cover
1165s of course because uh we still have 12
1168s more matches today as we are just in day
1171s two of the competition before we get to
1173s that final bracket so one more hurdle
1175s for these players to overcome before
1177s they can go to the final Gauntlet so
1179s groups A and B today and of course our
1182s single elimination bracket tomorrow and
1185s there's a lot to play for there's two
1186s hundred thousand dollars of prizing on
1188s the line that will be broken down to all
1190s of our players competing in the world
1192s championships this weekend but not only
1194s the title not only the Lion's Share but
1196s also this beautiful trophy all to play
1200s for for our players this weekend but
1203s don't worry viewers we didn't leave you
1205s out of things either if you tune into
1207s the broadcast this weekend make sure you
1209s check out the exclusive drops that you
1212s have access to from just watching the
1214s stream uh card back a player icon some
1218s Glitz and Glam to really uh spice up
1220s your decks yeah there's nothing that
1223s card players love more than shiny cards
1224s and the prismatics are what we get out
1226s of that in legends of runetera they look
1227s amazing and I'm sure everyone's gonna
1228s love to get that epic chest I mean some
1231s players enjoy card back some people
1232s players enjoy the Prismatic stuff like
1236s everything to pimp your collection oh
1238s I'm I love collecting things
1245s and to see like how you can really like
1247s spice things up a little bit but the way
1249s that players have really spiced things
1251s up in the competition this weekend has
1253s been from including some of the cards
1255s from the new world Ender expansion
1258s that's something that is live now on the
1261s live patch of Legends of runetera so you
1263s can also get in on the action and try to
1265s out some of these decks but there's also
1268s just so much more that we got a chance
1269s to see we you mentioned Champion
1270s strength but what else is really a
1272s standout from this weekend I've loved
1275s seeing Rock bear Shepherd I mean that
1277s card has done so much work in some of
1279s these games seeing mono shirima and
1281s we're also seeing it in Talia and
1284s malphite in the future here too I've the
1286s number of players who have seen this car
1288s and said you know what that's a pretty
1289s good card I'm gonna go ahead and take it
1290s to the world stage after being released
1292s for seven days and being a three-man on
1294s one three it's easy to overlook I mean
1296s although all of the decks we've seen
1298s have seen see some improvement going
1300s from vain got the addition of the a
1302s trucks like before you had to play pnz
1304s just for the weapon now you can just
1306s play actual card and slap in an extra
1308s some good weapons we have cut Gwen which
1312s got red in Prodigy like premium premium
1314s card one of the best in the deck yeah
1316s and I think that you know not just
1318s aatrox but the different darkened
1319s weapons that came out this expansion
1321s we've seen players have a very
1322s Diversified idea on which ones are to be
1324s included which ones are not like yeah
1326s the dark and ages the dark and harp
1327s those are the old ones those are going
1328s to be in every list but the new ones is
1329s where we get the individuality from each
1331s of these competitors and we even saw
1333s just some differences in the deck build
1335s for vain aatrox across the board from
1337s our players yesterday how many different
1338s weapons to actually include and the tech
1341s that you can put in to also make those
1343s decks your own but I think that these
1346s players today are going to give us even
1348s more surprises as we look at our field
1351s of competitors competing in groups A and
1353s B
1354s this is what we got who stands out to
1357s you I know we talked about some
1358s tournament favorites at the top of day
1360s yesterday but these this these are the
1362s players competing today I mean I've aora
1366s stands out to me for sure coming off of
1368s a seasonal championship and the last one
1369s from aipac that's I mean if you're
1372s coming off hot and you are ready to go
1374s not just Aurora from APAC though chenia
1377s you know I talked a lot about South
1378s Korea yesterday reroll has already made
1379s it out of groups Jenny is the one that
1381s sent reroll to the lower bracket in the
1383s qualifiers they played in another
1384s tournament a week later where Cheney had
1386s defeated reroll again in the finals and
1388s we saw How well rero was playing
1390s yesterday if chenia can match this rival
1392s of his then I think he's got a really
1393s good shot to make it out of groups I
1395s mean we cannot forget that we have in
1397s one group two seasonal Champions Teddy
1399s and Aurora like this will be a blood Bob
1401s there and then we have uh roji with
1404s really really solid lineup I want to
1405s give him a highlight for bringing
1407s exceptional one we're definitely gonna
1410s have to talk about that and honestly
1412s we've just seen some really unique decks
1415s being included in a lot of these lineups
1417s but something that I feel like we
1419s haven't been able to talk enough about
1420s is that there's another component to not
1423s just bringing three decks and having a
1425s best of three but there's a ban involved
1427s so what is the overarching strategy and
1430s approach that these players are taking
1431s to navigate what decklist to ban on
1434s their opponent's lineup there is
1436s anticipation what opponent will ban from
1439s you and what kind of the decks you're
1441s going to be left with also there is a
1443s case where all of your decks are weak
1445s into one deck that's obviously you you
1446s want to ban so like first you start if
1449s you have any particularly bad match up
1452s if you do you just bump that and when
1454s you let your opponent worry about the
1455s rest if you don't then you have to think
1457s a bit deeper what your opponent can ban
1459s what you're going to be left off with
1461s and then ban based on that
1464s I think there's been a lot of different
1466s not just lineup but also banned
1467s philosophies running around in Rune
1469s Terrace since we kind of got this Riot
1470s lock as our official format and
1472s sometimes players go in different
1474s directions than the analysts you know
1475s Alan has talked a lot about yeah this is
1476s the band that I'm expecting and then
1478s players will just take it in a
1479s completely different direction and you
1480s know maybe they find success that way
1481s maybe they don't we have to remember
1483s that also some players will just ban
1485s something they are completely clueless
1488s how it's gonna play out like just
1490s surprise Factor like I don't know how it
1491s plays out I don't know how to win a gun
1493s against it I don't know what it wants to
1494s do I'm just gonna ban it yeah seven days
1497s to prepare you can only test so much A
1500s lot of these decks are mid-range Comfort
1502s decks for these players and they've seen
1503s a good number of things but with so many
1505s new decks in the lineup it's hard to say
1507s in practice against everything yeah I
1510s definitely feel like maybe we have
1512s that's why we've seen some bands like go
1515s the way that we we're not expecting them
1517s to go just looking at the matchup tables
1519s alone but it's time to get closer to our
1523s first match of the day we're heading
1524s over to group a to kick things off and
1527s we've got to take Buster versus Teddy
1530s 314. now Teddy was one of the players
1533s that you highlighted yesterday Alan why
1535s do you think this player is so good oh
1537s years of competitive experience at
1540s exceptional mind a very good deck
1542s builder and piloting
1544s Teddy is an expert in multiple formats
1546s right has won a seasonal has won EU
1549s Masters which was a team event so like
1550s no matter what you throw at Teddy he's
1552s very quick to adapt to it so I'm sure
1554s that in an open meta environment Teddy's
1556s got it figured out he's already adapted
1558s very calm as well like you you don't you
1560s will not see shaky plays from Teddy
1562s there might be a small missteps but like
1564s he's not gonna be shaky yeah that
1566s experience experience can make all the
1567s difference when you have that
1568s competitive background there are a lot
1570s of young players in this tournament and
1572s a lot of them it's the first time on a
1573s stage as big as this one so when you
1575s have that background such as the
1576s European Masters you're a little bit
1578s more laid back and you understand it
1579s make a mistake gotta move on and make
1581s the next play especially when you only
1583s have three matches in like every single
1585s game is going to matter in each of those
1587s as well as the final standings overall
1590s but I think we are about ready to get
1592s into that first game so to bring you
1594s through our first match of action we're
1596s gonna send it over to Casanova and
1598s scarsig
1600s all right thank you necra I'm Casanova
1604s joined by scarsick welcome you all to
1606s the casting desk we are jumping in with
1609s the tank Buster versus Teddy to kick
1612s things off Teddy going for his three his
1616s Triple Crown he took down EU Masters he
1618s took down a seasonal now he's out here
1620s at Worlds and a tank Buster being kind
1622s of on the rise in the Americas having a
1625s great prep group behind him that's been
1626s hyping him up absolutely the tank Buster
1629s has now just the backing the pedigree we
1632s are going all in on our hero carrying
1635s those hopes and dreams and I love that
1637s he's aware of how much pressure is on
1640s him as a player he said that this is the
1642s group of death and Alan even said it as
1645s well the tank Buster coming in strong
1647s with a heavy anti-meta pick in plunder I
1651s love it when this deck comes back out of
1653s the fold we have a little bit of card
1655s theft with the NAB mechanic to beat
1657s those value decks and then sejuani's
1659s level two block walking down mid-range
1660s yeah it's really cool to have him coming
1662s in he's going up against two recent
1664s seasonal Champions he just made his
1667s first seasonal Top Cut so he definitely
1669s isn't Underdog in the group but a lot of
1671s the players he preps with drizz off Mo
1673s have a lot of success in the America's
1676s region and they've been saying that the
1677s tank Buster was playing the best of
1679s anyone in that prep group so there's a
1681s lot to be excited about with this guy
1682s he's got this Leona list which we talked
1684s about with one of my yesterday having a
1686s Leona Champion strength deck that we
1688s considered to be his strongest one and
1691s right here we've got another similar
1693s version to that champion strength Leona
1695s it's able to stall a lot more time but
1697s going on over to Teddy coming over from
1700s Europe remember one EU Masters one the
1703s most recent seasonal now coming here for
1705s worlds Teddy is a phenomenal player
1707s definitely a threat to take this whole
1708s thing and when we talk about threat he's
1711s got the Jinx Champion strength we've
1713s seen how potent this build is where the
1717s champion strength is so strong you
1720s almost ignore what your opponent is
1721s doing and you can see the triple rummage
1723s build the mono Jinx going all in on
1726s Acorn the hex technician to Discount the
1728s champion strength costs and get as much
1730s jury Rigs and Flame Chompers into play
1732s as possible to seal the deal yeah one
1735s big thing with this deck we alluded to
1737s this yesterday but I want to reiterate a
1739s lot of people looking at these Champions
1740s strengths had a bunch of different
1742s archetypes on The Meta but a lot of
1744s people overlooked the Jinx version there
1746s were very few that picked this up and
1748s then once the cards were kind of
1749s released to the public immediately A lot
1751s of people saw this and that deck didn't
1752s were like wow this Jinx version is like
1755s one of the best if not the best is
1757s incredibly powerful and the fact that
1758s it's got some more ways to dig for that
1760s champion strength really helps out with
1762s the consistency issues that we saw
1764s plaguing what am I yesterday absolutely
1766s and that's when you know you've hit on
1769s gold in an environment like this where
1771s you have limited time to test if you can
1773s make a build that once you show it to
1776s the rest of the field the longer they
1778s stare at it the more horrified their
1780s face becomes that's the edge you need at
1783s this level of competition
1784s all right and we see the bands starting
1787s to come in as well looks like the tank
1790s Buster has had his akshawn aatrox banned
1793s out and then for Teddy that was going to
1797s be the Bane aatrox band away oh so none
1799s of these players want to deal with the
1801s power of the world Ender we're gonna get
1803s a classic Showdown we've got Champion
1806s strength on both sides and then the wild
1808s card decks of plunder and the seraphine
1811s Victor yeah it's interesting the plunder
1814s gonna do very well into these kind of
1816s champion strength style deckless it
1817s feels like it's it's certainly going to
1819s be able to have that Freeze from the
1822s sichuani being able to hit the whole
1823s board as an answer if you can get those
1826s early plunders because sushwani comes
1828s online on turn six if you've been able
1830s to plunder perfectly throughout the
1831s early stages and so if your opponent is
1833s attacking on evens this can do really
1835s well into Champion strength and we might
1837s get a chance to see it just that here
1839s because it is a champion strength list
1840s being queued up into that plunder
1842s beautiful the make it rains gonna do
1844s huge work to keep the board clear so we
1847s can't get this massive buff spell teddy
1849s has it in the opening hand he's already
1851s on a trajectory for victory but notably
1855s If Teddy doesn't Block in order to
1857s preserve his board the tank Buster is
1859s going to get a bunch of front uh plunder
1861s procs set up to level up Gangplank to
1864s level up sejuani in response this is
1866s going to be a knife fight Casanova yeah
1869s and very notably Teddy attacking on odds
1872s so he is able to use the champion
1874s strength and attack on turn five instead
1878s of turn six which means sejuani can not
1880s be down on the board before the first
1882s opportunity for Champion strength this
1884s gives a slight Edge to Teddy especially
1886s if he can get everything online in time
1889s to just rip this on turn five and so far
1892s he has Acorn he has that elusive he
1894s might be able to speed up that clock a
1895s little bit oh I mean you can see the
1897s confidence there takes five damage
1899s already knows that we have the
1901s acceleration now when Acorn strikes the
1904s Nexus it discounts the most expensive
1906s spell in your hand by one so now this is
1908s a seven Mana Champion strength about to
1910s go down unless the tank Buster responds
1912s with make it rain all right and also a
1914s big thing here poro Cannon we talked
1916s about this yesterday poro Cannon plus
1918s Champion strength has 20 damage that
1919s kills you straight out this is here for
1921s Teddy already and he's got a couple
1923s other elusives these two elusives May
1925s threaten That Make It Rain we see into
1926s tank Buster's hand it's gonna get that
1929s out now these go down poro Cannon comes
1931s out no answer
1933s rangers results Make It Rain
1939s oh no that you wanted to completely stop
1943s this attack stop the discount now this
1945s is extra elusive threats that remain in
1947s play tank Buster has to Pivot and throw
1950s down even more aggression this is still
1953s a fantastic curve with the shell
1954s Shockers a tuning mana and the Tusk
1957s speaker getting a little bit of extra
1958s Nexus damage as we go back over here are
1962s we gonna see an open attack or
1963s development perhaps zap to block so he
1966s plays zap he's pressuring 12. so he can
1968s pressure lethal forcing Teddy to block
1969s at this stage
1971s the issue is is Teddy we talked about
1973s this poro Cannon he's still got the
1975s ability to refill and go for this
1976s Champion strength and end the game on
1978s his next attacking turn so he can
1980s actually afford to throw away one or
1982s potentially even both well one because
1984s zap is a blocker right so you can throw
1986s away one of these now he also is able to
1988s pull out this flame Chompers at burst
1991s speed to block one of the ground units
1993s and stop some of the damage so he's got
1995s good ways to prevent this damage then
1997s get the poro cannons down and set up for
1999s this Champion strength right now Teddy
2001s is set up to just win on this turn five
2002s attack yeah and we've got a two HP
2005s blocker to curb the overwhelm very
2007s unfortunate that uh tankbuster didn't
2010s get like the spirits Unleashed or just a
2012s little bit more board white potential
2013s but who knows if teddy gets a little bit
2015s greedy here takes a bit too much damage
2017s we see the warning shot in hand there is
2020s the top deck of main deck warning shot
2022s parley to maybe squeeze in just a
2024s smidgen more damage we'll see how far
2027s Teddy wants to go with keeping this
2029s board alive yeah so we'll we'll see
2031s Teddy needs to be a little bit careful
2033s right because like you said there is
2034s some direct damage in this deck list
2036s especially we already see a warning shot
2038s in hand Harley Make It Rain right
2039s there's a couple ways to get through but
2042s three health is relatively safe four is
2045s very safe you would have to have a very
2046s specific set of Cards into tank Buster's
2048s hand to actually be able to pick up a
2050s Kill from four Health considering
2052s there's no lineup to just generate like
2054s an extra Barrel coming in as well so
2056s this is a pretty good block you keep
2058s yourself at four you're able to keep the
2060s flame Chompers alive to pull aside the
2062s zap spray fin make room for your
2065s elusives and we're gonna get the force
2066s Chief probably just going to get this
2068s poro Cannon to come through as well
2070s you've already develop it you don't need
2071s that rummage the only card you need at
2073s this point is that champion strength
2075s because you should be winning on this
2076s next attack you said it Casanova the
2078s brutality of this list we've got six
2082s Mana maybe Make It Rain to top deck and
2084s stop this from resolving
2086s oh not enough man I'd even draw with no
2088s boros can't do it Scout elusive plus
2092s four plus four this is lethal no matter
2095s how much no matter which way you slice
2097s it even if that Make It Rain had
2099s resolved uh Teddy would just be down one
2102s extra Acorn and the poro Cannon is still
2104s lethal what's he gonna find here yeah
2106s the Tank's busted at this point he
2108s doesn't have enough to draw through this
2110s is gonna be two draws but he's not going
2112s to be able to have enough Mana to
2114s actually stop this right as you stated
2116s cost five for ivanaga caboros you were
2119s looking for Make It Rain and getting
2121s very lucky to snipe all three elusives
2124s does not happen because you've only got
2126s the six total Mana yeah so Teddy very
2129s easily cleaning up that first game the
2131s curve went exactly how he wanted it to
2133s the acorn discounting the champion
2135s strength showed up in the opening hand
2137s with the Rangers resolve this Jinx
2140s variant is going to be echoing
2143s throughout the rest of this day and so
2145s now with Daddy picking up that win has
2148s to find his potentially second win now
2151s on this Victor seraphine shell folk list
2154s the vandals so strong I actually wanted
2156s to quickly call out something about the
2158s Jinx deck that was so good
2160s it's not shelf folks thank goodness
2162s thank goodness that's a little bit too
2164s much Shenanigans for this early in the
2165s morning yeah you didn't want to wake up
2168s to some shell bug that wasn't it but the
2170s Jinx I wanted to quickly call this up
2171s before we move on to this next match
2173s yeah the champion strength in the
2175s opening hand so he didn't need to use it
2177s but he had the rummage he had ways to
2179s continue to dig he was able to use some
2181s draw early from the Zona urchin he might
2182s have been able to find a champion
2183s strength regardless of having in the
2185s opening hand that's the strength of that
2186s deck but moving on plunder once again
2188s this time coming in against seraphine
2190s Ezreal Victor lovely and with the
2193s warning shot Jagged butcher to start
2195s into Mirai Warden fireth being generated
2198s and when you generate an improvised unit
2200s it selects the weapon randomly gets the
2203s upcycled rake all right so it does get
2206s that Scout but of course it is an
2208s ephemeral unit so you're generally not
2210s gonna need to use that it doesn't help
2212s you too much Serafin gonna come in and
2214s do a little bit of blocking early on
2215s tank Buster able to get one of those
2217s plunder procs and actually push six
2219s damage on turn two it's a solid amount
2220s of damage and he needs to kind of race
2222s this down before seraphine comes online
2223s yeah there is only one copy of hex
2226s spliterator in this deck to maybe answer
2227s a gangplank or something of that like
2229s that on curve but we know that seraphine
2232s when she first Rose to prominence the
2235s main way players were finding to get
2237s over this value was to go under the
2240s value this beat down is going to be so
2242s strong in this list that has no healing
2244s yeah and notably I mean detect Buster
2246s being the only player to bring this
2249s plunderlist plunder was probably not on
2251s that many Radars coming into the world
2253s championship so I'm certain that nobody
2255s was prepping with plunder in mind and
2258s it's fun to see kind of another
2259s mid-range beat down take that to tank
2262s Buster has that is historically done
2263s well in mid-range metas coming in now
2266s going up against controlling lists or
2268s even combo list right more there's more
2270s combo they control with the seraphine
2271s Ezreal Victor it has historically had
2274s some issues if it can't go fast enough
2276s if it has that more mid-range slow down
2279s set up a sichuani with constant freezes
2281s that game plan does not work here and
2284s speaking of a game plan not working the
2286s Unleashed Spirit sent back to the Hand
2288s by puzzling signposts Vandal city's new
2290s pseudo deny that powerful effect and AOE
2294s now being taken offline and that's tank
2296s Buster's whole turn Teddy is more than
2298s happy to take these one for one
2300s exchanges and let the game go long if
2304s there is not enough pressure from tank
2306s Buster the Back Alley Bar comes down
2308s with no repercussions Spirits unleash
2310s coming back out once again to try to get
2313s this stat buff up and running yeah a big
2315s thing for the surfing deck is turn four
2317s turn five they're kind of weak you don't
2318s want anything to happen if the game just
2321s skipped those two turns you're winning
2322s and so having the puzzling signpost on
2325s this turn essentially skipping that turn
2327s for both of you is great we see the back
2330s alley bars in the hands of Teddy he's
2332s gonna be able to play that on six so
2333s he's done a great job on just kind of
2335s fading any attacks in the mid game from
2337s the tank Buster and he's gonna get to
2339s his really powerful turn six turn seven
2341s turn eight and Vandal City we know that
2344s they can just play these small blockers
2346s that generate more cards generate more
2348s spells even though there is threat now
2350s there's better stats with the spirits
2351s Unleashed we're just gonna block them
2353s down and out value I love this cheeky
2355s inclusion of the dark bulb acolyte gives
2357s you a bonus removal spell the darkness
2359s counts as an extra proc and a created
2361s card for Victor seraphine Ezreal it
2365s makes more sense that the more sense I
2367s think about it the more you talk about
2368s it look at this Teddy's actually just
2370s gonna go aggressive here yeah I'm
2372s setting up to clear the board you know I
2374s have darkness in hand but you need to
2376s block because I'm running Ezreal I have
2379s top end Burn yeah and he actually even
2381s has this buff here this cheeky buff to
2383s get through take out one of them and the
2386s other can go down to Darkness or
2387s actually better yet Pokey stick is gonna
2389s be able to deal with that four one oh my
2391s goodness and having The Stance now to
2393s buff up that unit so powerful gets the
2396s trade into the 4-4 jacket butcher Here
2399s Comes sej wanted to try to take down
2400s seraphine she's not close to leveling
2402s but Teddy can just now answer this big
2405s expensive play with one of his own the
2407s Back Alley Bar generating a bar keep
2410s seems pretty free here to my eye yeah it
2412s feels like he has the time I am right
2414s now to set it up because okay seraphine
2415s gets pulled and dies you push the five
2418s with sejuani you could push damage with
2420s this 4-1 but realistically Teddy is
2422s happy to block that down and now he's
2424s got bar going into the next turn with
2426s all these cheap cards all these cheap
2427s spells to be able to refill set up some
2430s clears with the Spells and just set up
2431s for his future turns
2433s and Ambush being offered very potent
2437s from the trinket trade here but decides
2439s to take the rummage wants to draw needs
2441s to get Power Cards very reactive right
2443s now and we talked we heard Alan talk
2446s about this a little bit yesterday where
2447s you don't want to rely solely on the
2449s cards you're getting off of barkeep you
2450s want the other cards out of your own
2452s deck to make sure your game plan is
2454s staying on the rails well especially I
2456s mean this is combo right this is
2457s actually the Ezreal version so you've
2458s got seraphine Ezreal you have a
2460s seraphine in hand if you can get them
2461s both online and in play You're gonna end
2464s the game from basically any HP so that
2466s rummage is gonna help you dig for that
2468s Ezreal as you start to get closer to
2470s leveling up him up anyway and he's got
2472s double his triple bar I will say but
2474s double bar is a possibility for teddy at
2476s this stage I'm looking at this rummage I
2480s think Teddy recognizes now at 8 HP
2483s sejuani about to level the threat of
2485s Gangplank there is a lot of damage
2487s Marshall coming through but goes for
2489s doubles if you kind of greet it out but
2491s it is so strong to reduce it it's going
2494s to mean that he can play like 12 13
2496s cards in a turn getting everything out
2498s with these bars and I guess Teddy has
2501s made the read that hey I can survive
2503s sedge worst case would be Gangplank and
2505s I think Teddy is just like I think I can
2507s survive Gangplank too so sejuani is
2509s gonna level up here thanks to the
2511s warning shot the Gangplank in hand will
2513s come down now that Teddy only has two
2515s Mana remaining
2516s this is massive overall massive AOE
2519s damage from the barrel and gangplanks
2521s effect but you can see tank Buster not
2523s feeling confident in this play once the
2525s Back Alley Bar keeps start to hit the
2527s board there's just a little bit too much
2529s at play that you can't account for
2532s meanwhile all Teddy needs to do from
2534s this position is get seraphine and
2536s Ezreal with the double bar 19 HP is
2540s nowhere near safe for the tank Buster
2543s yeah really I mean tank has to get
2545s through this last seven and it's gonna
2546s be so hard with double bar I mean
2548s Teddy's just gonna be playing an
2550s infinite amount of cards going through
2552s these turns it's late in the game he's
2553s already got a lot of Base mana and just
2555s take a look at the hand at how many zero
2557s and one cost cards he's already got yeah
2558s once tank Buster comes back over to his
2560s end he has a great open attack but
2562s you're slinging into fully stocked Mana
2565s from Teddy
2567s all right and there we go Teddy gonna be
2569s able to clear away the barrel as well of
2570s course Gangplank gonna create one each
2572s turn but you don't want to let that
2573s double up starts to become a lot of pain
2575s on the Nexus oh my goodness and Teddy
2578s trying to sneak in a little bit more
2580s damage knows that the tank Buster can't
2582s block this 3-3 because of the fact if
2586s you're softening up your own units the
2588s removal becomes that much stronger and
2590s now you're moving even further towards
2593s that burn win condition with the Ezreal
2595s yeah I mean tank is looking to try and
2598s find a way to win on his next attack
2599s token it's not there currently right
2602s like there is not a win on this token
2604s and he needs it it's really like being
2607s at seven double bar and play oh my God
2611s here we go
2613s that's gonna be a scout attack trying to
2616s double dip on his Strong attacking
2620s effect but look at this
2621s oh the dark bulb acolyte's been scaling
2625s up this entire time thanks to augment
2627s we've got brutal Skirmish that was
2629s generated from the back alley barkeep to
2631s so crazy
2633s and there's nothing that tank can do
2636s about it so the rake on the Gangplank
2638s it's just gonna go down to this dark
2641s bulb acolyte earlier we saw Teddy give a
2645s better trade in order to preserve the
2648s acolyte because he wanted that scaling
2650s attack to come into play later Darkness
2652s also coming through to soften up this
2654s sejuani
2655s just needs hex now we just need the hex
2657s to obliterator
2659s to deal six damage it says wani Teddy
2661s looks like he has this locked up zero
2663s Mana rummage to see two more cards he's
2665s got so many resources what a cool Tech
2667s this dark Bob Accolade ended up being
2669s right it gives you that Darkness it
2670s gives you that extra card the ability to
2672s find some more removal but also the fact
2674s that it has the augment the fact that
2677s it's ramping throughout because you play
2678s so many creators
2681s baby Victor is so cool that Teddy
2683s brought that in here and he's dividends
2686s because he finds a strike spell off of
2688s bar to get rid of that Gangplank so cool
2691s spray Finn being found here it's a 3-3
2694s thanks to the spirits Unleashed can this
2697s swing into deal three can we get some
2699s overwhelm here with the sejuani parley
2701s for one more damage Tusk speaker for
2703s another source of damage theoretically
2706s it could come through get excited is in
2708s this deck it's still left there there is
2710s Nab available you get three in with the
2712s Elusive and you might be able to find a
2713s lethal and here comes the song spitter
2716s going to offer three choices of two Mana
2720s car two Mana spells and they're reduced
2722s to zero Mana
2723s troll gifts picked up oh so slow
2727s weapon Hill nothing nothing good nothing
2729s good that's rare to see uh
2733s to see three Duds kind of offered up
2735s just gonna try to go for the block being
2737s presented yeah there's nothing stop this
2739s sap there's nothing wrong Mage can still
2741s come through here comes seraphine
2743s leveled up drawing four off of rummage
2745s he's got no matter what can he draw
2746s there's still two bars in play what do
2749s we have high note drawing another uh
2752s seraphine maybe crowd pleaser
2755s Make It Rain being put on the stack this
2757s didn't be doubled by seraphine
2761s there's still so much Mana available to
2765s try to clear this zap spray fin to deal
2767s just a little bit more damage to the
2769s sejuani and all the tank Busters trying
2771s to do is push through five damage here
2774s and finish off with parley in the Tusk
2776s speaker
2777s he didn't find anything though he didn't
2779s find the full answers there's some more
2782s agency there's HP okay okay that's what
2784s he needed that's what he needed troll
2786s gifts to buff the back alley barkeep to
2789s stop this overwhelm
2792s and maybe the ordering here a little bit
2795s rough from tank Buster if the zap spray
2797s fin hits first we get that sejuani
2799s frostbite effect so she can survive this
2802s trade regardless and now we're drawing
2804s more cards off of the rummage puzzling
2806s signposts well Victor encaustic riff
2810s caustic riff that's more damage to deal
2812s to the board that's great that's exactly
2814s what we want seraphine now this clears
2817s the clear spray thin he's done it
2819s survived completely walled out the
2822s damage from this turn Teddy stabilizing
2824s now but still hasn't found a win
2827s condition yes but clearing this is
2830s probably enough because tank needs to
2832s get through he needs to find a way to
2834s get the plunders but he also needs this
2835s to be lower than seven so small
2838s the band will tell stones to try to tag
2841s in the heroic refrain for even more stat
2844s buffing
2846s but only the first part is discounted so
2849s this Back Alley Bar keep is still going
2851s to go down yep there it is though but
2853s getting the clear not taking any damage
2855s this is massive we were talking about
2856s the fact that hey if he takes three from
2858s zap parlay stealing get excited would
2861s end the game there is still there was an
2863s option to find the steal and get there
2865s that's not going to happen with seven
2867s Health Teddy has protected his life
2868s total he still has a board that
2870s seraphine's buffed up tank Buster has
2873s nothing right now and only four cards in
2874s hand yes he has some Mana for refill but
2877s it's not going to be a lot of strong
2878s units coming down and Teddy look at this
2881s hand he still has plenty to work with
2882s and what I love about this too is that
2884s tough speaker comes down tankbuster's
2886s been damaging himself this whole time as
2887s well Teddy can actually just develop
2889s Victor because if sejuani comes down to
2891s Frostbite the augment is going to start
2893s ticking up with all these created cards
2896s he nabs the thermal beam that's not
2898s gonna be great not what tank is looking
2900s for he wants to find more damage he's
2902s looking for your Mystic shot he's
2904s looking for your Pokey stick he's
2905s looking for your get excited tank Buster
2907s has another Spirits Unleashed babbling
2909s beer gonna draw I believe specifically
2912s only Gangplank or sejuani at this point
2914s and Ezreal one away one away away it
2918s looks like the burn is there right we've
2920s got the rummage had to be used last turn
2922s in order to draw answers so we don't
2924s have too much fuel for Ezreal we have
2926s however the piltoven tell stones into
2929s the progress day so if Teddy feels like
2933s he can take a lot of time off here
2934s there's not too much at stake tries to
2937s go all in on this Ezreal to just draw
2940s more fuel draw more cards tank Buster
2942s might just use the thermogenic meme to
2945s get this Ezreal off the board
2946s yeah but 11 Mana Thurman was feeling
2950s real rough that's feeling really dope
2953s scenario is that Teddy maybe just plays
2955s Victor here giving tank Buster a chance
2958s to spend some mana on the spirits
2959s Unleashed or this bjerg that way we
2962s don't have to go absolutely all in on
2964s the thermo
2965s yeah but it's it's hot it's so tough
2967s especially Teddy having the attack token
2969s yeah we're gonna see it right this is
2971s tank Buster's priority Teddy has a talk
2973s token so if you don't do it now Ezreal
2975s swings in gets a Mystic shot I mean
2976s you're not you're not coming back from
2978s this yeah because then the Mystic shot
2979s is his final level up trigger Thermo
2983s Ezreal is getting blasted off of the
2986s face of the Earth right now nothing but
2989s a smoking crater Left Behind meanwhile
2991s Teddy thinking about responding to this
2993s trying to clear a little bit more of a
2995s path to push through damage
2997s good signpost it
3000s yeah you can just
3001s suss it oh no
3004s no signpost drawn both
3007s siding absolutely ridiculous spells and
3010s now the seraphine spell leveling up
3012s Ezreal that's gonna be awesome oh my
3016s signpost is not a card that we were
3018s looking at this weekend as being like so
3021s incredibly impactful yes it gives
3023s another deny mechanic to a different
3025s region that you can take it in but
3027s symbol still gives the card back that
3029s eating opportunity looks like it was a
3032s completely uh not shocked by that win
3035s he's unfazed he's like yeah a new
3037s signpost is just gonna Carry Me Against
3038s plunder you know that's that's what's
3040s gonna be it yeah
3041s they're showing up and for them this is
3044s just going to work they sit down they
3046s know what their decks are going to do
3047s they know exactly how to Pilot these
3049s matchups and it seemed just based on his
3052s expression was completely within
3053s calculation seraphine popped off
3055s beautifully that game look Teddy's like
3057s group stages this is something that I'm
3059s getting through right he's one of the
3060s Champions the seasonal Champions coming
3062s into this group stage him and Aurora are
3064s both in the same group those are the two
3066s expected to get out bank is an underdog
3068s in this one and it felt like he couldn't
3070s get anything started against Teddy even
3072s though he had the pressure of that
3073s lethal attack there Teddy had already
3075s gotten two bars online he sat there
3077s cycling through as much of his deck and
3079s as much of his hand as he could in order
3081s to find the answers and he did
3083s the at the end of the day the Back Alley
3085s Bar is just such a powerful play if you
3087s don't have that early pressure your
3090s opponent sets it up for free and we're
3091s gonna hear more about the implications
3093s of that powerful Landmark when we head
3095s back over to the analyst desk
3098s thank you so much skarzig and Casanova
3100s and yeah we definitely have to talk
3102s about Back Alley Bar because I feel like
3103s this is not the first time that it has
3105s been super impactful in these games tell
3109s us a little bit more about the card and
3110s also why it's been so powerful well
3113s first off I've always loved these like
3116s almost mono archetypes they're almost
3118s Singleton to an extent and then your
3119s powerful Champions so the idea is that
3122s you're able to play these new cards for
3124s air reduced costs and of course you also
3126s get that randomly generated car which we
3128s saw that made a huge impact in that last
3130s game so I just love the the diversity
3133s that this card brings because of the
3135s random cars that it generates and the
3136s epics and the cost reduction makes
3139s seraphine just do some crazy things
3141s I mean that was this classic bar game
3144s listen and the more cars are introduced
3146s the more power creep we get the stronger
3149s Bargains because you do not get punished
3150s for playing quad-offs in the deck and
3152s the puzzling signposts uh would just
3154s like did a lot of work in that game
3155s right there's a couple of questions
3156s about what it's here for specifically in
3157s The Meta but like not just the thermo
3158s beam but delaying the spirits Unleashed
3160s in the early game really throwing off
3162s the tempo that was so important for tank
3164s Buster there was another card that we
3167s saw coming out of Teddy's seraphine deck
3170s that you you heard you know Casanova and
3173s scarsick talking about is a little bit
3174s weird maybe out of the ordinary and that
3177s was the dark bulb acolyte so what was
3180s going on there as a tech choice to
3182s include that in this deck I mean first
3184s of all it's a car that benefits because
3186s of the argument all from all the created
3188s cards so it grows it generates you
3191s another spell that allows you to just
3193s utilize it well with the especially with
3195s the seraphine and because of it
3197s progressor level up it utilizes with the
3198s bar keep well because of the discount
3200s and then we had generated pretty much a
3203s new single combat that also destroys the
3206s equipment on which completely completely
3209s decimated and through of the tank Buster
3211s of the game
3213s I mean I was it shocked me for sure but
3217s I love seeing the acolyte in there just
3219s because we're so used to seeing it in
3221s Cena and they are and people are like oh
3222s dark discard it goes into the darkness
3224s deck so Teddy recognizing that hey this
3227s card is worth more than that it's worth
3228s putting these Singleton decks and also
3230s to that beautiful trait of giving away a
3232s 3-3 instead of the Ackley at the time
3234s which he knew he could grow he didn't
3236s necessarily know that's what he was
3237s going to get but he did know that it was
3238s going to give him pressure in the future
3239s that keeping the 3-3 there wouldn't well
3242s more than that I mean the reason that
3243s you play Dark bulb in the darkness deck
3245s is because you have ways to buff up the
3246s darkness that other decks don't have
3248s access to Right Back Alley Bar will
3250s reduce the cost of darkness which is one
3252s of the most important aspects of the
3253s darkness deck so like yeah you you know
3255s I could see how it fits together you get
3257s a little bit of buff on the car that you
3258s wouldn't otherwise get if you just throw
3260s it into any other random Vandal City
3261s deck I just want to give a quick
3263s highlight because how well Teddy piloted
3265s in few sports game one he knew exactly
3268s how much damage in what spots to take to
3271s not accidentally die on Turn 5 when he's
3273s going to be present it little also he
3275s didn't go for the greedy play and didn't
3277s develop even though he could get even
3279s bigger board with the champion strength
3281s because he played around and his spirit
3282s because if he did and the opponent had
3284s Unleashed he just lost the game on the
3286s spot in another game he set up the dark
3288s Bob perfectly by attacking and he baited
3291s opponent into playing the Scout open on
3292s GP because it was looking so juicy he
3295s could just couldn't resist and when
3296s there was an immediate punish like he
3298s took a risk oppon might not have played
3300s it and when he had an open attack with
3302s his whole board but he did and it paid
3305s off
3306s it was really cool to see how Teddy was
3308s navigating that too because you saw the
3309s Nexus Health start to dwindle a lot and
3311s you're like oh that that looks a little
3313s scary there but you're right how well
3315s calculated out that all was that was
3318s just our first match of the day though
3320s and now we're going to be heading over
3321s to Group B to intro our next two players
3324s in this next match it's Grandpa roji
3327s going up against donut and Alan I know
3329s you had a lot of things to say about
3331s roji's lineup so tell us about it oh
3333s it's absolutely amazing the fact that he
3336s brought two of the strongest decks and
3338s he backed it up with his puppy puppy
3343s deck that pretty much he plays for such
3345s a long time which is malfai Talia and it
3349s fits perfectly into the current metal in
3352s the tournament so I wouldn't be
3354s surprised if he makes it to the final
3357s because roji has really solid lineup and
3359s I wouldn't be surprised if we're gonna
3360s see in the first match malphite just
3362s banned because first of all he has a
3363s quick scent which deals extremely well
3365s with the elusives from donut he has a
3368s right of negation which deals with
3369s plentiful threats and then like Roger
3372s has that experience on the deck he like
3373s he played this he played multiple
3375s matchups across like months and so he
3378s knows exactly how to Pilot them okay so
3380s maybe just Banning out of just knowing
3383s that you're taking away a comfort from a
3385s player but Boulevard I see him making a
3388s face so the problem is roji is not a
3391s true one trick he's got a lot of tricks
3393s up to sleeve granted they're pretty
3394s linear but like the pantheon and the
3396s sitter auction especially as the deck
3398s he's been on for a long time he ran this
3399s sitter auction virus in the qualifiers
3401s has brought it back with just a couple
3403s of changes so that is just another huge
3405s Comfort pick for this player
3407s definitely a lot to look forward to and
3409s maybe eight tracks as well I actually
3412s he's back with anyone else seeing this
3415s I'm I'm nervous see two aatrox that's
3418s the amount in the deck four grandpa so
3422s I think we should see both atroxus in
3425s play in this game that would be really
3427s exciting to see how those are going to
3428s battle up against each other before we
3430s head into the match though we did get a
3432s chance to talk to Grandpa roji about his
3434s preparation for the World Championships
3436s so let's take a look at what he had to
3437s say
3444s welcome over to the Caster's desk I'm
3447s Casanova joined by skarzig we've got
3449s roji versus donut these are the two
3452s players who had never seasonal Top Cut
3455s before coming to the world championship
3457s there was only two in this tournament
3459s who had not made a top cut it is these
3461s two but they were both very consistent
3464s throughout the year in latter and in
3465s seasonal points and were able to qualify
3468s into those regions and made it all the
3469s way through they've been very solid
3470s players yeah there's a lot of players
3472s that would just kill to have that level
3474s of consistency first of all we've seen
3476s players do really well then the meta
3478s shifts or balance patch comes through
3479s and they can't replicate those results
3481s these are players that are ladder
3484s monsters they're doing very well in the
3486s seasonal every time donut is so strong
3489s in my opinion simply because he has this
3492s ability to get early reads on the
3494s metagame he was one of the early
3495s adopters of the vain Fiora pnz that went
3498s on to be such a solid deck during the
3501s Vain metagame and that particular list
3503s is is metamorphose now into vain aatrox
3506s so he has a little bit of Legacy skill
3507s there yeah and it's been a big year of
3509s growth for donut right at the start of
3510s the year not many people knew who this
3512s guy was but then he was going six three
3513s seven two and pretty much every season
3515s only be a lot of people's final boss and
3517s they they feed him and they get through
3518s and he wouldn't win on the tie Breakers
3520s but he was so consistent he was so good
3521s like you said adopting that vein early
3523s doing some really good stuff in the
3525s qualifiers he had a lot of confidence
3527s for someone who is not top cut a
3529s seasonal he just knows that he's always
3530s playing very well he's always playing
3532s really consistent and he can make it
3533s through and this bayonetrox is something
3535s he is very comfortable on because the
3537s shell of the deck is something that he
3539s adopted early and he has piloted so
3541s incredibly well but up next is roji
3544s that's who he's going up against grandpa
3546s roji is on his Ash Ketchum Arc right now
3549s he's got his Pikachu into Liam malphite
3551s and he's trying to find a win because
3552s everything he runs into he ends up
3554s losing these tournaments but now he is
3557s well positioned to take a championship
3559s for himself with his signature deck on
3562s his shoulder with that Talia malphite
3564s and I'm so excited for roji because a
3566s mid-range meta is just what he needs
3568s when you have been putting so much time
3570s and work into mastering these mid-range
3573s decks he's had a hand in developing all
3575s of these mid-range shells like you
3576s talked about that other players have
3578s gone on to Pilot to success he's so well
3582s positioned employing the varus auction
3584s having the unforgiving cold is beautiful
3588s it lets you bully your opponent from
3589s trying to swing into you and this is
3591s what roji loves to do with Talia
3592s malphite he considers it an anti-mid
3595s range deck he wants to Feast on his
3597s opponent's matchups here and as we get
3600s into the bands he doesn't want to deal
3603s with the Zoe Teemo and Grandpa roji also
3606s gets banned away from Talia malphite not
3611s only is your opponent incredibly
3612s comfortable on it it's a deck that's
3614s just so solid right now in this world's
3616s meta yeah and I want to continue on with
3618s what Alan was saying about this lineup
3619s from roji we look two of the decks are
3621s the same as reroll who made it through
3623s the auction server Bears this auction
3625s Varys is something that rero brought
3626s that Alan was praising reroll for
3628s yesterday as being such a good meta read
3630s right of negation dealing with the
3631s Champion's strength you've got
3632s unforgiving cold dealing with a lot of
3634s the other vain aatrox decks it's doing a
3636s really fantastic job in this meta roji
3638s brought that it's a very comfortable
3640s list for him he's played a lot of octron
3642s silver in the past and then he's also
3644s bringing the Quinn aatrox vayne version
3646s of the aatrox deck which has been
3648s incredibly strong so far Baya it looks
3651s very similar to baya's version of the
3653s list as well so roji in a very good
3655s position here he's got his Tilia
3657s malphite as that third deck but it is
3659s something that roji is so comfortable
3660s with and I like his position a lot going
3662s up against donut though donut on the red
3665s Gwen and it does get through red Gwen
3667s getting through is massive because it's
3669s such a stable Deck with such a
3671s versatility to it that you can adapt to
3673s any situation roji may have been relying
3676s on Talia Mao fight getting through and
3679s the ferris getting through just having a
3680s bunch of right of negation to beat the
3682s red Gwen I do respect not wanting to
3684s deal with the elusive as a mid-range
3686s player you know that sometimes your
3688s answers to elusives just don't come up
3690s what you need them to and as we jump
3691s into game number one grandpa roji on the
3694s varus and donut jumping in with the vain
3698s aatrox all right and you can see what
3701s did we just mention scars like about
3702s this deck as being good into the vanity
3705s trucks unforgiving cold what does roji
3707s keep in his Mulligan is the unforgiving
3710s cold he's hanging on to it he knows hey
3711s this is going to be useful in this
3713s matchup as we go forward he was also
3715s able to keep a one drop alongside some
3717s blood letters so he's I've got a weapon
3719s I've got a one drop I've got a tech card
3721s that is specifically good in this
3723s matchup and with the Forsaken bakai
3725s going for a predict here very
3727s interesting options offered Varys is
3729s going to tutor himself to the hand a
3730s little bit later on but when we look at
3732s the Vagabond versus swinging blade you
3734s have to make a bet am I going to just
3736s double down on weapons here try to go
3738s aggressive Vagabond for value and roji
3741s Ops for The Swinging slave gets a buff
3744s here on the bakai and we've seen glaive
3746s and its ability to snowball these sorts
3749s of matchups if donut doesn't put on
3750s pressure immediately roji could run away
3752s with this game thanks to this new weapon
3754s all right he picks it up here he's got
3756s you know the buff on this unit it's very
3758s slow early game because he doesn't quite
3760s want to trade but he's got the blood
3761s letters as well you know you don't love
3764s this trade 4-2 into the 2-1 but we'll
3766s see what comes down bloodletters going
3768s to be coming down for donuts
3770s and equipment at this point which is
3772s massive because it's going to turn on
3773s all of these cards that require
3774s equipment to be played and with the
3776s response of the blood Letter it means
3778s that if uh roji offers the trade then
3780s donut is going to get that cultist from
3783s the bloodletters last breath and just be
3785s able to swing back in because that
3786s cultist can't walk and donut now being
3788s put in that same position wants to get
3790s this Makai off of the board wants to
3792s just keep the board narrow keep it clear
3795s so that once Bane and that tumble starts
3797s coming through roji's gonna run out of
3798s blockers here's the dark and bloodletter
3800s going back to the hand re-equipped here
3802s to the cultist yeah on that cultist to
3804s 4-3 not being able to block so roji's
3806s gonna be the one winning out on this as
3808s you just mentioned right that's why roji
3809s didn't want to swing he didn't want to
3811s take this extra damage so roji does have
3813s the option of the open attack to come
3815s through
3817s still thinking about the implications of
3819s this attack you know again it can't
3821s block so we get a little bit of damage
3823s here but roji not really having a lot of
3825s power in the hand it's all about the
3827s swinging glaive finding a good landing
3829s spot keeping the uh
3832s you know keeping the pressure going and
3834s that snowball potential Furious wielder
3836s and unforgiving cold are great reactive
3838s responses but if you aren't putting on
3840s your own pressure then aatrox is going
3843s to come through and just end the world
3844s yeah and that's I guess the issue where
3846s Vagabond could have been nice right
3847s being able to get that online get that
3849s rolling uh could have been a solid early
3851s game play but going for The Swinging
3853s glaive instead to get the buff which
3855s arguably could have been an unnecessary
3856s buff in that position with where that
3858s trade was could slow down roji enough at
3861s this point but still he's going to be
3863s looking to find that various looking to
3865s find that akshawn start stacking up
3866s trying to get his own uh win condition
3869s online before donut can find the aatrox
3871s because we may be in a position where a
3872s world Ender is what's going to be the
3875s win con for donut in this game when we
3877s look deeper at the list we know that the
3879s swinging glaive really is at maximum
3881s Effectiveness when you can put it on a
3882s quick attack unit so we're looking for
3884s auction we're looking for sivir we're
3885s looking for that new newly buffed Shadow
3887s Blade fanatic as well to just get that
3890s continuous value and Donut from this
3892s point point the hand is also very
3894s reactive right with the fish fights we
3896s need to get vain before the ranger
3898s Knight Defector becomes a massive threat
3900s so I think if roji keeps his Bluffs
3905s strong you know donut might be forced to
3908s respect it and just keep passing great
3910s pass from roji just baiting out with the
3912s merciless Hunter we end up seeing the
3914s ranger Knight Defector come down but now
3915s it's been given vulnerable the cultists
3917s can create threat on that there's still
3919s spell Mana from donut to play around it
3921s right these God answers but this is put
3923s roji putting on some early pressure to a
3926s very strong four drop from this demacia
3928s deck we see a lot of these Ranger Knight
3929s defectors get out of control when
3931s they're getting equipped and they're
3932s scouting and they're putting a lot of
3933s pressure on the opponent and right here
3935s roji has a way to immediately try and
3936s threaten it and shut it down I love the
3939s vulnerable combining with the dark and
3940s thrall here as well one it's like the
3942s undying it's just this really massive
3944s attacker but it can't block and if you
3946s can use vulnerable to get that
3948s aggressive trade that you want the blood
3951s lighter is going to come back to the the
3952s hand we can re-equip that set up for
3954s another dark and thrall to hit play
3956s overall roji loves as a mid-range player
3960s to take these very small Edge wins and
3963s they just compound over time donut
3965s forced to respond with the cataclysm
3967s yeah exactly this is the thing donut is
3970s now like okay well shoot I'm going to
3972s lose my four drop to you your throat if
3975s that's all that's gonna happen I was
3977s wondering if we were actually gonna use
3978s the Furious wielder here to save the
3980s merciless Hunter and put on so much
3981s threat this is eight damage coming
3983s through when you have to play a
3986s mid-range matchup versus Grandpa roji
3988s this is like a secret boss
3992s it's a player that you know has already
3994s mastered the tools of the trade and when
3997s you have these exchanges in the mid game
4000s of a lot of expensive combat tricks the
4002s player that comes out ahead is usually
4003s the one that's about to take over the
4005s game entirely I actually really like
4007s this from roji because he had the
4008s opportunity to just take his win and be
4010s like okay I'm a head and spell mana on
4011s donut I I I've gained a good lead by
4014s getting this merciless Hunter bait with
4015s the pass forcing him to play that out
4017s and then forcing him to use this
4019s cataclysm but roji says okay well I've
4021s got another Furious wielder in hand I I
4023s don't really need to have two right now
4025s four man I'm gonna lose one of this Mana
4027s anyway if I don't use this plus I net an
4030s additional four damage if I do this so
4032s let's take the chip let's take the win
4034s let's clear this out and I still have
4036s this 4-2 on board there's still pressure
4037s donut still has to find a way to deal
4039s with this over time because this Fortune
4041s fearsome is threatening even more damage
4043s we don't have the repeated pressure of
4046s the vein and furthermore donut is only
4049s on the single aatrox build so the
4051s chances of that come coming through on
4053s car oh with enough weapons equipment
4055s tempting Prospect finding the dark in
4058s Aegis enough weapons equipped there's
4059s three thank goodness yep find it so
4061s that's gonna be big to stall out right
4062s you've got this big regeneration unit
4064s that's going to give you some healing so
4065s aatrox will be able to help out but
4068s Furious wielder is still in the hand of
4070s roji if he can find just even a point of
4072s damage onto aatrox he actually has the
4073s opportunity to maybe get rid of it once
4075s again
4076s and with the unforgiving cold we stopped
4079s the strikes we stopped the healing this
4081s is going to be the next obstacle for
4082s Grandpa roji to get over in a mid-range
4084s matchup if your opponent plays something
4086s that's bigger than you the amount of
4088s cards and value not only do you have to
4089s spend but you have to find can put you
4092s so far behind if you don't answer it
4094s immediately The Swinging glaive gets a
4095s lucky find onto auction immediate open
4098s attack to sprinkle some damage because
4100s this darkened thrall cannot block seven
4102s more coming through to Donut 5 HP left
4105s yeah Donuts down to five and it kind of
4107s puts you in a position where aatrox and
4109s his healing becomes necessary right you
4111s just picked up the vein ideally you'd
4112s want to be able to develop Bane try and
4114s look for some opportunities to get
4115s aggressive on your own you don't want to
4117s just let roji beat you down the entire
4119s game but you fall into such a low HP
4122s point that you need to start wearing an
4124s aatrox getting him early you're gonna
4126s get more of those strikes which are
4128s going to continue to heal you up and
4129s donut thinking roji doesn't have burn
4132s necessarily but with the varus there is
4134s the threat of overwhelm can can I get
4137s away with setting up the vein first and
4139s trying to triple dip on this aatrox next
4141s turn
4142s yeah and notably you know no rally
4144s effects in this this is a you know Civil
4146s Right Sean Veris right it's not demacios
4148s that's going to be trying to rally over
4149s and over their tracker just trying to
4151s bait out a little bit making sure you're
4154s getting that Challenger as well gives
4155s Grandpa roji a chance to develop Keeper
4157s of the Box fearsome lifesteal a little
4160s bit more stabilization on his side still
4162s has Mana hovered for the Furious wielder
4165s and donut has to respect it yeah he does
4167s absolutely but also playing the one drop
4169s does move you out of aatrox for the turn
4171s so we start to see a fish fight instead
4172s trying utilization and once again he's
4175s going to be able to use the Furious
4176s wheeler to completely get rid of this
4179s fish fight he does deal with the cultist
4181s which really roji didn't need to deal
4183s with the cultist but he's just able to
4184s keep pressure on the board save the
4186s akshan I love this play from donut
4189s because now the vein can come down
4192s safely
4193s donut hesitating still a little bit
4195s thinking about re-equipping this Blood
4196s clutter
4197s or the Aegis so it looks like that
4200s aatrox is absolutely just going to be
4202s the play next turn the vein and the
4203s tumble not really a priority for donut
4205s he's thinking fully about you know
4208s digging his way out of this hole five HP
4210s versus 15 is aatrox going to be the game
4214s Ender from this position now up to 7 HP
4218s now it feels like there's no way I mean
4220s the the aatrox comes down seven for
4223s donut
4226s you can freeze this if you want
4229s roji thinking yep yeah he's gonna do it
4231s as all of the reactivity in the world
4233s the double Furious wielder and now the
4235s unforgiving cold this is going to deny
4237s the fish fight from aatrox denies the
4240s healing as well
4245s believe that's a leveled Siver when it
4247s comes down and remember fish fight
4249s unequips the the target they use it on
4252s so the target blade goes back to the
4254s hand a truck as well
4257s bar is coming through big overwhelmed
4260s threat these mid-range matchups are
4262s decided by this gameplay here once you
4265s get a big overwhelm threat you punch
4267s through against your opponent donut and
4270s only eight Mana floated the world enter
4271s at 10 Mana cannot get the level up with
4275s aatrox from this position and a
4278s beautiful wide swing now being set up by
4280s grandpa roji with one more tick for
4282s auction's level up yeah I mean roji's
4284s four wide is gonna level up Sean this is
4286s a level virus this is a kind of truck
4288s he's not the kind of recruit but that's
4290s only one barrier because he just fist
4292s fight in the unequipped theatross no
4293s it's only one yeah sivir now with the
4296s remaining Mana normally in these
4298s mid-range matchups players love to float
4300s so much Mana to have reactivity with
4302s their combat tricks but roji's used all
4305s of his reactive spells with a furious
4307s wielder and unforgiving cold to maximum
4308s Effectiveness knows that he can safely
4311s go all in now with sivir we're gonna get
4314s a beautiful keyword share here and donut
4317s not only three wide yeah Donuts three
4320s wide I mean like you said this Tech it's
4322s a very interesting one because a lot of
4323s times you can get a big full board full
4326s of the uh the barriers especially
4328s because donut is running 11 weapons in
4330s this deck it's very likely that his
4332s board would be fully equipped but right
4334s now especially because the fish fight
4336s just came out unequipping the aatrox
4337s it's only a single barrier onto this
4339s Fleet feather tracker it's not
4341s incredibly impactful he has a 5'5 body
4343s is a good blocker but when you're
4344s staring down a leveled sivir a leveled
4346s virus and like Shawn's about to level up
4348s and it is equipped right this is such a
4351s strong board from roji and only seven
4352s life left on donut the darkened blade
4355s goes over to the con hardwood recruit to
4356s get a big unit down Donut's gonna try to
4359s block as much as he can with just two
4361s units thinks that the math is there if
4364s he can survive World Ender comes through
4366s next turn maybe we get something going
4368s with the aatrox but I don't think the
4370s blocks are going to be enough
4372s let me see uh Fleet feather tracker
4374s block the darkened thrall the six six
4378s can block the virus there is no Mana now
4380s to buff the virus further aatrox can
4382s come through maybe blocking The Keeper
4383s of the box and so yeah there's still a
4388s lot of damage there's still shivering so
4389s we actually have to trade down this
4391s board absolutely yeah you're gonna have
4392s to lose you're probably losing your age
4394s rocks here you're probably losing uh as
4397s well you're you're six six you're losing
4399s everything except the very play right
4400s because if aatrox goes down because the
4403s blade is equipped to kindheart to
4405s recruit once World Ender comes through
4406s aatrox is gonna resurrect himself with
4408s that assimilate mechanic
4411s and so now finally the pass goes over to
4413s Grandpa roji
4417s oh grandpa roji doesn't want to take the
4420s attack there passes it back to level up
4422s Sean instead of letting izakshan fall
4425s down to the 6-6 on the Block
4429s so now donut has access and roji has
4432s eyes on this right sees the world Ender
4434s in hand sees that is 10 Mana maybe says
4437s you know what I'm gonna pass because I
4439s can just Bluff right of negation now
4443s versus the world Ender but donut has to
4446s go for it yeah don't have much of a
4448s choice and roji not liking this giving
4451s his opponent some respect and now aatrox
4455s levels up and we have the assimilation
4458s Double H rocks baby let's go
4460s what a Play here's the predict draw
4463s finds momentous choice and absolver
4465s absolved would be fantastic for next
4466s turn in order to punch through but can
4469s you survive against the double hrocks
4471s the desk before throwing it over here
4473s said there's two aatrox on the desk they
4475s were foreshadowing this game and donut
4477s picking up the double aidrox Tech
4479s putting the weapon on to another unit
4481s before assimilating you can get two on
4483s you can do this with some of the other
4484s darken as well right if you got a varus
4486s equip onto someone and you world Ender
4488s you get two various you can do the same
4489s thing with Kane wild I'm glad that donut
4491s was able to Showcase this mechanic
4493s double dipping on Champions is one of
4495s the strongest things that you can do in
4496s legends of runetera and historically
4498s it's been very difficult to accomplish
4500s so donut being offered that rare
4502s Opportunity by setting up with the
4504s recruit now re-equipping the blood
4506s Letter to jeral
4509s all right roji does not have anything
4512s with the keeper of the box so we're at
4515s theoretically 17 right now 19 damage
4518s worth of overwhelm coming through now
4519s grandpa roji is the one that has to make
4521s these hard defensive trades and donut
4523s thinking if there's another unforgiving
4525s cold I'm done do I want to take the risk
4528s now you already took the risk though you
4530s ripped the world Ender because there can
4532s be a Rite of negation you know you're in
4533s a spot where you have to cast it you're
4535s in another spot where it feels like hey
4538s look if he's got this freeze I still
4540s have to go it is a three of one was used
4543s already but chances are you know it's
4545s still possible the predict draw roji I
4548s think Waits the perfect amount of time
4550s and makes him sweat a little bit look at
4552s this zero manager raw still being able
4554s to get these challenges to set up better
4557s trades with the aatrox
4561s and grandpa roji just is trying to
4564s Crunch the numbers to see if you
4565s survived this swing I think if roji can
4566s survive will it be enough with the
4568s absolver to swing through yeah I mean
4570s roji just giving a little bit too much
4572s time it felt like the attack on the
4573s previous episode
4576s we don't get that overwhelmed keyword
4578s share
4580s yeah you won't well you can use the
4582s absolver here to try and defend that but
4583s then you're losing your absolver
4586s and then keep her the Box chilling a
4588s little bit of extra HP
4590s and you can see how much is riding on
4594s the decision whether to attack or not
4597s donut taking as much time as possible to
4599s calculate every possible and it passes
4601s back
4602s yep brogie back to donut donut gonna
4605s send the swing forward 28 damage
4607s presented before the blocks come through
4609s we're gonna see where those challenges
4611s go lifesteal drag to the end
4613s there's gonna be a shot pulled by the
4616s other Gerald
4618s so here comes the rest of the damage you
4621s can see that donut doesn't want to get
4623s the one for one trade is saying your
4625s Champions are going to fight aatrox now
4629s donut just praying there's still enough
4631s damage with the double geralt the
4633s forgiving cold would be out of the
4635s equation and absolver does come through
4637s scarsick Miss calc from donut he was
4640s looking to try and stop any combat trick
4642s that's why he went for Double Draw
4643s instead of anything with the overwhelms
4645s he tried to hit the spell to stop it
4647s from being able to buff up but it pushed
4649s it to exactly six Mana which roji had to
4652s play the absolver and crank up his
4654s damage on those two to clear the
4656s aatroxes so now two aatrox down now all
4659s you have is a darkened blade and the
4661s bloodletter no more discount this is the
4663s first time we've seen somebody survive
4664s the world Ender if I'm not mistaken and
4666s grandpa roji has the auction there's the
4668s unforgiving cold Ranger Knight Defector
4671s with Scout another Ranger Knight
4672s Defector with Scouts being forced to
4675s block down vayne's been sitting in the
4677s hand this whole time trying to get some
4679s tumbles down but Donuts never had that
4681s much Tempo yeah and I mean donut has
4683s brought this back quite a bit right this
4685s is is looking a lot better than the
4686s position was before but that was a
4688s critical error on the calculation
4691s thinking that he was able to push any
4693s spell to cost too much to actually stop
4696s that attack but that absolver costs six
4699s exactly how much Mana Road you had left
4701s being able to put that buff on cranking
4703s up the virus as well and cranking up the
4705s sivir that kills off both of the aatrox
4707s oh I love this just lets the trade go
4710s through gets another dark and thrall
4712s along with this second Scout attack has
4714s enough Mana to play the second Ranger
4716s Knight Defector and equip the dark
4718s enthrall it gets bonuses when the
4720s bloodletters put on it
4722s all of these ticking down making this
4725s auction further and further closer and
4727s closer to the Sentinels horde a powerful
4730s final spell of value that he's going to
4733s need donut left with only Bane is a
4735s blocker and two dark enthralls that
4737s can't do anything versus this roji just
4738s goes for the open attack here and that
4740s is going to be five damage put through
4742s and Bane going down going immediately
4745s makes sure that there's nothing that can
4747s happen to save that Vein from New York
4749s Sean you don't want to let any slow
4750s speed stuff come through you don't want
4751s to let it tumble you don't want to let
4752s any opportunity for donut to play even
4755s though yes you could force more damage
4757s it wasn't forcing lethal damage and
4759s that's what would be important and so
4761s because it's not lethal let's just play
4762s it safe go for the open grandpa roji is
4765s absolutely comfortable with not trying
4768s to overextend and force lethal plays
4770s because he knows in a board-based
4772s matchup like this he has dominance right
4774s now as long as he can maintain this hold
4776s on the board he's good to go he also
4778s knows he can play a little bit safer
4779s because he picked up another unforgiving
4781s cold this is so good in the matchup and
4783s because he was able to find some more
4784s tools on that last draw he's like okay
4787s wait we can slow it back down once again
4789s absolver being picked up that's another
4790s win condition and here comes zolani at
4795s this point in the game once you get to
4796s the late game this is why the mid-range
4799s matchups and these decks are so potent
4801s is because these dark weapons scale into
4803s late game threats hey you know how we
4804s mentioned the unforgiving cold well
4806s guess who's a pretty good Target for
4807s that zolani that's who you're going to
4809s want to freeze up you don't want to let
4810s that overwhelm come through and it gives
4811s you an opportunity to kill her off so
4813s even with this seemingly strong attack
4816s unforgiving cold is still there you go
4818s ready to stop this incoming damage
4821s making vayne go down and the fleet
4823s feather tracker go down the remaining
4826s units on donut side frost bitten you
4829s don't have to worry about tumble we
4830s don't have to worry about fish fight
4833s yeah and The Horde is popped now so roji
4835s gets to go the absolver's resurrection a
4837s fantastic opportunity here to bring back
4839s sivir uh would it be Boris
4842s oh roji thinking do I want to draw cards
4845s like with fonts of power do I want to
4848s get the resurrection and the vulnerable
4849s do I want to put spell shield down just
4851s gonna go for the lucky find maybe just
4854s getting a preview of what the board is
4856s going to be like to see how we want to
4858s supplement have all your information
4860s before you actually go for this and
4862s decide if you're gonna you know give
4864s spell shield tuck Sean are you gonna try
4866s and revive
4867s yes ziffer's back from the dead and
4870s she's gonna be able to share the
4872s keywords because roji the protagonist he
4875s is also has another absolver in hand
4878s yeah absolutely that absolver gonna come
4880s through give overrun to the whole board
4882s because you've been able to apply the
4884s vulnerable You're gonna be able to use
4886s this drug and darken thrall to pull them
4888s aside be able to get your strongest
4890s threats going through as zelani has
4892s pulled and you always have that back up
4894s to push that overwhelm but donut doesn't
4896s even have any answers anyway dark
4897s control can't block roji after quite the
4900s schlog in this mid-range matchup is able
4902s to pull it out at the end and roji's
4904s gonna go up 1-0 over donut but donut I
4906s love that he was willing to take the
4908s risk of just saying hey look I don't
4909s have many options I need the world Ender
4911s now yes there were some vain plays to
4913s try and slowly creep back but it
4915s wouldn't have been a very winning play
4916s he keep continuing to just bleed out but
4919s goes for the world Ender finds an
4921s opportunity goes for a strong play with
4923s those uh dark and Aegis but miss calc
4926s slightly on two Mana spells being able
4929s to still be cast and absolver was
4930s punishing and so I think that just comes
4932s to show the amount of risk players are
4936s willing to take to play to win at this
4939s level you can't play safe when you're
4941s behind especially in a mid-range matchup
4943s and when it comes to these calculations
4945s that's just a factor of the pressure
4947s these players are under I also want to
4949s note that it really was only absolver
4951s and shaped stone with the spells that
4953s could still come through I I guess there
4954s is momentous Choice as well but you you
4957s would be denying Furious wielder you
4959s would be denying unforgiving cold from
4961s actually coming through in the way that
4962s donut played it so it was specifically
4964s the fact that it was a low cost spell
4965s instead of a high because he did play
4967s around the higher end by going double
4968s Aegis a single Aegis would have still
4970s allowed for the cast of unforgiving Cold
4972s whereas two made it impossible and only
4975s two cost spells could punish so it did
4976s have to be exactly absolver so maybe it
4978s wasn't even a mistake maybe donut
4980s accounted for that and he was just in
4982s the position where hey I'm willing to
4983s lose to that exactly absolver yeah
4986s grandpa roji had so many strong answers
4989s to what donut was trying to do in order
4991s to establish Tempo and as we head into
4993s the next match red Gwen now being
4996s unbenched this is a deck that even when
4999s it looks like you've kind of kept it
5001s under control and you're on a trajectory
5003s to win can still jump out from behind
5006s and still bring it back grandpa roji
5008s with a beautiful early curve double
5009s Fleet feather tracker and the steadfast
5011s Elkin zealous Ranger Knight also coming
5014s through no weapons as of yet but just
5016s has a wide board in order to strike down
5018s and keep up typically the Phantom Butler
5021s is very potent in early game situations
5023s and Grandpa roji able to use the
5025s Cleveland trackers to get the trades he
5027s otherwise wouldn't be able to yeah he's
5028s gonna be able to strike him down they go
5030s into the hollowed pool so it's not the
5031s end of the world for donut he's still
5033s going to get that power come back later
5034s but generally having that hand of two
5036s early you know 3-1 fearsomes you're
5038s gonna get aggressive you're going to be
5039s able to push some damage roji not
5040s letting that happen he's got a strong
5041s early curve he needs to find a weapon
5044s but he does run eight in the deck and so
5047s it's very likely that he's gonna find
5048s one soon enough that he can start to get
5050s value out of this fish fight and as well
5052s as using it on these two uh low-cost
5055s units that get value what I love so much
5057s about this play is roji can just chill
5060s right even if I don't get weapons I have
5063s the Quinn in hand I'm gonna continuously
5065s go wide and try to beat down red Gwen if
5068s they miss out on this early aggression
5069s in Tempo no Katarina no Gwen then you
5073s automatically skip over the mid game and
5075s you're pivoting to late game ideas with
5077s the Eternal dancers the reckoners and
5079s the harrowings and so now here in the
5081s mid game Grandpa G has the floodgates
5084s open for him to push through as much
5086s damage as he can yeah I mean donut has
5088s sensory flock here but you know Quinn of
5090s course having the 5 HP will not go down
5092s immediately to that flock it would just
5094s fall very low so that's not a great
5096s Target and really you know donut not
5098s having great defensive options against
5099s roji's wide board yet he has to figure
5101s out what he's gonna do because you can't
5103s just let Quinn come hit you for 10
5105s because you will die to the rest of the
5106s sport as well there is 14 damage
5108s threatened on the attacks here so you
5109s have to do something and so donut opts
5112s to play the Gwen knows that the century
5115s would not be as effective yeah and
5117s blinding assault in the hand of Grandpa
5119s roji you can actually deal with this
5121s Gwen you can summon this next Challenger
5123s as well take her out and completely deal
5125s with that champion
5126s attack attack wants to take the Gwen
5129s down and donut I think is fine with this
5131s saying the Gwen's gonna do a lot of work
5133s decent HP is a 3-4 sets up for ravenous
5136s flock and now we get Gwen in the pool
5137s for Eternal dancers and harrowing down
5139s the road yeah you also feel like for
5141s roji it's like okay well this is Gwen
5143s may need to just block taking seven
5145s damage going down to four would be
5147s really tough here so gonna just block
5149s into the Quinn lose the Gwen anyway this
5152s does save that blinding assault for
5153s later and also allows him to just bank
5154s that Mana still and threaten combat
5156s tricks ravenous flock finds his Target
5159s Quinn goes down but Donuts down to 7 HP
5161s and Grandpa roji still has blockers for
5164s the next cards three hallowed Stacks
5166s right now for donut but now he needs the
5168s aggression now at six Mana we could see
5170s this Fallen reckoner come through will
5172s he take the risk of the Katarina rogie
5174s has a fist fight yeah you can see roji
5177s kind of looking a little stressed out
5178s you feel like oh he's in such a winning
5179s uh position why why does he look you
5182s know so stressed on his face why do you
5183s look upset with that draw well he's
5184s looking for a weapon right he's got this
5186s Roar of a Kathy has got a fish fight
5187s he's got both of his units are affected
5189s by having a weapon so he really wanted
5191s to find that he is gonna just rip the
5193s floor to summon the double three two but
5195s that's you know a pretty weak Roar of
5196s Acadia because you do not have any
5198s weapons it's assembly line that we have
5200s at home yeah
5202s line at home yeah
5204s so now we still have a wide board right
5207s this is all roji cares about with no
5209s weapons he's playing the straight up
5210s board-based demacia value zealous Ranger
5214s Knight and five wide now the early
5216s control from the sleep of The Trackers
5218s and The Valor has meant that roji can
5220s just swing through here great open
5223s attack and only one blocker for donut we
5226s can get a double dip with the noxian
5228s fervor a fantastic one of tech we really
5230s haven't seen come through here gonna
5232s start with one HP that's the sharp sight
5234s he's got the sharp side he's got the win
5236s imagine if he had a real weapon though
5238s if this game was still a win
5241s it's a 2-0 grandpa wrote popping off
5245s he's in his element the mid-range secret
5249s boss showing up to dominate the first
5253s set here today yeah Rosie gonna take the
5255s first win over a countryman Donuts
5259s okay perfect yeah these still got his
5262s jacket that came in I saw a lot of those
5264s being tweeted out people gotten their
5266s jackets from rentera roji's got his on
5268s Rock in it and he's just he's just gonna
5270s find one
5272s here in the group and he's through right
5274s we saw mostly two ones being hit three
5275s yesterday in fact I think it was all two
5276s ones yeah being able to pick up that
5278s first win it's so important absolutely
5280s enormous like grandpa roji has prepped
5282s so much for the worlds he's confident as
5285s a player right it's not just oh I don't
5287s think that I belong here he's so happy
5290s to be at this level of play but he knows
5293s that his caliber of play is you know
5296s appropriate for this level he's going to
5298s take it all down I love that the meta is
5301s really favoring him every player has a
5303s play style and I think that the new
5304s release with World Ender in just this
5306s particular environment has put him in
5309s such a unique position in any other meta
5312s game I think he would be considered a
5313s dark horse but now the lineup has just
5317s allowed him to bully out his opponents
5319s and I want to see more no he's
5321s absolutely a threat I I want to say we
5324s talked about hey this is one of the
5325s players who doesn't have a seasonal win
5328s don't let that fool you roji is a threat
5330s to take this entire tournament he is
5332s very good mid-range his lineup looks
5334s fantastic it played out well here there
5336s were some opportunities where the draw
5338s didn't look as good as possible with not
5339s finding a weapon there he still made it
5342s work he was able to flood find the win
5344s he's looking great I'd love to hear what
5346s the desk has to say about roji and
5347s donuts match
5349s thanks so much Casanova and scarzig
5352s because there is a ton to talk about
5353s with this one especially just going back
5355s to game number one there was a moment
5358s where there was a big shift in Tempo
5360s what was happening there like roji was
5363s ahead and then donut kind of took over
5364s and then roji ultimately got the win in
5367s that game one Roger recognized that the
5369s spot where there was two plays possible
5371s he took the pass which was one of the
5373s good plays because if he didn't if he
5375s went all in with everything attacking he
5377s would have lost action he would have
5378s lost varus but he would put up on it at
5380s one HP he recognized it's not worth it
5382s because atrox will can heal back later
5384s on so the other player was just attacked
5387s with severe and the darkin problem to
5389s get the weapon to draw an atrox for the
5391s next attack but instead he passed that's
5394s fine and then there was a the play from
5396s the donut where he decided not to play
5398s around seven spells in the deck that the
5401s Roger head because either shape
5403s momentous or absolver when an answer
5404s like completely just blew him out of the
5406s game he could have pulled varus and
5410s severe to prevent to stay in the game
5412s and just be in a fair fair fight but uh
5416s yeah that just lost him a turn
5417s unfortunately and not only that but
5419s donut one of the few players only
5421s playing one copy of the aatrox so once
5423s that pivotal Champion went down I know
5425s there were two on board so it's a little
5426s confusing but that was his only copy
5428s that was his only real win condition the
5430s world Ender when it resolves for Dunham
5431s is supposed to end the game that's your
5434s Champion strength that is your all in
5435s button and when it doesn't work out you
5437s just kind of have to limp through the
5438s end of the game
5440s it was just so weird to see because even
5443s skarzik and Casanova were calling out
5445s this is kind of the first time this
5446s entire tournament we we've seen aatrox
5448s just get taken out what was really the
5451s answer there
5452s [Music]
5454s well of course as Alan said uh playing
5458s around those spells that was what you
5460s needed to do there there were multiple
5461s in some cases it's like oh there's only
5463s one and if I pass here then if I don't
5466s pull the right units here then you're
5468s okay but when there's three of them you
5470s have to play around that that's your
5472s only chance and losing the trucks as we
5474s said without the world Ender the world
5476s doesn't end
5477s I mean he just went full all in hoping
5480s there won't be anything because that was
5481s a good play if opponent has a maximum of
5484s four Mana because none of those spots
5486s could be played with double joral on the
5488s board but a bit I think just a bit shaky
5491s Play From The Donut it's just the stage
5493s I think might might have got him because
5495s he's definitely a great player maybe he
5497s just needs a round to warm up and then
5499s into the next matches in the day donut
5501s will be able to to be fresh and ready to
5504s go but there was that second game too
5505s just really quickly it looked like
5507s grandpa roji had just a perfect game
5510s plan and how to execute against that red
5513s Gwen deck that's one you just have to
5515s prepare for right
5517s he didn't have a greatest draw in that
5519s game and he really wanted to finish that
5521s as soon as he can because he could have
5522s just gotten simply out valued by the red
5525s Gwen he had a very fast opener but not
5527s much to refill drawing a queen
5529s definitely helped that but the play
5531s where donut passed on four because he
5533s just didn't want to aggressively Center
5535s and flock to take out one of the
5537s removals he just assumed that he can't
5538s die before he ran out of the threats he
5542s just didn't recognize that dying to the
5545s to the vein earlier is a possibility and
5548s he just passed aggressively which cost
5550s him the game
5552s I don't think he played a card until
5554s what turn five it was the Gwen in
5556s response to the Quinn I believe was the
5557s first card that he played that entire
5559s game it was just kind of a wash
5562s yeah
5563s funny hearing Alan say past aggressively
5566s wasn't good so I'm not used to hearing
5568s that from him he kind of threw me off
5571s like yeah I just I just liked seeing the
5573s Quinn slotted in here too that one of
5575s Quinn being able to push especially
5576s Valor uh ala was talking about how
5578s putting weapons on Valor is a way to get
5580s additional value that a lot of players
5582s some only have vein and aatrox but this
5585s Quinn made a big difference and we can
5587s see why players were slotting her in
5588s well that was just two matches for today
5590s and already off to such an exciting
5592s start we're gonna take a short break and
5594s when we come back we've got another
5595s match for you it's going to be chenya
5598s versus Aragorn
5601s giving his opponent some respect and now
5604s aatrox levels up and we have the
5608s assimilation double A trucks baby let's
5610s go what a Play here's the predict draw
5614s [Music]
5621s [Music]
5628s [Music]
5630s foreign
5637s [Applause]
5638s [Music]
5667s foreign
5677s [Music]
5694s foreign
5695s [Music]
5707s [Music]
5713s [Music]
5726s foreign
5729s [Music]
5738s [Music]
5764s [Music]
5787s [Music]
5791s thank you
5794s I remember this place and the endless
5798s blood
5806s cast us to the corners of the world
5815s weapons of war and became them
5821s not even Realms could divide us old
5825s friend
5829s oh there's no place for cowards
5844s [Music]
5849s all must end
5860s we were never fated to power
5863s no Pantheon
5865s who died
5868s destroy everything
5872s parade fool
5878s apocalypse comes
5882s yes Oblivion
5890s hello everyone and welcome back to the
5892s legends of Frontera World Championship I
5894s am silver fuse joined here with Alan how
5897s are you doing Alan welcome everybody I
5898s am doing great looking forward those uh
5901s games now because we have two unique
5903s lineups China bringing all the darking
5907s champions in one lineup how exciting is
5910s that oh I love to see it uh I mean who
5912s doesn't love darken yeah and Aragon on
5915s the other side the Zeke stalia not
5916s considered not the best deck but maybe
5918s he can do some magic with it yeah a lot
5920s of players brought it to the qualifiers
5922s and then after seeing these darkens come
5924s out say you know what aatrox looking a
5925s bit better and they kind of switch
5926s toward that
5927s yeah definitely but we can we can see
5930s that his red one got updated with the
5932s red in Prodigy which no no not all of
5933s the players included are really happy to
5936s see that and we have a k and eight Rocks
5937s coming from him so two another dark King
5939s champions
5941s so first off we have junior Here coming
5943s from South Korea has brought the Lulu
5945s James the a sharks and the virus the
5947s darken as well as the vein in Kane he's
5949s a big fan of the deck absolutely loves
5951s to play a big mid-range player so this
5954s meta is suited for him very well and he
5956s is a player who's performed in the past
5958s in fact some even call him the king of
5960s Korea because of the Legends are the
5962s legends of her in Terror tournament he
5964s won the king of arunterra that's a great
5966s achievement
5967s so if we look at the decks like China
5970s brought a interesting set of the decks
5972s because what happens here he brought a
5974s very fast lulujings which wants to kill
5977s opponent like if you look at the matchup
5980s against Champions rank this deck will
5981s kill you before you play your Champion
5982s strength because he runs doubles Sneezy
5985s which basically Buffs your the created
5988s cards and then we have a vein Kane which
5991s is
5992s suited up to deal with all the small
5994s threads and just outgrind fast decks and
5998s the varus 8 rocks which is extremely
6000s grindy and is looking for just those
6003s longer games so like if you are bringing
6005s triple mid-range lineup we'll see a
6008s various band from those players where it
6011s will be missing the Decks that are like
6013s faster you'll be looking for the Lulu
6015s jinxban or vein cane and now we have
6018s Aragorn and he has brought the three
6025s Leah to go for something else and we do
6028s see we do have the you know rare
6029s application which is something to
6030s highlight here something to be able to
6032s respond to these Champions strength
6034s decks for instance anything else that
6036s piques your interests here I mean okay
6038s the zig stalia we know is usually not
6040s paired with Ionia
6042s this is a black flame and unworthy Soul
6045s Tech I have no idea how that went in the
6047s play testing I'm really looking forward
6049s to see the black flame and how it turns
6051s out there are some cool combos you can
6053s pull it off with like getting black
6055s flame on the zigs and multiplying it
6057s with the Italia that might make it very
6060s spicy for the grindier matchups and
6062s lucky for you it wasn't banned so
6064s hopefully we will get to see it yeah
6065s there is no respect towards the deck
6067s because on paper it looks bad but again
6069s we might not be aware China like people
6071s are not as intimidated by the surprise
6073s decks anymore because they could know
6075s how generally stuff plays out
6078s in fact chenya was talking about how
6080s much he respects his group because of
6082s the unique Decks that people brought to
6084s him that showed that these players are
6085s playing at a high level they aren't just
6087s playing the known and the tested that
6088s they are looking to be Innovative in
6090s these lists and that's something you
6091s were saying too these lists are
6093s interesting so we are going to get some
6095s unique games here we've seen a jinxban
6098s from Aragorn that means he's he wants to
6100s hit with his zikstalia to the davaros
6101s atrox and just go for the grindy grindy
6105s matchup and to beat the China in this
6107s spot we have some insane opener from
6110s Aragon double rare god with Butler and
6112s the Gwen following up we are not we are
6114s not all he's attacking on odd which
6116s makes Gwen a bit worse but still a
6118s pretty good pickup yeah if you're an
6120s aggro player here I mean her the Gwen
6123s player really saying double rear guard
6125s you gotta be feeling good I mean if he
6128s picks up on top of that another two drop
6130s or another double one drop we are
6132s looking at the almost full board on turn
6133s three swinging
6135s oh and look there it is
6142s sitting back high if the Buckeye doesn't
6144s get buffed oh he sees double quilty so
6146s we might see a buff on it so he could
6148s have plunged just to play Red guitar in
6149s the two and prepare Katarina on turn
6151s three for the dagger with the floating
6153s Mana but that's not anymore an option
6157s so we will see the trade here and assume
6160s continue on a fairly aggressive game
6163s plan what do you think shenyo is looking
6164s to do here
6166s just respond to the opponent trade as
6168s much as he can but the problem there are
6171s a few problems in this matchup because
6172s you cannot close this game with as China
6175s too fast and once you hit the clock of
6177s the harrowing it's really tough and we
6179s see a lot of threads that you're looking
6181s forward to revive with the harrowing
6183s double Gwen Katarina if he finds a
6186s reconor or two it's gonna be very hard
6188s for the China to close it and like the
6191s tamasi attacks can't really trade well
6193s with the hallowed buffed units
6194s efficiently and something interesting is
6197s this is a double runetarian Champion so
6200s do you feel like you have the ability to
6202s make the decisions you want to and what
6203s cards you're adding because you're
6205s limited by the Champions I mean you have
6207s all the qualities cards that interact
6209s really well with the weapons so you have
6211s that pressure you can apply but again
6213s the problem is from the China combat
6215s rigs for this matchup it's just pretty
6218s much Furious wielder upon giving call
6219s that are like the bigger swing cards the
6222s problem is once he starts blocking with
6224s all the cheap stuff it runs out once the
6226s reconner comes in he's gonna just gonna
6228s be short on blockers and when the
6230s harrowing shows up it's the game oh wow
6233s we have the new car tech the Crimson
6235s pigeon I don't see that one coming to be
6239s played in the red one but that rare
6241s guard in combination with rare guard
6243s that would be very strong play yeah this
6245s deck does have more One Drops than most
6247s of the Gwen Decks that we're seeing and
6248s as you said the redeemed Prodigy is also
6250s here so this is a lower to the ground
6252s aggressive Quinn deck or Quint deck then
6255s what we usually see
6257s so the problem with the Crimson pigeon
6258s is you need to damage your own you need
6261s to get a buff so most of the time it's
6263s just gonna be 2-2 in the deck because
6265s most of the stuff you apply you have one
6267s HP or the Champions you usually don't
6269s want to damage but if you compile
6271s combine it with the rare guard it's
6273s actually not bad if rare guard goes to
6275s one HP but in the spot we see that oppon
6277s has a one tree that would love to trade
6278s with that rare guard so probably pigeon
6280s will just come in for two
6284s and here there is no Katarina set up as
6286s aerogordo when would you be looking to
6288s play Katarina and Gwen uh once there is
6292s some value you can get from the blades
6293s or the eight or four Tempo if you have
6295s no other good Tempo play or once there
6297s is some value to be collected with
6298s blazers or once the opponent you see
6301s some key cards that answer the Katarina
6304s in this matchup there are not many cards
6307s that can answer her it's just time for
6308s giving cold and Furious wielder and
6310s right now you cannot use Ferris wheeler
6311s because there is just no weapon so I
6313s would say Aragon should have looked for
6315s that play as soon as he can because
6317s there is no Furious Wilder opportunity
6319s and the later Katarina drops the worse
6322s it will become because there will be a
6324s ferris wheeler opportunity
6325s if for example something like a varus
6327s comes down and even then if some of that
6330s removal is used on Katarina at least you
6332s do maybe save your Gwen a little bit
6333s easier but you were saying that as well
6336s even if you do lose it the hair Wing is
6338s a big part of this game plan I mean you
6340s have double Gwen you don't mind like you
6342s won't want two of them to die like the
6343s Gwen spell isn't particularly exciting
6346s in this matchup so you're looking you're
6348s looking to more get at Katarina Philippe
6350s and start trading your guns instead
6352s so Virginia here is Vara is going to be
6355s the way that he tries to push through
6357s this game
6360s sorry could you repeat that uh virus is
6363s here yeah is that the way that you're
6365s going to be looking to push through this
6366s game since it is looking like about your
6368s only option the current hand is he
6369s hoping for a certain card that helps him
6371s out here yeah we'll see probably uh Jam
6375s here on the varus and look after the
6378s combat after trading the in the next
6380s turn with the low drops the problem in
6383s this game is obviously flock we have
6386s from the Aragorn we have three of flock
6389s which usually players go down to two
6391s because you want to have as many
6392s proactive tools as you can but he
6394s decides to bring free which makes it
6396s more likely to draw and the players more
6398s likely to play around do you think that
6400s three are block most likely because the
6402s number of mid-range decks he was
6403s expecting to be here it's I think it's
6405s just Comfort like the how however
6407s players prefer to play if they prefer to
6409s have more stuff to deal with the
6411s mid-range stuff it's better but going
6414s with the the problem is if if they
6416s expect the champion strength the flock
6418s doesn't do anything because like nothing
6420s is damaged usually there and you're
6422s gonna be utilizing Sentry mostly to
6424s prevent that Scout attack so again
6427s depends on the player choice makes
6430s plenty of sense worth noticing there is
6432s only two gleams which is a premium card
6433s definitely in the deck so one of fervor
6436s two glimpse so that one of Dreams got
6439s taken out for one extra further one-offs
6441s are very good in the open deck list due
6443s to the fact that there is more stuff to
6444s consider and the players like going
6446s through the decklist when they are
6447s considering the play they lose their
6449s timer which is also a strategy you can
6452s go for for there's certainly points
6454s where having that noxy and forever and
6456s having that potential reach damage can
6458s make a big difference and players have
6460s to play a little bit more safe to make
6462s sure that that rage isn't allowing Gwen
6464s to pick you off along with that doxy and
6466s fervor Aragon has to plan here a drawing
6469s a harrowing soon like he has to play
6471s around his Mana like he has to assume
6473s that he's gonna draw Halloween like he
6475s can't close this game without one and
6477s Here China represents either a furious
6480s loser or unforgiving cold
6482s so aragot has to play accordingly to
6485s that
6486s and this is quite an attack coming from
6488s Aragorn I mean that's a lot of pressure
6489s yeah he's damaging Katarina because one
6492s damage on the Katarina does not matter
6494s because if she connects she's gonna heal
6497s up anyway and she's gonna level up and
6500s yeah those Crimson pigeons putting up
6502s some work yeah it's really fun to see
6504s this card and I feel I think he might be
6506s the only person who sought at this end
6510s that's a lot of damage are we gonna see
6512s most likely the dagger this is a very
6515s interesting spot because what China
6517s could do he could wait for the like you
6518s could block the Gwen he could wait for
6521s the dagger and then choose to either
6523s pink Katarina with the Furious weather
6525s or pink but the past there would be very
6528s risky
6529s so he just goes for the safe play where
6531s yeah he says I'm gonna lose my varus but
6534s I cannot let this Katarina connect
6536s yeah Katarina put so much pressure on
6539s but now if there is a hair Wing in the
6541s future she'll come back but she won't be
6543s leveled which is huge yes um we should
6546s get another blade search but definitely
6548s like that Katarina if she flipped here
6551s the game would be over straight up
6553s even though there is a furious wielder
6555s like you have to put up mana to use the
6556s bow you have no you have no other
6558s weapons because you're another unit
6559s equipping it dies so we're gonna need to
6562s see from China some good pickup from the
6564s form on a cool taste something that you
6567s mentioned earlier is that you would have
6569s liked to have seen that cat set up
6570s earlier so you wouldn't end up in being
6572s a position just like this where getting
6573s her level is so important and now the
6576s hand is looking a little bit weak did
6578s get one of those two Glimpse Beyonds
6579s though could that be a Saving Grace I
6581s mean yeah this is about recognizing your
6583s threats and once you recognize that
6585s instead of playing only around two cards
6586s you have to play around five cards is
6588s just way worse for you so you just like
6591s you have to like he went for the super
6593s efficient play where oh I cannot play my
6595s dagger I'm not gonna play my Katarina
6597s because I cannot utilize my dagger but
6599s flipping Katarina is way more important
6601s than utilizing the dagger because often
6602s even when you get to play her you often
6605s will pass with the fleeting dagger
6607s because there is no good Target and
6608s you'd rather just have that one extra
6609s money in some spots
6611s so we said if we see a valve is here
6613s that's probably just for the glimpse so
6615s he can fatigue for that harrowing for
6617s the next turn and the gym will come down
6620s giving making a three two China had a
6623s read that was a flock probably and he
6625s just wanted to make sure he's gonna have
6627s that unit uh yeah and the record would
6629s be very happy to see that and just
6631s follow up it with the Glimpse yeah that
6633s was a great read too even though we see
6635s that it's not in the hand the instant oh
6638s yeah setting up for flock I don't really
6639s want to lose this lifesteal on my unit
6641s and on top of that being able to get the
6643s buff on it too to try to heal up a bit
6645s yeah he's gonna Glimpse now is that
6647s everyone just to prevent the healing
6649s there is also a play where you could do
6650s it with the the needle from the Gwen and
6655s just kill the five two straight up and
6657s that would be worth considering instead
6659s of using a glimpse
6661s I would definitely think about it for a
6663s moment because but you still have a
6665s quick attacking unit coming next time
6666s you can still utilize it later and if
6668s you drop draw harrowing you just win on
6670s the spot because we know there is no
6671s right of negation the only cards that
6673s are reasonable to deal with it are uh
6676s unfortunately giving cold and right here
6678s it has to make kind of a tough decision
6680s if you play the Katarina you lose the
6682s dagger and Dagger plus the vial Feast
6684s would be able to take care of this box
6687s so he recognizes there is aatrox develop
6690s like this is about priority on
6692s development if he doesn't develop now
6694s if he waits he goes for the out of
6697s harrowing when the atrox comes down next
6699s turn and he values open attack way more
6701s than
6703s not attacking at all because if he
6705s doesn't have the carowing this is more
6707s consistent play absolutely love it to
6709s play
6709s great play by Aragorn there and trying
6712s to decide if he wants to attack with a
6714s spiderling or not potentially giving
6716s free heal but I also would put pressure
6719s on this box as well potentially setting
6721s up a vile feast
6722s so if there is a greedy play there could
6725s come down the needle to answer the 5-2
6728s so
6729s he's debating on playing Ground for
6731s unforgiving cold because if the
6733s unforgiving cold comes you kinda want to
6736s answer that 5-2 and the opponent will be
6737s left with four Mana so what he could do
6740s he could just buffer the spider so he
6742s has option to use a needle on that
6743s spider to protect your Katarina or Gwen
6746s and now he's excluding the that option
6749s from as many
6751s there is no no punish we can see in the
6753s hand there is only a furious wielder
6758s Furious wielder will likely be here to
6761s stop this
6763s what do you target
6765s he goes for the Katarina
6767s yeah definitely the more priority Target
6770s on
6772s yeah allowing Katarina to attack over
6774s and over again would be tough
6776s and we see needle coming down and that
6780s might seal the game
6782s we see cultists as well in the
6784s Channel strand that would need to come
6787s down to a block but we'll see a rally
6791s we'll see a dagger
6794s it's quite funny seeing Gwen spelled
6796s kill Gwen to kill him
6799s because you can buff up the spider and
6802s yeah China shouldn't have a way to
6803s answer that
6805s it's looking quite strong here with the
6807s Katarina ready to go clean play by
6810s Aragon recognizing that he has to play
6812s for priority last turn before the aatrox
6816s comes down and threatened little on
6817s openoff and having needle to answer that
6819s yeah that's the game well done clean 1-0
6824s is there anything that shinya could have
6826s done there do you feel like better to
6827s stop this no I think he played with the
6830s optimally like with the given hand he
6832s had a very poor drowse in this game
6834s all right so we will have to see what
6836s game two looks like the GG Shin is
6838s coming in nice to see both players with
6840s sportsmanship chinya is up 1-0 or sorry
6844s here icon is up 1-0 and we'll see if
6846s chenya can bring it back could have done
6849s I talked about it before uh
6852s heavily ignored by players and they keep
6855s losing to it they don't recognize how
6857s much power the deck got by getting the
6859s redeemed Prodigy and the deck is very
6861s good into the current meta with the
6863s harrowing and with the redeem Prodigy
6866s and having all the stuff you can race in
6869s the champion striking with the deck and
6871s players just they just refuse to
6873s recognize it well Alan we are going to
6875s see the deck that you have been waiting
6877s to see the Ionia version of Talia ziggs
6880s oh yeah that's gonna be hot so what are
6883s you expecting from this deck do you I
6884s have no expectations I am just gonna be
6887s sitting here and enjoying it I have I
6890s absolutely have no idea what's the game
6891s plan I assume just some rock bear like
6894s just Shenanigans with zekes into black
6897s flame perhaps some rock bear action
6901s no idea we see all the units so far from
6902s the Aragon Island well we do see that
6905s rocker Shepherd in his put in plenty of
6907s work this tournament so we'll have to
6909s see if we can pull it off again
6911s most definitely like rock the five five
6914s statlines are lining really well into
6916s the current meta like the units are for
6918s free three four and when you are getting
6920s a mug by the five five bear if
6924s we start off with the rock hopper here
6926s to put a roiling Sands down answer any
6929s card that comes out next there's some
6931s Canyon Drew pretty well he has good
6933s weapons he has early drops you can apply
6935s a bit of a pressure like Aragorn won't
6939s have that many
6940s spells to answer the weapons whenever
6943s the attack will be coming down
6946s so here we would say that Aragorn likely
6949s to be the aggressor here before that
6950s world Ender comes down
6952s I think aragons playing slower like we
6954s have three unworthy Soul double right of
6957s negation uh unreal tariff those are not
6960s cards that promotes aggressive play with
6962s black flame like you are looking to play
6964s the same defensively until you can find
6966s your value tools and we have very
6968s powerful play with the darkened black
6971s spear from the China buffing his top
6974s cards
6977s going to have the block coming through
6979s as Aragorn here what are you looking to
6981s set up I mean you said you don't really
6982s know what to expect from this deck but
6984s looking at the hand what do you expect
6986s the turn three to be
6989s [Music]
6991s probably Rock about a Shepherd like I
6992s don't see in another play just start
6994s getting the rocks out there
6996s decides to take the damage recognizes
6998s that uh that rock band that the bun
7000s Hopper can block later more damage than
7002s here and he can't really finish off the
7004s unit with one HP efficiently
7007s and looks like the round will end and
7010s we'll have to see what Aragorn has up
7012s his sleeve oh good the Talia okay
7015s ah he's playing a bit too fast he might
7018s have looked to copy that uh
7021s that Landmark Next there now he's not
7023s gonna get that opportunity yeah two Rock
7026s Bears yeah and plus the buff that might
7028s have been the the solid line but okay
7032s he'll be able to pull a copy with the
7034s Italia The Landmark that comes out of
7036s the devil so it's not like it's a bad
7039s play but definitely I would have just
7041s given it a second thought because like
7043s if you get a password like if you pass
7044s here and you get a bus from up your
7045s opponent you are definitely happy
7048s so we will potentially see that Talia
7051s come out in a little bit awesome
7055s since he just played three five draw
7057s card he will see a zero Mana draw card
7060s which he'd probably be holding on to
7061s until he really needs to draw he wants
7063s to hold on to the bluff opportunity
7067s oh we have a black flame finally we
7071s could do some six Shenanigans with that
7073s we'll see if Aragon goes for aggressive
7076s game plan or more grindy game plan he's
7079s already down to 14 HP we see elusive
7081s come down and yeah right now but he has
7084s quicksand so he doesn't have to
7085s necessarily be worried about that
7087s elusive just yet come on he goes for the
7091s more aggressive play especially that he
7092s has Magus in hand so he doesn't want oh
7095s that's a really really scary part to
7097s deal with on the next attack
7100s yeah I would not want to be part of that
7102s oh we know that Tulia is quite strong oh
7107s and there will be a big blowout by
7109s Aragorn YouTube there won't I lied there
7112s is no Mana for quickly enough Mana ah
7115s I'm not sure like if I love that Talia
7117s here just yet but it gives him a very
7119s good attack next turn and he still can
7122s pretty much just clean up the board and
7124s set up some solid damage maybe you even
7126s will see black flame now that is the
7128s card that we're looking to see it is a
7130s brand new card
7133s it puts you it makes your it hits your
7136s unit and every time you attack it is
7138s summons the ethmiral version of it
7141s so using it on Champions like ziggs is a
7144s very very strong especially if you can
7146s maybe get two of them
7149s that is
7150s why this deck has this is the reason why
7154s this deck is Ionia it's for this card
7156s yeah I'm not sure how the interaction
7157s even works with Talia does does the
7159s other hair level up rocks go on the
7163s stock because it technically goes when
7166s she performs the attack it should go off
7168s I believe it would go off yes I mean
7171s otherwise you wouldn't have done the
7172s play like pretty fast pretty confident
7175s so pretty sure it must work otherwise it
7177s would not be just worth it Airborne
7179s looks like he's in a comfort zone here
7181s yeah
7183s musi and forgiving called to deal with
7186s the some of those five attack units
7188s smacking you to the Dome and we see
7191s diatrox
7194s and there is the ziggs the amount of
7196s pressure ziggs can put on here
7198s do you think it'll be enough
7202s it's hard to tell I'm looking at the
7204s board I'm looking at the amount of the
7205s damage that atrox will be doing some
7206s heavy lifting you can soak more damage
7209s and like there is still this elusive
7210s coming at you we yeah of course we have
7212s that quicksand but keep in mind there
7215s are various answers to do the quicksand
7216s such as
7219s unforgiving calls at the Furious Wilder
7221s and also keep in mind there is World
7223s Ender coming and right now we don't see
7225s any right of negation at the aragos
7227s heritage yeah it'll be interesting to
7229s see if chenya feels like he has to play
7231s that into the world earlier or if you
7234s know we'll wait until he has to because
7235s of Ryan negation fears
7239s yeah that's
7240s that's we'll see how much damage oh we
7243s will see the interaction now with the
7245s landmark
7247s and Talia levels up
7251s damn that's really cool
7254s that's a lot of damage it's a lot of
7257s damage oh wow no I mean he can't even
7258s play War Thunder efficiently because
7260s like he just have the snow units yep
7262s without units and no darkens ready to go
7266s no weapons then the world in there not
7269s so spooky yeah we might ah he might just
7273s Aragon might use the right of Arcane to
7275s finish that eight rocks of this turn
7278s he's not gonna definitely destroy
7279s Landmark he's just gonna make use the
7281s Mana yeah with his hand he can afford to
7283s do so yeah most definitely like you have
7285s a clean play with much next turn all or
7288s you can do that just the quick sentence
7289s and develop
7291s yeah looking like a pretty
7294s chinya finding himself in a rough spot
7296s again are there any cards that maybe he
7299s wanted to see earlier or is this just
7302s Aragorn's game plan going well in
7303s chenya's deck not matching well into it
7305s I'm looking if he can't necessarily kill
7308s Aragon next turn like like he's gonna
7311s get some discounts on the world under
7312s right now uh we're gonna see one two
7317s free for discounts the world under will
7320s be six months an extern if everything
7322s gets to hit but no one of the units
7324s won't connect because it dies to Talia
7326s so it will be seven Mana
7329s and the problem with the weapon on the
7330s uh elusive it's not the highest quality
7334s one because the unit would be elusive
7336s comes down with the weapon
7339s yeah but it's just Doral so it's not
7342s like it's something crazy and we're
7344s gonna probably see the kill on the eight
7346s rocks oh hovering that Landmark yeah I
7349s think he just mistaken okay that makes
7351s oh wait still going for that wait wait
7354s does it unleash Talia
7357s oh wait it's a capture so yeah it'll
7359s free up the Talia but why not sacrifice
7362s Mana
7364s huh they're a play potentially next
7366s round that you would need that
7368s additional manager for or maybe just
7370s thinking of the future that maybe you
7373s might need it
7374s no I would definitely use Mana here
7378s I guess he's just damaged with the ziks
7380s because he he's recognizing that he
7381s won't have any way to trigger that
7383s Landmark Next there so you just straight
7385s up he just replaced the landmark for two
7387s damage the face so that's what he was
7389s going for and quite frankly maybe that
7392s was the the correct play
7394s and that's an interesting interaction
7396s there too with them having the double
7398s Talia if there was a way to Rally that
7399s would have been oh that sounds fun yeah
7403s so this time you would love to use Magus
7405s and have steel manafort quicksand
7406s because that elusive is definitely scary
7410s we're probably gonna see some onto the
7412s desk to figure out what uh what we have
7414s else
7417s yep and and so drawing a card not too
7421s helpful here in the situation as chenya
7424s how do you survive this next attack
7426s I mean unforgiving call definitely will
7428s help you
7430s I'm thinking because he can't really
7432s develop two units here he could go for
7434s the journal into removal but like he
7438s loses Journal it's maybe the side rocks
7440s just eight rocks attack atrox try to
7443s heal up a bit here yeah you just heal
7445s for dark if you like your potentially
7447s kill a unit like opponent has to spend
7449s resources to kill it
7451s I could see and like if China plays some
7454s eight rocks we'll see the answer with
7456s magus
7457s he decides to go for the joral that's a
7460s bit surprising I guess he'll equip the
7461s quick attack weapon on it now yeah
7464s looking to try to make a trade here and
7465s Whittle this board down knowing that
7467s there is a lot of pressure but I mean
7469s okay so if Oregon sees the play he'll
7471s just pass here wait for the weapon then
7472s he'll use the then he might just use the
7476s Zeke's uh spell on the Elusive and he
7480s might just break quick send so he does a
7483s hero he loses the Challenger and when he
7485s has opened attack
7487s wow
7489s is there any cards that you'd be looking
7491s to play around oh obviously the
7493s unforgiving cold there are three of them
7495s in the deck but is it worth going for
7498s that play knowing that there is that
7500s interaction there
7502s I mean you just go for little like you
7504s have to you can't play around
7504s unforgiving call forever like that would
7506s mean that you never attack oh wow
7507s decided to go for development instead
7511s that's a bit surprising he just gave up
7512s on the unit and Kanye keeps keeps gets
7516s to keep the unit
7517s as well as pushing some damage here too
7521s yeah I as I suppose she's next time he's
7524s not planning on open attacking and he'll
7526s develop instead
7529s oh it's kind of
7532s cuddling for the open attack
7535s I mean he sees his opponent at six
7536s Health he has a pretty strong board
7539s of course we know that unforgiving cold
7541s is all working in chinya's hand
7544s I mean the problem is like opponent can
7546s develop only that much and like they
7549s still need to play at this at least
7550s spent four Mana for a combat Rick like
7552s Furious wielder spent like for formada
7553s for the uh for the unforgiving cold and
7557s like if he develops eight rocks he
7559s doesn't have Mana for those so I don't
7560s think you are not too much scared of the
7562s aatrox and the only thing you you are
7565s worried about the honest thing that
7567s stops little is unforgiving cold so you
7569s want to go as wide as you possibly can
7571s you can do the play where you doesn't
7573s over you don't override Landmark but you
7575s override everyone Instead This Way you
7578s deal two damage anyway with six no
7580s matter what so like this free one is
7582s essentially just doing one damage
7585s foreign
7588s decides to respond here the options are
7591s pretty limited especially because you
7593s need to play this unforgiving call to
7595s stay alive we'll go ahead and just play
7597s his best added unit and the thing is
7599s like if you okay it was definitely a
7600s better play because what happens now if
7602s he develops he gets a vulnerable and all
7605s what he can do he can just pull the unit
7607s with the unit that would get hit better
7608s and by a unforgiving call this way
7611s making it ineffective on one unit so a
7614s little missed by Aragon I believe him
7616s just lost a good chunk of damage but
7618s won't matter that much because it's
7619s still little
7620s you know trying to see is there a way
7623s that I can live here and we'll see the
7625s here to help
7627s not enough for help no stay alive
7631s and congratulations
7638s pretty cleanly played and this is the
7640s zig stalia exactly okay so the big
7643s factor Aragon can take exactly the
7645s matchups you wanted because he needed to
7647s hit with arak away he needed to eat with
7649s this Ionia
7650s the grinding which was atrox and he
7654s needed to hit with the correct when the
7658s the other ones but he still pulled off a
7661s bit based on the how poor Kanye's drones
7664s were on the game one yeah China had not
7666s really seen the cards that he wanted to
7667s see there uh do you think that it's kind
7669s of predictive of the future of will his
7672s decks continue to feel awkward I mean we
7674s saw what am I if he didn't draw the
7676s champion strength it went downhill
7677s should chenya be worried about having a
7680s similar thing happen to him
7683s doesn't have that many
7686s quality units so the problem is like he
7688s has all those weapons but the the only
7691s good unit that he can play them on is
7693s Knight Defector the rest of the units is
7695s just vanilla stats without any potential
7698s swings so he's relying a lot of a lot on
7702s the values atrox interaction and he's
7704s relying on that world Ender yeah you
7707s were mentioning him because of this
7708s matter is so mid-range heavy you liked
7710s players who went just a little bit of
7712s extra green like roji's decks for
7713s example and you see Virginia you feel
7716s like the quality of the unit is just not
7717s quite there so when these grindy matches
7720s come up then it's tough so we'll go
7722s ahead and take it to our analyst so they
7724s can tell you more about it
7726s thank you so much silver fuse and Alan
7729s what a great match to kick off day two
7731s here coming in for Aragorn just break
7734s down some of the action that happened
7736s that were some key highlights of the
7738s match so in the first game we saw red
7740s Gwen out of Aragorn and Aragorn is
7742s running one of the most aggressive red
7743s Gwen builds that we have here one of the
7745s only actually the only player on both
7746s Crimson pidgin and Legion rearguard and
7749s running those 9-1 drops actually found a
7751s lot of one drops in the early game but
7752s didn't push through that much damage it
7754s still took a late game Katarina and
7756s honestly when we look at these groups
7757s players are just not very efficient at
7760s answering Katarina in this meta well it
7762s feels like the red gwens have been
7763s consistently being the ones to win out
7765s the grindier matchups and it is somewhat
7768s expected when you're playing Hollow the
7769s in a Grandeur matchup yes it's just
7771s going to continue to stack up and
7772s eventually you're gonna win but it's
7773s just been so incredibly effective
7775s because of what you mentioned about the
7776s katarinas we just keep seeing the value
7778s continue to out value in the late game
7780s and it we expected these to be faster
7783s kill a little bit earlier and their kill
7785s points have been more coming at 3 turn
7786s eight turn nine instead of that you know
7789s turn seven turn six and when we see that
7792s paired with the Talia ziggs right we
7794s thought it was a bit more of an oddball
7796s list because of the black flame
7797s inclusion unworthy soul but at the end
7800s of the day the Talia ziggs shell is
7802s pretty much 98 complete so we just got
7805s to see the deck do what it always wants
7808s to do overall Aragorn is a younger
7810s player right he's a film student still
7812s balancing the work right the work and
7816s student life with this runeterra prep
7818s but because he brought Sun disc to the
7820s qualifiers we already know he's that
7821s type of scrappier player that isn't
7824s afraid to bring something with a little
7825s bit more Innovation to it yeah he's
7827s willing to try something new and we had
7829s heard that he had not had as much time
7831s to prep as he would have liked but it
7832s feels like with his teammates and the
7834s rest of the the Greek rooterra Community
7836s helping him out I know they're a
7837s tight-knit community they were able to
7839s find something very interesting within
7840s that ziggs Talia playing the Ionia and
7842s bringing in something that we didn't
7843s expect to see at the start even if we
7845s might have been like hey there might be
7847s one ziggs Talia might sneak through I
7849s don't think Ionia was the region we
7850s expected to see paired with it not at
7852s all and when we talk about not being
7853s super comfortable around your prep
7854s chenya mentioned that he didn't have as
7856s much time as he really wanted to prep
7857s either brought out one of the only
7858s double dark index that we saw the Kane H
7860s rocks are yeah I believe it was Kane
7865s someone else
7867s and I mean so that's that's something
7870s that I don't think we really expected to
7871s see it's a very linear style of deck
7873s building you don't have a bag of tricks
7875s from a region that you can really reach
7876s deep down into so it's kind of a known
7878s factor it's kind of limited in the deck
7880s building and it didn't really impress
7882s getting Owen 2 here on the first round
7884s of the day and I'm really worried about
7885s how that's going to affect chenya going
7886s forward in this group how much you that
7888s you really think came down to the match
7890s up maybe Aragorn's experience when it
7893s comes to maybe playing a bit more of a
7895s wild card factor I mean falling back on
7898s the red Gwen just put you on such a good
7899s foundation regardless this is a deck
7901s that has been just a foundation for
7904s these players to build the rest of their
7906s lineups around and you know when you
7908s don't have a lot of prep time you don't
7910s dig deep enough into you first first and
7914s foremost the players are trying all the
7915s new decks right these new Champions and
7917s stuff and you have to figure out which
7918s combinations are the best I think before
7920s you kind of pivot back to some of your
7922s comfort picks well I also think Aragorn
7924s probably wasn't too surprised by what
7926s the varus aatrox does because it's
7927s actually Aragorn who has that cane
7929s aatrox right has that other version that
7931s is the double darken and because of the
7933s fact that you're so limited in the deck
7934s building pool when you run the two dark
7936s and right you're stuck to cult this
7937s you're stuck to you know the weapons and
7939s and kind of similar pools between those
7941s two pairings of Champions we end up with
7944s similar deckless and Aragorn better be
7946s familiar with it if he's playing it
7947s himself Health not only that but uh
7949s there's actually no quietus in the red
7951s Gwen out of Aragorn which like going
7952s into this very weapon heavy group I I
7955s just didn't seem necessary which is a
7958s very big concern for the weapon players
7960s that you don't even need the weapon
7962s destruction to beat them with this deck
7963s yeah I mean that's a great point we're
7965s definitely gonna have to see how that
7966s all plays out as we enter into our
7968s matches later today but that's going to
7970s be the first round robin done here
7973s coming in for Group B and now we gotta
7974s go back over to group a to see how
7976s that's all going to get fleshed out and
7978s so our fourth matchup of the day is
7981s going to be between Aurora and boas and
7984s we've already talked about how Aurora is
7985s a bit of a front runner but remind us
7988s again why so Teddy and Aurora are both
7990s seasonal champions from the most recent
7993s seasonal tournament fresh off of their
7995s wins APAC for Aurora emea for Teddy
7997s unfortunately floppy Mudkip from the
7998s America is not quite making it through
7999s it would have been really cool to have
8000s all three awakenable Champions here but
8002s not only that Aurora has Tangled with
8004s pin ping ho one of the best players in
8006s the APAC server got second play place in
8008s the season where pin ping ho took first
8009s so like almost had two seasonal wins
8012s this year under his belt it's
8014s unprecedented almost could have been the
8016s two time instead of pimping hooks on his
8018s second but on the other side buoys being
8020s from the French scene he may be
8021s considered the underdog in this matchup
8023s but his prep you know is gonna be good
8025s you have players like Ultraman you have
8026s players like flavo you have players
8028s coming from the PCS team that is an
8030s incredibly stronger entire team that is
8031s helping Bowie's prep and we know he's
8034s going to have a solid foundation yeah
8035s that's one of the reasons that we were
8036s so high on on by attack right the the
8039s amea so tight-knit were the early Front
8042s Runners and I think that in the very
8044s infant stages of runetera you know
8046s Germany was kind of jumping out and I
8048s believe France was sort of the next
8050s country to sort of take that Crown from
8053s them and so with that pedigree bow is
8055s you know isn't going to be down and out
8057s for this one I think this is going to
8059s already be a super hard fought battle
8061s we've already seen every player just
8062s really put it all out on the line but
8064s this one in particular just to start to
8066s see how all of these matchups are
8068s shaking out and if players can lay down
8071s the foundation to move into the rest of
8072s the day every game matters
8075s so it's uh kind of have we're gonna have
8077s to see how that's gonna play out so in
8078s order to take us through all of the
8080s action let's head back over to our
8081s casting desk with Alan and silver fuse
8085s hello and welcome back I'm still here
8087s with Alan and we are so excited for this
8089s next game oh the lists are spicy we have
8093s some unique lists here from boys Suite
8094s of course from Red Gwen you know that's
8097s not one we really want to talk about
8099s here but we do have the pantheon various
8100s and we have the Lulu jinx as well as
8102s from aora we have the Kane aatrox the
8105s pantheon varus and Leona aurelian Seoul
8108s I've been so excited to see a really
8110s insult on the world stage what do you
8112s think about these lineups I mean Leona
8114s is all that's uh that's gonna be a spicy
8116s one I'm really looking forward to the
8118s buns and the mental approach from both
8121s players I can't imagine Aurora burning
8123s anything about red Gwen but again
8125s players kept surprising me with their
8127s balance they disrespected Gwen maybe
8129s this will happen again again ready to go
8130s and favorite into all his decks and then
8134s if the bow is recognizes the band there
8137s he should be getting rid of the cane
8139s atrox because his Lulu Jinx is very
8141s vulnerable to the deck both Champions
8143s just hitting back up and the Very good
8145s at removing threads with the cards like
8147s Kane and when having double Keeper of
8149s the box to heal up even farther so
8152s definitely a scary deck to fight for the
8154s luru Jinx but on the other hand it's a
8156s weak match up for the pantheon varus
8159s which would just outgrind it unless
8161s aetrocks would take over
8163s and here we do have a double darkened
8165s deck once again and we'll go ahead and
8168s go on to voice his list of course we're
8170s talking about that red Gwen earlier
8171s something we expect to be banned here so
8173s let's talk a little bit more about this
8175s Lulu Jinx deck we've seen a lot of jinx
8177s paired with a few different Champions
8178s now what is it about this deck why do
8181s you think that boys decided to bring it
8183s it's a bit faster than a champion
8186s strength it could take down a red Gwen
8189s it's weak to serve index perhaps both
8193s didn't expect much of those and it's
8195s also decent Integrity attacks if they
8197s just don't if they just miss out on
8199s their curve because you just simply kill
8201s them by turn four in also do have the
8204s pantheon bars not many players bring
8206s Pantheon why do you think you
8208s to bring Pantheon over another chance
8210s he's good and grinding into into the
8214s champion strength you can just play him
8216s with the barrier as a blocker preserve
8218s that extra five six HP to block off
8220s overall it's just a good unit like the
8223s keywords are extremely extremely
8226s important in the current meta and we are
8229s getting ready aora about to take a seat
8231s soon I would assume and both players are
8234s getting ready the bands have come in and
8236s red Gwen was not banned
8239s his respect we'll see how it turns out
8242s he banned Lulu links instead and then uh
8244s if that always had a correct read on
8247s that he left over the K natrox that
8249s that's actually very excellent for
8251s bowies because Kane xane X rocks could
8254s just be farmed by both of his decks so I
8257s can't imagine that both would be unhappy
8259s about that so as boys here is there a
8261s deck that maybe you would want to kill
8263s him like would you feel comfortable on
8264s this red win I'm gonna get a win here
8265s and not potentially letting all in the
8267s other decks have a win or what would you
8269s be looking to do so you won't gain eye
8272s trucks to line up into red Gwen because
8274s it's slightly better than Pantheon
8275s battles into Pine penalty on the virus
8277s it's really really not good so because
8280s you just out you you just outgrow atoms
8283s even you outgrow the world under how
8285s crazy is that
8287s and we will see what decks are going to
8291s be cute
8292s we do have
8294s well I have like I said the Red Queen
8296s just not the hand so I'll be interested
8300s to see how that goes most likely we're
8302s gonna like again and Paul we should be
8305s looking to kill first with the panty on
8306s the virus and then the Aurora should
8308s answer will be the same we should be
8309s seeing mirror first and I believe that's
8312s exactly what happened
8315s yep it looks like we got the target
8317s ready to go oh I'm so excited to see
8321s these matches solid already opener on
8325s the side of Aurora it doesn't require
8326s much Mulligan just throw away the
8327s wielder you can keep above qualities at
8329s the weapon
8330s oh that's already a post moly gun oh wow
8333s and that's pretty solid fan from the
8335s Bowie's side
8340s we're gonna probably think a double
8341s qualities into the lodestone following
8344s up the pantheon and you the key in this
8348s matchup is just to grow your Pantheon as
8350s soon as you can because there is not
8353s that many ways that you can threaten him
8354s and if there is some attempting Pantheon
8357s cards like unforgiving cold comes clutch
8359s get the cards like a furious wielder
8361s Xbox protection and the adapted killing
8363s Pantheon just might result in Failure
8366s yeah we have seen on for giving cold do
8368s a lot of work in these past couple games
8370s but we've also seen it not be quite
8372s enough either
8373s yeah so definitely you do not want to
8375s trade with your uh one free qualities
8378s before you get the second gem because
8379s you want as many procs as you possibly
8382s want to so just a loud scene probably
8384s attacking not much accent just yet
8388s so the way this game is going is there a
8390s player who is a bit more of the
8391s aggressor going to play a bit more
8393s proactive and one that's a bit more
8394s reactive are they kind of in the same
8396s line like is one a little bit more clear
8398s do not have the Aurora actually queued
8400s up with Kane aitrix talking to meet up
8402s with the red Gwen I'm sorry I actually
8404s thought it's we are having a mirror oh
8407s yeah definitely you need to win ASAP
8410s with k n a trucks because like if we if
8412s he sees Pantheon now slamming the gem
8415s and getting plus one plus one from the
8419s loadstone that's a very very bad news
8422s for the Aurora so boys just saying hey
8425s this is a mid-range match I'm gonna make
8427s my unit a little bit bigger than yours
8428s and I'm gonna give you a tough time
8430s because of that yep the pantheon will be
8433s very very hard to deal with there is
8434s also a possibility that Bowie takes it a
8436s bit slower and he develops another cool
8438s pieces of Pantheon but the growing
8440s Pantheon as soon as you possibly can
8442s especially that it's followed up with
8444s can be followed up with and for a giving
8445s called pale Cascade is extremely strong
8448s yeah before level up Pantheon he has
8450s barrier but he doesn't really do all
8452s that much he does have faded and can
8454s grow but until he's leveled up in
8456s getting those keywords he's not too much
8458s of a threat so Aurora is looking here to
8461s draw the so we have to remember the
8463s outcome from the blood Letter is that
8467s the darking the dark interval and the
8469s darking trial draws you again it's a
8472s very dark that was in play therefore
8475s Roseville Champion that's why Aurora was
8477s looking forward to get him killed so he
8480s can draw that cane no no no yeah Kate
8483s has fallen out of favor for a lot of
8485s players in this tournament we used to
8486s see wayne Kane and kind of getting
8488s replaced by eight rocks here what do you
8490s think about the duo of Kane and aatrox
8492s together
8494s I honestly we didn't play test it I
8497s didn't see that much of it yet I'm
8499s really like Kane is the early game
8500s Champion that just wants to handle the
8502s aggro and eight rocks is the opposite he
8504s wants to just do and get you stabilized
8507s as well to heal you up and close the
8509s game so it might be the perfect
8510s combination for the those two Champions
8512s we will find out and potentially if you
8515s were saying players playing small units
8517s for Champion strength in the future Kane
8519s being a challenger being able to take
8520s care of those units but in this pool oh
8523s that's I have it's way too late like if
8525s you don't draw Champions League from a
8526s 5ps sure uh you can grind out with the
8528s cane but before you play Kane you're
8531s just gonna fell down like that's that's
8532s for sure
8535s and here we do have kind of an awkward
8538s hand for boys I mean there isn't as much
8541s to do especially where he was trying to
8544s go a bit taller you know bigger units
8546s and is forced to play this Pantheon kind
8548s of an awkward time you really want to
8550s like I I thought he's going to play
8551s Pantheon last time because again you
8552s want to grow him as some as soon as you
8554s as you can here it's clearly it's pretty
8557s good you just jam it up you buff it up
8559s and you just keep scanning him it's a
8561s very excellent turn for boys
8564s ready to go with the pantheon we'll be
8567s able to buff him up and he does have
8569s plenty of ways to be able to make this
8571s Pantheon level I mean there's no issues
8573s there
8574s we are looking forward to draw a truck
8576s soon the bloodletters was a bloodletter
8579s was played once we'll see it played
8581s again soon I was expecting perhaps a
8585s play of the weapon on the cultist three
8588s five so he can trade and play the weapon
8589s again next turn so he could follow up
8591s with the eight rocks but looks like
8593s Aurora has a bit different game plan
8594s here
8595s in the aura both players taking their
8597s time on making these decisions something
8599s that I know you like to see where he
8601s felt some players have gone a little bit
8602s too fast and have made mistakes because
8604s of that but both these players playing
8606s very calculated and knowing exactly what
8608s they want to do they're doing the math
8609s in their head deciding what amount of
8611s time do I need to kill like what turn is
8613s going to be my turn kill when is the
8615s window closed where it's too late it's
8618s great to see that at such high level
8619s play I think Bowie is focusing a bit too
8622s much on keeping irrelevant units alive
8624s here because he wants to pale Cascade
8626s his cultist once again to keep it alive
8629s which is completely irrelevant I think
8632s focusing on growing Pantheon much much
8634s more important and like you want those
8636s gems because after he levels up you get
8638s another fated to be used to be used yeah
8644s we'll have to see if he does decide to
8645s buff this Pantheon or as you said keep a
8648s little bit of an irrelevant unit going
8649s down to one HP alive
8651s uh you know once again taking their time
8654s which we like to see that we we're
8656s seeing some players making sure they
8658s don't make any mistakes here so we could
8660s see just a weapon after he trades with
8662s that cool TC we might just see weapon
8664s equipped on the pantheon to not waste
8666s pale Cascade
8667s but he decides not to lock it on the
8669s pantheon later you can just over equip
8672s it with the different weapon that comes
8673s from like Shepard so it wouldn't be that
8675s locked in so he said no I don't want
8677s this weapon to be locked in I want us to
8679s be possibly zolani on tonight so I'm
8681s just not gonna do that as well as
8683s pushing a bit of additional damage
8685s drawing a card activating faded really a
8688s lot of good things happening there we're
8690s gonna see the level up disturbing on the
8693s pantheon coming most likely here
8698s we're just gonna probably see a charm
8699s blocking and probably after the combat
8701s we're gonna see some level up on the
8702s pantheon and the decision based on the
8704s keywords we could also see a stun on the
8706s stun on the Scout instead just take five
8709s yeah there's a lot of cool lines that
8711s can be taken here
8713s is there one that sticks out to you in
8715s particular between those I mean you need
8717s to most definitely keep the Mana for the
8719s unforgiving call to not let
8722s anything happen to that Pantheon you
8723s want to keep keep him Escape scaling
8726s yeah plenty of wielder's Fury in the
8728s hand and making sure that Pantheon
8730s doesn't die before he's able to level up
8732s and gain those keywords and there he is
8735s right there we'll have to see what
8736s keywords he hits
8739s and what will they be today
8743s I love that animation so much oh we got
8747s the region some lifesteal Fury not so
8750s great augment we had do have a gym but
8753s not going to get a ton of value off of
8755s that I Fury is actually pretty good in
8757s the case where he wanted to try it
8759s if you wanted to see spell shield for
8761s the unforgiving called or the Furious
8764s wielder especially
8765s like we're gonna be seeing a slow play
8768s from Aurora he doesn't want to show too
8770s much yet he has so many combat tricks
8772s available
8773s yeah exactly and yeah there is not much
8776s else left from the Aurora to do except
8779s doing his own unforgiving called here
8781s which doesn't really accomplish much
8782s yeah and that just makes that Pantheon
8784s so scary in the future as well and they
8786s already said the fury going off a 10-8
8788s Pantheon faded still potential here but
8791s well no Mana but in the future it'll
8793s keep on growing and it's going to
8795s continue to be I think we can he can
8797s kill the pantheon here
8799s you can do you can play the sonic wave
8802s and Furious wielder on the stack while
8804s challenging Pantheon and that should
8806s take him down a really clean play by the
8809s Aurora
8810s oh and the look on boy's face knowing
8813s that this painting wasn't important for
8815s it because after this
8817s ah our should be attacking with the 1-1
8820s as well to potentially trade with one
8822s free if Bowes decides to block
8827s [Music]
8832s he's just deciding if he wants to
8834s probably attack with other units it's
8836s not much about uh if this is the play
8838s but he's deciding what he wants to do
8840s with the other units so he's plank
8842s around the next turns Amana that's why
8846s he didn't want to be for us to play the
8849s Ionia plus two plus zero resonating
8851s strike
8852s yes boys do you have to kind of put your
8854s socks back into the second Pantheon
8858s pretty much
8861s another one
8862s disposal this time pretty good special
8864s yes the spell shield Challenger not too
8867s bad either this kind of Pantheon really
8870s really wants the quick attack weapon so
8873s we're probably gonna see the shepherd on
8874s this later on because you don't want to
8877s spew out all the Mana letting your
8880s opponent do whatever he wants without
8881s consideration what you can do yes the
8883s last time the boys went down on Mana
8885s something not so great happened for him
8887s so I assume he'll be holding that here
8890s as well
8892s around looking for that for the match on
8895s The elusive we might see that just came
8899s play take out one free start stacking
8901s him up
8903s ooh the wandering sharper coming out
8908s okay
8910s you can work with that man if
8913s we got the Scout ready to go barrier
8915s probably his Bose doesn't have a great
8917s hand to follow up and attack zero really
8920s significant combat tricks so like his
8923s attack with Pantheon wanted to be that
8925s scary on the yeah spell shield and
8928s barrier that's a hard thing to get
8930s through
8931s I mean again nothing that unforgiving
8933s called can't deal with
8935s like a reminder and forgiving call
8937s targets first the unit with the spell
8938s shield once it's worn off it's gonna hit
8940s that unit again so again he's looking
8943s for the uh probably just doing that and
8945s we'll press everything 12 hp here
8947s yep and even though oh looks like we can
8950s just get the oh you have to force here
8952s the unforgiving cult like you okay this
8956s is not something you can afford to do
8957s like you just allow you just gave Aurora
8959s for free card like he just gave him an
8961s extra copy of of unforgiving called and
8964s on top of that at some point that
8966s unforgiving code will be used you're
8968s just kind of delaying it or let's say in
8970s a world where there was nothing it's
8972s just donation of the card because that's
8974s like that pation had a shield so there
8977s and there was nothing that would have
8978s happened to him wrong so he was just
8980s raiding attack token for an extra from
8982s the card from the other hand it's
8984s definitely not a play bless uh boys in
8987s the heart
8990s and we'll have to see if Aura is able to
8993s take advantage of that I mean at this
8995s point voice does have to rely on this
8997s Pantheon there isn't too much going on
8999s in the hand and with time I mean I feel
9001s like aora can well becomes a little bit
9004s more favored
9005s throughout the match we do have the
9006s virus now those are some pretty good
9009s rows that you don't really want to draw
9011s a fleeting moment to choice but you can
9013s definitely utilize pale right away on
9016s the pantheon just to prove that fight it
9017s throw an extra card and go from there
9021s and if there were to be another pass air
9023s I mean aora would take that pretty
9025s quickly
9026s or is there yeah with this hand he has
9028s insane hand just to go for the longer
9030s game
9033s so we will see the virus here and that
9035s means that we'll only have pill Cascade
9037s or momentous Choice cannot play them
9039s both due to the Mana restriction
9044s and aatrox coming through what he has
9046s just been pretty dominant in a lot of
9049s these games when he hits the board with
9050s that region and a well a good stat line
9054s what's very cool is that like you are
9056s not afraid to attack with day drugs just
9058s because you can get another eight trucks
9060s against non-denial region by equipping
9063s his weapon and just playing world enter
9064s that's why we can see Aurora is very
9067s cautious about attacking with anything
9069s because he he wants all those followers
9071s to become eventually darkens yes so
9075s making sure that you keep those weapons
9076s on those units alive and knowing that
9079s the payoff is huge with the world Ender
9081s we also see two unforgiving colds that's
9084s a nice thing to have in your back pocket
9086s I mean for this matchup how I would take
9089s Aurora spot every time he's looking very
9092s very good right here
9093s and he can't like the problem is if he
9095s the fact that he played that varus he
9098s doesn't allow him to do any trade here
9100s potentially with the eight rocks he had
9102s an option to do the pale into potential
9105s drove uh Slash momentous choice if he
9108s finds something but
9111s it's kind of awkward now for him
9114s likely here do you use that pale Cascade
9116s just because you need the card draw you
9118s need to find something I mean your hand
9119s is
9120s yeah it's not great you need to
9122s definitely utilize it
9124s well I mean I don't see how he can win
9127s by doing that
9130s so as you were saying earlier aatrox
9133s dying really is not in the world here
9135s because he you still get the weapon back
9137s you're still able to do what you want
9138s and we do see the unforgiving cold
9140s taking off a spell shield but also
9142s taking off that viruses attack yeah
9145s that's a very good play you'll get
9146s discount on the world under you have
9147s another unforgiving call that you
9149s utilized solid
9151s and Faded will be procked here for
9153s Pantheon giving him a little bit more of
9155s a boost is there a way that boys could
9158s potentially percent lethal here if there
9160s wasn't an unforgiving cold in hand I
9163s mean he needs to yes you can
9165s uh you gonna start around from
9170s definitely Furious wielder you probably
9172s start from the spell shield on the
9174s pantheon and the fan go with the ferris
9177s wheel there to remove stuff and see
9180s what's the response from the Aurora
9183s because now he cannot really use the
9186s or you could just attack in but the
9188s problem is again you have a pool you can
9190s just pull twice the low HP units that
9192s cannot fret party on dyeing and that
9195s pation is presenting 10 on first attack
9197s minus one from the HP so it's 9 plus
9199s Fury growing so he can present a nine on
9201s First and 10 on another one so this is
9204s technically lethal and when he can grow
9206s with the Furious Wilder on top
9209s and aora hovering
9211s well I missed the hover but we'll have
9214s to see what that hover is I believe it's
9215s a furious we'll learn from himself oh
9217s yes it is
9219s he just wants to take down that varus so
9222s the if you're the unforgiving cult can
9225s go on the pantheon yes that's his best
9228s concern so let's see if Bose has the
9230s Reed
9232s and we do see the Furious wielder going
9235s back
9236s we're gonna see a special shield from
9238s the Aurora to answer that pretty cleanly
9241s and down to two Mana because we do have
9244s the darkens equipped
9249s that would be little
9255s really rough I mean it's too often the
9257s Bowie's deck
9261s so unfortunate there that can't quite
9264s get lethal yet but
9266s we will get a scout attack in as well
9268s but the unforgiving cold is going to be
9271s incredibly unforgiving here
9273s yep
9274s but again there will be another turn in
9276s the coming home
9278s the next turn and like our the only
9281s thing Aurora has for him going in is
9283s just older than their next turn he is
9285s gonna be having
9286s now he's actually gonna have all the
9288s followers
9289s but atrox is gonna flip
9293s at this point it's just saying like
9296s seeing the board of darken and if it's
9298s enough I'm thinking if it's enough like
9300s it's leveled eight rocks it's Solani
9304s maybe joral yet if he decides to play
9306s joral before I guess he can play joral
9308s after the to preserve one more follower
9311s and there is the unforgiving cold coming
9314s down popping that spell shield and also
9316s hitting the pantheon
9318s won't be taking too much damage later
9320s from I always might have too much stuff
9322s going for him like he has zolani as well
9325s in hand
9327s like
9328s excuse me
9331s they're gonna be elusive so that's
9333s that's damage flipped uh eight rocks is
9337s gonna be 10.
9339s and pulling out with the choral
9344s and we do see that weapon added to the
9346s pantheon we that was a scout attack so
9348s there is another attack that can come
9350s down here
9353s foreign
9359s will grant the damage to the pantheon
9363s even through the unforgiving cold yes
9366s the rake is nice but it could be out at
9368s another time as well also we get Fury
9370s another impact I mean a little bit of
9373s Chip damage here and there but Pantheon
9375s quite strong at 897 still and we'll have
9378s to see what if you want from if there is
9381s nothing from the bow is coming should be
9383s little the world Ender
9386s oh I love it so much
9388s aatrox leveling up and we get to see our
9391s army of darken ready to go
9395s like we have to keep in mind that there
9396s are two more Challengers coming from the
9398s Aurora so he can anything beefy there is
9401s coming from the bowies can be just
9402s pulled away
9403s and even then so not too many beefy
9406s units available here I mean that's 18
9408s damage presented where four now three
9411s can be negated so he's technically
9413s one-off we see a guiding touch obviously
9415s from the boys which would be more
9419s so the darkened lodestone alternative
9423s play is just to use the eye drop spell
9426s here instead
9428s to take out the pantheon but as that you
9431s open yourself into uh to so many combat
9434s tricks
9435s and but I think you have to risk it
9437s [Music]
9439s so as a player here definitely would go
9441s for it I mean you only have a couple
9443s cards in hand and if you're not winning
9444s now
9446s I mean when are you gonna win I mean if
9447s you can just present attack and he
9449s doesn't have to do much after that
9452s like he can go on stock and make boys
9455s make a move first because if he Trace
9458s his Pantheon with eight rocks you're
9459s fine you are happy
9461s that's a winning play for you and The
9463s Guiding touch coming out early to say
9465s hey I need some more
9467s yeah very good card
9469s it prevents the if he goes for the eight
9472s Rock spell then that could be an answer
9477s Seeker coming out as well the attack
9479s going to be presented although he said
9482s one off of lethal before the guiding
9484s touch apparently has the Mana to play
9486s the spell shield
9489s that's a lot of damage
9491s there's a lot of damage I'm not certain
9495s pulling with Kinder Pantheon but he
9498s really doesn't want to lose okay he
9499s doesn't want to lose day drugs so badly
9501s that yeah he just goes for it not too
9505s many ways deal with this aatrox so
9507s looking at I mean he can go for the
9508s little here with the yeah he goes for it
9513s we're gonna see a special to answer it
9516s it's the only way
9518s one three still Shield
9520s [Music]
9527s like he couldn't play unforgiving cold
9529s because there was no Mana because of the
9530s joral so the only real answer was two of
9533s expanse protection in the deck
9536s and he drew it found it yeah exactly I
9540s mean he could have answered as well with
9541s another guiding touch but then again he
9543s stays at two
9545s and we have another varus draw oh that's
9547s a good one we get the break back on
9551s being able to give this Pantheon Scout
9553s and apply more pressure still attend
9555s health
9556s embrace the quiet of you but I promise
9559s he just dies oh no you have Challenger
9561s he has Challenger yeah he has Challenger
9564s I mean momentous choice not going to be
9566s enough here either it was a game it
9569s should be a game yep
9572s and put a various weapon now to make
9575s sure I guess
9577s or equip
9580s arous he could equip the others on the
9583s followers just to buff up your varus and
9584s stuck up the bow just to make sure yeah
9587s it looks like poory's here is going to
9589s lay down all the damage possible saying
9591s you know you're at for health this is
9592s the attack that I need to win the game
9595s and just
9597s I mean this point she knows there are no
9599s no combat tricks and this is just the
9602s formality
9604s yep just making sure that you don't
9607s miscalculate think forget about
9609s something and then miss this critical
9611s damage to win the game
9614s another game where World Ender didn't
9616s end world yeah that's two
9620s wow
9622s and voice is able to find this game one
9624s a pretty grindy one and the pantheon
9627s Varys coming out on top I mean we knew
9629s that that this is a favorite for the
9631s pantheon because just you you outgrow
9633s the you are just right rocks and you
9636s have on top of that varus pretty clean
9638s kind is completely useless in this
9640s matchup he doesn't trade with anything
9641s he just yeah he's just nice
9644s well played yep a good medical bringing
9647s the Pentagon into the expected aatrox
9649s meta
9650s and we will be excited to see that
9652s that's how it will help him a lot let's
9655s be honest oh the scalpel was it made all
9658s the difference and there was no one
9661s there without the Scout being able to
9662s attack with a Pantheon with multiple
9664s keywords over and over again the
9666s pressure was applied because of that I
9668s mean this dark in matchups are very
9671s tricky to play because of the
9672s unforgiving cult the expanse protection
9675s there is a lot of stuff that you have to
9677s keep in mind momentous choice is super
9679s annoying to play around and oftentimes
9681s you just have to play yellow and assume
9683s that opponent doesn't have it
9684s and now that he has that win red Gwen
9687s the one that you said was disrespected I
9689s mean his boy's looking to be in a pretty
9691s good spot here I mean I believe this is
9693s two favorite matchups for him like it's
9695s gonna be very hard for the Aurora to
9697s come back I believe if the bowies draws
9700s properly into place uh on top of that
9702s and it looks like boys does have the
9704s attack token on two so we'll be looking
9707s for that redeemed Prodigy that you have
9709s talked so much about that being a new
9711s card that you want to see on turn two
9713s because it just gets so much value
9716s in this matchup you have a lot of units
9718s that can trade back with it so it's not
9721s that big of a deal because there are
9722s some matchups where they don't want to
9724s block at all there are some matchups
9725s that just don't have enough uh if you
9727s need to block hurry and they need to use
9728s the removal and that removal is destined
9731s towards normally Katarina so this
9733s excellent debate to protect your
9734s Katarina that's why you want to play
9736s free off not too office the deck used to
9740s yep we saw a few players cut the Elise
9742s and other ones have decided to stick
9743s with it but in this matter especially
9745s you need that grind and you need the
9747s triple cat boys does have the triple cat
9749s in this list and as well as three to
9751s quit I mean this hand is pretty good for
9754s boys like he has everything he needs to
9757s just win the game like he has the early
9759s pressure going into Gwen he just needs
9762s to draw like a reconnaer and follow up
9765s into harrowing and yeah that's that's
9768s it's going to be very hard to surpassed
9771s by it
9771s yep plenty of damage coming down we got
9775s the Heralds will begin to start stacking
9777s up look how crazy is this card it's
9780s traded a unit he pushed two damage and
9782s he got the hollow stuck how is this
9783s legal ah just Mystic shot it yeah just
9786s Mystic shot and when Katarina comes and
9787s one will do the fry yeah what a great
9790s card really just adding to the archetype
9792s so much there is a unique take on the
9794s deck from The Voice the versioning
9797s Sentinel coming that means that you want
9799s to kill either his own or opponent he
9801s only needs to buff it up and it's
9803s fearsome which comes along a long way
9806s against all those two attacking units
9808s only
9810s does grub darken
9813s oh
9814s so here boys can make a pretty good play
9817s he wants to Bluff that he wants to think
9819s about this a bit so he doesn't show I
9821s have obvious play he can answer with the
9823s try to go valve is the block the free
9825s too but that can backfire against stuff
9827s like momentous choice for example
9831s so and there is not much else that can
9832s answer this except momentous
9834s and he decides to not go for it
9837s I'm very surprised I think I would go
9840s like he could have taken the greedy
9842s route and just block it out and then you
9844s have a follow-up on free open attack
9846s with the potentially Prodigy if opponent
9849s has a way to deal with it like are you
9850s really set about baiting out momentous
9852s choice not necessarily it's it's
9854s actually good yeah especially for a unit
9858s that's really not that valuable in the
9859s long term yeah
9862s yeah so we have we see Gwen she's gonna
9864s be buffed into four damage
9866s the problem is now like imagine you
9867s waited that moment to show his last
9869s Aaron that would be pretty good because
9871s now you're uh Gwen wouldn't be in a
9874s threat
9875s yeah it makes her a bit awkward here at
9877s least there is the Harold frog here and
9879s I thought redeemed Prodigy just putting
9882s that additional pressure and
9883s continuously too I mean it's now and
9886s it's also for the future turns that card
9888s I can't get over how good it is and I'm
9891s so glad to see that boys put three of it
9892s in his deck and we're gonna see a kill
9894s on the Gwen next turn it's just gonna be
9897s probably the following come to dancer
9899s into harrowing looks like a very clean
9902s uh game plan for the boys he has a
9905s perfect Target for next turn to pass
9908s and although Gwen died as we said we see
9910s that harrowing in hand he just wants to
9912s put as much pressure as possible so this
9914s harrowing is a lethal in the future
9917s but there is an answer that prevents the
9918s potential oh but how convenient you can
9921s just stop the flock to answer pretty
9923s much Kane or the fruit free
9926s huh let me see what Aurora decides to do
9929s that's how you play at the World
9930s Championships you top deck the card that
9933s you need I mean again you need to draw
9935s like a champ and play like a jump to
9937s become one
9938s and Theory said that Kane will be it's
9941s going to be answered here
9943s yeah most certainly it's gonna be a cane
9946s kill
9948s and we have CNN and a trucks coming on
9950s the curve as well I mean just yet
9952s looking at boys saying it's like
9953s everything is just lining up
9958s I'm thinking if there is any reason to
9960s to kill the free free over the cane but
9962s I can't think any
9965s of
9967s them not zero man no way to save him
9971s [Music]
9973s so Kane will be pulling the spider link
9976s We Know ravenous lock is waiting there
9978s going to be coming out very quickly
9980s and I assume this will be an eternal
9983s dancer setup is brings back a Gwen I
9986s mean can it really get any better than
9988s that
9989s I mean it's gonna get answered by the
9992s atrox like you are we are losing your
9993s unit to the eight rocks but we have to
9995s remember that it's not a big deal
9997s because we have harrowing so you
9998s actually don't mind losing that
10001s so there's the aatrox that we were
10003s talking about earlier I'm going to lose
10005s the Eternal dancer but we will be
10006s putting some additional pressure onto
10008s this board I talked to seven seven
10010s because it got the buffed by the
10013s dark in the spear
10015s yeah and voice is considering not
10017s attacking here oh no shot you don't know
10020s I know you hold that he's just thinking
10021s if he wants to buff a spider
10023s I don't think you ever like because you
10025s need to clean your board from the before
10027s harrowing
10029s and there is a good shot Aurora just
10031s won't attack because of that harrowing
10033s but the like he'll have a pretty good
10036s amount of the answers for the harling
10037s because all the strikes he needs he has
10039s unforgiving called so I mean Aurora has
10043s all the tools he has the HP he can kill
10045s the the board so maybe boss is looking
10047s for you to keep the spider just for the
10049s defensive purposes if he wants to play
10050s it a bit slower perhaps
10052s yeah we're trying to calculate how much
10054s damage is this heroin going to do in the
10056s future as well I mean you need to
10058s calculate not dying next time because
10061s now if you take the the block if one
10063s takes the blocks like if he doesn't
10064s block a Gwen but he blocks a spider he
10067s could be looking at the open attack
10068s little potentially
10070s and
10071s no spider block
10073s to one
10075s is what we're likely to see here
10078s here see even fervor do you think that's
10079s going to come into play here or is it
10081s just gonna be harrowing and done if he
10082s doesn't die
10084s I mean it depends if you want to if he
10086s is planning to play qatarina extern uh
10088s if he plans on playing Katarina next
10089s turn I could see playing a spider here
10092s oh wanting to take care of this a truck
10094s I think this is correct I think this is
10095s the way you play 100.
10099s yeah that one of a favorable coming
10101s clutch that could have been the valve
10102s fees as well that would have done the
10104s deal but if a fireball slightly more
10106s expensive does the job done as well
10109s yeah on top of that because it only
10110s deals three to the squint still is able
10112s to take out the cultists as well which
10114s is I mean being able to clear this board
10116s keep a jump blocker up alive as well
10119s having that harrowing behind you just
10121s making sure aatrox isn't able to take
10124s over the world at the end here
10127s and we're gonna see another eight trucks
10129s coming down
10131s the tomb wants to finish the job
10135s and likely here I mean we don't expect
10137s Aura to deal with the spider because the
10140s potential of harrowing
10142s we have a really interesting clients we
10144s boys can take you can either go for the
10146s hard work next turn or he could go for
10148s Katarina flip right now and there is
10150s nothing that can stop it
10152s yeah and we've seen what Katarina has
10154s done in this tournament over and over
10156s again she's just applied so much
10158s pressure in these grindy matchups
10160s like but you have to realize what are
10163s how many cards are in the deck that
10164s Aurora could answer with the Katarina
10166s dark strikes there is unforgiving called
10169s there is so many Spanish cards that
10172s Katarina flip might not have been worth
10175s it
10176s especially when you would just continue
10178s to fill up your board a little bit more
10180s too so the very interesting place just
10182s to block out with spider if he attacks
10184s with white rocks play The Minotaur and
10187s free attack with Mino Tower and if
10189s opponent blocks with it next next on you
10192s are resurrecting your Minotaur so you
10194s can utilize the extra Halloween stacks
10195s and if your opponent doesn't block with
10197s aatrox you are pushing good chunk of
10199s damage
10200s so do you think there's a potential
10202s liability I think that was the best line
10204s I think Minato reconner into his own
10207s attack was the something that you should
10209s have considered
10211s I mean that's a cute little play but I
10213s think Eternal visioned himself into that
10216s saying that too healthier not really
10217s mattering that much I mean it's too high
10219s 2hp does matter a lot but and then
10221s they're stuck on the world under gives
10223s you a bit long more time to the drawing
10226s the second harrowing
10228s the problem is he's prioritizing that
10230s Katarina a bit too much I believe
10233s and like this is a far weaker play than
10235s what he could have done far weaker
10237s because he either pushed last turn uh
10241s depending I don't remember how many
10243s hallowed Stacks are there but definitely
10245s could have threatened killing nitrox or
10246s pushing her at least seven damage I
10249s believe there is three hero Stacks two
10251s Prodigy took when one
10254s dancer so that's five stacks of nine
10257s damage I I would assume
10260s all right well we will see this hair
10262s Wing come out
10264s and it's going to be a pretty big one
10266s here he pulled it oh wow he got a pretty
10269s good car to answer with
10273s they're gonna create either Seven room
10275s probably seven room
10278s he goes for the stun on the on the
10281s dancer instead pretty good place well
10282s probably prevents more damage
10284s [Music]
10286s so we will see lots of hero attacks come
10289s out here I mean is this
10292s it's good enough we have unforgiving
10293s cold
10294s [Music]
10296s so well once the herald goes through
10299s we'll see the winds will get buffed and
10301s they will be eating The Herald or the
10304s unforgiving cold
10305s and after that it is he looks very dead
10310s to me yeah
10312s we'll see what happens I mean not going
10316s to do much with the step step anymore
10318s next turn you have Katarina
10325s so see
10327s instead of that Katarina you would have
10329s gotten the reconnare the Minotaur here
10331s that would be such a so much different
10334s play because even if you stand here at
10336s this dancer obviously he didn't know
10337s that but he could still attack with it
10339s with the free attack our Auto probably
10341s went for the seven room instead then
10344s but again the opponent would be at 9 HP
10347s that's a major difference
10353s all right Katarina leveled ready to go
10356s but the board not really much going on
10359s there either
10362s three three coming in with
10363s you
10365s [Music]
10367s to deal with the Katarina Bruce will
10370s there I was going to say I feel like
10372s since unless voice finds another the
10375s harrowing I feel like it's going to be
10377s kind of tough for him to finish off this
10379s last bit of Health we've used the noxian
10380s forever already so the reach I mean
10382s another Quinn could also do it as well
10384s but I think there's a chance that with
10386s this aatrox aora is going to be able to
10388s stabilize I mean there is the chance
10390s that aura could make a mistake here
10392s thank you
10393s okay he was just checking what will the
10397s world enter be if he plays it so like he
10400s for sure needs to keep Mana for furious
10401s Wilder
10402s he could try to greet and play like a
10404s styratu but that's definitely not worth
10407s it so he's just gonna go safe route play
10409s double weapon double weapon and keep
10411s Mana for fuse wielder and he's gonna
10413s heal a lot of HP
10417s but like I said put things out of voice
10419s out of range emphasize the harrowing I
10422s feel like you really need to find this
10423s harrowing to have a good shot here
10426s there is a
10428s I think you just play me not out here
10430s and wait for your opponent response I
10431s don't think you need to do much else
10433s here
10434s he decides to go for Katarina
10438s yep it's a blade zero Mana but the
10442s amount of healing that's available here
10445s blades just not gonna do quite enough I
10448s mean we can't we can't even block these
10450s fearsomes with our boisterous hosts
10453s either
10454s [Music]
10456s I mean definitely you are not trading
10457s with qatarine I'll probably just play
10459s blocking the eye drops with house so you
10461s get more damage on Katarina Fred
10463s besides that you can also Dugger your
10465s own unit for one more damage
10468s and that's going to be the play probably
10470s dagger in front of Xbox so he doesn't
10472s heal for two
10473s yep and we've seen boys do that already
10475s he knows what to do there so another
10478s hero proc atrox not going to heal quite
10481s as much Katarina does have the ability
10484s to attack what would you be looking to
10486s do after this resolves
10489s I mean if you commit to Katarina she's
10491s just gonna take a swing there is not
10492s much as you can do
10494s and of course the block has to come down
10497s because I mean you don't really want to
10499s go too low here especially with the
10502s blades edges potential to continue There
10503s is a chance you want to play reconder
10506s now you have one out of harrowing if you
10508s don't think that harrowing you just win
10509s the game
10510s so you might be looking to attack with
10512s both your needs uh so you next turn you
10515s can buff up and not like you can take
10517s out another blocker and you have another
10518s attacker coming with a huge over amount
10521s of the overwhelm damage
10523s and the fan you can like if opponent
10525s trades and he has no more blockers he
10527s can finish off the game with the minnow
10529s Tower
10530s so what it kind of comes down to here is
10533s saying if that harrowing is what we end
10535s up saying you do see the reckoner there
10537s I mean right now if he if Aurora doesn't
10540s develop anything if he decides to play
10541s World Under
10542s Bowie swings
10544s because he has another development next
10546s turn coming he's gonna buff out buffer
10548s up the re corner now we're gonna see uh
10552s Furious Wilder the play and the block on
10554s the other another one the problem with
10556s this play
10557s no no like he's losing one blocker right
10560s and then another one a Minotaur comes
10563s next turn disabling another blocker and
10565s defend what do you do
10567s yeah I mean there is a potential of just
10570s saying you know what you had units of
10572s block that have lifestyle what what if
10574s you just can't block him I mean he just
10575s drew another aitrax weapon uh eight
10578s rocks uh eight rocks so that gives him
10581s with the spell so now he has an answer
10582s actually for the second minnow Tower
10586s those hero stacks
10591s so many
10593s I mean you just you have to just leave
10595s Katarina alive
10597s there is not much you can do you have to
10599s kill the over one
10601s oh he's thinking about it yeah that's
10604s can you not kill Katarina you just die
10606s to tigers
10610s all right
10612s well Katarina will be staying alive here
10616s and as you said she is one of your
10619s better shots of course heroin big one as
10621s well
10623s will Aura be able to pull this off I
10626s mean he'll definitely start next turn
10627s with the middle Tower just into attack
10630s and see what what's up
10632s he'll be forced to block with the eight
10634s trucks because other units will be
10636s having a immobile
10638s file fees is the top deck not quite what
10640s boys want to see here but there is a
10642s chance that maybe it helps push a bit of
10644s damage in the future
10646s uh yeah definitely you can buff up the
10649s spider like and you you can swing with
10651s Katarina without buff the valve is
10653s actually very good
10655s there are better top decks than that but
10656s it's definitely usable
10658s and maybe he's checking if this he makes
10661s units a naughty mobile he's just
10663s checking the interaction with the world
10664s under if that helps always gotta check
10667s that eye
10669s and we're gonna see the
10671s we're gonna see the eight Rock spell
10673s here boss is aware of the champion spell
10675s because there was an animation of that
10677s card being drawn yeah when you can see
10679s you see the two little eyes on the top
10681s of it and when that card gets hovered
10683s onto the stack you're able to see my
10685s opponent was looking at this card
10691s example but if he acts like this and
10693s Aurora plays the spell he gets
10695s immediately the second strike spell so
10697s if he orders like this he will just
10700s clean the whole Bowie's hand
10702s so I'm not sure if he can afford to like
10705s just take a Swing by Swing he might need
10707s to go full in on the swing and yeah
10712s about potentially buffing up the spider
10715s to push some damage
10717s in the future with the Katarina
10723s we come but uh
10727s another one
10728s good play for my aura recognizing that
10730s that spider is potentially a lot of
10732s damage on top of that healing a little
10733s bit more with this aatrox too
10737s imagine the Vlog now
10739s imagine flock
10741s would be nice wouldn't it
10748s and the deathbringer Slash
10751s I'm going to go ahead and take a strike
10752s here oh this cut was that you strike
10755s each other wait so this is just little
10758s for the bowies
10761s wait
10762s no okay okay yeah I got scared yeah
10766s that's just little
10768s yep there is no blockers
10771s were but 14 Health oh he's dead
10777s oh what the
10779s stocks
10780s supporting Health that sounds like a
10783s problem with that many stacks there were
10786s wowing double Prodigy
10788s Penguins there were so many stacks there
10792s I didn't realize it was quite that I was
10794s like wow there's 14 out there oh no
10796s there's not
10797s that was uh that was solid played by the
10800s boys he just outgrinded the
10802s okay and eight rocks as we mentioned red
10804s Gwen keeps surprising players really
10808s well played by him yeah really well
10810s played
10811s I I just don't know why they keep
10813s ignoring the threat Gwen but but you
10816s call it the start you're like players
10818s are disrespecting this deck it is
10820s performed in the qualifiers it's
10822s performed in the Championships and
10823s players have still said You know what
10825s I'm gonna let it through and it'll be
10827s fine and so far it has not been fine
10829s like the problem was Kane aitrax we as
10832s we expected before the game the deck had
10834s two weak matchups Pantheon varus
10836s Katarina Gwen you wanted to leave one
10839s deck that's a good matchup which is Lulu
10842s Jinx unless you expect it necessarily
10844s Kane atrox band from the opponent which
10847s why would you ever ban it like and you
10848s have two good questions we're gonna go
10849s ahead and hear more about it from our
10850s analyst desk right now
10854s there is so much to break down in this
10856s match I can just tell that like silver
10859s fuse Alan like really had a lot to say
10861s but I want to hear from you all those
10864s were just to start two of the longest
10867s games we have seen in the entirety of
10870s the world championship so far after we
10872s had already noted that matches could be
10873s a little bit faster because of how
10875s mid-rangey the meta has really settled
10877s to for now I think as we get into day
10879s two a lot of the Decks that we're seeing
10881s out of players in the groups are a lot
10882s more similar we're seeing a lot more
10883s like aatrox and Pantheon virus in the
10885s group so like we're going to see a lot
10886s of like mirror matches or like pseudo
10887s mirror matches similar play Styles
10889s coming out so yeah the games are going
10890s to go a little bit longer it's going to
10891s be a little bit grindier but as we can
10892s see in these grindier matchups Katarina
10894s comes out on top again well especially
10896s when they're hitting a lot of their very
10897s powerful moments here like in that last
10900s in the first match of that uh set there
10903s we had Pantheon come out and Aurora was
10905s able to deal with it in the first game
10907s from Greece but then in the SEC uh the
10910s second Pantheon coming down was still
10911s being dealt with by the world Ender
10913s eventually it just grinds out to a halt
10915s where the pantheon wins but it really
10917s was just big Power versus big Power and
10920s the big Power just running into each
10922s other and no one able to get an itch I
10924s was really surprised honestly in that
10926s first game I felt that boys was playing
10927s a bit too slowly you know not trying to
10930s force as hard because unforgiving cold
10932s right it's just the card that blows you
10934s out and it's one of those sorts of
10936s matchups I feel where you have to force
10938s your opponent to use every single copy
10940s and then your final threat sticks that's
10943s sort of how Pantheon has been winning
10945s games ever since he was added to the
10946s game Big shout out to upcycled rake as
10948s well you can't take Scout from Pantheon
10951s yeah and when we talk about these decks
10953s being kind of similar what I really mean
10954s is like there's a lot of unforgiving
10955s cold
10956s you know a lot of Pantheon bars just a
10958s lot of dark in Decks that are going to
10960s be running multiple copies of this card
10961s and it's possible that day two is really
10963s going to be determined by who brought
10964s more copies of this card and we do see
10966s players that are running as few as one
10968s well and when things get cold things
10970s slow down that's the way it works right
10971s every single time the freezes is
10973s consistently we call it these mid-range
10976s matchups to slow down at York and back
10978s to things like nox's frostbite and it
10980s always was able to slow down those
10982s mid-range matchups and turn out a win
10984s well now both sides kind of have the
10986s ways to slow it down so we get kind of
10988s grinded to a halt we have the frostbite
10990s slowing down the mid-range matchup but
10991s now we're combining these with powerful
10993s units and keywords that give you the
10995s pressure that frostbite never had and
10998s when we see mid-range decks just bonking
11002s their heads together the one that has
11003s that longevity and the ability to draw
11006s these dark and have more interaction and
11008s combat tricks come out on top and red
11010s Gwen deserves respect it's been putting
11012s so many of these grindy matchups in the
11014s dirt Bowie's even running the one of
11016s foyer which is excellent for these
11018s grindy match-ups well I love what Allen
11020s and silverfish are talking about as well
11022s with the Banning strategy but also when
11025s Aurora cued up the Kane aatrex at the
11027s beginning they had noted that this was
11030s probably a deck that might have wanted
11032s to go up against the red Gwen to begin
11034s begin with so it's kind of interesting
11036s to see how everything played out yeah I
11039s mean the band strategy like we mentioned
11040s earlier in the day you can kind of go
11041s either way with it and even though we
11043s wanted the matchup of the double darken
11045s into the red Gwen we saw on camera it
11047s didn't actually play out in a favorable
11048s fashion for Aurora so far oh and four on
11051s double dark index today between chenia
11053s and Aurora it's not looking good so far
11055s yeah and we've seen quite a few of these
11057s decks run into the issues where they
11060s can't buy a win in the matchups
11062s Conservatory for Maddie was one of the
11063s big ones and in this opportunity there
11066s was a chance for him to win right going
11068s up against red Gwen that was kind of
11070s where the weak point was and the fact is
11072s in a very unfavored matchup against the
11074s pantheon he almost came out on top and
11076s if Aurora can pick that up that's where
11077s you find those wins Maddie was able to
11079s do it with Conservatory in some rough
11081s matchups yesterday and even when you
11083s have these decks and it's maybe a 40 60.
11085s they're still 40 to win yeah the players
11087s are especially at this level they are
11090s experts at flipping the match-up tables
11092s it's about a lot of matchup tables just
11094s kind of assume basic mechanics perfect
11096s play quality of draw and the players
11098s when they don't get the lines they're
11101s looking for the line that they need can
11103s they adapt and I think to Circle back
11107s around to it red Gwen is a deck that
11109s flexes into so many different lines of
11112s play so many modes and abilities to win
11114s the game where suddenly you think you
11116s have late game dominance with the world
11118s Ender and then you recognize I'm
11120s actually supposed to be the aggressor
11121s this entire time I mean the world Enders
11123s cool but the harrowing seems to just be
11126s a little bit cooler I I or just you know
11130s freeze everything right that that's
11131s what's really cold right anyway all of
11134s our players they have at least one win
11137s or one loss under their belt for our
11139s group stage as uh we finished one round
11141s robin but we still have two more full
11144s rounds to go that's eight more matches
11146s so we're gonna take a quick break and
11148s when we come back more Legends of repair
11150s action
11151s [Music]
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11345s foreign
11350s [Music]
11352s to the 2022 Legends of rentera world
11355s championship my name is Boulevard and
11357s joining me in the castle desk we have
11359s scarzig returning from earlier in the
11361s day and we've got our first matchup
11364s together of Group B donut and Cheney of
11366s both of the oh and one players in that
11369s group skarzig how are we feeling about
11370s this one I mean the players are fighting
11373s to stay alive whatever nerves whatever
11375s lack of prep plagued them in their first
11378s rounds they're going to try to shake all
11380s of that off focus in and bring every
11382s single last ounce of energy they have to
11385s stay in this one yeah both of these
11387s players being 0 and 1. the loser is not
11389s necessarily eliminated from the
11391s tournament just yet but it is not
11393s exactly in their hands anymore whether
11395s or not they will advance on to the top
11396s eight stage the day three where
11398s everybody wants to go and fight a little
11400s bit longer to be a champion it doesn't
11401s matter how bad your group stage actually
11403s was as long as you make it into day
11405s three right the players at the end of
11407s the day they also need to be proud of
11409s the games that they played and so donut
11411s right a player who is a bit of an
11413s underdog didn't make a Top Cut yet but
11415s still managed to fight and Claw his way
11418s into this round robin I appreciated once
11422s more how he was able to identify the
11424s strength of the dark and harp which is
11426s now seeing so much play with this new
11429s atrox vein yeah which actually it's a
11431s little surprising to me that donut was
11433s one of the few players who actually cut
11434s down on the dark and harp in the main
11436s hrx only playing two copies where most
11438s players even if they only run two
11439s weapons in vain Patriarchs it's going to
11442s be three harp and three darken ages but
11444s we have of course skarzik I would say
11446s the deck of the world championship
11447s qualifiers maybe even the deck of the
11448s world championship red Gwen coming in
11451s with the Crimson pigeon Tech which we
11452s did not get to see out of any players
11454s from Group C or D right this sort of
11457s style of building is so powerful we know
11460s that if you can start off a good
11461s foundation for the rest of your lineup
11464s to kind of fall into place around it's
11466s going to take so much pressure off of
11468s you to no particular matchups in Advance
11471s when you have something that's generally
11473s good into most things and now we get
11475s over to chenia one of the favorite South
11477s Korean players still also fighting to
11480s maintain his agency in the group stage
11481s and it's gonna be a little bit
11483s questionable on how this one plays out
11485s we've seen him only play the varus
11486s aatrox so far did go oh and two on this
11489s deck in his earlier match against
11490s Aragorn so a lot of questions still
11493s running around this double darkened
11495s style of deck I mean when I think this
11497s list has such a unique idea right the
11500s double runeteran Champions the way that
11502s varus and aatrox tutor one another I
11504s think there is still another layer of
11507s understanding that Cheney is trying to
11509s tap into and so by grinding out these
11511s early sets with the list maybe this is
11513s the game we see it all come together we
11515s know that weapons like the dark and fan
11517s the dark and spear are so explosive we
11520s can get the world Ender to go off
11521s especially with those discounts those
11523s darken forms blow the game wide open
11526s players have gotten so good at forcing
11528s trades that aatrox can not get enough
11531s Tempo to summon his buddies no and
11534s speaking of which it's actually the vein
11535s aatrox taken off of the table for donut
11537s as well as the Lulu Jinx once again
11539s banned Virginia so we're at least not
11541s going to have any world Ender mirrors if
11543s one player gets it down it's just gonna
11544s be Cheney and hopefully that'll be
11546s enough to run over some of these lower
11547s interaction lists like the Teemo Zoe
11550s that has been left up Teemo Zoe a wild
11553s card list didn't really come up too much
11555s yesterday but still has that potential
11558s to run away with the game right at the
11560s end of day one we saw make us really
11561s take over when the Teemo came together
11565s this one is still on Vandal city so we
11567s have poke sticks a little bit more draw
11569s but again the loss of the sudden surge
11571s swapping it out for purifying flame
11573s gives it a more uneven power level that
11577s really hasn't been proven yet on the
11579s world stage but red Gwen is also
11582s something that's probably going to be
11584s striking some fear into chenya oh
11585s absolutely we have seen red Gwen
11587s absolutely run away on the day so far
11589s and even going back to this team Zoe
11591s deck for a minute here blinded Mystic
11593s making its way into the main deck and as
11595s you'd mentioned you know the purifying
11596s flame coming out for this are coming in
11597s for the southern surge that was recently
11599s nerfed actually changes a lot about this
11601s deck where previously it didn't feel
11602s correct to try and kill units it felt
11604s like a losing battle there were just too
11606s many combat tricks now it's really just
11609s the battle Bonds in the pale Cascade
11611s losing that sudden surge was massive for
11613s this deck and yet makis decided to run
11614s it back yesterday didn't make it out of
11616s groups and now we're not gonna get it in
11618s game number one from donut just yet he's
11619s gonna take the safe pick with the Red
11621s Queen yeah I mean staying with Vandal
11622s City still gives you access to bird the
11625s bell ringer to get that early snowball
11626s Vandal Commando generating more threats
11629s that you can just go wide with and I was
11631s kind of hoping to see perhaps you know a
11633s purpleberry shake which was kind of an
11635s early All-Star card for Teemo Zoe but
11638s kind of fell off because of the mirror
11639s match I think we can tell from this
11641s build that donut was anticipating a lot
11643s more of these elusive style builds no
11646s doubt but Donna opening up with red Gwen
11649s and chinnia
11650s to make it happen we cannot tell what
11652s deck Chinese has opened with because all
11653s four of these cards we've seen the
11654s Mulligan are in both the varus aatrox
11656s and the Kane vein deck so we are as of
11658s yet clueless witch darkened deck chenya
11661s has gone for here
11662s and as we jump in yeah it's just gonna
11665s be a nice surprise for everybody
11667s Boulevard
11668s um Donna is looking at the list we see a
11671s great early curve but when you are
11674s trying to just block down if you don't
11676s get enough early Tempo if donut is able
11679s to stabilize can certainly run away with
11681s the game yeah and chenya actually is a
11683s really great blocker here thanks to the
11684s dark in ages that tough keyword does a
11686s lot in these sort of early game focused
11688s matchups now the redeemed Prodigy coming
11689s down one of the big cards that we were
11692s excited for coming into this tournament
11693s a huge buff to the red Gwen archetype
11695s and you know I'm looking at this Glimpse
11696s Beyond in Donut's hand because we've
11698s been talking about all of these democius
11699s slash cultist Decks that have been
11701s coming in they're pretty low interaction
11703s usually it's just fish fight and Furious
11704s wielder depending on the region
11706s combination you're going for so these
11707s Glimpse Beyonds have been getting a ton
11709s of value for the shadow wild decks it's
11711s a little bit rough when it comes to
11712s overwhelm but we've seen players get
11714s very creative very sneaky trying to
11716s outplay lifesteal and other healing
11718s effects chenia just trying to supplement
11720s his board dominance with the dark in
11723s Aegis a 3-3 but tough get some fantastic
11725s trades and you aren't putting too much
11727s value into a more expensive unit you're
11729s going to get much more long-term
11732s pressure from just having this cheap
11734s unit your opponent really doesn't want
11735s to respond to and donut actually chose
11737s not to attack with Prodigy on turn two
11739s you know sort of valuing the board State
11741s over that additional hallowed proc but
11743s honestly in the last match that we saw
11745s scarzig where the hallowed products got
11746s up to 12 11 13 somewhere around those
11748s lines you know we're gonna have to see
11750s how this plays out in the late game a
11751s lot of hallowed units still in the hand
11753s for donuts so maybe just taking it a
11755s little bit slower and saying you know
11756s I'll go in for these big attacks later
11757s but I'm not sure how many Prodigy you
11759s can kinda just let sit on board while
11762s chenya approaches the late game and we
11763s do see the Kane so we are aware this is
11765s the aatrox bill I know this is the vein
11767s cane Builder no aatrox so the late game
11769s a little bit weaker agonizing as well
11772s over that decision a lot of powerful
11774s ideas right the cultist to push through
11776s damage with elusive do I want combat
11778s cook to get another weapon more mid-game
11780s development and pressure do I want the
11781s concerted strike now now to get more
11784s reactivity it looks like that is the
11786s pickup one of the few ways to deal with
11788s some of these bigger bodies like the
11789s Eternal dancers and now the double
11791s Retreat redeemed Prodigy comes through
11793s because now you're getting a four wide
11794s strike yeah just biting your time until
11796s you can go in with as many units as
11798s possible and choosing to go for the open
11800s attack not letting chenya develop as
11802s there are a couple of four Mana units in
11804s chenia's deck between the cultist and
11806s the cook so if you chose to greet it out
11808s for one of these other units could have
11810s gotten punished pretty big
11812s but fortunately after that attack not
11814s too much has gone down we have the
11816s ambitious cultists coming through
11817s generates an encore we're gonna look in
11819s the box once more later on in this game
11821s to find another spell you know funny
11824s enough I I don't know if you feel like
11825s this but sometimes when you are playing
11827s the same deck over and over again you
11828s have some sort of random generation it
11830s almost feels like you're weighted
11831s towards certain cards and this Encore is
11833s the exact same card that was generated
11834s in the last game that we saw on camera
11836s yeah uh chenia is going for the Encore
11839s he's trying to run it back and that's
11841s what I appreciate if Encore is going to
11843s come out you know it's gonna come out
11844s again chenia now in a position to just
11846s keep developing the triple cane means he
11849s can be very aggressive and Reckless with
11852s this darken every time you attack that
11853s Scythe gets a little bit stronger as
11855s well the Challenger keeping the board
11857s under control Force when you lose when
11859s you take over the mid game like this
11860s donut is forced to Pivot to that late
11863s game grindy win condition
11866s and I think the the cane is actually a
11868s decent pickup here the the chain uh the
11871s Kane Champion spell is actually quite
11872s impactful starting that free attack
11874s giving it quick attack because one of
11876s the big weaknesses we've seen from Kane
11877s over the course of the day is just not
11879s ramping up fast enough everybody gets
11881s taller a lot faster than Kane does so
11883s hopefully some additional attacks will
11885s help out but with noxian fervor and
11886s Glimpse Beyond Donut's got a lot of cool
11888s tricks to dodge the Kane level up and
11891s the buru cultist putting in a lot of
11893s value we you we thought the Aegis would
11895s be mostly for defense just holding down
11897s but we have this fantastic skill every
11899s time a uh an equipped Ally attacks burro
11902s cultist is going to deal one damage to
11904s the Nexus just like this and donut using
11906s the Glimpse Beyond using that utility
11908s Boulevard to deny the strike for Kane he
11911s is not going to level up anytime soon no
11913s and I I think shenya might even have to
11915s look to get rid of this cane as soon as
11916s possible get one on board that can block
11918s again is this a mobile keyword is
11919s sticking around forever since Kane came
11921s down with only two attack but that's not
11923s really in chenia's hands that's up to
11925s Donut and I don't see it happening
11927s anytime soon and you know with the
11929s harrowing already in hand donut feels
11931s pretty safe playing more for the late
11932s game on this one fortunately the attack
11935s token is coming out uh next so donut
11938s does need to wait an extra turn to play
11939s harrowing but then we've got harrowing
11941s into harrowing now we're going to see
11943s donut shift to which units do I want to
11945s recklessly throw down and have them
11948s trade so that I can resurrect them we
11951s the potential right for Eternal dancers
11953s to get a lot of work in the ruined
11954s reckoner to get down a lot of work is so
11957s key and ruined reckoner granting can't
11959s flock to Kane that's going to be
11960s permanent and then coming through means
11962s that Donuts like I want the reckoners in
11964s the harrowing you are summoning a wide
11967s Board of attackers that are all buffed
11969s by hallowed and then two or three of
11971s your opponents blockers are out of the
11973s equation the lethal is already cooking
11976s Boulevard yeah there's just no way for
11978s chenia to play against these heroines
11980s when donut has so many reckoners in hand
11982s right both the fallen and the ruined and
11984s the Risen all great Target to come off
11986s of the harrowing gonna take away all of
11988s cheneya's ability to block and then if
11990s the first one doesn't kill the second
11992s one is summoning twice as many fallen in
11993s risen reckoners as they are some of the
11995s highest attack units in the deck
11996s ironically Kane is struggling to find
11999s his way off of the board chenya going to
12001s make use of one of these finally to get
12004s the Challenger and quick attack to take
12007s down this Katarina before she flips
12008s Donna again not phased by this you're
12011s fine with your units going down because
12012s he's already playing towards that uh
12014s that win condition of the heroin yeah
12016s and actually donut might be in a little
12018s bit of trouble here there's no blockers
12020s coming out and with Nazi and fervor
12022s we're actually tapping down below vile
12025s Feast the one way we'd have to get a
12026s Blocker on board so chenia currently
12028s looking if they use the expanses
12030s protection to save this unit as high as
12032s I want to say 11 or 12 damage might
12035s actually just be lethal with a repost
12038s hopefully and I think that's what Cheney
12040s is trying to push through here Blade's
12042s Edge to pop the spell shield knoxy and
12044s fervor connects Katarina goes down to
12046s take down blooming cultist and Kane
12048s Fizzles yeah that's his Target
12051s unfortunately Kane starting a free
12053s attack challenging a unit does mean that
12055s if the target disappears you don't just
12056s get to go into combat for free anyway
12058s and now the attack looking much less
12061s impactful one shy of lethal with repost
12063s but maybe you have you actually do have
12065s lethal here if you throw out both the
12067s repost and this momentous choice I
12070s believe I don't think vile piece is
12071s going to save you from that might save
12072s you at one exactly actually yeah so I
12074s think we could see repost on the guru
12077s cultist to protect against ravenous
12079s flock momentous Choice going on to the
12081s cane and Genia finding a way to squeeze
12085s through some lethal damage against the
12089s harrowing but
12091s it's funny because the violence will
12094s save you and if chenya had perfect
12096s information knew that it was vital feast
12098s and not ravenous flock actually could
12099s have put the barrier on the cake but
12100s Encore the Wild Card what do we get
12103s rite of passage I don't think that's
12106s gonna do anything in this matchup but
12108s now we are getting into the harrowing
12110s turn for donut which might just do it
12113s scarzick yeah I think with rite of
12115s passage You can predict maybe find an
12118s unforgiving cold to stop this but the
12120s reckoners are coming down for their
12122s Reckoning risen reckon are coming
12124s through now too because it's going to
12125s revive itself right back yeah that's
12128s also just a lot of attack added into the
12129s Heron which is very important exactly
12131s enough Mana for this spell on the side
12133s of donut we've got a blocker for chenia
12136s we've got a couple of kill spells but I
12138s don't think oh actually no no you can
12141s you can use the cane spell on the cane
12143s in the buru cultist will trigger deal
12144s one damage to Chen it's a donut let's go
12147s donut knows that this might be the play
12150s is thinking is there any way that Cheney
12152s can stop this trying to calculate the
12154s damage right with unforgiving cold am I
12156s going to be wide enough this spiderling
12158s is actually blocking one key
12161s Resurrection spot from the harrowing
12163s donut doesn't like the odds gonna try to
12165s play it even slower but knows that this
12167s buru cultist is going to kill on an open
12170s attack lethal yeah and donut not going
12172s for the harrowing not tapping out here
12174s means the Glimpse Beyond is available to
12176s dodge the Kane spell like we saw earlier
12178s but you cannot Dodge tumble
12180s and so everything is coming together for
12183s Cheney a donut thought he would be able
12185s to Rally up with the harrowing and all
12188s of those reckoners but Kane baru can't
12191s block but it doesn't matter you aren't
12192s pushing through enough damage trying to
12194s just go for a paralyzing bite instead I
12197s think that heroin could have still done
12198s it though with Kane it he's respecting
12202s the cane spell because the way it works
12204s a little bit too much and you know is I
12206s mean he didn't have a winning line no
12208s matter what once this vein came down
12209s with the tumble so it doesn't really
12211s matter but I like what Donut's doing
12212s here understanding that from this
12213s position on open information he loses
12215s the game so he's stunning the vein and
12217s saying hey if you want to Tumble
12218s anything you have three perfect ravenous
12220s flock targets for me to deny your
12222s victory
12226s so is chenia just gonna go for it is the
12229s question I think from this position
12230s you've kind of already survived the
12232s harrowing turn so so in my opinion China
12235s can just pass because he wins on the
12236s open attack yeah so there's no need for
12238s him to do anything donut has to use the
12240s ravenous lock first passes back once
12242s donut goes through the attack yeah maybe
12243s you go for it um definitely not onto the
12245s guru cultist though although you know
12247s that is sort of the thing you can just
12248s flock the guru cultist and then none of
12250s this matters so I'd like to see chenia
12251s go for it before his opponent has an
12252s option to get another draw in here so
12256s big wide swing 11 damage hallowed procs
12259s we have midnight raid in the hand Genie
12262s is just waiting for that midnight raid
12263s to come through and then employ this
12265s concerted strike
12266s yeah and this does mean that Kane will
12270s level donut also has an option to just
12273s play the Glimpse Beyond draw a ravenous
12275s walk with one Mana before we can get an
12277s attack off with this Guru called this
12278s because if it survives to the open the
12280s skills are denied the gain once again
12284s team Prodigy Gwen no flock does mean
12287s that chenia should have this on the open
12289s attack vial Feast of course still could
12291s come out but then you know there's three
12293s attackers single combat I believe this
12295s is just done here skarzig
12297s unbelievable The Guru cultist from turn
12300s one with the dark and Aegis to stay
12302s alive dealing damage to the Nexus in
12304s chenia locks it up with his dark and
12307s heavy lineup yeah we see the Kane vane
12310s and finally I believe this might be the
12311s first Kane level up that we've seen of
12313s the tournament I haven't kept great
12314s track of that one I feel like I haven't
12315s seen it very often but yeah chenia with
12317s that boom cultist that is definitely the
12321s most impact we have seen a one drop half
12323s so far this tournament yeah I mean the
12325s dark in Aegis was the reason that it was
12329s able to stay alive for so long he played
12331s very defensively with it only took one
12332s block and again it's a one drop so you
12336s don't really want to use the ravenous
12338s flock on it across the early mid game
12340s the noxine fervor ended up not
12342s connecting and it just put in just a
12345s little bit of Chip damage and when we
12347s look at the way these lists interact it
12350s is a battle by inches how much damage
12354s can I take to still be able to threaten
12357s my opponent and because donut recognized
12359s I'm blocked out of the harrowing because
12360s of the guru with a free attack chenya
12364s was able to put him in a nice Fork there
12366s but now we're gonna have to see chenya
12368s move over to this vain aatroxa deck they
12370s went 0-2 on earlier in the day up
12372s against donut on this Teemo Zoe elusive
12375s list purifying flames in the opening
12377s hand I have to imagine as a kid earlier
12379s you get this card down the better and
12381s we've seen it as act as a late stage top
12383s deck sometimes with nothing but no oh
12384s actually it's only opener
12387s was trying to find some better elusives
12391s to combine with this hands looking very
12393s bricky for donut but however chenya not
12396s seeing such a good curve we got Keeper
12398s of the Box blooming Cultus Ferris we'll
12400s see if chenya recognizes that he needs
12402s to beat down here with nine one drops in
12405s the deck for donut I don't think it's
12407s necessarily out of the question for a
12409s poke stick to come out and just cycle
12410s and see if you can find a unit to get
12412s online of course doesn't have to do it
12413s right now but Jenny already getting down
12416s a lifesteal unit with fearsome which is
12418s a keyword that is difficult for The
12419s elusive deck to deal with and managing
12421s to find one of the very few non-elusive
12424s followers in the list is donut things
12426s not off to a good start here yeah so
12428s donut still wants to get the purifying
12431s Flames down I can certainly see the
12432s wandering Shepherd just improvise onto
12434s itself to get a weapon to get a body
12437s something that maybe you can cycle and
12439s re-equip to an elusive once you get it
12441s but donut on all spells I wouldn't even
12443s be sad if there was a double Pokey stick
12445s here just trying to cycle cards and find
12447s your real wind conditions going for a
12450s quick attack weapon here is Donuts so
12452s you know sort of activating this almost
12454s as an elusive something that is an
12455s effective blocker but I think Cheney is
12458s fine to just kind of let this one go I
12459s can I can crack back force a trade if I
12462s need to definitely not in any kind of
12464s position of pressure and with more
12466s darken in hand gonna be tutoring up that
12468s aatrox very soon and finally we get a
12470s lunari dust Springer from Donut oh man
12474s and chenia also pivoting over to the
12477s darken harp fearsome quick attack
12480s lifesteal hopefully the keeper of the
12482s Box can carry it's a one of tech in this
12485s list wait no pardon me yeah three in
12487s this one it was one in the other yeah
12489s okay so the keeper of the box is gonna
12490s start carrying really hard it's
12492s difficult right for these elusive decks
12495s to beat down enough they want to have a
12497s consistent damage output that you can
12498s calculate several turns into the future
12500s when you have lifesteal interfering with
12502s that and also beating you down and
12505s decreasing the clock in which you have
12507s to draw becomes very bad and look at
12509s this the purifying Flames are all ready
12511s to go in the hand but now there's only
12512s one elusive you need to get maximum
12515s value out of a four Mana spell like this
12517s that doesn't directly affect the board
12518s and the fact that this is a Nightfall
12520s elusive means the donut has to play
12522s something first and if we're not going
12523s for a burst feed spell like the
12524s purifying Flames it actually is just
12526s going to be double Pokey stick I like
12527s this not giving Cheney an opportunity to
12530s equip another weapon to this unit taking
12532s out the elusives the one sort of
12534s blocking agency that Channing Stone you
12537s can see the and the other
12539s non-elusive threat coming through the
12542s blinded Mystic we can take the life
12544s steal off of this Keeper of the box at
12546s the very least but still so much damage
12549s potential coming through suffice to say
12551s donut does have the luxury being able to
12553s float a lot of Mana for purifying Flames
12555s once it comes through this game is gonna
12557s blow wide open oh and we get the darken
12560s fan this is one of the newer cards that
12562s almost nobody is on I believe Jenny the
12564s only player in the tournament running
12566s any copies will summon an ephemeral 2-1
12568s dragonling with lifesteal when you
12570s declare an attack but given the board
12572s State fortunate right now it's very
12574s unlikely to see the fan anytime soon and
12576s so the purifying Flames hits activates
12579s the Nightfall on the lunari shade
12580s stalker four five now and there is no
12584s opportunity at the moment for chenia to
12587s get a unit big enough to activate the
12589s Furious wielder and be able to kill this
12591s unit even once aatrox comes down only
12593s gonna be a 6-6 that's not enough to get
12595s through battle ball and enough man to
12597s slam down the esmus a 3-5 Tanki is all
12601s get out and now is going to keep buffing
12603s this lunari it's going to get bigger and
12606s bigger harder to deal with Jenny I
12608s believe had an unforgiving cold in the
12610s opening hand but couldn't really rely on
12612s just holding that right you need to save
12614s it for the mid late game and hopefully
12616s he draws back into it before it's too
12618s late two copies in the deck one of the
12620s problems that donut is about to run into
12621s is you cannot really afford to wait
12623s until turn five to get your first big
12625s swing off even if it isn't as impactful
12627s this one it's going to be about eight
12628s damage coming through age rocks is going
12630s to be ramping up that world under so
12632s quickly with three equipped units on the
12635s board for chenya once this Champion
12636s comes down on the following turn I don't
12638s know how this one is going to play out I
12641s think chenya has just enough interaction
12643s to be able to clutch this one out but we
12645s will see yeah dark and fan also doing a
12647s great job alongside Keeper of the box to
12650s just heal for six potentially eight
12652s alongside aatrox every turn eventually
12655s with the world Ender we're going to see
12656s praw I like this play from China when I
12659s saw the varus aatrox versus the aatrox
12661s Kane that we saw out of I believe it was
12663s Aurora I've realized how much more I
12665s liked the cane because there's not a lot
12667s of spells or rather all your spells
12669s don't deal with targeting super well
12671s they're kind of use case specific you
12673s can't play them proactively so you can't
12675s tutor the varus or even ramp up the
12677s virus as well as you normally would
12679s you're not going to level him as quickly
12681s he's not going to be as big of a threat
12682s so I actually like equipping a different
12683s weapon to him here yeah that way you
12686s just get the dark and bow try to set up
12688s for a cheeky or assimilate play down the
12690s road and now darkened thrall gives you a
12692s body that you can keep equipping a
12694s weapon to
12695s going into turn six here we could see
12697s the world Ender aatrox himself touched
12700s down and a blinded Mystic catching the
12702s chime there and another non-elusive top
12704s deck for donut the damage output still
12706s very limited
12708s we still have Mana now again for the
12710s bloodletter go on to the darkened thrall
12711s have another equipped unit it can't
12713s block anyway none of your units can
12715s block against elusive I wonder if Keeper
12717s of the box is going to try to trade in
12718s here just to get a little bit of healing
12719s when you look across the table at donut
12721s threatening eight that you can see how
12725s much more damage output could this
12726s really be if the next draw or maybe the
12729s draw after that are some cheap elusives
12732s to combine with this purifying Flames be
12733s it Teemo Zoe Vandal Commando could be
12737s quite strong non-elusive donut is
12740s playing out in the open doesn't want to
12743s be sneaky beaky the rest of the homies
12745s are coming through we do still have the
12748s second Shepherd however we can put a
12749s weapon on one of these as misses or this
12753s lunari to get some extra punch maybe
12756s that forbidden upcycle break comes
12758s through and as we get into the late game
12760s here skarsig things are finally starting
12762s to look good for donut once this harazi
12765s comes down next turn and you get a spell
12766s shield 77 support duplication onto an
12769s elusive unit we are potentially looking
12772s at lethal damage in here we already see
12773s one of the eluses bumped up to a 7-7
12776s this is before the support comes in for
12777s it so we've got support coming through
12780s the threat of harazi we've got battle
12782s Bonds in the hand to push through even
12784s more Cheney is going to try to respond
12786s with the Furious wielder but you have to
12788s be so careful about that one of expanses
12791s protection that Donut's packing and
12794s donut might actually have lethal here
12796s the battle bonds if you can preserve
12798s manafort Furious wielder isn't gonna be
12800s enough to kill either of these elusives
12802s the aatrox heel does make the math a
12804s little funny donut still has some cards
12806s that they can play a darkened load Stone
12807s get an additional couple of damage
12809s points in there but I think we are
12811s within the realm of setting chenya into
12813s either lethal range or very low single
12815s digits because Donuts lethal threat was
12818s so massively delayed chenya has a lot of
12820s options here we've seen these dark index
12822s say I'm just gonna play on curve and
12824s then they don't have the Mana left over
12826s to really threaten multiple combat
12827s tricks the way they would like to but
12829s chenya is in that rare opportunity that
12832s there is so many things that donut has
12835s to respect from this position another
12837s weapon coming down esmus even bigger and
12840s we see now the darkened fan possibly
12842s coming out donut has lethal with the
12844s battle bonds but has to respect the
12846s unforgiving cold
12848s unforgiving cold is so tragic here you'd
12851s have to put down the expanses protection
12854s proactively just to make sure it only
12857s hits one of your elusives but when
12859s you're playing this deck at the end of
12860s the day you have to put your damage
12862s through when you see the aatrox in play
12864s the equipped units you're going to full
12867s send it battle bonds 17 damage
12872s can live here the Furious wielder onto
12875s the keeper of the Box will put chenya at
12877s 18. you're not gonna kill any units but
12879s you are gonna live and continue to tick
12881s down that world Ender but with how large
12884s these elusives from donut have gotten I
12886s don't know if that's enough and when
12887s your opponent's down to just one any
12889s elusive top deck will finish out the
12891s game and because donut is able to force
12893s the Furious wielder in a position where
12894s his elusive stays alive he's so favored
12897s now chenia is crunching the numbers we
12900s can already see the look on his face
12901s looking at the aatrox the darkened
12903s thrall The Keeper of the Box can I push
12905s through and assimilate here with the
12907s world Ender the discount also means we
12910s got zero manager all coming through
12912s that is true and it looks like the world
12914s Ender is hovered chenya potentially just
12916s eyeing up how this board is going to
12918s play out and it is going to be the world
12919s Ender so now aatrox leveling up getting
12923s ready to cleave Donuts Nexus in two
12927s Keeper of the Box going to be
12929s assimilated darkened thrall going to be
12931s assimilated and jaral comes through as
12933s well to stop any potential combat tricks
12935s I know there's only one Mana left for
12938s chenya but do not be fooled the cost
12940s reduction that aatrox is putting out
12941s means there's still a lot of cards left
12943s to be played while donut on the other
12945s side very limited interaction in hand
12948s you know has this copy of the blinded
12949s Mystic which could be able to prevent
12951s lethal here or at least save one of his
12953s units in a big way
12955s unreal run to be honest when I looked
12958s closer at donut stack seeing the fact
12960s that we it was all spells at the start
12962s and then didn't draw any uh Donuts going
12966s back to 20. this is a lifesteal Serato
12969s seven six and then of course eight
12972s trucks going to strike as well for that
12974s additional 2 damage when the dark and
12977s fan assimilates it creates copies of
12980s itself one has elusive one has
12982s Challenger one has lifesteal aatrox is
12985s healing straw 2 keeps the lifesteal from
12987s The Keeper of the box and honestly I am
12990s not sure how silence interacts with
12992s assimilation can you even get the
12994s lifesteal off the Sriracha we will find
12996s out right now the answer is yes so a
12999s little bit of lifesteal out of the
13001s equation Donuts still trying to hang in
13004s there but we've got two big Challenger
13006s units as well done it finally making use
13008s of the non-elusives in order to block
13011s down but I think it might be too much
13013s and the momentous Choice means that you
13014s can actually trade into this duskbringer
13016s get the large threat off the field and
13018s we might even be looking at lethal right
13020s here it's hard to tell there's so much
13022s overwhelming quick attack so many
13023s different keywords spread out over
13025s Chinese board in a way that we're not
13027s used to seeing usually you're all in on
13028s that one unit and this skarzig has been
13031s a huge Turning Point the darkened fan
13034s The Unsung weapon that we had yet to see
13037s comes in clutch with the world Ender
13040s we've saw players struggle to fill up
13042s the board that's -15 that's just lethal
13044s Cheney has brought it back for a 2-0
13046s over donut
13047s shenya showing us finally the darken
13051s lineup truly works it took a little bit
13054s for him to calculate and really get a
13056s handle on the way this deck can operate
13058s every single unique combination of
13061s darkened Champions gives birth to a new
13064s deck that's playing mid-range in a
13066s slightly different manner in chenia
13068s hitting his stride donut going down by
13071s such a bad bricked draw such close
13075s margins there scars again knocking donut
13078s down to one Nexus Health in game number
13080s one saying hey I have this one drop
13082s that's gonna finish you off it's Donuts
13084s turned to knock chenia down to one HP
13085s but just not able to find that last bit
13087s of reach in shenya with the biggest
13089s world Ender we've seen of the world
13091s championship so far able to clutch it
13093s back out having having the dark and fan
13095s fill up your board with the world Ender
13097s is so sick so cool and I'm so happy that
13100s at least one player brought this I'm not
13102s 100 sure but that might actually be
13103s every darken weapon listed amongst this
13105s world championship yeah
13107s So eventually we might get to see every
13110s darken on the world stage and that is so
13112s cool to me but we are going to throw it
13114s back to our analyst desk to break down
13115s how that game played out
13119s thank you so much scars again Boulevard
13121s holy moly that last game was just a
13125s whirlwind what was going on there Alan
13128s because it looked for a long time that
13130s like maybe donut could come back I mean
13133s that was crazy serious especially game
13135s two where donut completely bricked when
13138s he drew actually playable hand into
13139s threatening little but
13143s um China barely hanging there with the
13145s ferris wheel they're on life still yeah
13146s Alan and I thought that game was going
13148s to end in like five turns because we
13149s looked at this firsthand and it was like
13150s oh so Jenny just gets too openly beat up
13153s donut because donut has no units he has
13156s no way to actually defend himself and
13158s then over time donut was finding great
13160s top Decks that led to a situation where
13162s he almost was able to win he was able to
13164s bring down Cheney to one Health he was
13166s just one away from finding that victory
13168s such a tight series between the two
13170s games but donut just not able to close
13173s on either game
13174s I feel like yeah oh we gotta see the
13177s world endure after that too and just a
13179s massive one I hope we get to see more
13181s boards like that because I think that is
13183s so much fun to see just these giant
13185s darkens coming down and that's exactly
13188s what this expansion was looking to do
13189s yeah the dark and fan this is the only
13192s deck I think that we've seen it in and
13193s it was able to it gives you that bigger
13195s board because it copies itself twice
13197s when it transforms into the dark and
13199s when it assimilates and it gives you
13200s just all that power going forward all
13202s right guys a question what do you hate
13204s to see more Champion strike for world
13206s and their plate
13207s honestly World Ender's like just cooler
13211s it's just like okay it's so metal I
13214s think it's something that's not cool
13215s okay you're in the game opponent's place
13219s they had to do a little bit more for
13222s Champions like or sorry for World under
13224s Champion Street they just like get to
13225s turn five with a couple units and play
13227s it like I'm way more pissed off that's
13229s that's if they even get the champion
13231s strength in their hand okay like there's
13234s another hurdle you've gotta come there
13236s and sometimes okay you can tutor a
13238s trucks you can do the Red Rocks you're
13240s right and the one you can just get the
13242s world out there okay you can't do it all
13243s the championship yet
13269s try to Forfeit early stop at your
13273s influence is too strong and then today
13275s too he was like oh they shouldn't have
13277s passed there I was like who are you
13280s listen not always passing is good you
13282s have to know when all right but but then
13284s people don't listen to you about how
13285s strong red Gwen can be so I don't know I
13287s mean this time China pulled it off
13289s against red Gwen so
13291s just gotta keep looking out for those
13293s little things though that are really
13294s going to help you in these matchups and
13296s this does leave us in a really
13298s interesting scenario where yes Domino
13300s and chanya going up against each other
13301s they did have a loss under their belts
13304s but now looking at the other side of the
13306s group
13307s you might have a clear front runner
13310s after that next match
13312s yeah I mean both of them being up one
13314s zero right you've still got roji looking
13316s to find that you two out his first
13317s matchup he was looking incredibly strong
13320s against donut I mean that match is going
13322s to be huge to see who is going to take
13324s the lead at that 2-0
13326s but our next match we got to go back
13328s over to our other group to start
13330s rounding stuff out so heading back over
13332s to group a our very next match will be
13335s between the tank Buster and Aurora what
13340s do you make of this match
13341s our definitely great player tank Buster
13343s definitely great player that will you
13346s close one
13347s tank Buster having a pretty unique
13349s lineup with the plunder the Sony Zoe
13352s Leona and then the uktron deck that he
13354s is running I mean going up against
13355s Aurora this is actually kind of in the
13357s story of this group are these unique
13358s lineups we actually have an aurelian
13360s Soul on the side of Aurora I hope that
13362s makes it through the bands because this
13363s is a deck I really wanted to see yeah I
13366s also I want to say they're really into
13371s a chance that you see like how tall that
13373s Decker can go and the Daybreak units and
13376s with the plunder it's not really
13377s something I want to play into so I feel
13379s like we're not going to be able to see
13381s it but I really hope otherwise I was
13383s hoping so too but I know that was the
13385s ban that happened in the tank Buster's
13388s first match so yeah a little unfortunate
13391s there but maybe we'll still get a chance
13392s to see some of these more interesting
13393s decks as we do start to get ready for
13396s our next match let's go ahead and send
13398s it back over to scars again Boulevard
13400s thank you necro we are back here at the
13403s Caster desk my name is Boulevard joining
13405s me is scarzig and we are about to get
13407s into another match for group a to tank
13409s Buster versus Aurora and one of the very
13411s few as close to a mirror matches as
13413s we're gonna get coming out of these
13414s players I believe the bands already came
13415s through and we might not be getting this
13416s exact thing but Leona demacia a deck
13419s that is played by both of these
13420s competitors both of them on the champion
13422s strength though Aurora a little bit less
13424s all in only has one copy of that card
13425s when it comes to like these mid-range
13428s people when you're playing demacia Leona
13430s right you have you have Daybreak backing
13432s you up with some demacian combat tricks
13434s you're looking to just take over the
13436s game stun your opponent down go for that
13438s Victory and generally when that becomes
13440s the metagame the greedier player can win
13443s so maybe aurelian Saul does become the
13446s mirror breaker there tank Buster even
13448s though he did take a loss earlier is
13451s still in the running I once again love
13453s this Tech with the plunder he's a player
13456s who early adopted Vandal tree loves
13459s decks with multiple win conditions right
13460s and so plunder is a list that has the
13463s Gangplank or the sejuani or whatever you
13465s happen to steal from the opponent and
13467s the spirits Unleashed is a card that I
13469s think a lot of players have been trying
13470s to break since it was buffed very
13472s recently you know now I don't even
13473s remember what it did before but now it
13475s deals one to everything and then gives
13477s your all of your allies everywhere plus
13479s one plus one and it's something that
13481s we've seen in a couple of gang clang
13482s sejuani builds but the ones we saw in
13484s the qualifiers they were monkeys scarzig
13486s they were focused more on the powder
13488s pandemonium and all of those kinds of
13490s Tricks but here we have a much more more
13492s straightforward more traditional
13493s plunderlist utilizing this card yeah and
13495s even when we saw this list come down
13498s trying to take down seraphine the lethal
13501s was almost there the deck went to plan
13503s if those that signpost hadn't come
13505s through to stop that first Spirits
13507s Unleashed we saw a glimpse at the level
13510s of pressure in Tempo that can really be
13512s generated by this deck certainly a wild
13514s card and whenever players make the
13517s correct meta read plunder pays them back
13520s such heavy dividends plunder is so
13522s interesting from a competitive
13524s perspective because it'll constantly
13525s fall out of the meta and then you get
13526s into the top 32 of another seasonal
13528s tournament and you you know you're
13529s looking at the stats okay yeah here's
13530s the top deck whatever you get down to
13531s the bottom of the list oh there's two
13533s maybe three plunder in the top 32 and
13535s that is a consistent pattern we've seen
13537s over the course of the entire 2022
13539s season leading into this so it's only
13541s right that we see when we go down the
13543s bottom of the list of the archetype
13544s breakdown oh down here at the bottom we
13546s have one plunder and this deck aurelian
13549s Soul Leona on the side of Aurora now
13551s aatrox might be the world Ender but
13553s aurelian soul is the universe Destroyer
13556s aurelian Saul has been a card that has
13559s been waiting in the wings for his chance
13561s to come into the metagame for quite a
13563s long time very recently just before the
13565s world Ender expansion players were
13567s experimenting right with irelian Saul
13569s Leona and Zoe because of the reworked
13572s Daybreak package it seemed like it was
13574s really coming through strong and as we
13577s know Aurora is a player that feels that
13580s sometimes the player base puts a little
13581s bit too much stock in win rates and
13583s stats and he's just going to believe in
13586s his quality as a player I'm just going
13589s to draw well I'm going to play clean and
13590s try to stay in on this group stage and
13592s we do get to see the bands here tanks
13594s Zoe Leona Champion strength was taken
13596s off the board but left it open for
13599s Aurora instead going for a ban on the
13601s pantheon of varus I think this might
13604s have been some sort of high level idea
13606s right where if I only have one Champion
13609s strength in my deck maybe my opponent it
13611s won't ban it but the players just are
13614s fearing that way too much when we get
13616s into these more mid-range centered
13617s matchups I think Pantheon varus is one
13619s that stands out as the ability to go
13621s taller than everyone else and play the
13623s unforgiving cold but getting into the
13624s first game here it looks like it is
13626s going to be the auction atrox 4 tank
13628s Buster as well as we get to see the
13631s aurelian soul opener for Aurora
13633s hopefully get a mulligan that one away
13634s get a little bit more of a clean curve
13635s in the early game yeah this deck still
13637s has the eclipse dragon which can
13639s discount The irelian Saul he finds his
13641s way back into the hand he's a very
13644s audacious Champion very proud of course
13647s he wants to be Aurora's win and I I love
13649s that for aurelian soul saying hey you
13651s know I've heard all this talk about the
13652s world Ender expansion I'm killing things
13654s that are bigger than worlds multiple
13655s worlds entire galaxies at a time and you
13658s know we talked about one Champion
13659s strength in this list I think the two
13660s aurelian soul is what you are replacing
13662s those additional two copies of champion
13664s strength with because this is not the
13666s load of the ground go wide version that
13668s we saw on day number one this is just a
13669s more solid mid-range deck that's going
13671s to curve out in and wait until the very
13672s late stages of the game to play this
13674s you're almost never going to see it on
13675s curve here and having the ability to say
13678s I'm not all in on Champion strength I
13680s can just play a stun heavy scaling
13682s Daybreak idea means that Aurora has
13685s maybe gotten that mind game through and
13687s when we compare that now to tank Buster
13689s trying to get through with this auction
13691s list getting some predicts now has
13694s already the Warlords Palace ticking down
13696s trying to manipulate those stats I love
13699s the Aegis here as well you're gonna it's
13700s gonna give you a little bit more trading
13702s power in this early mid game when
13704s Daybreak is at its strongest and it
13706s looks so good for Aurora here in the
13707s early game able to take out an auction
13709s with a single combat but of course tank
13711s cares more about just getting that
13713s Warlords Palace on line getting that
13715s countdown available so they can come
13717s back in the later stage of the game with
13718s an impactful draw a board buff whatever
13720s tends to be the best in that scenario
13722s but now with almost no interaction in
13725s Tank's deck since this is you know an
13727s aatrox and sharima version not demacia
13730s no fish fights coming out uh we might
13732s actually just see this sun Guardian go
13734s to the Moon once you play it on Kirk it
13738s begins to scale and scale and then
13741s becomes so massive you have to block it
13744s it starts to Value trade it never feels
13745s good and if it hits these big stats in
13748s play alongside Leona suddenly your
13750s blocker that you want to take down the
13752s sun Guardian is stunned it's going to be
13754s a very tricky situation for tank Buster
13757s to navigate Here Comes the Sun Hawk
13759s stunning out the 3-4 now we've got
13762s another great swing opened up and when
13764s you have a four or five like this you
13766s can just swing in the sun Guardian it's
13768s a scaling three drop so as long as it
13771s gets a couple trades pushes some damage
13773s and then your opponent finally removes
13775s it it's done its job that's true and we
13777s know tank now has aatrox on the top of
13780s the deck we did see a buff onto the
13782s bakai reaper which means that we are not
13784s the Buckeye Reaper sorry The Forsaken
13785s Buckeye which means that we did actually
13787s go for the project on the darken so that
13789s means actually doesn't want to swing
13790s doesn't want to give give up any
13791s potential wants to keep the sun Guardian
13794s alive as a true scaling threat his idea
13796s with this deck is just to maintain board
13798s play on curve I'll get Leona and ravan
13801s eventually and if you're too slow to
13803s stop me or force me off of this game
13805s plan the champion strength is lurking
13807s and I like that from Aurora saying I
13809s have the aurelian soul in hand I don't
13811s need to play for the early mid game I
13813s can stall things out wait for things to
13815s go late and your board is not really
13816s threatening me at this stage of the game
13818s now tank thinking about swinging in not
13820s a lot of combat tricks in this deck from
13822s uh tank I think it is just one copy of
13825s shapestone a couple of quicksand
13826s shireman tailstone but these are all
13828s just one of so you're not really
13829s representing too much from this position
13832s yeah you're just trying to stack up
13835s essentially this Warlords Palace get the
13837s auction have that those injections of
13839s value that you need to get you over
13841s these key break turns and humps the way
13843s that old silver auction would do it
13845s ravan comes through and with that we see
13849s Leona's got a 10 draw percent here to
13852s come down and synergize with the ravan
13854s having permanent it's always day
13856s alongside Leona's effect is going to be
13859s so massive here especially with the
13860s cheap Daybreak on the sun Hawk yeah with
13862s Leona coming down potentially I'll stop
13864s the deck 10 not a lot but if it does
13866s happen that paired with a sun Hawk is
13868s way too many stuns but really just
13870s getting ravoon online alone is very
13872s impactful here as it's really nice to be
13874s able to always Daybreak and Nightfall
13876s that eclipse dragon we see in hand as
13877s well as get more procs onto your sun
13879s Guardian to get it taller faster things
13881s looking really good for Aurora in terms
13883s of a turn eight aurelian Soul yeah and
13885s look at this merciless Hunter doesn't
13886s have any good targets because everything
13888s is so massive when you look at these you
13891s know these Terran and darken builds the
13893s direct stat lines aren't that great
13895s you're relying on the darkens to come
13896s through to really Shore up that weakness
13898s it's going to be Solari Priestess coming
13899s through and falling Comet looks tasty
13903s yeah the ability to obliterate the
13905s aatrox and get the weapon out of there
13907s so that you don't have to worry about a
13909s world Ender Reviving it later on
13911s would be a nice Theory but because of
13914s the way that these equipments work we
13915s have tutored up a second copy of the
13916s champion but the Fallen comet's still
13918s the pickup there for Aurora fortunately
13920s tank Buster is one of the few players
13922s running that Triple H rocks loves this
13924s six drop on curve now that he's seen the
13926s Solari Priestess is gonna try to
13928s underplay a little bit to set up some
13930s floated Mana for right of negation you
13931s know I actually really like this
13933s position for Aurora while both players
13935s are kind of stalling out tank wants to
13936s get for the world Ender Aurora Once skip
13937s for the aurelian soul because the no
13939s neither player has been attacking too
13941s much tank hasn't really been getting
13943s cost reductions down onto the world
13944s Ender just yet yeah still at 11. a lot
13948s of time to go and if I want to Discount
13951s this I have to take bad trades and the
13954s sun Guardian has scaled Up Aurora
13957s protected it and said I want this thing
13959s to get big and now single combat comes
13962s through aatrox goes down this is still
13964s alive as a 6-1 Boulevard and it's Gonna
13966s Keep On pseudo healing itself with the
13968s plus one plus one off of other day
13970s breaks this forces tank buster to maybe
13972s respond to get this off the board
13973s exactly the unfortunate part for Aurora
13976s not able to get a night never mind we
13978s actually do draw single combat which
13979s gives us the opportunity and Nightfall
13982s the eclipse dragon though with
13984s Australian Soul coming down being the
13985s game plan it's not that important that
13987s you get the additional dragons and
13989s Celestial so tank going in for a full
13991s swing here looking to severely reduce
13993s the cost of this world Ender once this
13996s trade goes through Aurora is now saying
13998s I get to shift my game plan once again
14000s eclipse dragon into irelian Saul with
14002s aatrox not online with the world Ender
14005s not really a threat from this position I
14007s could just go for a scaling game plan if
14010s we get the irelian saw level up then
14012s these invokes and these celestials will
14015s actually come to Bear to stop the
14018s darkened threat and one thing that we
14020s kept looking at when we were going over
14021s tanks decks early in the day scars
14023s against the three copies of right of
14024s negation aurelian soul is not something
14027s that you can cast that card on so in a
14029s field of world Enders and Champion
14030s strengths Aurora's win condition pairs
14033s up very nicely into these counter spells
14035s the tank is representing it's a card
14037s that's going to sit there give you
14038s fantastic attack pressure or strong
14040s blocks has spell shield so he's hard to
14042s remove and he's giving you a card every
14045s single turn Boulevard it looks like we
14046s are finally getting into the lock-ins
14048s for the blocks in this big combat turn
14051s between these two competitors looks like
14053s a couple of surviving units on the side
14055s of Aurora but with Australian Seoul
14056s being recently buffed back down to only
14058s needing 20 power not a lot of the board
14060s has to survive for Aurora it looks like
14063s it is going to be two units left for
14066s each player world entered down to seven
14068s Mana yeah I mean ravan is still the
14070s highest value one you need to keep alive
14072s from this position and because it's an
14075s even trade right you're getting rid of
14076s some units you're trading away your day
14077s breaks even a board like this is still
14080s incredibly threatening with the
14082s Champion's strength so Aurora is never
14085s truly giving up pressure at any stage of
14087s the game and we've got a couple of
14089s predicts here right of negation almost
14090s certainly not the take but the auction
14092s might be a little appealing and now that
14094s the Warlords Palace has completely
14095s counted down we could get the Warlords
14097s horde online and maybe start to swing
14099s things back in our favor but tank
14100s looking like they're in a little bit of
14102s a rough position this seven Mana
14104s advantage that they have it's very
14105s important to see what they can do with
14107s it but with single combat in the hand of
14109s Aurora and a 7-7 eclipse dragon I don't
14111s know how much tank can stick yeah I like
14114s maybe just put putting the aatrox on top
14116s I could see chronomancer if tankbusters
14118s needs feels that he needs a more
14121s specific card maybe something like
14122s desert dual or grappling hook to have
14124s some interaction maybe looking for
14126s another darkened weapon to combine with
14127s this world Ender
14129s um I think that chronometer could be the
14130s pick and now this turn we could see
14132s aatrox and uh come down to set up for
14136s this assimilation play see how it goes
14138s it looks like it was actually a skip top
14140s deck of a darkened staff darkened staff
14143s the other dark and we have yet to see
14148s and here comes aurelian Soul skarzig the
14153s original World Ender in play and
14156s contemplating which of these celestos I
14158s want to pick up and it's going to be
14159s super nova normally a very expensive
14162s spell a beautiful sort of point of
14164s contact without negation but aurelian
14165s Soul celestial's cost is zero when
14168s leveled and then when you are getting
14170s these massive game-ending spells against
14173s your opponent for zero mana and they
14175s have to spend four oh this is this is a
14177s world Ender set up the Dune keeper so a
14179s lot of one drops in the build for tank
14180s wants to go wide for World under plays
14182s and equipping everything we're gonna see
14184s ASL and World Ender in the same turn the
14186s Dune Keeper in order to set up two
14188s bodies to receive darkened weapons is
14190s enormous the world Ender now will
14192s assimilate Aurora has to respond with
14194s single combat to stop this unit from
14196s being developed yeah that is the aatrox
14199s weapon on the sand Soldier so preventing
14201s the level 2 aatrox from here is Aurora
14205s but scarzig we get to see two Titans
14208s absolutely battle it out unfortunately
14210s the aatrox will not be on board but
14211s we're going into tanks attack turn next
14213s and Aurora can't really lose too much of
14215s the board here and still Level the
14217s aurelian sold not attacking with asil
14219s respecting that shape Stone and and
14221s because there is no attack Ace all just
14224s gets to level up here he wanted that all
14226s along he's big zero Mana falling Comet
14230s zero Mana Supernova even though tank
14232s Buster has the darkened Squad and aatrox
14235s in hand he does not have any way to stop
14239s the power of the cosmos themselves from
14241s coming down on his head oh and we get to
14244s see both Champions tank their battle
14246s positions aurelian Soul coming in aatrox
14249s down now for tank and a lot of removal
14251s in the hand of Aurora only one right of
14253s negation available for tank when we look
14255s at the Mana pool and no way to kill the
14257s aurelian soul oh my God this is so good
14260s having the falling Comet to force the
14262s right of negation in set up for the
14265s Supernova is nasty because irelian Saul
14267s Now now has spell shield there's going
14269s to be no combat tricks here to stop this
14272s from going through and if tank plays the
14274s right of negation they're totally Tapped
14276s Out Aurora knows that they're super safe
14277s they were already rather safe in order
14279s to play the repost onto any of these
14281s units to get an impactful block off and
14283s I think this Supernova a little bit down
14286s the line might be the end of game one
14289s yep it goes through Aurora still has so
14292s many plays oh no developed the Supernova
14296s the Supernova now eating the aatrox and
14299s the ball Cooks
14300s I have the dark and staff made a guest
14303s appearance every non-gural unit
14306s available for tank Buster and you can
14309s see him not happy with this one this
14310s lower cost dark and works great more
14312s mid-range matchups but when we're
14313s talking about the apocalypse scars like
14315s aurelian Soul versus aatrox jeral is
14319s just not a five-star general he's up I
14321s don't know military higher ranking I
14323s can't really speak to what he would be
14324s but we'll put him on the level we'll
14326s give him Captain I'd say that he's on
14327s faron's level yeah he's the leader of
14329s the darken but they're just corrupted
14332s ascended aurelian Saul noticed what
14335s these ants were doing in the world
14338s championships on this Speck of dirt
14340s shows up levels up and is now bullying
14344s jaral out of the meta game and we've got
14347s a couple of sunbursts that we could
14349s still play once combat resolves I don't
14351s think you're too worried about losing
14352s Revenge oh man this is Priestess maybe
14355s you go for the eight man or a post to
14357s keep the ravoon around but I'm not sure
14358s that it's necessary when you can just
14360s continue to clear tanks board and still
14362s play that zero Mana Destroyer yeah give
14365s you more and yeah it's going to continue
14367s this range doesn't have card draw
14370s doesn't uh have value but irelia and
14372s Saul guarantees that you're the grieve
14374s Lord for this late game scenario and we
14378s eight Mana reposed to save the Solari
14380s Priestess in order to trade onto one of
14382s the draws and now just so much power
14384s front loaded into Aurora's board but not
14387s quite all Warrior comes through off of
14390s her alien Saul zero Mana 5-5 Challenger
14393s this leaves up so much Mana for
14395s sunbursts to keep the board clear tank
14399s Buster's not gonna have much to say
14400s about this hasn't of the right of
14401s negation but there's no way to block all
14403s of this pressure and there is the
14405s shenimo a surrender from 20 from tank
14409s Buster the aurelian soul able to get it
14412s done what an incredible game that was
14415s garzig that final showdown so epic and
14418s now we know who comes out on top
14420s with that first game aurelian Saul
14424s taking such a high level game with so
14429s much on the line to dig deep within the
14432s available champions in legends of
14433s runeterra and find a rally in Saul a
14436s champion that used to be at the
14438s Forefront of the metagame way back when
14440s targon first came out and has struggled
14442s to find his way back in the cycle has
14444s completed Boulevard he's claimed a game
14447s and puts Aurora on to one more Victory
14451s to take this match but now we see Aurora
14453s in the same position we saw out of
14454s chenia left to the Kane aatrox the deck
14457s that went 0-2 for him just a couple of
14459s rounds ago has to find ways to pick up
14461s wins with this in tank starting off with
14463s a classic warning shot into Jagged
14465s Butcher and The jagu Butcher gets to hit
14467s for free Aurora understands I have to
14469s keep this Guru cultist alive to keep up
14472s with this damage output we have the dark
14474s in Egypt so this is a 3-3 with top a
14477s little bit more uh tanky than the jagged
14480s butcher so this is just going to be an
14482s open attacking Style game for now tank
14484s Buster does have the cast away to
14488s hopefully push through a little bit more
14489s damage maybe picking up a quick attack
14491s weapon Aurora kind of copying chenia's
14493s homework here saying hey I saw you know
14494s we both went O2 on these double dark
14496s index I saw how well the guru cultist
14498s into the dark in ages worked out for you
14501s I'm gonna I'm gonna try that out for
14502s myself it's gonna be a little bit of a
14504s different matchup in the spirit's
14505s Unleashed available for tank Buster as
14507s an early drop could really change the
14509s pace of the way things go but might have
14511s to leverage which turn he plays it on
14513s yeah skipping it here so that you can
14514s get the damage on Nexus next turn to
14516s progress your champion level UPS yeah
14518s there was a split decision there to be
14520s sure because a few Spirits Unleashed
14522s your Jagged butcher becomes a 4-4 you're
14524s able to pressure against this Guru a
14526s little bit more but yeah the Castaway
14527s finds the weapon gonna just swing true
14530s Aurora has to strike a good balance of
14532s being able to block while also trying to
14535s deny these plunder procs we have seen
14537s time and time again these darkened lists
14539s are a little bit slow low to get up and
14542s running and that gives tank Buster
14544s plenty of time to get a leveled up
14546s sejuani through to start frostbiting the
14549s board and denying everything Aurora
14551s needs to go for and pushing further into
14553s that slowness is the double expanses
14554s protection in the hand of Aurora this is
14556s really not the matchup where you are
14558s looking for this card no real kill
14560s spells coming out of Tank's deck it's
14561s more for low to the ground sweepers to
14564s deal with the champion strength sex we
14565s saw from Group C and D but you know
14567s we're going to continue to equip the
14568s weapons the dark and Aegis getting
14570s re-equipped potentially here have it
14572s lined up and pulling it back yeah just
14574s hesitating you want to go for the equips
14576s here to get your aatrox but you want to
14578s float two as well to keep some pressure
14581s for your later combat tricks we do have
14583s Ranger Knight Defector coming up next
14584s turn with the attack token maybe trying
14586s to scout in a tank Buster with that much
14588s pressure being presented maybe forces
14590s him off of the spirits Unleashed once
14592s more and the warning shot forced out
14594s Aurora blocked with the heartier unit in
14596s order to deny the overwhelm damage so
14598s tank forced to use their warning shot on
14601s their attack turn in order to continue
14603s to progress the champion levels and now
14604s Ranger Knight Defector tutoring out the
14607s cane so now Aurora has fixed his curve
14611s entirely tank Buster is going to take
14613s the opportunity to go for the spirits
14614s Unleashed buffing up this Jagged butcher
14617s to a 4-4 so it trades evenly into the
14620s ranger Knight Defector yeah it looks
14622s like Aurora now actually could have quit
14624s the dark in ages to The Defector in
14625s order to keep this healthy but Buster
14627s can just throw back down the fishy whack
14628s and keep things tradable here for both
14631s players I do really like that line it's
14634s just going for these one for one trades
14636s tank Buster knows if I can keep things
14638s on an even Keel and play towards
14640s Gangplank and sejuani I'll naturally win
14643s when we had a lot of mid-range decks try
14647s to set up in the metagame sejuani was
14649s sort of the way that players responded
14651s to that you know having its time in the
14654s sun in the past to maybe even take down
14656s Lee sin for example I'm not ready to
14659s talk about Lee sin again
14663s that is absolutely fair so what we're
14666s looking at here gonna be kind of a weak
14668s set up turn for both players the Kane
14670s nice actually tutoring up a second copy
14671s of aatrox and it's very important to
14673s remember that aatrox gonna come down on
14675s turn six as the six six sejuani gonna
14677s come down as a sixth six seven thanks to
14679s that Spirits unleash could get as high
14681s as a seven eight if we can level it here
14683s relatively soon but again no damage
14685s pushed through and we might see a parlay
14687s onto the Nexus yeah the Fisher whack has
14689s been so good for fixing the trades but
14691s auroras had just enough HP on these
14693s blockers to hold back that win condition
14695s and because he's done such a great job
14698s of navigating this early mid game tank
14700s Buster is kind of pushed back in that
14703s level up progress and now it might just
14705s be a very simple aatrox comes down
14707s sejuani frostbite to deny the attack
14709s tank can take the open with the larger
14711s Champion I gotta say this is a much less
14714s epic Duel of Champions than we got in
14715s the previous game
14716s I wonder if tankbuster will take some
14719s damage here save the sejuani's strong uh
14723s summoning play effect to frostbite and
14726s get vulnerable to the age rocks and try
14727s to trade it down not a great line
14730s outside of it but he's gonna go for the
14731s eye of knock boros not a phenomenal line
14734s but with this few cards in hand I think
14736s it was a nice top deck and okay a couple
14738s of decent pickups here Gangplank so
14740s we've got access to both champions in
14741s the black market Merchant you know we've
14743s got the ability to NAB a card from
14746s Aurora if we want to but I'm not sure
14748s how good that is because this is a
14749s double darken deck you're stealing a lot
14751s of cards that require a weapon to
14753s function oh yeah and tank Buster shows
14755s the parley I was wondering if there was
14756s a line where you fish a whack onto this
14759s tentacle to try to set up a trade and
14761s finish off with the parley
14763s I think tankbuster maybe recognizes the
14765s play right now
14767s but is just trying to keep up right
14769s again even if you take a bunch of damage
14771s as long as you get level two sejuani in
14773s play you have some reactivity in order
14775s to keep up with that frostbite in
14777s response to combat tricks you should be
14778s good to go black market Merchant pulls
14780s Ranger Knight Defector to the hand and
14782s it's worth noting that allies everywhere
14784s happens at a certain point at nabbing
14786s this card does not retroactively buff it
14789s with the uh Spirits Unleashed so this
14791s will just be a 4-3 Ranger Knight but
14792s tank finding the early pilot open
14794s Castaway means that the navigable cards
14796s are all online this will be a scout
14798s and with seven Mana tank Buster is able
14802s to play the sejuani she's one tick of
14805s leveling up so we can pull aatrox down
14807s to the bottom of combat and we've got a
14810s four wide attack here to get the level
14812s up on sejuani and now things become very
14815s sticky for Aurora very importantly
14817s sejuani's level two frostbite ability
14820s does not get countered by spell shield
14823s yeah and Aurora has the option to save
14826s the aatrox here has a momentous choice
14828s to get this up to eight health in the
14829s region gonna full heal it back because
14831s if you just let your aatrox die and
14833s commit another six Mana into replaying
14835s another copy of this Champion it's a
14837s little bit rough Aurora really wants to
14839s take this turn to set up more units set
14841s up more darkened weapons on top of them
14843s to get an impactful game-ending World
14845s Ender
14847s and from this position you know that the
14849s attack is coming through what do you
14850s want to play into this attack it's going
14852s to be the ranger Knight Defector and I
14853s like this play You're sacrificing this
14855s car just as a block and you're saving
14857s the blooming cultist in the hand it has
14860s Elusive and what Aurora is trying to set
14862s up here is to equip it with a darkened
14863s weapon and assimilate it with the world
14865s Ender turning it into a big darkened
14867s threat and maintaining that elusive
14869s keyword depending on how much Mana
14872s Aurora can Bank into the next turn
14873s because the assimilated units do
14875s preserve the keywords an elusive darken
14878s could be all it takes to push through
14880s the last nine damage of Tanks Nexus now
14883s you do have to be worried about like you
14884s mentioned frostbite from sejuani going
14885s through spell shield a top deck of a
14887s warning shot of Make It Rain there's a
14889s few options left here for tank even if
14891s everything comes together on Aurora's
14893s side but for now going straight to
14894s combat eight damage on the Nexus lined
14896s up and momentous Choice gonna protect
14898s the aatrox from the level 2 sejuani it's
14900s just such a shame right that tank Buster
14902s had to take so much damage on the way to
14905s this sort of winning board setup because
14908s it does give Aurora these edge cases and
14911s outs to close out the game before it's
14913s too late with leveled up sejuani and
14915s leveled up Gangplank working in tandem
14917s with the next attack token tank Buster
14919s is going to have massive damage being
14922s pushed and Aurora deciding that the
14924s chances of a second eye of Naga caboros
14926s making a larger tentacle a little bit
14928s more threatening than the prospect of a
14930s second Black Market Merchant getting an
14931s additional reduced cost on the NAB and
14933s there we see the frostbite come out 10
14935s Health on the side of Aurora nine on the
14937s side of tank Buster and now it's
14938s Aurora's turn to try to set up lethal 8
14940s Mana still on the world Ender
14943s 10 Mana to cast so not too much to do on
14949s top of the world Ender if we're gonna go
14950s for it all it does is just make make a
14952s 10 10 8 rocks to give you maybe better
14954s blocking Potential from this point I
14956s think that Aurora is just gonna have to
14957s go wide it forces tank Buster to open
14959s attack to play around World Ender but
14961s tank Buster has the answer can just play
14963s Gangplank here
14965s so Aurora has a few options here you
14967s know we've got a couple of weapons that
14968s we can equip onto our Ranger Knight
14970s Defector turn it into a big darken and
14972s then you know sort of go from there with
14974s a big scout attack but
14976s is I don't think it's Game ending at
14978s this stage I think there's too much
14979s board presence on the side of tank with
14981s you know Scout being the only keyword no
14983s darkened blood letters in hand to get as
14985s a Lonnie through or anything along those
14986s lines uh you are just probably gonna get
14988s chunk blocked by even just a Mirai
14989s Warden could be enough to keep tank in
14991s this game especially with no overwhelm
14994s it's so easy to block down there is some
14996s kind of weird line where yeah it takes
14999s the pass play with the equipment here
15001s gonna put the Scythe on the ranger
15003s Knight Defector keeps eight up for the
15005s world Ender and I love this because if
15008s tank Buster plays Gangplank he summons a
15010s barrel and that gives Aurora the chance
15012s to World Ender boost aatrox and pull the
15015s barrel into combat to swing true it
15018s forces tank Buster to have not only the
15020s Gangplank but another warning shot or
15023s Make It Rain to uh get the frost bite
15026s from the sejuani so tank Buster can't
15029s play Gangplank here no and it looks like
15031s it is gonna be the world Ender I was
15032s wondering if Aurora might throw down the
15034s double elusive instead and try to see if
15036s we can get a lethal from there not quite
15038s enough damage to get all of that done so
15039s we are going to see another world under
15041s which I think is really important just
15043s to get your aatrox up to a 10 10 and
15045s make better use of your Furious wielder
15047s and your aatrox Champion spell and with
15049s the equipment of the dark in Scythe the
15051s ranger Knight Defector is going to get
15053s assimilated and become Ross yeah so red
15056s cane coming out here not the blue one
15058s blue one not a darken so you are gonna
15060s have the overwhelm but that's just more
15061s additional Nexus heal coming out for
15063s Aurora gonna get pretty healthy at the
15065s end of this turn but unfortunately Kane
15067s still just not that big but with
15070s Challenger and Scout and a chance to
15072s heal the health of this rather Hardy
15074s unit quite a bit of tanksport is gonna
15075s get cleaned up here yeah has Scout tough
15078s continuously heals itself and the Nexus
15080s when you get slays can and gets buffed
15083s attack when you start when you start to
15084s attack so this is great scaling can take
15086s down the black market Merchant and the
15088s jacket butcher with no attack token for
15091s tank Buster right because you're the one
15093s initiating these attacks the frostbite
15095s doesn't really hurt you too much opinion
15097s it doesn't but what does is a second
15099s sejuani a theory of the north here would
15101s be enough to kill Ross in certain
15104s scenarios it prevents the HRS from
15105s attacking into the sejuani it could be a
15107s big pressure point that Aurora is going
15109s to have to keep in the back of their
15110s mind when they line up these challenges
15111s how far can I really take this is it
15114s worth going after this Jagged butcher if
15116s it means I might lose my Rost and then
15118s you know I have all these combat tricks
15120s for the next turn but what if there's a
15121s warning shot
15122s he gets big locks in the attack heals
15126s back up a 4-7 getting ready to reach
15129s down and pluck another follower from the
15132s tank Buster's back line
15134s and tank still representing that Fury of
15137s the north probably the only spell that
15139s Aurora really has to keep in mind here
15141s of course Make It Rain still on the
15142s table currently would guarantee a little
15145s touch onto the Nexus but enough to
15146s Frostbite the entire board not that it
15149s matters too much there's regen on the
15151s aatrox would be a healthy going into the
15153s next turn again and I think you'd almost
15154s be happy just to get all of these
15156s different frostbite effects out but if
15158s Aurora goes in for attacks here then
15160s tank is safe to play gangplank
15162s zero manager all coming through
15165s after this attack hits true the
15168s Gangplank is opened up Aurora decides to
15171s take out the ranger Knight Defector that
15173s was pilfered from him and so now finally
15176s with all of the attacks exhausted Aurora
15179s healing back up to 14. tank Buster gets
15182s to play The Gang Plank and there's two
15185s strike spells in the hand for Aurora
15187s able to kill both of these Champions if
15189s given the opportunity so can tank draw a
15192s warning shot a make it rain any of these
15194s activators for the sejuani
15198s and jeral hits the board just to keep
15200s things under control Gangplank Stacks a
15202s second barrel and we don't have a
15204s response to the Furious wielder or the
15207s deathbringer sweep and as Blevins always
15210s says Don't force a bluff that your
15212s opponent is forced to call and Aurora
15214s might just have to throw out all of
15215s these combat spells anyway and with no
15218s frostbite effects no respect is going to
15220s be given over it's do or die in this
15222s situation both these players 1-0 in the
15224s group so far Aurora looking to make it
15226s 2-0 after this turn resolves tank in the
15230s tank himself
15231s forced to take big risks that's what you
15235s do when you're behind and that's when
15236s you do when you are trying to seal the
15239s deal on a set and stay alive in the
15241s group stages Aurora just trying to also
15244s take stock of what combat tricks where I
15246s want to assign them tank Buster going to
15248s take a waiting play go even wider see
15251s what Aurora is going to develop see if
15253s he Taps down below certain Mana points
15256s but there's still so much that he can do
15259s in response to this play Mage Seeker
15262s conservator pulled out from the Mirai
15264s Warden will randomly generate a
15266s non-democian six plus Mana spell that
15270s could swing things I'm trying to go take
15273s stock of you know just every
15274s non-democian six plus Mana spell in the
15276s game really quickly to figure out how
15277s this one plays out if it does go into
15278s combat and is traded off
15280s I'm not coming up with much yeah Aurora
15282s gets a chance to develop still plenty of
15284s Mana available we have the equipment of
15286s the Fisher whack onto the jagged butcher
15288s he's huge as a 6'4 thanks to that weapon
15291s and the spirits Unleashed from earlier
15293s and Aurora I am a little concerned about
15297s how Aurora wants to play this one you
15298s could try to kill the Gangplank now
15300s before we go into combat and that powder
15302s full explosion is put on the stack
15304s because you might end up losing your
15305s aatrox if three damage comes through and
15307s you're forced to block a sejuani or
15308s trade damage onto it even with the
15310s aatrox spell but either way I don't
15312s think we're getting lethal out of tank
15314s this turn it's a more of a question of
15315s what is Aurora's board going to look
15316s like when the death settles you have to
15319s take these safety blocks right even if
15321s there is that response with the warning
15323s shot uh to detonate the barrels activate
15326s sejuani's uh level two ability to get
15329s the frostbite you are probably still
15331s going to place the aatrox down in front
15333s of them with the AOE damage from
15335s Gangplank more overall damage is
15337s potentially coming through even with a
15339s full block here it it is nine so we
15343s actually don't need to respond here if
15344s Aurora just wants the entire board to go
15346s down but he needs to fight for Tempo
15348s this turn I absolutely believe in the
15350s Furious wielder
15351s at the moment even if the Furious
15354s wielder comes down onto the Gangplank
15355s okay expanses protection will prevent
15358s the HR from getting hit by the powder
15360s full explosion that three Health gonna
15362s be saved suchuani not going to trade
15363s into this Champion but as we mentioned a
15365s little bit earlier Fury of the north
15366s still something in Aurora's mind but you
15368s know as we said gonna be forced to take
15370s these lines anyway but no it's a second
15371s expanses protection no kill onto the
15373s Gangplank and no kill onto anything as
15375s the sejuani is going to trigger and
15378s Frostbite the entire board before combat
15380s comes in and so by Saving aatrox in Ross
15383s auroras keeping the healing online
15385s keeping the threat of the Gangplank
15387s online Gangplank is going to generate a
15389s barrel at the start of this next round
15390s Boulevard because there's he has to
15392s summon a unit in order to keep the
15394s barrel from coming down here comes Black
15395s Market Merchant nabbing another card
15398s momentous choice not a bad one but not a
15401s great one for this specific instance and
15402s if tank draws a fast speed activator a
15405s Make It Rain then Aurora can kill the
15406s sejuanian response it has to be warning
15408s shot but it's Make It Rain and I don't
15410s see Aurora going down below the
15413s potential but tank filled the board
15414s there's no kegs yes you feel the board
15416s no keg made secret conservator is being
15418s drawn because Aurora wants this Rost to
15421s get another proc of healing and to heal
15423s back up gets plus one plus one from the
15426s red darkened scythe and now we're gonna
15429s see what card comes off of this Mage
15430s Seeker conservator
15432s and it's possible that if tank wants to
15434s kill the uh the Ross you need to play
15436s Make It Rain right now or we could even
15438s go for the momentous Choice try to line
15439s up The Kill but oh it's coming down to
15442s the wire here tank still has a little
15443s bit of game left to play and Aurora has
15446s a few chances to misstep here I love the
15449s momentous Choice here first to bait out
15452s a combat trick then you go for the Make
15454s It Rain if you bait out two combat
15455s tricks then so be it it gives you so
15457s much time and you have so much Mana left
15459s over to Pivot and figure out how you
15462s want this to go down especially with the
15463s mate secret conservator it's still going
15465s to go down yeah we'll just want the Ross
15467s to go down with it we'll see what it
15469s pops out because I was thinking about
15471s what could be a Blog card here my mind
15472s instantly went to Champion strength but
15474s that is a demacia spell it's not in the
15476s pool
15478s um
15479s and Furious wielder coming through on
15481s the Rost to take down Gangplank that
15484s isn't going to try to push through any
15485s sort of lethal here that means tank can
15487s respond with Make It Rain and Frostbite
15488s the board this is a disaster for Aurora
15491s so now with the Make It Rain put on the
15493s stack to frostbite against Furious
15495s wielder Aurora can now go for death
15497s bringer swing sweep in order to take out
15500s sejuani
15502s yeah we'll see how it goes Aurora you
15503s really don't have many options here you
15505s cannot afford to lose everything you
15507s really want this aatrox to be able to
15508s finish out the game and at this stage I
15511s think it's set to the overwhelm damage
15512s still going through onto tank Buster
15514s losing the sejuani means that this
15516s tuskbringer will not Frostbite the board
15518s and the the overwhelm on the level 2
15521s aatrox on the next swing because this is
15523s a scout attack should end the match here
15527s after everything was said and done
15529s Aurora's master plan came through
15531s removed the sejuani removed the
15534s Gangplank tank Buster had very limited
15537s options to trigger sejuani's frostbite
15540s ability because he was forced to use
15542s that warning shot and that parley early
15544s on in the game in order to get to the
15546s leveled up State due to Aurora's strong
15549s defense and full healing the Rost thanks
15552s to the Furious wielder kill on the
15553s Gangplank means there is more than
15555s enough overwhelm coming in we finally
15557s see the card it is strong arm which I
15560s you cannot play on a champion you can
15562s play on your own units so at least
15564s showing Aurora you know this is what I
15566s pulled off of my conservator and I'm
15567s just gonna put my plunder card back in
15569s my hand but now Aurora gonna be able to
15571s go to combat as this is a slow spell
15573s priority gonna go back we're gonna
15575s straight back into combat close this one
15577s out
15578s and there it is the Scout attack Aurora
15583s 2-0 now not a great spell coming off the
15586s Machi conservator and Aurora is still
15589s thinking was there what is that final
15590s card he doesn't know that it's a tough
15592s speaker could it be some nonsense to
15595s make it rain still proc plunder okay I
15597s was thinking I'm like okay Furious
15598s wielder we do have an equipment on this
15600s jacket butcher we'll see where it goes
15601s but no it looks like at the end of the
15603s day it is still going to be the lethal
15604s for Aurora quite a bit of a song and
15607s dance there in the final turn scars if
15609s both these players taking each other to
15611s the ball but eventually Aurora is the
15613s last man standing what a fantastic set
15616s this was finally the Breakout set that
15619s Aurora wanted to really showcase the
15621s power of these decks these Kane aatrox
15624s builds have been very slow very clunky
15627s but once you get to a late game scenario
15628s you put your opponent in a lot of tight
15632s spots how do you deal with the world
15633s Ender how do you deal with these
15635s discounted darken how do you deal with
15636s me just what if I do something all
15638s straight up and deny your combat tricks
15641s Furious wielder with the Regeneration on
15642s aatrox so huge and the way the barrel
15645s came into play because of that
15647s overwhelmed threat was so enormous in
15650s the second game and now we have Aurora
15652s moving on to 2-0 in the group in
15654s spectacular fashion with an aurelian
15656s Soul game a world Ender Game we're gonna
15659s throw it back over to the analyst desk
15660s to break down exactly how it all played
15663s out
15663s thank you so much Boulevard and scarzig
15666s what a phenomenal match I mean that just
15669s game number one
15671s aatrox versus irelian soul who would
15675s have ever expected that like imagine
15677s you're thinking that world Ender can
15679s beat the universe Destroyer like come on
15684s the big dragon takes out the uh the dude
15688s that's trapped in a sword I mean come on
15689s look it's it's a story
15696s oh excited to see really in Seoul I saw
15698s that in the lineup so I was like please
15699s give me a really good soul I just want
15701s to see big dragon do big things and
15703s seeing him level up I knew it was over I
15705s was like oh there's too much value here
15707s and it's obliterates too yeah it's been
15709s a while since we got to see him so it
15710s was it's like nice I mentioned before he
15712s went into that match that like that was
15713s kind of my wish list is I just want to
15714s see aurelian Soul come down I wanted to
15716s actually see how he uh interacts with it
15718s and it is very fun to see like to to get
15721s the world Ender versus aurelian soul and
15723s see kind of which one out values in the
15725s late game in it it really is aurelian
15726s soul he just does way too much we went
15728s by dolor yeah we went by the war we went
15730s by the way I love it
15733s stay with the lore when you're playing
15734s lore that is just always the way it goes
15736s oh I see how it is I see what you did
15738s there you know
15741s that was good no it was good I I mean
15743s just let's look at game two as well
15745s though of course aurelian Seoul what a
15747s cool deck to be able to see but also
15749s Aurora finally got a win with that Kane
15752s aatrox as well what was happening there
15754s I mean I had just happened with
15756s boraculties like it's very hard to for
15758s the deck that's full of deal one to deal
15760s one for the tough unit yeah that has
15763s been really solid and the other thing I
15764s want to call out is like plunder has
15766s been looking more like blunder
15767s throughout this tournament it hasn't
15768s actually been able to find a win for
15770s tank it felt like it might have been a
15772s good meta call when we're just looking
15773s at it on paper historically it's done
15775s pretty well in mid-range metas because
15777s of its ability to freeze the entire
15778s board via sichuani but the cards have
15780s not Fallen that way for tank throughout
15782s this tournament yeah it feels like it
15784s just isn't quite like greedy enough
15787s we've seen a pretty greedy meta overall
15789s I mean we saw a really good soul level
15791s up that's how greedy this meta is and
15793s plunder just isn't really able to
15795s capitalize in that way I mean if he was
15797s trying to Target Champion strength he
15799s ended up in the wrong group yeah that's
15800s true exactly I mean you you guys have
15802s been saying this all day that the way
15804s that groups A and B have really played
15807s out is we're seeing a lot more elongated
15809s games and I feel like this was another
15811s great example of that despite it being a
15813s 2-0 the match was still pretty long yeah
15816s yeah thanks Mata Reed it absolutely
15818s ended up with the wrong group and he's
15820s not nearly as good in these grindier
15822s games as a lot of the other lineups that
15824s were in his group yeah I do think
15826s another group he would have looked a lot
15828s better and have that's just the way it
15831s falls I mean all these players prepped
15834s different decks and what were expected I
15836s mean some kind of went on their comfort
15838s While others just brought out completely
15840s new things and this today both groups
15843s brought out some new stuff and that
15845s definitely can mess up your prep yeah
15846s your overall meta read for the
15848s tournament can be fine but when it comes
15850s down to that microcosm of your group if
15852s you don't have a read that is going to
15853s work within that you won't make it to
15855s the stage that allows you to kind of
15857s shine against maybe some of the other uh
15860s groups kind of winning lineups well it's
15863s not a hundred percent over right we
15865s still have one more game for both the
15867s tank Buster and Aurora heading into the
15870s latter half of the day but you know can
15872s can we see a win here for the tank
15875s Buster like what do you think is a
15877s strong point of that lineup well
15879s definitely drawing on turn one and some
15882s getting some plunder action definitely
15884s it needs to happen
15886s we're gonna have to see maybe some some
15888s more uh some better hands maybe coming
15890s to the fold then I guess for the early
15891s game but we'll see how it goes we still
15894s have more Legends of runeterra action as
15896s we head into the second half of the day
15899s gonna go to a short break and we'll see
15900s you guys after
15902s always
15909s reasons
15911s [Music]
15939s thank you
15942s [Music]
15951s [Music]
15957s [Music]
15967s [Music]
15977s thank you
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15994s [Music]
16018s [Music]
16063s thank you
16066s [Music]
16077s thank you
16095s foreign
16097s [Music]
16101s foreign
16103s [Music]
16123s power changes everyone
16127s I long for the day when this is over
16131s foreign
16136s [Music]
16138s freedom but found only the void keep
16143s your distance
16147s we don't have enough time
16155s their power bencher will but they cannot
16158s Doom the rest
16168s the darkened filter Madness but the
16171s people can be saved
16174s I cannot stand by in the face of
16177s apocalypse
16185s burden
16188s or
16189s the best of us
16195s foreign
16204s no idea
16213s if we are to thrive we must truly be
16217s free the
16219s SE are good come to watch his precious
16221s world die no come to stop you whatever
16226s it takes
16232s insurance will show me the path how can
16235s the pursuit of Love warrant the end of
16238s Reason
16239s let's go let's go now you will
16242s understand
16244s I pray you will not need me again
16249s [Music]
16254s back everybody to the casting desk I'm
16257s Casanova joined by Alan we've got a
16260s great match coming up it's the king of
16262s Gondor and Forge of the frelyjord
16265s Aragorn versus a guy in his pet rock
16268s Grandpa roji Alan I'm excited for this
16271s match they're both 1-0 in the group it's
16273s gonna be a good one yeah that will be a
16275s big decider who's gonna go through
16277s farther we have some very exciting decks
16280s going in we have again a reminder
16281s Aragorn with his Zeke's Ionia that deck
16284s is one zero it absolutely decimate the
16287s last opponent I am really curious how it
16289s will haraji handle it yeah I mean this
16292s is great too it's a big match because
16293s yesterday everyone who got two wins made
16297s it through it's not guaranteed that
16299s that's how it happens but you're gonna
16300s be feeling very good you're gonna feel
16303s very confident if you can pick up that
16305s second win early on in your group so
16307s both of them really heavily fighting for
16309s this taking a look at roji now in his
16311s lineup that you've heavily praised going
16313s into this tournament I mean yeah his
16314s lineup is clean and the malphite finally
16318s find a spot where he is playable even
16320s though we haven't seen him in the play
16322s single time yet yeah we haven't seen it
16324s yet it got banned early on but here it
16326s is on your screen malphite Talia this is
16329s the signature deck for Grandpa roji he
16331s has brought this to so many tournaments
16333s way more than I can count he has found
16335s decent success but not many W's not many
16338s first places coming from those
16339s tournaments I believe this time we
16341s should see it in Play Because looking at
16343s the lineups Aragon technically should
16345s take out vein seems like a worse matchup
16348s overall for his attacks and roji again
16351s red Gwen red Gwen looks like the best
16354s band so far for the most of the players
16355s so I I know so red one looking like the
16358s best band for roji but last time that
16359s was also supposed to be the best band
16361s for rojini did not take it off the table
16363s so I'm curious why you think that he may
16366s have let it through and if that seems
16368s like it should still be different this
16369s time around and he'll take out that
16370s requin so red Gwen sometimes can lose to
16372s its own Rose but the problem is there
16374s are high sometimes higher scenarios
16376s where you just can't do anything there
16377s is a threat after red like imagine like
16379s you have not much interaction or one
16381s answer in your hand and there is like
16382s redeem Prodigy into Qatar into it again
16384s it's over yeah I don't do anything
16386s feeling like discard aggro especially
16388s how it used to be I mean now we even saw
16389s people bringing discard aggro because it
16391s can just find those wins it can just put
16393s together the perfect hand and just run
16394s you over so it does have that
16396s opportunity this was another interesting
16397s deck that Aragorn brought this was that
16399s Talia ziggs but splashing the Ionia and
16401s actually I don't think we really got
16402s your takes on that ionian Splash I was
16404s curious what you thought about this I
16405s mean the black flame and I'm okay black
16407s flame I can get behind it it makes sense
16409s it's expensive for a bit what it does
16411s and worthy soul
16413s I mean ah there are so many eye troxes
16416s maybe it makes sense the problem is you
16418s won't have the flow effect for this card
16420s most of the time which makes me think
16422s it's more for the landmark as well not
16425s only you need that's why not wheel of
16426s Ionia perhaps but we will see how cute
16428s this is but free off as well that's a
16430s very very heavy yeah it's very heavy in
16433s I mean the black flame we saw why you
16435s put that in right because of the Talia
16437s being able to just continue to come out
16438s ephemerally put so much pressure on from
16441s aragornin uh it that in itself was like
16444s okay maybe this Ionia Splash is worth
16445s but we have not seen uh the other card
16447s really do anything just yet so we'll
16449s have to kind of wait and see if in this
16451s matchup it ends up becoming a factor
16452s based on the previous ban you can tell
16454s that Aragon really wants to go into
16456s grinding matchups with his uh Ionia
16458s Zeke's deck so like most likely he won't
16461s be buying faster decks like action
16463s severe he'll just let it go because this
16465s is the deck he can actually outgrind but
16468s most likely he'll ban the vein Queen
16469s because it's a faster deck it can apply
16471s way more pressure you don't have time
16473s for cars like or black flame you're just
16475s gonna fell off if you try to do anything
16477s there well in this time around roji does
16479s end up actually Banning uh the the red
16481s Gwen I know this was something you know
16482s in the previous match he did not red
16484s Gwen taken off the table so he's not
16485s going to be worried about any of those
16487s uh basically runaway hands that Aragorn
16490s can get so looking at the remaining
16491s lists there I I'm curious Alan in this
16494s matchup who do you actually favor
16495s because I know you said roji in general
16496s has been kind of someone to run away
16498s with this group I know he's your
16500s favorite to get out but do you think of
16501s the Aragorn matchup specifically is it
16503s is it still looking good it's very tough
16505s to tell because the zig stalia I have no
16507s idea completely okay how often it breaks
16509s and how often it's actually reliably
16512s drawing into a good curve into that part
16514s into following Camp into Zeke's black
16516s flame Talia and how often it does not
16518s and how much power does it represent
16520s over Terence 567 where it can actually
16522s throw at you lethal so like if it's fast
16525s enough maybe it has a shot maybe I
16526s underrated it yeah for sure all right
16528s well let's take a look here at the Akron
16530s Varys this is a deck that uh you know
16532s reroll brought a similar version version
16534s uh earlier on he was able to get out of
16536s the group with it this is a deck that
16538s you were even saying uh you think is one
16540s of the most insane meta rates that we
16542s actually have at the tournament here
16543s being able to deal with both Champion
16545s strength and a lot of the main aatroxes
16547s you have good consistent units and very
16549s good spells into the metal like right of
16551s negation and forgiving call to those two
16552s cards are the MVP of the spells because
16555s the metals is slow enough where you can
16557s actually afford to play them and to
16559s punish the opponent like every time you
16560s attack like if you're playing the master
16562s deck and you are attacking with the big
16563s tall unit into the deck that can run
16565s unforgiving called you have to think
16567s twice am I am I out or losing if he has
16569s it is he bluffing it like what what do I
16571s do and eventually you need to attack
16573s because you cannot pass infinitely yeah
16575s and we saw roji earlier against donut
16577s playing this into uh the the DNA trucks
16581s and we saw you know World Ender come up
16582s he was able to deal with it I know donut
16584s did have a bit of a misplate during that
16586s sequencing but roji has been playing
16588s these kind of difficult matchups very
16590s well utilizing these tech cards uh to
16592s help delay the inevitable of the
16594s opponent's win condition and make it to
16596s the point where that you know uh Varys
16598s and Siva are able to find those wins so
16600s far very impressed how oroji plays out
16602s clean Place overall and the dragon like
16605s with his Zig stalia so far like Flawless
16609s like finding the lines that I hope I
16612s would have never seen and I think that
16613s we had some concerns for Aragorn early
16615s on right we mentioned he's a younger
16616s player this is one of his first major
16618s tournaments if not the first major
16620s tournament for him and how would the
16621s nerves going to affect him well in the
16623s first round it looks like he's a vet
16625s who's been doing this for years he
16626s played absolutely stellar and we'll see
16627s if that continues against roji or if
16629s roji puts out more pressure on him but
16631s at the end of the day it's not like you
16632s you know you're playing against these
16634s other players in this round that are the
16636s most known runterra players you know
16637s roji hadn't topped the seasonal so some
16639s players do sleep on him and I think
16641s Aragorn has shown nerves of Steel roji
16643s has done the same even though
16644s historically he's gotten a bit more
16646s nervous I'm very happy with this play
16647s and the fact that he hasn't fallen to
16649s the nerves he also depends who you play
16651s against certain players are more
16652s intimidating with their lineup you are
16653s more scared like you see that you are
16655s going into the underdog metal for
16657s yourself and like you are we're going
16659s with the mental okay this is really bad
16661s for me I have to pull off a 40 percenter
16663s like otherwise I'm out yeah but in this
16665s matchup it looks a little bit more 50
16666s 50. it's a little bit even between the
16668s two lineups so at the end of the day
16669s it's going to come down to the plays the
16671s draws you know uh there's a there's a
16673s little bit of luck involved it's a card
16675s game right you gotta find the correct
16676s draws and especially in these even
16677s match-ups so this is where misplays will
16680s be very very noticeable because the
16683s margins are so slim any mistake can make
16685s the entire difference definitely through
16687s looking very forward towards those games
16689s like the vein Queen eight rocks like you
16693s you can see that the heroes running two
16694s two of eight rocks here which definitely
16696s make the difference in the grinder
16697s matchups like Zig stalia if that game
16700s goes longer where a queen might not have
16702s been good enough here also okay the
16704s problem with those cocaine eye drugs
16706s decks they lack a bit on the low end and
16708s the top end is just being atrox and
16710s relying on that world under might be no
16712s to it all right well we'll see if roji
16715s or Aragorn is the one to take it soon
16716s enough there's been a quick delay with
16719s the players so we're gonna get to a
16720s short break but when we return we will
16722s have that matchup so don't go anywhere
16728s [Music]
16746s foreign
16754s [Music]
16779s [Music]
16803s [Music]
16817s thank you
16820s thank you
16822s [Music]
16863s thank you
16882s foreign
16883s [Music]
16887s foreign
16890s [Music]
16911s [Music]
16919s behold the righteous flame glory and
16923s Light
16923s [Music]
16932s foreign
16936s [Applause]
16940s [Music]
16943s spare the innocent punish the wicked
16948s truth guide my sword
16952s you are unworthy
16960s on Wings of Fire hope ascends
16964s foreign
16967s [Music]
16998s Deliverance
17001s our devotion will not be broken
17008s [Music]
17013s welcome back to the legends of runetera
17016s world championship I'm Casanova joined
17019s by Alan zq we are about to jump into the
17021s matchup between Grandpa roji and Aragorn
17025s we've broken this down quite a bit we've
17027s got our malphite and joyer we've got a
17028s Talia ziggs with Ionia a little bit of
17032s spiciness uh to join in with uh some of
17034s the more standard decks for this one
17036s maybe some Italian mess up true that was
17038s see that one will be down I was not
17040s expecting to see that over this weekend
17042s I was not expecting to see two talias
17044s going at it we've actually oh had quite
17046s a few uh throughout the tournament
17047s because we even had you know another
17048s zigz Talia yesterday from kicker yeah
17050s definitely we'll see who which Talia has
17052s more rocks in it to throw with each
17054s other well at the end of the day you've
17055s got the rock Master on the other side of
17057s the road yeah I don't know if I want to
17059s get in a rock fight with Grandpa Roti of
17061s all people you know he's got the
17063s malphite he's got you know of course
17065s he's known for the malphite but end of
17067s the day it's gonna come down to a lot of
17069s the other decks as well we saw the the
17070s band for one side was the Gwen the red
17073s one gone let's take a look at the other
17075s band
17076s so we have the second bond for all
17079s neurology side oh that's going to be the
17081s VNA trucks yeah definitely the one of
17084s the worst matchups for the Aragon to
17086s face so understandable that he took it
17089s out and maybe maybe the Italian Talia it
17093s is it is online there is a chance that
17095s we get this silly imagine at least 50
17097s yes
17099s let's cue it up guys just cute come on
17100s give it give it to me and Alan we want
17102s to see this oh you want to see some
17103s rocks thrown okay okay let's do chest is
17106s there still a chance the lead is the
17108s other next right we've got the the
17109s akshan varus I think Buffalo skilled up
17112s with the stronger decks because like how
17114s tie Breakers work and each of them wants
17116s to get the win in the bag just to have a
17119s better time practice later on oh
17120s absolutely I mean it it certainly can
17122s come down to it right we mentioned that
17124s yes yesterday getting two wins was
17126s enough everyone who got two wins was
17128s able to make it to the next stage of
17130s competition but it's not guaranteed at
17133s to win so yes you really want this win
17135s but you also want to make sure your
17136s Breakers are looking good yeah
17138s we have some bakai on Buckeye action and
17141s we have action in hand that's a very
17143s very good opener for roji that can be
17146s followed up by The Swinging glaive yeah
17148s I mean roji with a nice setup he even
17150s has that momentous Choice as you know a
17152s backup here he's gonna have to find a
17154s time to actually bank that Mana though
17156s for it to actually come online because
17157s he does curve out here in dakshan and
17159s then merciless Hunter as an option yeah
17161s definitely we have the dark in spear
17163s coming down that's gonna be buffing our
17165s top decks that's extremely strong play
17167s as well we and we also pick out the
17169s earrings yeah you get it in the early
17170s game it actually makes your Buckeye be
17172s able to trade up to that Makai you get
17175s the favorable trade get the value and
17177s now on roji he's got actually quite a
17179s few options here right he's got Vagabond
17180s he's got swinging glaive and he has
17182s merciless Hunter but he wants to get
17183s that weapon online immediately this is
17185s the best possible Turn 3 Ball State for
17187s Roger he could have imagined he has Arc
17189s shot with swinging life online and he's
17192s swinging there is zero threats of taking
17194s him down this he must be happy about it
17196s yeah he's got to be stoked he's gonna be
17197s able to start getting that countdown
17199s quicker he gets these lucky fines to
17201s just continue to buff up I mean both of
17202s them find some good ramp but yeah
17204s Challenger quick attack one of the
17206s strongest combinations of keywords in
17208s legends of Heron Terra being able to get
17210s those one-sided trades alright so he
17211s decides okay I'm gonna play around on
17213s for giving cold I'm not gonna get baited
17215s by Challenger there are definitely
17217s answers that can be done if I'm gonna be
17219s connecting five to the face I'll be
17221s happy yeah all right there we go we've
17223s got fearsome life stealing quick attack
17225s all on this Keeper of the Box gonna be
17228s able to help sustain through because
17229s Aragorn took some early damage but now
17231s this is threatening to not allow Akron
17233s to block it because it does have four
17234s power I think pierogi's priority was a
17236s flipping action for all calls that's why
17238s he would throw in a one one he didn't
17240s want to risk it uh he can play the
17242s Vagabond and if there is any attempt on
17244s killing action he can answer it with the
17247s momentous choice and flip action by that
17249s same action because Vagabond flips by
17250s two and momentum sweeps by another two
17253s and landmark is right now at four yeah
17255s absolutely love that line I think that's
17256s perfect I mean you right now you can
17258s just take four damage you don't need to
17259s put a Tron in yeah and just get all like
17261s even you know regardless you're not
17263s going to put your uh your four Health
17264s auctions in front of a four Health quick
17266s attack even with momentous but still the
17268s fact is is ergorn doesn't have enough
17269s threat this was such an early electron
17271s you were able to pump up this Landmark
17273s so quickly and that's going to give
17275s rookies so much value in this game I
17277s think uh the only thing Karachi was
17278s considering was like playing Furious
17280s wielder if anything happening sweeter
17282s but he decides to go for the vagabondi
17284s instead yeah Vagabond there's varus so
17287s now he's got another one of his
17288s Champions that can be one of his big
17289s threats in the game and that alongside
17291s gameplay don't even consider that uh
17294s merciless Hunter play right there not
17298s sure why because like the Terran 5 play
17300s there is not many cars that can really
17301s punish you for development yeah
17304s interestingly because you know he's
17306s going for the the flip here he's going
17308s for the level up on akshan but he didn't
17310s need to rush this uh whatsoever I mean
17312s as you said there's not really much of a
17314s punish but there is somewhat of a punish
17316s on open attack because of the
17318s unforgiving pull yeah I mean in this
17320s matchup action civil should be unfavored
17322s not with this hand yeah yeah but but it
17325s should be our favorite so he really
17326s wants to keep that mana on a furious
17328s Builder
17329s yeah I think we're still thinking about
17331s maybe removing the cane but can you
17333s shouldn't be worth it even removing like
17335s you want to keep that Furious builder
17336s for the Atrix development yeah what are
17339s some of the big things that Kane aatrox
17340s has that are actually very good against
17341s this electronic silver deck what are
17343s some of the tools that they need to find
17344s unforgiving Cold yeah well and we've got
17347s one in hand right so we've got one to
17348s start dealing with it we do have the
17350s Furious wielder getting cast here from
17352s roji and there's going to be just the
17353s spell shield coming through the blockade
17355s the best possible answer to Furious
17357s wielder you try to do formula for two
17359s Mana you don't have to waste your
17360s unforgiving calls you preserve your unit
17362s very good play
17364s all right spell shield Challenger and
17366s quick attack but that's better than the
17368s quick weak attack and Challenger maybe
17370s this time no he decided like he doesn't
17372s like the Challenger with the he really
17374s wants to play around that unforgiving
17375s cult he doesn't get baited yeah he's
17377s playing very safe around that card and
17379s as you said every time I'm asking you
17381s about what's good against it it is this
17382s card that keeps coming up so I feel like
17384s playing around maybe the strongest card
17386s in the matchup is generally not going to
17388s be a bad strategy for roji here but it
17392s will cause him to lose some pressure
17393s overall because the amount of pressure a
17395s challenger quick attack unit with this
17397s much power exerts is immense yeah but
17399s aragorno sees that quick attack
17401s Challenger will be pretty good and he's
17403s gonna probably ignore the oh Furious
17407s will will we see unforgiving called in
17409s an answer here yep we've talked about
17411s this a bit but I don't know how much
17413s we've talked about it on the desk is how
17415s good unforgiving cold is into spell
17417s shield because of the fact that it casts
17419s twice it's gonna break the spell shield
17420s and still look at this like he's not
17423s only gonna flip the Landmark but it also
17426s will give you a new landmark
17429s soon yep yeah he needs one more counter
17431s after the swing
17434s and when we have an answer
17436s he wants to kill he can absolve her and
17438s he's going to yeah gonna push all the
17439s way through
17443s all right gonna find that there is
17446s another there is a warlord's horde
17448s available and the zakshan is still very
17451s safe it's still on board it's gonna
17452s start continuing to generate more he's
17454s gonna keep finding hordes yeah here we
17457s um
17458s I think you go for damage to push as
17460s much as you can
17461s he goes for HP HP do you go for the
17465s special or Draw he goes for the draw
17466s like he's even though he has two
17468s champions in the hand
17470s everything for roji right now has been
17473s about longevity of this action playing
17475s the long game recognizing the mid-range
17477s matchups have been getting grindier
17479s today and roji feeling very confident in
17481s those grindy mid-range games he has been
17484s kind of the king of mid-range in North
17486s America specifically and I think trying
17487s to bring that to the world stage he's
17489s doing a really solid job so far but now
17491s the aatrox is going to come down and the
17492s world Ender is what we have to watch out
17493s for and the world under will go down as
17496s quickly as he came in because we have a
17498s varus spell and Roger will be able to
17501s utilize it unless he chooses to play
17502s around momentous choice
17505s yeah but we did just see a momentous
17507s choice so you would be playing around
17508s the fact there are three copies you're
17510s still playing around the potential of
17511s two more that's why I mentioned the last
17513s turn like he had double varos in hand he
17515s knew that he's going into seven one if
17516s he's gonna throw so and he expects eight
17519s Rocks coming down and the problem is now
17521s he cannot play around to a momentous
17522s choice and last time he could if he just
17524s went for the damage instead of going for
17526s the HP for the on the action yeah
17530s fortunately for roji he will not be
17531s punished because there is no momentous
17533s Choice here he is gonna be able to take
17534s down this aatrox with the chain of
17536s corruption this is massive for roji as a
17539s Tempo swing he's gonna be pushing
17540s through the aatrox yes the world Ender
17542s still exists and Aragorn will have the
17544s opportunity to try and turn that around
17546s but there is so much tempo for roji
17549s having varus having akshan on the board
17551s I wish she went for the other way around
17553s just above the action and to challenge
17555s with the action so he pushes the
17557s overwhelm to achieve the Aragon chooses
17559s to the to block with the blue one he
17561s obviously wouldn't maybe his goal was to
17563s reduce amount of the followers because
17565s of the world under maybe that was the
17567s plan hallway
17568s all right but yeah yeah of course he is
17570s successful in that Aragorn only having
17572s this Brew on board not going to be able
17574s to have any real risk of dying to a big
17577s world Ender turn roji having so much
17580s pressure he's got is their Champion with
17582s the server he actually has a lot of
17583s tools at his disposal finding another
17584s absolver which can lead to you know the
17587s I mean share of overwhelm with the sivir
17589s later on this must be level up severe
17591s already oh it has to be he's done so
17592s much damage Aragon has to spend turn on
17595s developing he won't be doing much and
17597s when you just develop severe you develop
17600s like you can pretty much develop your
17601s almost whole hand and you just open
17603s Sweep with absolver and what's there for
17605s you yeah I mean the the unforgiving cold
17608s I guess is a really really
17612s you it just slows you down it doesn't
17613s work if he Buffs up the virus because
17616s he's gonna try to proc I didn't see that
17619s interaction yet but it should broke on
17621s the forest wise and it won't work
17623s because severe will have permanent out
17625s of spell shield ah see that is fair
17628s enough but we need to buff with absolved
17630s first part of the absolver on the varus
17633s all right but Serato gonna come down for
17635s Aragorn that will give him a way to try
17637s and draw more on this turn look for more
17640s potential answers to this board from
17642s roji it is a big body but realistically
17645s an 86 actually doesn't deal with
17646s anything on this board so not recognize
17649s this is the third one you just take it
17651s in and you just swing back harder just
17654s take height and send it back yeah I mean
17656s he can develop both silver and merciless
17658s hunter in response there's no Mana left
17659s for Aragorn there's no other pressure
17661s that can come out so at maximum you're
17663s taking you know eight nine damage here
17665s and that's fine you don't you don't need
17667s to worry about nine damage
17670s he could have used this unit to pull the
17671s styra to next turn and just go for
17673s little
17674s maybe he's thinking that 19 is too far
17676s off any reach I mean he doesn't like
17678s there is no car to stop little next turn
17680s the what are the cards that he could
17682s have played the star they were looking
17683s at the raccoon list there is literally
17685s no car that he would be playing now
17686s don't units he could have guaranteed the
17690s little next turn yeah how close are we
17692s gonna still be with the sivir and the
17695s merciless Hunter here we would have put
17697s tough down onto the Serato but that
17699s doesn't actually reduce anything because
17701s it will be pulled to the side yeah it's
17703s by one of the smaller youth concerts
17704s that's why you wanted to have the one
17706s instead
17709s foreign
17712s we've got absolver
17715s feels like it's got to be the open
17716s attack from yeah it definitely has to
17719s oh well okay
17721s I mean you do not want weapon on dirt
17723s aha you're gonna have on the CV earned
17726s this plus two okay it might be good
17728s enough where you beat unforgiving cold
17729s still but
17731s the problem is if you use unforgiving
17733s called the now
17735s it's RNG if it goes on severe or varus
17739s so he could actually pop the spell sheet
17740s and freeze the freeze the CV right away
17743s if you wanted to but that would be
17745s pretty sure it would be RNG because
17746s buffalo have eight attack and both have
17749s 5 HP
17751s right but now the things to kind of take
17753s stock up here Aragorn
17754s having the the cleave here he's going to
17756s be able to strike a couple of units uh
17759s I'm not sure if he's gonna have enough
17760s damage to break through plus the spell
17762s shield from sivir gonna be able to deny
17764s those casts yep so really it should just
17766s come down to the overwhelm the absolver
17768s popping I think roji should still have
17770s nearly enough damage I mean he's
17772s pressuring already 23. I think lastones
17775s he didn't plan much around the stern and
17777s didn't put on how much damage he wants
17778s to Output that's where the reason was to
17781s block like it's natural that you want to
17782s save 8 HP with a unit right but like if
17787s you present lethal next there there's
17788s just no need and also all right and he
17792s played around the unforgiving cold
17795s next cast we'll put the varus to 11
17798s damage
17801s honesty's bow is fully stuck but it
17803s shouldn't be it
17806s all right here comes the pressure
17807s through we'll see exactly how much
17809s damage is being pushed I don't think
17811s it's quite 20 yeah it's 18 so we're a
17813s little bit off if he had kept that you
17815s won hey that two one at two one that's
17818s that last two damage you needed we'll
17819s see if roji ends up punished the
17821s position
17824s there's no way that you can actually
17826s make something happen with the this Mana
17829s like World Ender is still nine Mana to
17831s play roji's still gonna win with that
17833s attack but should have been lethal
17835s exactly and we're gonna have another
17837s landmark pop next turn
17840s or this turn even if he wants to go for
17842s it now there was a consideration to not
17843s pop it now to have a discount on the
17846s cards next turn
17847s looks like he'll just go smell Shield
17848s though
17852s in Champions in play I don't think there
17854s are any two card combination cards that
17856s are gonna be stronger than the special
17857s here and plus two plus two on everything
17861s yeah just if if we weren't already sure
17864s that there's no way for Aragorn to deal
17865s with this board how about we give it to
17867s two installations
17869s maybe sample
17871s look at this hand Alex what is he doing
17874s that's a hood it's just coping
17877s he's thinking about the next game
17879s strategy already we're coping over here
17881s I guess we're coping over here he's
17883s gonna end the world but the only World
17884s being ended is his Nexus currently I
17887s mean yeah you at least get to see
17888s animation that's true I do like this
17890s animation I am a fan look
17892s look Dan even bigger this is a bigger
17895s side rocks with the Scout and tough he's
17898s going in
17901s he's so cool this guy he's I wish I was
17904s that cool I'm not that cool my problem
17905s is he was just
17907s foreign
17944s and what about the crack back too I mean
17946s maybe maybe we can live with the I I
17949s don't know that's cope still but
17952s I mean if he attacks like this he takes
17954s out the virus technically
17956s so he takes out the overwhelm unit but
17958s the vendor is a zolani staring at you
17960s yeah this is still healing too as well
17963s you go up to four change the math at all
17965s it does a little bit with zelani
17970s Maybe
17971s maybe but if you get to equip the weapon
17974s now on the zolani
17976s you can flip the weapons as well to
17979s Grant moral damage on the bow so you
17981s play ball on the zolani you play the
17984s dark control on the action and when you
17987s play again on him the glavi this would
17989s give you your bow another damage
17992s just open attack coming through giving
17994s overwhelm
17995s across the board just gonna send that to
17997s a roji is still able to take it not
18000s enough code beam in the world yep that
18003s should still be an error guard win but
18004s roji gonna pick up one I mean still
18006s considering the Ball State one less big
18010s unit and there was a chance yeah no no
18011s for sure I mean it was it was still
18013s close right like
18014s to be sure knee trucks is does have a
18017s lot of game into the electron versus it
18019s has a lot of ways to win roji had an
18021s insane curve and from there having a lot
18023s of pretty good spots only a small
18025s mistake that should have been lethal and
18027s to be fair that small mistake as you
18029s said one last one last big unit for roji
18032s and that could have ended up being a
18033s massive mistake because there would have
18035s been room for Aragorn to come back he
18036s made it through let's see how the next
18038s one goes oh we have the enough a b deck
18042s the malphite coming through going up
18044s against the Kane aatrox I swear every
18047s time I see any cool teeth deck I mean
18051s any dark in deck I see the Buckeye old
18053s one every single time oh absolutely and
18056s eighty percent of the time it's a free
18058s two Buckeye
18059s yeah you just start with it from the
18062s past are you starting with it it's like
18063s Sundays you just get it you get to
18065s predict yeah it'll be curious of course
18066s yeah yeah we we start with those all
18069s right that's uh that's that's what you
18071s know when you're a good player we're at
18072s the world championship battle and
18073s everybody is starting with the Food Lion
18075s they're all good players but look at
18077s this opener by Ariana you again have the
18079s bakai into darken spear buffing up your
18082s next cards yeah I mean this is the best
18085s case for dark and spear right you're
18086s able to get it early on the bakai you're
18088s able to get those Buffs early early in
18090s the game by the time you're even playing
18091s another unit it's probably buffed by the
18094s spear I mean yeah you play back on one
18096s you predict the dark in Spear and you
18098s attack on two it's no big deal just
18099s default play yeah exactly exactly it's
18101s perfect behind me default for world
18104s champion competitors yeah that's that's
18107s what you want and just to get this now a
18110s nice Scout lining up into all those
18111s three damage units with the tough
18114s oh I have a note here about roji roji
18116s actually this uh the blue buff this was
18118s a card that he was running a one of in
18120s his malphite deck for the longest time
18122s and then in the qualifiers he beefed it
18124s up to a three of it he said it was the
18126s most impactful card of his qualifier he
18129s has since taken it back down to two but
18131s this is still something to look out for
18133s he's felt like the ramp into Talia and
18135s the ramp into the malphite was actually
18136s such a big deal for his qualifier run
18139s and we're gonna see if that continues to
18140s kind of play out here in the world
18142s championship as he still kept it to do
18143s he kind of split the difference he went
18145s yeah
18147s let's take a quick look we have a scout
18151s with quick attack see the punching for a
18152s six that's uh that's a good unit it's a
18155s pretty solid turn five attack because I
18157s have the Scout with the tough as well
18159s and even if it was to take look we see a
18160s Sunburst there but if you play that
18162s Sunburst and you're gonna see the
18164s expense protection when you just conceit
18167s so roji knows that and now the question
18170s is is he gonna risk it because the
18172s problem with the right of Arcane it
18174s meets way more answers then like there
18176s is a momentous Choice as well oh not way
18178s more twice more yeah and Sunburst all
18181s gets only answered by the Sunburst well
18184s there's the tap out so now you've got
18185s the way to go for that Sunburst the the
18188s coast is clear I mean you'd ah yeah you
18191s don't probably risk momentous choice
18194s I mean I yeah I guess that does open up
18196s the options where momentous choice is
18197s the only way to answer the ride of the
18199s Arcane so maybe you want to grade it out
18200s your Sunburst and hold on to it but it
18202s is the safe option good card for a
18204s trucks
18205s ready you're gonna play it here like you
18207s know there is already eight rocks in
18208s that event you're already so behind on
18210s the board like what's your game plan for
18212s turn six
18213s he runs a second copy but that's not
18216s gonna be good enough really to just be
18217s like oh I might draw into it he's got
18220s the Talia as part of his game plan but
18221s yeah he is kind of slowing down he does
18223s have some more card draw
18225s um in his hand he can start to cycle but
18227s it is definitely tough I mean I think in
18229s this spot this is a pot where you if you
18231s have momentos you lose but you take the
18233s winning play I think the sandbox is just
18235s a losing play because you know there was
18237s literally drone eight rocks and you know
18239s it's Comic Con six it's not like it's uh
18241s oh maybe there is no a trucks or maybe
18243s no momentous you know there is a trucks
18245s but you know that might not have been a
18246s momentous choice so you make the play
18248s against uh the unknown card so this is
18251s going basically this is playing to
18253s survive in the moment versus playing to
18254s win playing for the late game thinking
18256s ahead in your moves and you even
18257s mentioned in the last game roji was kind
18259s of thinking a turn at a time he didn't
18260s think about his next attack when he went
18262s and blocked that nine damage he was he
18264s was thinking more about oh can I take
18265s nine versus can I kill on the next turn
18267s exactly that's why I'm seeing some
18268s issues with roji here as far as his
18270s foresight a couple turns down the line
18272s exactly that might be a room to to find
18274s some improvement from the future
18276s all right but the right of the Arcane
18278s going to come through take out a dozen
18279s the great Khalia he just goes in with
18281s the right of arcane
18283s there's the aatrox
18287s so I think the plan here is to just
18288s block eight rocks with five three that's
18290s why he did it and the right of Arcane
18291s eye trox and go from there
18295s still saw it he did pick up that second
18296s right of the hurricane so he's gonna
18297s have at least some more removal to be
18299s able to push through even though nothing
18301s can fully trade in the a trucks but
18302s still the hand a bit slow from roji he
18305s does have the Talia but none of the more
18306s powerful landmarks to copy not even you
18309s know a lot of times we'll see roji copy
18311s preservarian to just continue out
18312s playing more lines finding a lot more of
18314s his powerful cards and he doesn't even
18315s have that oh look another Challenger
18317s with quick attack potentially coming
18319s yeah it's very rough for roji
18322s unraveled Earth he's gonna draw finds
18324s another Talia
18326s alright so here let's see if he risks
18328s now against momentum's choice
18331s no he does not
18334s I didn't see what he picked we'll see I
18336s think it was quicksand
18338s if it was offered I think quick sounds
18339s very powerful yeah a spot so but again
18341s how do you win like this is like the
18343s spot where you just yeah you make all
18346s those plays you play around mementos but
18348s by playing around momentum twos we are
18350s just losing the game
18352s yeah we stuck in a tough spot where
18355s Roadie doesn't have good recourse
18356s against the full four here yes the right
18358s of Arcane could handle aatrox or can
18362s handle the 6-3 but in this spot it of
18364s course can't handle aatrox did not have
18365s something big enough to trade maybe he
18367s was hoping that the atrox would be
18369s attacking King 253 and the 6-3 will
18371s attack something else okay but
18375s just I mean if momentous choice is there
18377s it's there at this point because you're
18378s so far behind but it felt like if you
18379s take this risk earlier on you're in a
18382s much better position I mean
18384s you just you you just predicted into
18386s doing something you'd have done anyway
18388s so why not just try to kill and then
18392s just not give away your uni for free
18394s well we found our bomb we found malphite
18396s so at least we have some powerful cards
18398s in the back printer but if malphite I'm
18400s not sure if it's enough in this position
18402s okay not the level Talia he's got some
18403s pressure he's got some serious pressure
18404s coming through if anyone can do it it's
18407s motherfucked
18408s I need the sons there we go though World
18411s Ender coming through already time for
18414s some world ending baby
18416s it's going to be some big damage Talia
18418s gonna be hard-pressed to defend on our
18420s own yes there's a second Talia the
18422s malphite is gonna be able to create the
18424s offensive pressure but the defense is
18425s the thing that is so Troublesome look at
18427s this board yep
18431s that's a good oh you look at the amount
18434s of the dark is coming now oh that's
18437s another Style
18438s oh oh no Aragon is excited
18442s he's gonna have the fattest Board of
18444s darkens right here he's gonna pull more
18447s from the deck as well to spear when it
18449s transforms it is going to be pulling
18451s more cards from the deck
18453s so we got the malphite coming down
18456s we'll be able to stun somebody oh that's
18459s not enough Target you wanted whatsoever
18461s actually the worst Target of the three
18463s that's not enough yeah he has plenty
18465s cars like he doesn't Aragon doesn't need
18467s more cards and getting more Tempo
18469s getting less more Tempo away from
18471s opponent it would be definitely a better
18473s play yeah and that right indication just
18475s a little a little bit too late right
18477s short yep
18480s you're gonna come down
18482s if he has a Mana for the or maybe Adam
18486s no he cannot pull alarm anymore for the
18488s winning play later maybe get some isol
18490s from that um
18492s the whole link
18493s oh wow he got to start actually all
18496s right finding the the Minefield able to
18498s slow this down a little bit but let's
18499s see what the pulls are once this attack
18501s comes through see if we find more darken
18504s no just gonna be some softer followers
18507s that's a cane bro okay
18512s that's a lot of condo it's so many cards
18515s it's so many cards it's so difficult for
18517s roji to actually find a win through all
18518s this I mean he gets a modified to an
18521s external Stan
18522s maybe I mean he has right obligations
18525s but there's just there's so many there's
18526s a lot of answers here that that Aragorn
18528s has picked up he's gonna delay it way
18530s too much and with those full darkened
18532s bored roji's gonna run out of defensive
18533s options malphite's always good
18535s offensively but it's the defensive
18536s options that are going to be struggling
18537s yeah there is also the spell sheet for
18540s this time right it's it's rough it's
18542s beautiful
18543s like it's rough maybe second right of
18545s location if he decides not to use the
18547s spell shield
18549s all right but here we go Sunburst okay
18552s Sunburst is there it just feels like
18554s there's just too much of a wealth of
18556s resources for Aragorn so the the
18558s Unstoppable Force comes through we get
18561s the stun but in response
18563s aatrox is just going to take out Talia
18566s there's those right but
18568s I think they're all good enough the emo
18571s kid or else emo please no please don't
18578s nicely baited with the atroc spell first
18581s and then we're gonna see if you use
18583s wielder
18584s yep curious will there easy easy
18586s response to this Unstoppable Force gonna
18589s be able to push through I mean Aragorn
18591s they're playing slow back and forth but
18592s once again a lot of co-pm being left at
18594s the end of these matches because this is
18596s very much Aragorn with a full fist of
18598s cards so many answers in the deck right
18599s the expanse protection unforgiving cold
18601s both good defensive options into the
18604s malphite and Road you with one card in
18606s hand isn't gonna have the defensive
18607s options to deal with a board full of
18610s darken I mean you can think about your
18611s like Roger could be thinking about denim
18613s already like use this time as a resource
18616s also you can like if you know that your
18618s opponent is way slower in making a place
18620s than you can play also for timer timer
18622s is also resource it's true roji found
18624s that first game win
18625s so looking for the timer as a potential
18628s source of Victory is there but we are
18630s going to get the surrender here from
18631s roji recognizing nothing left to do here
18633s in game two but up against Aragorn for
18636s game three back against the wall with
18638s his signature deck he's still got the
18641s malphite left for one more game and we
18643s do get that Talia versus Talia matchup
18646s oh yeah that's what we were looking for
18648s I'm looking forward to Ionia version
18650s like hell I mean it's it on entirely
18654s should be pretty good you have unworthy
18656s soul for the malphite and Talia I mean
18658s not necessarily you always want to ban
18660s stalia but in this matchup you might be
18663s looking for some extra value with the
18664s black flame cast it on your ziggs or
18666s Talia and just outgrade your opponent
18669s yeah notably it does feel like Aragorn's
18671s list is just slightly faster but it does
18673s have you know some of those ways to
18675s remove the big threats it's still pretty
18677s close between the two it would just come
18679s down to what the draws I mean we take a
18680s look here desert naturalist is something
18682s that Aragorn does have potential to
18684s destroy a lot of these landmarks that he
18685s creates and go for a big rock bear swarm
18687s as he does also have the rock bear
18688s Shepherd the fact that he has the roji
18691s has Sunburst and the only answer to that
18693s is negation it's a big deal that you
18696s don't have like a single lasagna or
18697s something towards that so you can deal
18699s more efficiently with this removal all
18701s right but chip just gonna trade into a
18704s rock hopper to kick things off getting
18705s towards turn three The Rock bear
18707s Shepherds on each side so if we start to
18709s see a bunch of those grumpy Rock Bears
18711s it will be both sides doing it but the
18712s endless devout for now for roji coming
18714s out and there's the first rock bear
18716s Shepherd some grumpy Rock bear is going
18718s to come marching through yep you take
18719s some damage here to get the more Temple
18722s later on into the game
18724s gonna pick up that Temple we'll see how
18726s roji responds to that also we have to
18728s put some note on the desert naturalist
18731s should be pretty good in to do like
18733s destruction of some landmarks yeah I
18736s mean it is even still good to just get
18738s rid of that ironating rock bear and
18741s allow your Tempo to come through right
18743s you've got a pair of your own you're
18745s gonna get rid of rogis and be able to
18746s push forward definitely we have some
18748s very interesting turn here where he
18750s could go for the Talia grumpy Rockville
18753s next turn you just play pressure volume
18755s now
18756s and wait yeah does give him a way to
18759s copy you'll sacrifice some HP for that
18762s I feel like you can sacrifice some there
18764s is still the worry of Talia you know
18766s rocking you down later or more
18768s realistically malphite getting one big
18769s stun that pushes that last bit of damage
18771s especially if it is just one turn and
18773s being able to push seven malphite can do
18775s it himself if you take too much early
18777s but right now there's only four being
18779s threatened and that would be acceptable
18781s as the chip comes down it becomes seven
18783s and it starts to get a little bit scary
18784s yeah that's definitely a lot of damage
18786s so Aragon took a bit slower a line where
18789s he wants to multiply the
18791s grumpy Rock Bears and the van so does
18795s the roji yep roji gonna be able to do
18797s that as well threaten with the Talia he
18799s says I don't care about the vulnerable
18800s I'm gonna get a couple Rock Bears out
18802s and this is a massive attack being able
18804s to come forward but Aragorn is gonna be
18806s able to respond yeah pretty much the
18809s same play as roji roji having a bit more
18811s pressure but having way more Awkward
18813s attacks
18815s because he can just choose to take a bit
18817s more damage he can block with one three
18819s doors and he can block the three three
18821s units with the rock bears
18824s absolutely can find those blocks look
18827s for Value but he does have to stop some
18829s of his damage and Aragorn deciding to
18831s just trade it down on the Rock Bears let
18833s this game go a lot longer don't
18836s concentrate with Talia here or one is
18838s you you it goes down to three HP so it's
18841s vulnerable to right of Arcane and then
18843s two you give a landmark to opponent
18845s which is an optimal when the open test
18847s study on board unleveled
18849s there we go preservarian just gonna keep
18851s looking for draw and there's right of
18852s arcane
18854s is he looking for breakfast
18856s I mean it is one of the biggest win
18858s conditions of this deck right that is
18859s the black film Talia he wants to be able
18860s to set that up he certainly is going to
18863s be looking for at this game I wonder
18864s yeah if he's digging by trying to go for
18865s these preservarians instead of
18866s establishing more board
18869s maybe he's looking to for the Zeke's
18871s level up here perhaps
18873s very curious
18875s in mind here
18877s maybe he was looking for some soft uh
18879s soft pass with that pressure value to
18881s see what you how much Mana will a Roger
18884s has because we have to keep in mind
18885s there was still Sunburst in the energy
18887s stack and there was no right in the
18889s Aragon hand maybe he was looking for the
18892s using unworthy soul of his own Talia
18894s yeah could be looking for that we do get
18898s the ziggs now though there's still five
18899s men on the other side so that Sunburst
18901s is still available for roji
18904s are going willing to commit now with his
18906s Champions so we're gonna probably see
18908s second Talia play here just or sacrifice
18910s that one or unless you want to prevent
18912s it he most definitely can by just losing
18914s right of negation
18919s like he already pushed seven damage he
18922s might be holding that right to counter
18924s the right one if you need to get the
18925s malphite and he'll try to push him a
18927s little yeah it's possible that he can
18929s just hold it uh currently he's not being
18931s overly pressured like you said he does
18932s have an additional Talia he does have
18934s the ability to just give this one up
18936s it's not too overwhelming at this point
18939s yeah roji is just gonna immediately
18940s accept this he's got the additional
18942s delay he can even just play it right
18943s away yep
18945s a bit on the more unoptimal Landmark but
18950s it's a flip Italia you want to apply
18952s more pressure it's fine
18954s still gonna be in a solid position roji
18956s just going to be looking for that
18957s malphite at this point to help seal up
18959s the game he has the right of negation
18961s he'll push it through he's got you know
18963s a decent Board of uh units already he's
18965s got the teleoppity is going to be
18967s beefing it up with some clockwings just
18969s having a bunch of swarm right now he's
18970s very wide against Aragorn who only has
18973s three blockers it really just comes down
18974s to can we find that malphite relatively
18976s quickly so we see how skills broke the
18979s flow for the Aragorn and that's what a
18982s recent change where flow is also broken
18984s by the skills not only by the Spells so
18988s that's where kind of that is coming from
18990s is entirely just the Tilia yep it's
18992s gonna be the one that is going to reduce
18993s the cost on the Unworthy Soul that's the
18997s combination I guess we were looking for
18998s with the unworldly Soul yeah definitely
19000s not sure how he was gonna proc the flow
19001s but it is through the Talia
19004s and Zeke's plus one spell perhaps yeah
19007s he's gonna go down to six HP already
19011s very confident
19013s the problem is if now malphite comes
19015s down you have no right of negation you
19018s are just to threatened to die yeah I
19020s mean that is the the big kind of damage
19022s threshold is is seven because at that
19025s point even if you're able to get control
19026s of the board malphite himself can just
19028s end the game oh and look at that you got
19032s the combo black flame that is
19035s moving forward that Roti has to deal
19037s with he is right to slow down one turn
19039s of attacks
19040s wow unless it fills the entire wow
19044s that's
19045s that's a lot of damage does this build
19046s the stack Alan Irby one off no it's
19050s filled it's uh right yeah yeah you can
19052s only play one of burst bears at the time
19055s so you actually can't even write up
19056s negations it is a full stack two black
19059s Flames one Talia
19061s nine skills slash spells all the stuck
19066s malphite with an 11 chance to be drawn
19069s roji does need to find his win condition
19071s very quickly here I mean can you stay
19072s even alive if you are Roger here like
19074s let's let's think about it for a moment
19076s like he blocks with Talia that's the
19078s zero damage taken then uh how many units
19081s are vulnerable you can pull free you
19083s push one damage here two damage here oh
19086s Roger said 16.
19089s he's like healthy should be okay
19091s he's fine the next time an attack comes
19094s through he will start to to be worried
19097s but at least the first one he's all
19099s right he's gonna survive the first one
19100s but the 11 chance to draw malphite it's
19103s not incredible oh look at this it's so
19106s beautiful
19106s oh that's so satisfying to look at I
19110s guess we figured out the Ionia combo
19111s like we figured out why Aragorn went for
19114s Ionia it's such a cool combo yep and
19117s when you get it online this is so
19118s powerful it's very difficult for the
19121s blockers to deal with it I mean you
19123s can't write off negation that's so funny
19126s it's perfect filling the stack I mean we
19128s haven't seen too much of this strategy
19130s being able to happen outside of karma
19132s seraphine can kind of do it now as well
19134s but doing it with a Talia list by just
19137s oh I've never seen the X Talia I mean
19139s it's wonderful it's awesome to see this
19141s that's so cool
19143s all right
19146s so he decides to
19150s deal some damage with zekes and get the
19153s second tally on the board
19154s just for the blockers yep he doesn't die
19157s this is actually one of the coolest
19158s things about the black flame too is you
19160s can use the black Flames as fodder for
19163s right of the Arcane because he has to
19165s use the ephemeral ones that come out and
19167s fire but you just get a Talia back it's
19169s not like you're losing out on the power
19170s on your offense most defensive we're
19172s gonna see your right of negation come
19174s down to protect Italia but there is
19176s still unwarfi that's gonna be discounted
19178s next there and after defending we might
19181s see the another black flame go down
19185s all right well it comes down
19187s malphite draw Attack token
19189s I mean there is the right of negation
19191s potential to object because now there is
19192s a protection
19194s both sides have top decks here that are
19196s important roji's offensively he needs it
19198s Eric only needs that right if it's a
19201s malphite on the other side
19203s so he also he's absolutely out for roji
19206s does he run absorber no he doesn't oh no
19208s he has absorber he could find detail
19210s with absolver that's true he had two
19212s outs he didn't find either find Sunburst
19214s instead
19215s can he live one more attacking turn from
19218s Aragorn I think he'll try to kill both
19220s Talia I think that's his that's his idea
19222s okay yeah he can pull one he's got the
19224s Sunburst for another yep exactly oh
19229s it's threatening lethal can he can he
19231s get six through I don't I mean this is
19234s pushing us to block with Talia here what
19237s Italia I mean does that accomplish the
19240s same you might as well pull it so do not
19241s give a choice
19246s yeah you absolutely are you're not
19248s pushing lethal it is going to be stopped
19250s Aragorn has the and we're gonna see
19251s unworthy soul to come down now
19254s [Music]
19256s and what if it's all just developing a
19259s blocker or another Italia
19261s but the landmark won't get away
19264s okay so he just wants to recall the
19267s opponent's Talia instead he just wants
19269s to get his own out of the pool okay yeah
19272s just to make sure he doesn't lose to
19274s absorber okay
19276s we have The Spectator side so we know
19278s it's very like technically you're
19280s recording your own Talia would be decent
19282s play but of course players don't know
19283s and there is exactly four Mana for a
19285s little for the roji yeah yeah of course
19287s no that is a really solid play from
19289s Aragorn to play around the Observer
19290s there's two ways he can lose his
19292s absolver and it's malphite now there's
19294s not enough Mana for malphite so absolver
19295s is the only one you play around the card
19297s that can beat you because Aragorn is in
19299s a solid position to close this out most
19301s definitely
19302s Roger is still debating if this is the
19304s other he wants to pull
19307s just dealing with the Talia I mean it
19309s buys them more time he's not immediately
19311s losing anymore he he was in the point
19313s with the all those black Flames sitting
19316s around the multiple talias where he was
19318s on more of a clock it has slowed he's
19321s got a little bit more time just taking
19323s out a Talia for Aragorn that might be
19325s enough to buy some space to get to the
19327s malphite I love that he's taking his
19328s time to think this through to just make
19330s sure there is no better play yeah roji
19333s with a big reaction he I think he knew
19335s that unworthy Soul was something that
19336s could blow him out but he understands
19337s that hey there's nothing there's nothing
19339s else he can do right this is this is the
19341s play that he has to make to try and buy
19343s some space
19345s oh we have rights of Arcane draw as well
19347s yeah we get one more draw as well from
19348s the preservarian
19350s and let's devout uh this looks like a
19354s little unless weak scent or right of
19357s negation yep there's the open attack
19360s there is a quicksand though
19362s for roji
19365s is that actually enough to stop it he's
19366s only at four Health now he did lose so
19368s much
19369s previously I mean even the right no no
19371s only right of negation will stop the
19373s detail here yeah too much damage from
19375s the six too much Leah not having enough
19377s Vlogs roji going to ball Aragorn gonna
19380s go up 2-0 in his group reminder everyone
19383s yesterday that went 2-0 made it through
19386s it's not guaranteed but Aragorn has to
19388s be feeling very comfortable and
19390s confident starting out with a 2-0 today
19392s okay I have to make an apology I was
19395s making this whole morning fun of this
19396s deck and it's just it has two records so
19399s far it's 2-0 records good in both games
19402s it's been able to swarm early it has a
19405s great win condition set up with the
19406s black flame on Talia it's looking really
19409s solid for Aragorn and he's still cool
19411s and confident throughout he's been
19412s piloting super well on each of his decks
19415s this time I think Ro G2 was still taking
19418s his time there he's looking for the
19419s right place but we did see one crack in
19422s roji in this game and it was kind of his
19424s foresight into future turns and that can
19427s cost you we set it at the start of the
19428s series look at like a 50 50 matchup you
19430s make any mistakes and it might be all
19432s the difference yeah but most definitely
19433s they did play like a very good players
19436s they didn't make many like any mistakes
19439s by per se just not thinking about like
19442s future runs and not playing accordingly
19444s to that yeah for sure but still both of
19446s these two players still may be the
19448s favorites to make it out of that group
19449s Roadie still has a lot more work to do
19451s he is 1-1 in the group finding a win in
19454s his next match could help lock him in
19456s right 2-1 was looking good yesterday not
19458s guaranteed but it's where you want to be
19460s let's toss it on over to the analyst
19462s desk where they can further break down
19464s this Talia versus Talia about between
19466s Aragorn and roji
19469s oh my gosh Casanova and Alan you have
19472s left us a lot to talk about especially
19475s when that three-game match was just so
19479s exciting from start to finish let's
19481s start with game number one what was
19483s happening in this match so the first
19485s game we saw a lot of constraint from
19487s roji you know Alan mentioned it a lot
19489s not going for that quick attack
19490s Challenger combination and opening
19491s itself up to get blown out by the
19493s unending or the unforgiving cold you
19495s know it's a big spell it's like one of
19497s the namesake spells of the tournament
19498s right now it's something that players
19499s constantly have to keep in mind and The
19500s Swinging glaive getting a lot of value
19502s that's a card that roji really likes
19504s he's played it in Kaiser before right
19506s after the Kaiser Nerf trying to prove
19508s that it was still powerful made it first
19509s to Masters That season with the swinging
19511s glaze so this is something that roji
19513s really likes it's a weapon that really
19514s only he brings to tournaments but he's
19516s been doing it for a couple of months now
19517s it's a testament to how many games I
19520s imagine he's been able to get carried
19522s with auction plus swinging glaive
19524s there's not that many good carriers for
19526s the weapon in the list outside of those
19528s key Champions so he got the auction into
19530s the swinging glaive and just recognized
19532s I can let the lucky finds carry me
19535s throughout the game you're accelerating
19537s your warlord's Palace in sentinel's
19538s horde as well and slowly but surely
19540s building up this massive mid-range unit
19542s that you can rely on in the late game
19544s wasn't that at the end of the game
19545s auction was still alive that was the
19547s first one from turn two
19549s so much that we just saw in like game
19552s one like game two Aragorn able to bring
19555s it back but it was really game three
19556s where I feel like Eric Gordon just
19558s showed so much expertise when it came to
19561s what was maybe more of an unconventional
19564s matchup between a Talia versus atalia
19567s yeah I mean so the totally amalfighting
19569s the zigzilia obviously gonna play out a
19570s little bit differently we saw the black
19572s flame combo go off but still because I
19573s know you had a specific point you wanted
19574s to make about that one I mean the
19576s casters caught it as well but I as soon
19579s as I saw both the landmarks go down
19581s without Talia I was like it fills the
19583s stack it fills the stack and I was
19586s really excited to see that because we
19587s haven't seen that since spooky Karma but
19589s just seeing like making it so there's no
19591s counter play against these other
19592s negation decks and these deny decks and
19594s stuff I just thought that was such a fun
19596s thing I mean that's one of the things
19597s that I would be like yeah I'm gonna go
19598s fill the stacks on my phone I can't
19600s react to it so I was so excited to see
19602s that actually came to fruition as well
19604s because I mean it's cheeky it's fun and
19607s it's the kind of innovative deck
19608s building that we like to see in these
19609s tournament I mean I enjoyed that so much
19612s like I want to go play that like now can
19614s I just hop on there so sick once the
19618s deck that you built comes together like
19619s I said Aragorn is Young he's Scrappy
19622s trying to innovate when we saw kicker
19623s yesterday on Talia ziggs like the
19625s quote-unquote normal version it seemed
19627s pretty middling even though it's been
19629s just a solid deck number three for a
19631s lineup but having the extra greed of the
19634s black flame really puts it into that
19636s next level that we need and it's not
19637s even just the black Lane I think the
19639s Unworthy Soul has been doing an insane
19640s amount of work so far there's really
19642s limited interaction in your traditional
19644s ziggs Talia deck being Vandal City and
19646s sharima you don't really have those big
19647s fight spells those Furious wielders that
19649s we're seeing out of the rest of the meta
19650s So Unworthy Soul not only being weapon
19653s removal but in a very efficient Tempo
19655s tool in a deck that has some key combo
19657s finish turns I think has really been
19659s propelling Aragorn to the top of this
19660s group yeah yeah it's been really cool to
19662s see these Tech choices I mean this is
19664s not a deck that I would have thought of
19666s to even consider and the fact that he
19668s has made it work so well and it's not
19670s just like oh he just really high rolled
19672s that game like he got really lucky it
19674s was like this is how the deck is
19675s supposed to work and this is my game
19677s plan and executed it I just I'm so happy
19679s to see something as unique as a stick
19683s it's been so cool to just watch how all
19685s of these players have navigated
19686s everything because I feel like even
19688s though you look at something and maybe
19690s you're like yeah this is like maybe more
19692s of a conventional deck you would expect
19693s to see from The Meta you've still seen a
19695s lot of creativity when it comes to
19696s finding those unconventional lines and
19698s then also the tech choices have just
19700s been really really cool I feel like
19702s giving a lot of people inspiration for
19704s making their own decks yeah when it
19706s comes to the black flame when I was kind
19708s of first looking at the world Ender set
19709s right it was one of those cards that the
19711s longer you stare at it your mind just
19713s starts whirling with how many different
19715s things you can shove inside this
19717s landmark and get ephemeral copies and
19719s Aragorn chose the most sane option what
19723s if I just played Talia she duplicates
19725s landmarks we get to double dip on that
19726s value and that Synergy and filling the
19729s stack only still refuse like could see
19731s she's probably filled more Stacks than
19734s any of us on the desk because she's
19735s always going for those big memes I was
19739s gonna say that too I mean I was on the
19741s desk but I know that Alan playing all
19742s those spooky Karma Ducks too I feel like
19745s we would give each other a run for the
19746s money there I wanna I wanna see the that
19749s Showdown Alan versus silver fuse who can
19753s fill the stack and game mode yeah
19755s exactly that would be so fun to watch
19757s but we do have another match now that we
19760s have started to look ahead
19763s we're getting close to the end of the
19764s day I I can't believe it's already match
19766s number eight heading back over to group
19768s a it's Teddy 314 versus bowis and I
19772s think that when you look at this matchup
19774s it's is another really interesting one
19776s because both of these players are 1-0
19780s and this match win could also be another
19783s just great solidifying point for them to
19786s move forward a Bowie's getting to play
19788s Red Gwen again it's something that
19789s always makes me a little nervous we've
19791s seen the deck really go down not really
19793s be able to leave the station get any
19795s sort of tempo but if you are too slow to
19797s end the game it doesn't matter
19799s eventually the reckoners come through
19801s when I play against red Gwen I'm like
19803s okay I dealt with Katarina I'm good I
19806s have a Vengeance or something to deal
19807s with eternal dancers but reckoner risen
19810s reckoner Fallen reckoner I can't block
19812s so all of a sudden this spiderling is a
19815s 12-1 and that's it that's curtains
19818s I really want to see the Jinx mirror
19821s because neither of these players brought
19823s this card aggro we have the Jinx
19824s Champion strength on the side of Teddy
19825s we have the Lulu Jinx on the side of
19827s Bowie's and I think Lulu Jinx is what a
19829s lot of players were looking at when the
19830s buff initially came out because Draven
19832s is just still sitting at two Health it's
19834s a little bit too low Lulu a three-man
19836s and three three that's what I'm talking
19837s about
19839s [Music]
19844s wait we haven't like seen her be able to
19847s do what we know her to do which is just
19849s just strike down the Nexus with four
19851s cross Bombs over and over again we
19853s haven't seen it and we saw Draven Jinx
19855s yesterday but it didn't really show up
19858s as much because it was banned most of
19859s the time so I would love to see Jinx
19862s actually to do what she wants to do I do
19864s like the Jinx Rockets those are always
19866s very fun to see what can happen with
19868s those there's only one way to find out
19870s right and that's to go ahead and get us
19872s back into the game so we're gonna send
19874s it back over to Alan and Casanova let's
19877s go
19877s all right welcome back to the Caster
19880s desk I'm Casanova joined by Alan zq we
19882s are going in with Teddy versus bowies a
19885s lot of the community has been calling
19887s this one the group of death because of
19888s Teddy and Aurora being seasonal
19890s champions in it but police already took
19892s down Aurora so now he's coming for blood
19894s against Teddy again I mean no one told
19896s Boise I guess yeah
19898s fantastic yep exactly but I I can't
19902s watch enough of Teddy like he's such a
19904s great player I'm just I I just can't I
19907s need more we've been talking about a lot
19909s of the players playing very clean like
19910s Aragorn and roji and the other group
19912s have been playing like very fantastic or
19914s in Terra very clean very few mistakes
19915s teddy as well in this group has been
19917s kind of up to par with them as far as
19919s playing clean if not maybe even playing
19921s better than those two players who have
19922s been almost Immaculate I mean when you
19924s are spectating from home it's hard to
19926s determine that like what's the
19928s difference between like let's say roji
19929s and Teddy but when like when you pay
19931s attention and hit the teddy does those
19932s plays that are like with the two free to
19935s runs ahead and he's he has everything
19937s planned like he comes how much damage he
19938s can take based on that he blocks
19940s accordingly like like you can see the
19943s premium in place yeah he's continuing to
19946s think multiple moves ahead whereas maybe
19948s we're not seeing that out of roji so far
19950s but this is one of the decks you
19951s definitely need to think a couple turns
19953s ahead ahead when you are playing this is
19955s seraphine Victor Ezreal this is going to
19957s be one of your back Ally bardex and we
19959s had an example of him thinking many
19961s turns ahead earlier on today when he was
19963s using that dark bulb Acolyte and saves
19966s that sacrifices at three three instead
19968s Buffs it up and ends up finding a strike
19971s spell to use with it all right which
19972s decks would you like to see play okay to
19975s be honest watching Teddy pilot this deck
19977s was very fun so even though I know some
19979s people might get mad at me for wanting
19981s to watch seraphine I do come on down as
19983s well I kind of want to see that but on
19985s the other side I do want to see the Lulu
19988s Jinx come through uh it has been banned
19990s a lot I'm kind of with silver I want to
19991s actually see this deck uh get some play
19993s so the standard of the James Bond was
19995s usually with the Champions rank because
19997s he prove to be the most consistent one
19999s we've said we've had a bunch of driven
20002s Jinx also bounce but this kind of drinks
20005s I don't think we've seen yet so maybe
20008s it'll go through also it doesn't look as
20010s scary as and consistent as just red Gwen
20013s yeah standard red one may just eat the
20015s band instead we've got the bands up on
20018s the screen it's gonna be no Hulu Jinx oh
20020s since it is banned away from Louise and
20023s it is going to be Jinx banned away from
20025s Teddy the champion strength version of
20026s jinxoa no Jinx for silver whatsoever in
20029s this one she is banned on both sides and
20033s that leaves us with our matchups being
20035s vein Quinn aatrox and the seraphine list
20038s going up against the other side of red
20041s Gwen and Pantheon Varys how's this
20045s shaking up for you Alex I mean Teddy
20046s like so basically this is uh Teddy
20049s wanted to queue up with his vein eight
20051s rocks into
20052s a red Gwen and he didn't want to queue
20055s up into the he wanted to keep against
20058s the pantheon virus because that's how
20060s those matchups go in terms of which we
20062s is favorite but so good to snipe by
20065s Bowie is getting a favorite matchup for
20067s himself we'll see how it plays out yeah
20069s well starting things off Teddy having a
20071s one drop having his early weapon uh he's
20073s got you know some combat tricks in hand
20075s and he does have his Champion right he's
20076s got his vein to try and get that rolling
20077s most definitely we have a lot of early
20079s game from the teddy we can and we have
20081s also a way that can start generating the
20084s taboos to start reducing the cost but
20086s the problem is it has like there is not
20088s much value and if there is a tall unit
20090s coming out soon with some weapon all
20093s those units will stop attacking because
20094s it's just like you can't go through and
20096s if you start trading conditionally
20097s you're just gonna lose whole Bolt and
20099s without being able to close it up yeah I
20101s mean exactly not having any value
20103s generation means that you can't afford
20104s to take unfavorable trades the entire
20106s time you need to make sure that you are
20108s ahead in those because you don't have
20110s any card draw you don't have value
20111s generation in your hand you have to
20113s generate that value through something
20115s and that is the units that you have and
20117s so if you can't do that but as you
20118s mentioned Teddy just has to kind of sit
20120s there wait to draw more cards wait for
20122s something that can allow him to generate
20123s that value yeah we're gonna see most
20125s likely that right here with the cool
20127s teeth because you don't want that
20129s qualities to generate an extra
20131s oh Teddy doesn't decide to play the
20132s tracker wonder what's his in mind maybe
20134s you're just keeping Mana for that catch
20136s When developing the vein now to just get
20139s her level up going so going to get the
20142s vein has that Mana saved for the catch
20145s he does have that trick on the back
20147s burner has the ability to go for an
20149s attack but currently you know Teddy may
20151s want to want to play I mean this is the
20153s play I'm talking about he played to have
20155s an option of top decking a weapon if you
20157s look at the list of the element of the
20159s weapons he could have top decked six
20161s premium ones and one not so good one he
20164s dropped the not so good one yeah so
20166s having the blood letters not exactly
20168s what he wants with the catch if he can
20169s pull Aegis instead then his attack looks
20171s a lot better for the vein right like he
20174s can suddenly go in and generate exactly
20176s what we talked about get the value with
20178s the units that he does have whereas he
20180s doesn't have any other ways to generate
20181s value so instead he is going to go for
20183s this attack I know you mentioned you'd
20184s be okay trading this tracker for the
20186s cultist because you don't want to let it
20187s generate anymore so this you'll accept
20190s it's more even you're not generating
20191s value but you're not losing out I mean
20193s you are getting a dark control you get
20195s another you need to put a weapon on you
20197s are not unhappy by this if you are Teddy
20199s at all all right so going to get that
20202s through push a little bit of damage with
20203s the vein we might see hey look he might
20205s be thinking about like the problem boys
20206s has in the fan he has exactly five cards
20210s that rely on six cards including the
20212s board that rely on drawing a weapon and
20214s he has none
20216s no weapon drawn just gonna Bank this
20220s Mana does need that weapon to activate
20223s all the Spells activate the the weapons
20226s the strikes he actually needs to have a
20227s weapon in another card that pizza weapon
20229s I mean you can just play qualities once
20231s you throw a weapon you can still
20232s activate courtesy while he's on board
20234s it's not an ensemon effect it's just a
20237s something that will trigger when you
20238s when it's gonna see a weapon yeah and
20240s currently a 3-5 is a solid blocker into
20242s this especially with the pale Cascade
20244s backup which would give you the the
20246s additional ability to draw and yes these
20249s horror cost burst spells they can all
20251s still be played Without a weapon they
20252s just become much better when you do get
20254s one because they cost less Teddy has a
20256s very interesting hand like he has triple
20258s darkin like we're gonna see probably
20260s those tokens get equipped with all those
20262s weapons like you want to get that world
20264s lender start procking and also you're
20266s gonna see it atrox is always the next
20268s equipment
20269s yeah so we'll have that aatrox 4 turn
20272s six if he wants to slam it which is
20273s actually a good value generator in
20275s himself right having that regeneration
20277s it's very difficult for your opponent to
20279s actually trade into him you can't just
20280s chip block him you have to block him a
20282s lot once and if you can't do so then he
20285s is just going to get face damage so he's
20286s either gonna get damaged he's gonna get
20287s four presence or he's going to generate
20289s you life or maybe all three so aatrox
20292s very good value generation and when you
20293s draw these three weapons which maybe
20295s aren't generating as much value at least
20297s they're getting you the aatrox which can
20298s do so I wouldn't be surprised if we're
20300s gonna see equipment on the vein here to
20303s also generate the another discount on
20306s the world end there so basically you pay
20308s one man an hour you get one more than
20309s machine but you get one discount later
20311s on
20313s yeah this is gonna be a lot of discusses
20315s very quickly it's it's actually kind of
20317s like a turbo World Ender that we're
20318s getting yeah because of this and zelani
20321s is overwhelmed and big and there's a lot
20323s of her hanging out right now if we end
20325s up getting that world Ender online
20327s really quickly it is a way to just end
20329s the game pretty instantly because these
20330s blood letters are very powerful at that
20332s stage in the game it always is looking
20334s for the weapon with the bed Cascade
20336s fails to find it another top deck no
20338s weapon he's absolutely devastated yeah
20340s guiding touchy can continue to dig if
20342s he's feeling that desperate at this
20344s point I mean you kind of are right
20345s you're a little bit desperate for this
20346s weapon you need to be searching for it
20347s guiding touch is another way to cycle
20349s but when you are playing that you are
20351s going down to four Mana already you
20353s would get the weapon it would be another
20355s uh two Mana to come out it's a really
20357s really rough spot for buoys
20360s we cannot get a challenger on the
20362s tracker unfortunately to Grant the to
20365s attack Ukraine on top so there was why
20367s there was no weapon previously because
20369s you didn't plan to attack with rain
20370s nonetheless we just hit the attack to
20372s get the red use of the world under a
20375s cost
20376s and yeah then he just won like he wanted
20377s to just stop pass to see what bowis does
20379s because so far he sees that he has some
20382s very hard time yeah and I mean Teddy is
20385s still he's playing with like an undying
20387s deck now because he has the two darkened
20389s thralls he can buff up with the weapons
20390s just send them in over and over again
20392s and he's uh the way we used to say this
20394s is he's blocking on offense oh because
20396s he's just putting this pressure and you
20397s have to do it you have some wrong screen
20399s on my screen those are already
20402s that's right there are he's a lot
20404s because of how fast this world Ender is
20406s getting turbo through I'm actually I I
20408s haven't been uh keeping the count so
20410s we'll see when this aatrox comes down
20412s but it's already been quite a few
20413s attacks because he's at nine Mana right
20415s now nine Mana right now aatrox gonna
20417s come down on the following turn he will
20419s have nine Mana yeah
20422s she can pretty much Play Turn 7 World
20424s Ender yep and there is no right of
20426s negation nothing all he can do is just
20428s fear Fierce wielder those one once yeah
20431s here is really the one ones but he
20433s doesn't have the weapon yet to do so
20436s we might see a tumble and fish fight
20440s this turn
20443s because there is nothing else he can do
20445s and he kinda wants to stay efficient
20446s with Mana and play for temple because he
20448s knows oh he keeps the mother he knows
20451s that he's winning the game pretty much
20452s on turn seven if he just keeps those
20454s trials on the board all right well let's
20457s watch this game plan in action still no
20459s weapon being found from boys we're gonna
20461s have that a trucks come down it is
20462s expected to be aatrox Turn 6 turn 7
20464s world enter bunch of Solani gonna come
20466s through and just end the game so here
20468s you cannot assimilate Champion with the
20470s dark enough so by equipping the weapon
20472s on the vein it will not transform to
20475s darken so that's maybe I mean he didn't
20477s plan to develop anyway anymore units
20480s because he knew the next unit he's gonna
20481s play his eight rocks and he the next
20483s play he's gonna do is gonna be the world
20486s Ender so he knew that's what's gonna
20489s happen oh and it seems like we were we
20491s ended up one off our account but Teddy
20493s is defaulting still I think it's 13. oh
20496s that's right yeah
20497s but but Teddy does account for this
20500s right so he's able to save Nano on the
20502s last turn makes it so he doesn't 10 mana
20504s on turn 7. the plan has not changed
20506s Teddy recognized and you're gonna have
20508s tumble for zero if fate doesn't die
20510s exactly there you go
20512s always has to force the response like he
20515s has to play here for you I mean he can't
20517s believe it has no weapon exactly that's
20519s that's the thing that's why I say now in
20520s early like as much as there is an answer
20523s to the darker throws he's still the
20525s little weapons reliant on that note
20527s that's not finally oh no I looked at it
20531s and it looks like the blood letters to
20532s be on like first glance but no it's
20534s momentous Choice oh no six cards that
20537s are reliant on weapon plus two on board
20539s so you are losing value so far missing
20541s value of eight cards
20543s it's heartbreaking
20547s it's just chilling with the world and
20549s under coming next turn on attack with
20551s tumble for zero Mana
20554s yeah this is this is the fastest World
20556s under we've seen I think uh turn seven
20557s oh it's gonna change the game plan here
20561s is considering a fish fight he's
20563s actually gonna cast the fish fight here
20566s instead he's gonna wait for us yeah he
20570s wants to make another a truck
20572s just for fun
20575s he just like he'll have double for zero
20578s all he needs to do is just attack with
20580s vein like open ataku tumble with vein
20583s and then if there is no unfor I mean
20585s unforgiving cult what even work because
20587s it wouldn't go on nitrox then you can
20590s play World under for eight mana and
20592s swing with football
20594s oh but he decides not
20597s oh but this no it doesn't this doesn't
20600s work because it's gonna go to eight
20603s yeah I I'm wondering what what could
20605s Teddy have been playing around here is
20607s it I mean she's winning anyway like it's
20608s just like the two it was most likely
20610s little Nextel and this way he's just
20612s taking away any hope from opponent okay
20614s maybe it's just make your opponent
20616s completely hopeless going into a full
20618s series yeah I mean because for us like
20620s obviously we know that voice is still
20622s not found a weapon and we know that his
20624s entire hand is Brick I'm pretty sure is
20628s that right that's what I was gonna say
20628s that he's gonna recognize
20630s likely going to be a fully bricked hand
20633s of course he knows there's no weapon
20635s because obviously boys would have played
20636s a weapon if it was there but the fact is
20639s it's just entirely bricked I guess he'll
20641s play it after combat
20643s [Music]
20648s I mean there is no way to lose this
20650s anyway like if you make it this swing
20652s how are you losing from this spot
20654s you are getting a three D four discounts
20657s you can even squeeze the sharp side you
20658s can even squeeze catch like you can
20660s squeeze everything you want
20662s [Music]
20663s four four whole PM for boys left at all
20667s pain level up squeezed that Nexus
20672s going forward pushing the 19
20675s vein level up World Ender on the back
20677s burner as soon as this is done
20680s but we can block and use the four Mana
20684s freeze one target
20686s because there's not been a weapon
20688s equipped yet to allow it to freeze too
20691s without a weapon this deck looks abysmal
20694s and but we only having three weapons in
20698s the deck that does make things a little
20699s tough
20701s yeah I think you just play World under
20703s you play you play tumble next there and
20705s then you just win or maybe maybe he's
20707s thinking about using tumble this turn so
20709s he can get another one for zeromana and
20712s he's thinking about buffing up vein so
20714s she can push more damage after you
20715s tumble repair or perhaps the for free
20718s instead
20720s all right but there we go one more swing
20725s Luis gonna pass it back he actually
20726s doesn't have a play which is I mean if
20729s he sees the play and he's gonna
20730s challenge he's gonna tumble the for free
20733s that's little
20734s because there is an answer if he comes
20735s with vain but like I'm pretty sure that
20738s you will see it because if opponent pass
20740s here you have a clear you read the like
20743s the only way he can stop this is another
20745s unforgiving call and you can play around
20746s it by just attacking with the for free
20749s instead
20750s oh Teddy let's see if he pulls the
20753s trigger just gonna play out see if
20755s bowiso plays fishing see
20758s nothing
20760s all right soft pass again nothing
20764s Teddy's playing right look at his face
20766s he's like
20769s I mean I guess they're good he plays it
20771s safe I I do understand the world
20772s championship okay but look look at the
20774s least what was the possible answer I
20776s don't think there is an answer out and
20778s that's the problem I don't think there
20780s is an answer I think Bowie says
20783s threw two more cards and didn't find no
20786s weapons
20788s yet he doesn't get another one oh it's
20791s still the weapon he threw some barrels
20793s at least now he drew Varys but he can't
20794s even play it in they're all fleeting
20796s cards I mean there was no out from the
20798s only thing that was and out was guiding
20800s touch and he already played one there
20802s was one card
20803s what is it an out for though Alan it's
20806s not an out to win the game
20808s that's important uh at that point you
20813s want your Nexus to explode there there's
20815s nothing please get me out of it I think
20816s that he was just so confused what's
20819s happening just yeah
20820s he's just overfought no for sure but I I
20823s think the careful play from Teddy is
20826s still important the fact is he's setting
20828s himself up to always win I know that
20830s this game in particular I mean the
20831s colorful play was the fish so do not
20833s using tumble was just just overthinking
20837s oh Teddy
20840s all right we're jumping into exciting
20842s match the barkeep the most anticipated
20845s matchup by the by me and Holt which is
20847s for sure yes twitch chat super excited I
20850s know they all love seraphims their
20852s favorite Champion actually I think
20853s generally speaking does say that they
20856s love seraphine they want to see more
20858s seraphine they actually want seraphine
20859s to be buffed I've got a lot of twitch
20861s shatter set yeah
20865s they they think yeah six Mana too much
20867s it should be reduced uh I think
20870s definitely level up to six yeah if they
20873s want to keep our keep at six Mana they
20874s should reduce new cards by two instead
20876s of one I think just help out on them
20877s exactly so you don't have to play more
20879s than one barkeep oh absolutely why do we
20882s have to keep playing two bar keys right
20893s Robin did you hear hopefully you're
20895s gonna take some ideas yeah yeah
20898s we're getting we're tutoring Champion
20899s strength
20901s that's what we've decided above
20904s everything they should just hire us
20905s about it yeah I think do a shutter
20907s crease they're saying they agree with us
20909s right now I absolutely yeah that's
20911s what's happening anyways here we go
20912s movies we'll see if we can find a weapon
20914s this game because that's gonna be the
20915s the big difference but at least his hand
20917s is not I mean he can predict a weapon
20918s perhaps fully bricked that can predict
20921s the weapon that's true that's true
20922s that's what he was missing that's what
20923s this deck has done repeatedly is this
20925s played the Makai on one that sounds like
20929s a dead Saga Seeker
20931s I would be very surprised if that he
20933s doesn't take you down oh yeah thermal
20935s Beam for one very nice get rid of The
20938s Saga Seeker get that thermal beam played
20941s for Value I mean anytime you can get a
20943s nice one Mana thermal beam get good
20946s value out of it like taking out a saga
20947s Seeker you're gonna take that and Teddy
20950s having balls I'm having seraphine in
20952s hand very nice
20953s and we are looking for some oh there is
20955s a values that need to mix me or you need
20957s free too yeah and you kinda you don't
20960s have any weapons so cool things normally
20961s would be a good choice but again no
20962s weapon so you probably can go for some
20964s Play and play battles but next time yeah
20966s I mean I think after last game never
20968s finding a weapon I think you're going to
20969s want to take that guaranteed weapon when
20970s it's offered to you I mean especially if
20972s you are carving into it nicely
20974s turn four you can play it down I mean
20977s you can put a lot of the problem is do
20978s you play second qualities now because
20980s you kinda want to do that virus for next
20983s turn
20984s to have some pressure you have a good
20985s protection stuff but on the other hand
20988s you want to have more pressure like if
20990s you don't pressure seraphine like this
20991s matchup is already hard enough yeah I
20993s think in this spot it's kind of okay
20995s because you do have some high value
20996s spells and combat tricks that you're
20997s gonna want to use to defend your virus
20999s as well when they're I mean moment to
21001s stretch was enough to defend him like if
21002s opponent is going to spend seven points
21005s of damage from something or six points
21007s of them sorry like hex literature you
21009s like it's fine like you'd rather just
21012s pressure more opponent with the damage
21014s here all right well Mystic shotgun come
21016s down get rid of one of the bakai he
21019s wants to bait like he wants to before he
21021s does anything he wants to check if there
21023s are any Buffs and if a police chooses to
21025s use them on that unit because he wants
21027s to just beam that second battles and as
21030s we see
21035s that he should be having only one beat
21038s with the second beam in the head hand
21041s that is the second theme there for Teddy
21045s looks like our sheep may just be off
21047s with yeah yeah we have we have a wrong
21049s but anyway we're gonna see We're
21052s not gonna see him this turn
21054s just taking out four or two
21057s that's a good fail to the cycle and we
21059s have a special pickup the expanse
21061s protection
21062s all right Barris going to swing in
21066s I mean we see double bar oh sorry
21068s barkeep into setup incoming soon and
21070s there is song spinner like oh wow and
21073s the author of Articles is great the
21074s setup is all there right we've got the
21076s Ezreal as well once we can get him
21077s leveled up the full combo is there and
21079s the bar should be able to help buy a lot
21081s of time so Teddy in a very safe position
21083s as long as he can continue to defend
21086s against this and song spinner gonna be
21087s played we've got some choices here
21088s iterative or Trixie is the first one is
21092s very solid because it takes away it
21093s takes it takes away momentous choice and
21096s he doesn't take away momentous choice
21099s or the spell shoot all of those cards
21101s are premium and you could think about
21103s iterative on your other course but I
21106s think it's just too far away to think
21109s about it with heavy metal as well yeah
21111s and I've got a horror stories
21113s okay yeah we know necro wants to see
21116s more poros so poor story is Teddy
21118s grabbed that just for her
21122s feel the setup and now he's thinking if
21124s you want to play momentous because if he
21125s plays momentous
21127s we gonna see a discard on the Court East
21132s probably you want to level up your virus
21134s and you like this is also propped for
21136s the pantheon yeah I like it yeah the
21139s momentous great play here we'll set that
21143s up
21144s there is getting very close to the level
21146s up
21147s as you mentioned I mean you just need to
21149s be pressuring this deck right seraphine
21150s Ezreal this is a combo deck it's trying
21152s to set up this is a very fast he should
21154s be thinking about his next attack token
21156s there is a good chance to play Pantheon
21157s here to apply pressure
21162s all right Teddy
21164s heavy metal
21165s I mean if you played Pantheon he would
21167s have died actually two beam plus a metal
21169s so
21173s I'm just gonna put the spell shield down
21174s onto the various though deny that heavy
21176s metal
21177s slow things down Philips virus they're
21180s also another virus not a bad play yep
21182s Teddy six of nine on the seraphine as of
21185s right now I mean it's gonna be flipped
21187s pretty much by poor story Center
21190s Here Comes horror stories
21193s daring pooro found all of those photos
21196s will be one Mana next turn this is very
21198s good for the teddy all of those are just
21200s blockers
21201s yeah three jump blockers it's just
21204s really solid to buy time I mean all that
21205s Teddy wants to do is buy space to get to
21207s his full combo he's got barkeep he's
21209s gonna be able to play these for free
21210s he's gonna play these cheap portals I
21212s don't think you can afford to Greed and
21214s play octopus next turn for zero
21216s because you're just gonna take six I
21218s don't think it's enough to take six if
21220s you don't have to the developing kid
21222s going down on one potential Mana is just
21225s better yeah here it goes
21227s all right octopus gonna come down be a
21230s nice jump blocker for Teddy especially
21232s that you know that opponent has like
21233s three cases
21237s here we are
21239s so voice knows there's a strong display
21241s that can come down now barkeep so the
21244s worst thing he can do is open attack
21246s you want to develop into the bar
21248s make sure that Teddy is at least forced
21251s to take a ton of damage if he wants to
21253s go for that play try and force Teddy
21255s actually off the playoff blockers play
21256s out other spells open like he thinks
21259s that Teddy cares about discarding a card
21261s Teddy is like look at this oh I'm gonna
21264s discard the card with a pleasure I feel
21267s my Mana I'm gonna play barkeep next turn
21269s I will take this battery time I would
21272s take this with the yeah there it is yeah
21275s no you absolutely always I've always
21277s fought uh yeah he cares about the card
21279s but he does not I mean maybe for boys
21281s he's thinking oh maybe Teddy doesn't
21283s have everything that he wants right like
21284s maybe he doesn't have Barb you want to
21286s pass anyway exactly I mean you're trying
21288s to wait for it so uh Teddy just gonna
21290s immediately take that play out bar and
21292s now he's got all these portals for free
21293s that can come down his blockers he's got
21295s the ability to go to the seraphine very
21297s soon she will be leveled up he's
21299s actually just gonna prank to kick things
21300s off play it for free start going through
21302s he can actually take a look into Teddy's
21304s hand I mean he already knows three out
21306s of five cards
21309s so don't need to unknown for him is
21311s furious wielder and lodestone
21316s all right now I mean Teddy having I
21319s think this option is the bar down yeah
21321s I'm pretty sure this is just unforgiving
21324s yep increasing that cost up to six
21328s so he'll be looking to cycle with the oh
21332s and he topped out of the Furious wielder
21334s so Teddy is uh yeah he's gonna go pew
21337s pew with the set of it now yep he is
21339s safe to just slam that the only thing
21342s that can hit him is chain of corruption
21344s could stop the seraphine but he still
21345s hasn't he took his attack tokens next
21347s turn that would even be a problem and at
21350s that point you might be able to just
21351s defend her with the amount of cards
21353s you're gonna be able to play it decides
21355s not to develop something just yet
21356s considering that he had a head of some
21359s very good lines at his turn he just
21361s doesn't want to worry about defending
21364s her
21365s it's gonna plunder poor oh he gets
21368s can't see those keywords so we'll have
21369s to we'll see if that ever hits the uh
21371s the combat I think it does Fury into
21373s Quick attack okay okay I'm gonna grab
21375s those keywords though for the Thunder
21376s bro probably not going to matter but
21379s always fun to see what we get and it's
21381s just gonna be a thermo beam yeah he's
21383s just holding off
21384s okay sir just playing it slower
21388s you can see again we'll be taking the
21390s safe lines rather than just more
21392s explosive risky slightly risky but way
21395s more explosive
21399s I mean it feels like this is a really
21400s tough spot for Belize against Teddy oh
21402s yeah you couldn't pass on six if you
21403s pass on six you just lose the game here
21404s yeah we see that Teddy has the full
21406s combo set up is there really a good line
21408s that you see from Bowie's here uh that
21411s you would normally want to take going
21412s into the seraphine to create pressure
21413s here because I know he's already made
21414s the mistake of the pass
21418s go back in time build a time machine
21420s yeah go back and don't pass on six yep
21423s and that is your best chance to win here
21425s against steady I mean he wrote Elusive
21427s and spell shield that's uh that's pretty
21429s good
21430s like she just needs to find the he
21432s needed to find the Scout from the 3-3
21435s and that did not have absolutely any
21436s hand just have triple as real
21440s some ramash and some cards that he
21441s cannot play
21443s but Teddy having the full combo
21446s will may need to be patient with the
21449s seraphine it's actually not leveled up
21450s here but he can get it there right away
21452s he does have enough cards in hand
21454s so he choose to play her and no
21458s we do have the Furious wielder can come
21461s through as if he can just kill her his
21463s challenge
21465s only Revenge
21474s Teddy having a lot of cards that he can
21476s work through surfing should be eight out
21479s of nine right should be yeah
21482s so he's just in a matter of
21486s how he's gonna order this because he can
21488s get a double here we go he's gonna go
21490s for double Aftershock and discard second
21492s After Shock
21494s most likely so tell us now after
21496s soccervarus kill varus
21501s because the Aftershock goes to Mana
21503s because of the party tells them boys
21505s Aftershock
21507s intro first with no reason to use After
21509s Shock first and see what you forget
21514s oh it grows conveniently
21516s the right of negation for furious yep
21519s he's got the puzzling signpost he will
21521s be able to stop that spell when it comes
21522s through put it back into the hand for
21524s Louise
21525s Aftershock takes something down
21527s the spell is just flowing through having
21529s the seraphine to create a lot of
21530s pressure this is also going to get
21531s Ezreal very close to leveling up by
21533s being on the cycle through these and
21534s actually finding some targets to go
21536s through with the Spells he was able to
21537s Target earlier with the thermogenic
21540s beams so he's got a couple stacks for
21541s Israel already we'll have to take a look
21543s for that level up when we get a chance
21544s to see it
21545s the tough is pretty annoying for him to
21548s deal with on patio
21549s we could see definitely kill on seraphin
21551s because he could like always doesn't
21552s threaten enough damage just yet
21558s because for the Aftershock after all
21562s alright Aftershock on the Veris that
21564s should clear it away there is the
21566s Furious wielder is the only thing in
21567s hand that's really playable at this spot
21569s and that's not going to do anything to
21571s protect this virus it is going to go
21573s down
21576s there's the fierce wielder onto the
21578s seraphine
21579s try and at least trade her back but
21582s there is
21584s I think I don't think you signed post
21587s here because like the sort of thing is
21589s dying to challenge anyway so like it's
21591s the method just with the method of
21592s saving the HP but again when you're
21594s gonna get the value of that side post if
21595s not now so you might as well say yeah I
21597s want that free HP from here she decides
21600s not to because again it doesn't make
21601s much sense he's healthy enough and I
21603s think he can just finish the game okay
21605s he picked one up kind of rummages oh
21607s yeah but he doesn't have to do anything
21611s so lets it go down
21614s you can just put up a couple of jump
21615s blocks here he's got the poros to defend
21617s him of course it doesn't matter
21623s all right here we go seraphine can be
21626s replayed
21629s all Trail might be good I mean she's
21631s looking to looking to close the game
21633s next time as well I'm not sure how many
21635s stocks we are we at
21637s should be relatively close to the level
21639s up but I I don't think we're quite there
21640s we'll see I mean if Teddy was at the
21642s level up a pretty tree just slams The
21643s Ezreal this is just going to be a
21645s situation
21646s is thinking here there might be
21648s oncologists first to find some
21649s protection well not even protection just
21652s to see what what he gets because there
21654s might be a case where he needs to play
21655s Live still all right let's like Drop the
21657s Bomb this is gonna help him get closer
21658s to Ezreal level up
21661s two more targets for that
21666s and here comes Ezreal that's probably
21667s what he needed for the level up he
21668s needed one more yeah gets there Ezreal
21671s is leveled up and now we get to see the
21673s pew pew pew reminiscent
21675s I think he starts with trailer to see
21677s what he picks up so he has better
21678s products like use the cards that you
21681s cannot control first and then the
21682s controlled outcome
21684s yeah so the two burst Speed Spells it's
21687s not quite enough burst in hand currently
21688s to guarantee that oh it looks like he
21691s can pull through a lot more
21692s it definitely looks like little
21698s besides to go for Victor he's taking a
21700s token that he might need his wing
21706s he doesn't need more money so definitely
21708s a solid play oh absolutely everything is
21711s discounted it's all costing not much and
21714s it's going to continue to be discounted
21716s Teddy is gonna be able to pump Ford a
21718s ton of damage through because he's
21720s generating a lot that's the point here
21721s is in his hand it looks like not many
21723s cards but it's gonna be a lot more cards
21725s because of the timer she needs to make
21726s obvious plays uh faster because like now
21728s timer will start dropping him and he
21730s might miss it on
21732s oh wait that was Bowie's thinking never
21734s mind all right back over to Teddy yeah
21737s it just jammed the victors now xcord
21739s upgrade gonna be the first bits of
21741s damage going into bees
21744s [Music]
21746s it's just gonna be slowly passing back
21747s and forth boys has no recourse to this
21749s he doesn't have any interaction he has
21751s no way to deal with this
21754s it's just up to him thinking through
21756s he's gonna try and stop the Ezreal I
21759s mean you're gonna try it here because
21760s like this might be a bait
21762s we might get a something to cut through
21765s that nothing no Spurs mining units
21769s instead of spells
21770s just gonna dig through
21773s for the predicts draws through the time
21775s tricks getting more damage towards the
21777s Nexus
21779s there still is the puzzling signpost
21782s still an option that Teddy has he's got
21785s the last of his Mana to use that oh
21787s finds a wall up right he's pretty
21789s Trinket
21796s but Teddy is on his victory march right
21797s now he's just continuing to look through
21799s make sure he can find enough
21801s to get this kill but even then he still
21803s has some defensive he can just prank his
21806s son for leaving call to the point where
21807s it's unflavorable
21808s oh but he went for The elusive instead
21811s yeah
21814s doesn't he have versatile
21816s no he is slightly off a little bit off
21818s but he's just about there
21821s on the burst but Teddy is going to walk
21824s away with this he is going to find the
21825s way oh yeah he is here he is 2-0 in this
21828s matchup he is 2-0 in his group
21831s Teddy is marching towards the top eight
21834s so the cool play here is you wait you
21837s wait with the map until the unforgiving
21839s fault comes so you deal extra damage
21840s with the from the argument because he
21842s gets the buff from the created card so
21844s he can push an extra
21847s it's going to give battles the Victor
21849s try and push the extra damage he also
21850s has impact it's gonna be one off for now
21853s but he still has another spell in hand
21855s get the kill with the Ezra
21858s drop the bomb there's the kill
21861s kill coming through for teddy as soon as
21864s he gets an opportunity to just play the
21866s card drag it over Louise
21872s Teddy Daddy thank you that is just uh
21879s he's like he's like sending a text he's
21882s like I think I might have made top eight
21883s it's not it's not locked in yeah
21887s that was me not good he's looking at
21891s like side screen stuff he looks like he
21893s would be easy and he can't kill him now
21897s can you play signpost without Target oh
21899s no you can
21900s yeah there we go then he plays signpost
21903s just a little bit of BMW just a little
21906s bit of VM to send him on his way all
21909s right Teddy how's he doing it with that
21910s okay there it is there's the smile I was
21912s like how is it gonna be able to see the
21914s face
21915s it's just a little smirk at the end from
21918s teddy as he starts the day 2-0 in his
21922s group having a really good chance at
21924s making the top eight from there I mean
21926s it is massive to start with that 2-0
21928s after yesterday seeing all our two ones
21930s make it through again I want to remind
21931s you it's not a guarantee but being 2-0
21934s is putting you in that Prime position to
21936s be in control of your destiny because
21938s you can get that win and guarantee then
21939s he gets twice too old today yes I
21942s believe so yeah Teddy is in a really
21943s good spot can't you even not go through
21945s with double 20 I mean you'd have to do
21948s real bad in your last match I think now
21950s true you need to go Auto yeah that's
21952s right yeah so Teddy in a very good spot
21954s to advance through the groups I mean
21956s what do you make of this Teddy has been
21958s playing fantastic it seems like his
21959s lineup is pretty good I know in the past
21961s you said you didn't like the Bando
21963s version as much on the seraphine but how
21965s do you feel against the field we've been
21966s seeing I mean to this field it was
21968s pretty good like uh he drew X
21970s exceptionally well do we have to point
21973s it out and she played well I I'm not a
21976s big fan of that because it's just too
21977s slow and you just die into the faster
21978s decks you die today and you die to the
21980s champion strength it's just like not
21982s fast enough and the problem is the
21984s resolve plus Champion strength combo
21985s because like your your cards just can't
21987s deal with it all right but Teddy hasn't
21989s had to run into that in his group just
21990s yet we'll see if he can continue on to
21993s that top eight and if his lineup holds
21995s strong at that point but let's toss it
21996s off to the analyst desk to kind of break
21998s down what we saw here between Teddy and
22000s buoys
22002s castanella thank you so much this has
22004s been amazing I mean Teddy just putting
22007s on a master class right now with all of
22010s the Decks that he's brought to this
22011s competition but what do you think about
22013s that game number one it felt a little
22015s unfortunate there for Bowie's to not
22016s draw a weapon it's a problem that you
22019s can run into with Pantheon virus and
22020s it's one of the reasons that I was more
22021s critical of chenia's varus aatrox build
22023s is in order to tutor varus you need to
22025s play cultist spells which don't really
22028s function if you haven't found a weapon
22030s or they're not very good and like the
22032s unending wave is not a great draw spell
22034s to try to get back into the game when
22036s you haven't played a weapon yet because
22037s it cost the full form Mana the cards
22039s that you get are getting off of it are
22040s fleeting so when you don't find a weapon
22042s you don't even really have the sort of
22044s Auto solve that like a cane deck would
22046s by just playing out your units tutoring
22048s the cane and playing that out because
22049s the the Spells just don't function
22051s without the weapon so when you don't
22053s find the lodestone or the wandering
22054s Shepherd even just raw drawing of Varys
22056s Things Fall Apart very quickly as we saw
22057s yeah the the ferris Pantheon feels
22060s pretty classic to me at this point right
22061s it was like one of the first Decks that
22063s really was abusing the unforgiving cold
22065s trying to bully out these mid-range
22067s matchups the scaling threat of The Saga
22070s Seeker trying to be so important to
22071s carry this deck through the early mid
22073s game and uh you know Bowie's has three
22076s copies of it in the deck still he still
22077s trusts that my opponent's gonna be too
22079s slow they're not going to have enough
22081s interaction I'm just going to try to
22082s scale up but it just ended up coming to
22086s bite him because there's no weapons
22088s they're all in the bottom of the deck
22090s all the Shepherds even the bakai right
22092s to try to predict and find a weapon just
22094s was not there for him I was hyping up
22096s the red Gwen right and sometimes even as
22098s Alan has pointed out players are trying
22100s to cue certain decks to find wins to
22103s even if you go to losses you try to pick
22105s up one win out of the best of three but
22107s he doubled down tried to get that win
22110s and it just ended up not coming through
22112s overall trying to go in on that scaling
22115s game plan was his only hope
22119s I'm sorry you didn't get a chance to see
22122s the Jinx silver I know you wanted it so
22125s bad I mean I saw a chip die today I saw
22128s Jinx continuously get banned I mean no
22131s no maybe later today we'll still see it
22133s though I think so I mean it's been
22135s really cool to see it when it has come
22138s up so yeah I mean the players are just
22140s fearing Jinx they know that if even if
22143s I'm super ahead if I come up short with
22145s a removal spell or some sort of response
22146s the Jinx is gonna solo me with the super
22148s mega Death rocket oh yeah she is very
22150s good at doing that I mean she's a unit
22152s that when you see her you have to take
22154s care of her similar to Katarina where
22156s these Champions just put so much
22157s pressure when they're played and so
22159s saying you know what I do have the
22161s reactive tools but do I really want to
22163s use it on making sure Jinx isn't living
22164s no plus the rest of the deck is pretty
22166s quick too
22168s than a lot of really interesting actions
22170s so far because uh we're eight matches
22172s down so that is two complete round
22175s Robins here for groups A and B on day
22178s two of the 2022 World Championships for
22181s Legends of rooterra and we've got one
22183s more to go so every player has one more
22185s match and this is honestly for all the
22187s marbles as you saw the standings so
22190s cannot wait to see how those are all
22191s going to play out we're gonna go to a
22193s short break when we come back last round
22194s robin of the day
22197s this is so powerful it's very difficult
22200s for the blockers to deal with it I mean
22202s yeah right of negation this is so funny
22205s it's perfect filling the stack I mean we
22208s haven't seen too much of this strategy
22210s being able to happen
22210s [Music]
22236s foreign
22237s [Music]
22246s [Music]
22253s [Music]
22263s [Music]
22265s foreign
22288s [Music]
22309s foreign
22311s [Music]
22371s thank you
22373s [Music]
22392s I remember this place and the endless
22396s bladder
22404s cast us to the corners of the world
22413s weapons of war and became them
22419s not even Realms could divide us old
22423s friend
22426s foreign
22427s [Music]
22441s [Music]
22470s parade fool
22476s apocalypse comes
22480s yes Oblivion
22487s I am exalted
22490s [Music]
22498s behold the righteous flame glory and
22502s light
22503s [Music]
22513s Illumination in Divinity
22518s foreign
22519s [Music]
22527s truth guide my sword
22531s you are unworthy
22539s on Wings of Fire hope ascends
22546s [Music]
22551s all right
22553s now dear one will just
22556s together we will rip this world of
22559s corruption
22561s all our guilty fool open your eyes she
22566s is returned my fears were well-founded
22578s Deliverance
22580s our devotion will not be broken
22589s foreign
22591s power changes everyone
22595s long for the day when this is over
22606s Acadia sought freedom but found only the
22610s void keep your distance
22615s we don't have enough time
22624s their power bench or will but they
22626s cannot Doom the rest
22636s the darken filter Madness but the people
22639s can be saved
22642s I cannot stand by in the face of
22645s apocalypse
22650s final lesson the eye alone must bear
22653s this burden
22657s best of us
22672s we have no idea
22682s if we are to thrive we must truly be
22685s free the ruin Mage come to watch his
22689s precious world die no come to stop you
22694s whatever it takes
22700s insurance will show me the path how can
22703s the pursuit of Love warrant the end of
22706s Reason
22707s let's go let's go no no you will
22711s understand
22713s I pray you will not need me again
22718s [Music]
22724s [Music]
22730s foreign
22731s [Music]
22764s foreign
22766s [Music]
22781s [Music]
22799s foreign
22801s [Music]
22811s [Music]
22822s [Music]
22834s [Music]
22855s [Music]
22860s thank you
22865s [Music]
22875s foreign
22877s [Music]
22904s [Music]
22916s foreign
22919s [Music]
22929s [Music]
22936s [Applause]
22940s [Music]
22945s foreign
22948s [Applause]
22949s [Music]
22978s foreign
22988s [Music]
23008s foreign
23011s [Music]
23019s [Music]
23024s [Music]
23026s to the 2022 Legends of Frontera World
23029s Championship my name is Bolivar joining
23031s me on the casting desk for these next
23032s two matches is going to be silver fuse
23035s silver fuse we've got donut the Aragorn
23037s coming up oh and two versus two and oh
23040s yeah and I mean maybe Airborne can be
23043s the first to go 3-0 we haven't had
23045s anyone do that yet yeah yesterday was
23047s pretty cut and dry a couple of two ones
23049s couple of one and twos we have our
23050s chance to see if we're going to
23051s homogenize that just throughout the
23052s entire group stage all two ones and one
23055s twos or if we are going to have some
23056s heartbreaking o3s but some celebratory
23059s three and O's and the players are
23061s running some rather similar decks here
23062s we've got red Gwen in both of the
23064s lineups and honestly I know we were
23066s talking about a lot the lack of mirror
23068s matches that we've seen throughout the
23069s day and even when we got the opportunity
23070s maybe some bands came out in uh silver
23072s how do you think do you think that we're
23074s just going to be able to get a red Gwen
23075s mirror finally or both players please no
23077s I'm thinking that these players are
23080s likely to be expecting that and maybe I
23082s think maybe one of them at least will be
23084s in it maybe both will what I'm just
23086s really hoping is after seeing the way
23087s this Aragorn deck of the ziggs and Talia
23090s with the Ionia in it I just hope that
23093s doesn't get banned because I want to see
23094s that deck again that was so much fun to
23096s watch earlier we are getting to the
23097s stage of the tournament where maybe the
23099s odd deck out is the one that you're
23101s gonna band but here we are taking a look
23102s at Donuts red Gwen we were talking about
23105s that Crimson pigeon attack coming in for
23107s this player specifically one other
23109s player playing it in the tournament as
23110s well but quiet is still on a couple of
23112s copies of this but the one I really want
23113s to ask you about a shadow aisle
23115s telescope because Mark of the aisle was
23116s kind of a late stage Tech into the red
23117s Gwen through the Royal Championship
23118s qualifier stage where you know it has
23121s this cool interaction with Katarina
23122s where because she's ephemeral but
23124s bounces to your hand the ephemeral
23125s attack really doesn't matter on her so
23127s do you like the flexibility of the tell
23129s Stone because we have yet to see a
23131s crumble or a the other spell come out of
23133s it yet I'd say I'm a big fan still I
23135s mean we've seen Mark the Isles put in
23137s some work I mean even it has the ability
23138s to push damage and so many word of weird
23141s places too like even just the snip snip
23143s getting bonus damage from the Gwen in
23144s some cases I think is neat and also too
23146s I think that having that flexibility is
23150s worth that one extra Mana that you pay
23151s because we've seen we've seen red Gwen
23154s be able to float man up pretty fine so I
23156s don't think it's like oh it's so tight
23158s like you can't fit that extra Mana in I
23160s think paying for about flexibility is
23162s it's good all right and now we see
23163s Aragorn at favorite Champion serif ran
23167s sundisk in the qualifiers did not bring
23169s it back in like kicker aided so a little
23171s heartbreaking to see that he is on the
23172s stream but not on the xerath but you
23174s know red Gwen also brought for this
23176s player and it's kind of been the story
23177s of the day right some players have
23179s decided that this deck is just out of
23180s the meta it's not what you should be
23181s bringing some players deciding it's
23183s still playable but here we have a look
23185s at the Talia ziggs oh this deck is
23188s fabulous I love it so much and I think
23192s that these slatons are just just so good
23195s especially the Unworthy Soul we saw it
23196s do some impressive work earlier oh yeah
23198s this is not just a black flame deck it's
23200s not the only relevant Ionia card the
23202s Unworthy soul and as you had mentioned
23204s the skills now procking towards Flo
23206s getting a good cost reduction on that
23208s card and here we see the bands it is the
23209s elusive band and I believe that was red
23211s Gwen on the other side I don't know if
23212s you caught it and I did not but that is
23214s going to be the case so we aren't gonna
23216s get a red Gwen mirror which I'm sure we
23217s are both very happy about I'll take it
23219s all right hold on I've seen this song
23221s and dance before I see a guru cultist I
23222s see a darken Aegis onto when I was on
23224s the casting desk a little bit earlier
23225s that was a sure fire sign for a game win
23228s yeah that is a great starting hand I
23231s mean not even having to really Mulligan
23233s here
23234s I can never tell if it's like pre or
23236s post Mulligan sometimes I'll keep the
23238s hands up that way but yeah a second
23240s darken age is picked up and honestly not
23241s gonna be too mad about that one either
23243s this is the Kane aatrox out of Aragorn
23245s so double runetera Champion so we're
23247s gonna see a lot of tutoring
23249s yeah and we have the Brew for a little
23251s bit of extra push too
23254s and I mean we'll soon to see the weapon
23257s here this is just such a strong start
23258s that we've seen multiple times from this
23260s deck now I mean look look at that car
23263s what do you do against it this early a
23265s donut probably just going to ignore it
23266s right you're going to equip the dark and
23267s harp onto this Elkin and both of you are
23269s just going to continue to slam four
23271s damage into the others Nexus until one
23273s of you blinks and Aragorn looks like the
23275s one that has better further development
23278s throughout the early game here donut
23279s actually losing the unit here ah the
23282s dark and harp the tough all works out
23284s full trade wow and another box here just
23288s so many cultists here for Aragon just
23289s ready to go right out the gate and a
23292s vein picked up for donut not a bad play
23294s here on curve gonna be able to get the
23295s cost reduction down on that tumble
23296s you've got a scout to follow it up with
23298s because you've already played a unit
23299s this turn that's really the shift that
23301s we've seen in demacia as of like right
23303s we saw a Relentless Pursuit and golden
23304s Aegis Nerf so instead of going for a
23307s full rally now we just kind of start a
23309s free attack with a scout unit has been
23311s the more consistent way the players are
23313s going for that yeah it's an interesting
23315s interaction that we've had for a while
23316s now especially like in the past like
23318s cataclys of for example but it wasn't
23321s something that people used as much but
23323s since Golden Ages went from a four
23325s minute card to a five minute card
23326s players have really favored these Scouts
23328s and making them attack an extra turn to
23330s get that rally instead and actually
23331s donut not playing the vein banking the
23334s spell Mana here instead I know that
23335s donut is a really big fan of just dark
23338s and heart plus Ranger Knight Defector
23340s now I can have the attack token until
23341s five though might be able to play then
23343s anyway but it actually works out pretty
23344s well is we've got two Ranger Knight
23346s defectors now for donut as well as too
23348s dark and hard I don't know about you but
23349s whenever I see that card hit the
23352s playboard I'm like oh no how do I deal
23355s with this thing it just feels like it
23357s gives so much value and I'm like oh
23358s these demacio cards man this is a card I
23361s was not big on when it was revealed I
23363s was like okay yeah 4-3 Scout tough you
23364s know what do I really care but I didn't
23365s really look at the set as a whole and
23367s kind of understand the implications of
23369s having a quick attack weapon coming to
23371s pnz because I cannot remember if we've
23373s ever had a competitive live demacio pnz
23375s like before we had the vein variants
23376s running around with this so it was
23377s definitely something that was a little
23378s bit new a little bit exciting but now
23380s yeah I think we've seen it enough and uh
23382s we are going to get a kill onto The
23383s Defector here no sharp setting her spots
23386s yep but momentous Choice could secure it
23389s it is going to be oh it's gonna be
23390s pulled back it's gonna be committed yep
23392s these are those fun back and forths that
23394s we like to see I mean momentous Choice
23396s what a card I mean that that is such a
23399s good card that since it's been released
23401s it's stopped so many things from
23403s happening I know we keep talking about
23405s like yeah you know like this is the card
23406s of the uh the world championship and
23407s like we talk about the unforgiving cold
23408s but really it's just every cultist spell
23411s I mean momentous choice is an absolute
23413s nightmare we even saw it in a couple of
23414s previous seasonals with like Nami Ionia
23416s I'm glad we're out of that man I'm not
23418s I'm glad that like getting this like
23420s cultist decks and not you know this
23421s double up Nami Shelley nonsense and
23423s instead Aragorn though kind of
23425s cosplaying a Nami deck here with a 7-2
23427s elusive
23434s I'm so used to having you know colors be
23437s there instead we just got rentera then
23439s demacia essentially a colorless look I
23442s wasn't expecting to see just I expected
23444s to see aatrox but I wasn't really
23446s expecting to see like the darkened Duos
23448s no that is fair and we're gonna get a
23450s trade here of the champion as well as
23452s the blooming cultist so a little unit
23455s summoned for donut who could carve into
23457s zalani here but more likely to throw
23458s down a couple of other cards aatrox in
23460s the cards as well and Gerald summoned
23462s for airborne
23464s you know another strong
23466s darkened oh there are
23468s not really too many things that this
23471s hits
23472s I could play aatrox but he knows the
23475s dark and hard okay so he knows the dark
23477s and harp is there I do see the little
23478s bit of eyeballs above that so absolutely
23479s aware that like we are not just throwing
23481s our aatrox into this getting the world
23482s entered a hand is not that important and
23484s it is actually gonna be zelani
23486s yeah hey you went tall I'm gonna go
23489s taller yeah it's a pass from Aragorn
23491s doesn't even equip the weapon
23493s and you know has the the unforgiving
23495s cold but we're not really in a situation
23496s where everyone is going to be playing
23498s that they're not really pressured by the
23499s Solani it's just the threat of this big
23502s unit and maybe you know maybe you
23504s frostbite it in order to push some
23505s damage onto it have an easier time
23506s killing it in the future but with the
23508s aatrox in hand with the world Ender
23510s potentially coming down you need to save
23512s that unforgiving cold for a Do or Die
23514s situation yeah we've seen forgiving cold
23516s be one of the most important cards and
23518s using it at the proper time matters a
23520s lot we've seen
23521s maybe once or twice where I was like
23523s well if we don't use it now how are you
23525s going to use it later and but generally
23527s just the fact that it's been able to pop
23529s Bell Shields make things turn to zero in
23532s this case don't have to worry about
23533s spell shield at the time but it's just I
23536s mean it's been a pretty dominant card we
23538s get an aatrox out of both players in a
23540s darkened staff on zelani if Aragorn
23543s wants to could trade out aatrox's weapon
23545s for a dark and Aegis so that you have a
23547s 66 stuff able to block your opponent's
23549s aatrox who is totally tapped out at this
23551s moment but equipping a weapon is really
23553s the only play Aragorn has here and if
23555s you're gonna block with something you
23556s know maybe you equip the weapon so that
23558s you get a bigger discount onto your
23559s world Ender and it looks like it's
23561s hovering that darkened harp here
23564s you're pulling it right back Airborne
23566s really playing with our emotions here
23567s silver yeah you know I thought that
23569s momentous Choice was committed to the
23570s stack I've never seen someone pull a
23572s burst feed spell off the stack as I
23573s thought it was resolving like Airborne
23575s did a little bit earlier on but it is
23576s going to equip to The Keeper of the box
23578s and now donut gonna go in with the
23580s zelani refill a spell Mana for this one
23583s yeah and will there be a block here is
23586s the question or is it say I'm gonna take
23588s this eight damage not too bad I have a
23591s pretty solid board here
23592s Aragorn ahead on number on board but
23596s more importantly I think a head on world
23598s end you know two Mana less than what
23601s donut has and also has a one-man
23602s Advantage which might not look like much
23604s but these aatrox decks have done such a
23607s poor job of banging spellmana over the
23609s course of this tournament and now I
23610s think that's why donut might like the
23612s staff it does get you back a little bit
23614s on strike here and actually taking the
23616s life Advantage for the first time this
23618s set dropping Aragorn down to 12.
23621s and we'll have to see oh we're gonna get
23623s it right now all right yeah just rip it
23624s off rip off the world Ender
23627s oh
23629s well here come the darken yeah that is
23633s going to be two zero Mana draws and a
23635s zero Mana Kane not enough mana on the
23637s side of donut to return with the world
23639s Ender so
23641s I don't know if this is lethal there's
23643s not a lot of overwhelm and donut still
23646s has a few blockers to be played but it's
23649s getting pretty dicey here silver yeah I
23651s mean too on top of that game that
23653s lifesteal on tin attack I mean that
23655s makes you feel a little bit safer for
23657s now as well
23658s exactly and I do want to throw out that
23660s like even if donut like barely lives
23662s here and you know we kind of talk about
23663s yeah you know like how do you deal with
23665s this board Donuts answer would be a
23667s return World Ender so we have to see
23669s what units are left over how many uh
23671s darkens we can get equipped onto these
23673s units and what we have for the crack
23674s back because at the moment this
23676s lifesteal Serato is looking like a a
23679s finisher
23682s well we're gonna see the fish fight no
23685s man on the side of Aragorn so it is a
23687s safe place
23688s okay and it actually does go for the
23691s actual fight not the unequip of the hrx
23693s we're gonna lose the barrier there
23695s yep and and we also I mean
23699s see trucks here is there that would stop
23701s this attack because we do have region on
23704s our aatrox
23705s yeah there's no momentous choice for
23708s donut
23709s as this is of being aatrox so no no
23712s access to the cultist Spells
23715s if you okay so actually here's what it
23716s is if aatrox attacks zelani blocks get
23719s back a spell Mana from the dark and
23721s staff and then cataclysms oh that is
23724s that is a heads up play that is I mean
23728s this is why Aragorn is 2-0 in the group
23729s right not going for the bait play here
23731s understanding that there is an actual
23732s out and I think you know not a lot of
23734s players running dark and staff it might
23736s be forgettable you know we've seen the
23738s Reel that gets the spelling of back on
23740s attack so it might be confusing that it
23742s gets back on strike and some players
23744s could have slipped into it not Aragorn
23745s yeah I mean that's something I
23747s definitely would have missed playing
23748s this and I think a majority of players
23750s would miss him like you have a tint in
23751s with overwhelm in region like why aren't
23753s you swinging three damage how ravenous
23756s flock has kind of like changed the
23757s legends of return how we do like
23758s regeneration it's like no no I know he's
23760s got regen but he's still a vulner this
23763s is my baby boy I can't be throwing him
23764s into comment I don't care if you only
23765s have a one one I'm spooked
23769s there's another one and the return World
23772s Ender other one more world ending
23776s and who will be the stronger World Ender
23780s and I believe
23781s trying to remember if this changes
23783s darken is the line going to assimilate
23785s in the ball okay yeah actually going to
23786s assimilate into balkooks and the Serato
23789s for donut
23791s yeah we'll be getting some
23793s don't worry about that Spillman anymore
23797s of our own which might be used to pull
23800s aatrox to the side there's quite a bit
23803s of overwhelm damage that donut could
23805s output here and quite a bit of impact as
23808s well but we do know that if Aragorn gets
23811s in trouble we do have the unforgiving
23812s cold there of course you don't want to
23815s have to use it here if you can help it
23816s but there is a good amount of pressure
23819s here I mean we have tall board first
23821s tall board what's going to make the
23824s difference here of who gets to outgrind
23825s this and again we see donut aatrox is my
23828s beautiful baby boy I cannot ship him
23829s into combat when there is Mana for an
23831s unforgiving cold even if I play the draw
23833s so we're gonna get a couple of draws off
23834s the Serato but it's life will be forfeit
23837s to the aatrox from Aragorn
23840s and um on top of that healing for two
23843s Health as well I mean in this case I
23846s don't know if I expect a little bits of
23848s Health to hear to matter as much as some
23850s other decks but because we are pushing
23852s through overwhelm maybe it will it's
23854s hard to say this is going to end up
23855s being a big blowout and just you know
23858s minus 30 or something or if it's going
23860s to be like oh we hardly get away with
23862s this yeah at the moment it looks like it
23865s is not going to matter we're going to
23867s pull the aatrox everything costs six
23869s more any spell that donut would have and
23872s they're just they're actually zero fast
23874s speed spells in this deck oh that's it
23878s would be too much and that is gonna be
23880s game number one going to Aragorn
23884s I mean Challenger we've known that
23886s that's been strong for a long time now
23888s yeah I mean we talked about Donuts sort
23892s of having an early medical on the van
23893s pnz the dark and heart build it's really
23895s not paying dividends as we get further
23897s on into the meta and just swapping that
23899s out for the aatrox you know he is one of
23900s the players we talked about this earlier
23901s only one copy of aatrox in the deck so
23903s donut even playing more reserved with
23905s that champion then Aragorn would but now
23907s silver the last remaining deck for uh
23909s for Aragorn is going to be the ziggs
23911s Talia black flame yes I hope we get to
23914s see three talia's once again fill up the
23916s stack and we got the rock bear Shepherd
23918s we didn't get to see it perform as much
23920s today we've seen it here and there
23922s compared to yesterday but I would like
23924s to see it do some more today as well and
23926s I think Rock bear Shepard I have to
23927s double check might actually be the only
23930s quietest Target or at the very least the
23932s most relevant quietest Target for donut
23934s who it looks like will be mulliganing in
23936s a way regardless saying I don't really
23937s care about this rock bear Shepherd and
23939s you know understanding that if they
23940s don't have the rock bear Shepherd your
23942s quietest is just sitting dead in hand I
23943s don't expect desert naturalist to be
23945s coming down anytime soon yeah I think
23947s that's a good call from donut there
23949s um rock bear Shepherd helpful but it's
23951s not the main concept of the deck it
23953s helps but Talia is something you're a
23955s lot more worried about and plus you need
23957s to get that aggressive start against
23958s this deck or else it is just going to go
23960s over
23961s yeah and what we're not seeing out of
23962s this list is a lot of removal right
23964s there's a decent amount of like
23965s vulnerable that is passed over but for
23967s something like Katarina you are going to
23969s need a right of the Arcane to deal with
23970s it the vulnerable doesn't really matter
23971s when she's striking and recalling and
23973s you're you know sort of your big Tech
23975s card unworthy Soul okay you put the
23977s Katarina back in my hand she's just
23978s gonna come down next turn we'll run it
23980s back
23981s and trying to decide whether to attack
23983s with this pigeon or not I mean if the
23986s support will you know deal one damage
23988s don't really want to do that so just
23989s attacking the boisterous host instead
23992s we haven't seen a lot of crimson pigeon
23994s today the red Gwen's getting banned
23995s quite often thankfully but I do not know
23997s if I have seen a crimson pigeon attack
23999s with a supported Ally yet I think when
24001s it's gone into combat it's been with
24002s these one HP units that we're seeing
24005s the Aragorn wants
24007s to push a good amount of damn
24011s stun onto the shack do you flock this
24015s WOW donut says yes so that is I mean I
24021s still think that pitching the quietest
24022s earlier was correct because if that card
24024s isn't there then it's not worth keeping
24026s a dead car in your hand but it does feel
24029s bad seeing the outcome of that's how
24032s much he still was respecting the card
24034s not only that but a second and now Third
24037s Rock bear Shepard picked up for Aragorn
24040s even if he would kept the quietest there
24041s is a third one winning in the wings
24042s donut has to get really aggressive here
24045s has the hand to do it right we've got
24047s okay Katarina gonna be the choice here
24049s see what everyone wants to respond with
24051s it's I'm gonna go out on a limit and
24053s guess it's gonna be a rock bear Shepherd
24054s looking at this hand how did you think
24056s of that one uh you know it's um years of
24059s experience really yeah I mean that that
24061s was a topical play okay full send and
24063s now we get to see the pigeon support the
24065s Katarina it doesn't really matter if she
24066s has one HP this again the Ionia version
24069s not the bandel city no poke stick
24071s potential available
24072s yep being able to take the damage and
24074s there is your pigeon getting an extra
24076s buff and extra damage in at no cost
24078s really yeah and actually the blades
24080s that's going to be able to take out the
24081s second Rock bear Shepard I'm sure donut
24083s gonna be very unhappy to see that
24085s they're we might not even get it yet we
24086s got a quick Katarina level up and might
24088s be getting the Talia down on the next
24090s turn as well to double up one of these
24091s Rock bears and just stone wall donut out
24093s of the game Who at the moment very very
24096s few Hollow triggers yeah I feel like
24099s airport I feel like his spot is pretty
24101s good here I mean despite losing these
24103s rocker Shepherds you have I mean this
24105s car gets value on play which is a big
24107s thing uh you know it takes a couple more
24110s turns for it to actually get that value
24112s but it's still there the one concern I
24115s do have for Airborne is the fact that
24116s you are at 12. there is already a level
24118s Kettering in the opponent's hand and
24119s while these Rock Bears you know recently
24121s buffed to five fives instead of five
24122s fours the free blades Edge is kind of
24125s gonna balance that one out and now we
24126s see Aragorn taking a prediction here
24128s might go for absolver maybe black flame
24131s we do have two Talia
24132s oh I love the black flame to Leah
24136s so we will see Talia onto that sword
24139s Spire going to be getting two Rock Bears
24141s pretty soon and Talia is leveled so
24143s she's gonna put a good amount of
24144s pressure here yeah and it's interesting
24145s to see Aragorn prioritize the absolver
24148s rather than the black flame when you
24149s already have two copies of this Champion
24150s you might have been able to combo it
24152s together but you know you do want to be
24153s cognizant of the potential harrowing
24155s turn coming up and even if there's not a
24157s lot in the death pool sometimes your
24159s opponent going six wide is all that
24160s matters yeah and I think too Aragorn
24163s realizes that my clock is yeah I don't
24166s want a limited amount of time here so
24167s saying like Talia has to be the way that
24169s I win this game I need to push damage
24171s now and having the absolver in the
24173s future to push that last bit of damage
24175s is what's needed donut going down to 10
24177s saying this Crimson pigeon is not
24180s allowed to get traded off for this Talia
24181s this not quite a bit of damage but now
24183s we've got the full board nearly on the
24185s side of Aragorn and donut with a very
24188s weak top deck
24190s going to come down to just chipping away
24192s as much as we can through the Gwen the
24194s sniff sniff and as well as you know
24197s Katarina getting the blades and the
24199s attacks but we don't have a harrowing in
24201s hand so I mean I'm gonna have to just
24204s find little ways to push damage here
24206s file feasts used to protect the Gwen
24209s Aragorn could absolve her here in order
24213s to guarantee the kill onto the Gwen
24214s which would probably be game over for
24217s donut though Aragorn not aware of that
24219s does want to play a little bit more
24220s respectfully of the hand state and now
24222s it might just be a Katarina follow-up
24224s from donut
24226s yeah that is that's a tricky one for
24228s sure here I mean maybe it would feel
24231s better with having a rock Bear Block
24233s that instead I I like this play from
24235s Aragorn uh if Katarina comes down you
24237s kind of assume that the Blade's Edge is
24238s going to be aimed at the Talia so
24239s leaving the five Mana open to play the
24242s second Talia going into his attack turn
24243s I'm gonna play around this arachnoid
24245s Century we see in Donut's hand perfectly
24247s wow that is an excellent play by him
24254s goodbye Talia hello Talia you can no
24258s longer attack with Gwen even because you
24260s committed the Blade's Edge pre-combat
24261s because you didn't you know Aragorn was
24263s aware that you were gonna kill this you
24265s didn't want to give them the option to
24266s block with it now gonna get sort of
24268s punished for that because Gwen can only
24270s go up to five attack
24272s yeah that was a tough one there for sure
24274s a little bit of a Miss order there an
24276s Aragorn I mean that's got to feel pretty
24278s nice seeing that I'd be like all right
24279s talia's great you have the absolver in
24281s hand ready to go as well I think this is
24284s just lethal on the following turn I'm
24287s trying to think of what we could find on
24289s the side of donut to change this out but
24291s you know sometimes even in situations
24292s like this you go okay well maybe my
24294s opponent will develop and I can get down
24295s this arachnoid Century Aragorn has a
24297s full board I don't think there's
24298s anything in the world that you can do to
24299s make them override one of these units
24300s pre-combat and potentially play into
24302s that stun spider on top of that Aragorn
24304s has played clean all day I mean this is
24306s potentially a 3-0 here if it continues
24309s this I mean he has played so well it
24310s will be looking really good to go into
24312s future games as well assuming that he
24315s does end up going through y'all but
24316s Donuts pulling back the Katarina to hold
24319s it as a blocker right of negation off
24321s the top for Aragorn Mana for the right
24323s Mana for the absolver Mana for the
24325s absolver's return quietus is nothing and
24328s at the moment we're looking at a nine
24330s damage swing but Aragorn that absolver
24332s absolver return is going to be lethal
24335s and move on to be the only 3-0 player so
24338s far in the world championship yeah and I
24340s mean just so many key decisions in there
24342s taking ancient preparation and then
24344s getting the absolver knowing that you
24346s had jumped out of his seat
24348s knowing that you had a timer against
24350s this wooden deck that you couldn't let
24353s them keep continue tripping you away so
24355s just being able to count your future
24356s turns I mean that's something that's so
24358s important is knowing like do this more
24360s if I need to make sure that I win at the
24362s Circle
24363s immediately hitting up the groove chat
24365s hey everybody I did it I am the 3-0
24367s player here at the world championship
24369s coming out of group B it's Aragorn and I
24374s don't know if anybody expected you know
24376s this is a tight competition I don't know
24377s if we expected anybody to go 3-0 but
24379s Aragorn probably not the player that a
24381s lot of people thought was going to do it
24383s maybe a 2-1 maybe you make it out of
24384s groups there were a few question marks
24385s but now solidly the best group stage
24388s player thus far yeah and I mean Europe
24390s sending another one to the top eight a
24392s really strong region we're getting a few
24394s too many eme players in the top eight
24396s here I'd like to see a little bit more
24397s of a spread as we get a little bit later
24399s on in the day but congratulations to
24400s Aragorn unfortunately for donut that
24402s means that he did go 0-3 eliminated from
24405s the tournament thing's gonna be a little
24407s bit more cut and dry than yesterday in
24409s terms of the score totals from these
24410s players
24412s I mean just lovely play from Eric Gordon
24414s I mean he's got to be feeling so good
24416s right now that's exactly how you want to
24419s start a tournament and really just no
24421s slip UPS from him today it just felt
24423s solid the entire time yeah and to make
24425s him feel even better our lovely analysts
24427s are going to break down your one 3-0
24429s player Aragorn
24432s thank you so much Boulevard and silver
24434s fuse and yeah this is the first player
24436s that we've had that has had an
24438s undefeated record and obviously
24441s guaranteed to make it out of groups what
24443s was it about Aragorn's play today that
24445s made him a front runner for the
24446s tournament so far solid preparation
24448s solid decks by his belief and yeah she
24452s played it well yeah I think that after
24454s studying a lot of Aragorn's matches over
24456s the course of today we've seen that he
24458s plays very cautiously right he knows
24461s that in a mid-range metagame like this
24463s you can take these slower lines play for
24467s more long-term dominance of the board
24469s once you've bullied your opponent into
24471s submission and they can't block anymore
24472s you're just going to take the game yeah
24474s I mean he's been very clean on these
24476s Decks that are not as expected to right
24479s this Talia list he's been playing
24481s exceptionally and I think that having
24483s that kind of surprise Factor coming into
24485s has been big for him because he's
24487s putting his opponents kind of out of
24489s their comfort zone and then he's
24491s executing like he has a ton of reps on
24493s it and he was someone who was worried
24495s about his preparation coming in but it
24496s doesn't show in his play whatsoever I
24499s mean the stat line of frog Bears is just
24501s so tough to deal right now like all the
24503s units are for free three four like how
24506s do you block that yeah the rock bear
24508s Shepherd's popping off into the world
24511s championship it was a card that a lot of
24513s these stream enjoyers identified very
24515s quickly has massive impact in combining
24517s it with Talia these this mid-game Tempo
24519s is exactly the sort of thing that you
24522s want to force your opponent onto the
24524s back foot yeah it's been fantastic for
24526s him overall and not just that I mean on
24528s all of his decks Eric on his plane's so
24530s clean he's a very young player but the
24532s fact that he's coming in playing with
24534s confidence it doesn't feel like he is
24535s being intimidated by the stage
24537s whatsoever he's playing incredibly clean
24539s and he has earned that spot in the top
24541s eight 3-0 is fantastic the first one to
24543s do it look even if mono shrima can beat
24546s down a deck
24547s the other thing is the shepherd might be
24550s a good car it looks pretty good it's
24552s looking pretty fantastic maybe one of
24554s the best performing new cards of this uh
24556s tournament which is one of the most
24558s surprising statements but we look at the
24560s results and yeah Rock bear Shepherds has
24562s been one of the best performing cards of
24564s the experience it's got the win rate
24566s it's not what Champion strength it's not
24570s a truck I it's it's rock Bears all the
24574s way Jeopardy boy
24575s the the true carry listen he is a Sears
24579s long lost descendant I'm pretty sure the
24582s Lord the Lord people know that he's
24584s related to siffer somehow we're gonna
24586s figure it out but the true king of
24589s kirima is
24591s Rock bear that's that's what I want to
24593s see I want to see a rock Bear bakai
24595s right I want to see like
24597s it's just a joke or a weapon that's the
24600s next Champion I want to see that that's
24602s that's a free idea right here oh yeah
24605s we're giving it out for free the rock
24606s bear he's actually playing by played by
24608s Dwayne The Rock Johnson yeah the rock
24611s bear
24612s love it but I mean it's been so amazing
24615s to watch how Group B has really played
24617s out here and we have one more match in
24619s group b which is going to be a winning I
24622s cannot wait to see how that's all going
24624s to play out because that's I we saw that
24626s yesterday a lot on the line when it
24628s comes down to those intense moments
24631s how do you handle the nerves and the
24633s pressure I mean you just forgot that you
24635s play for anything and you just play the
24637s game you just play the best game you can
24639s possibly do like or it's gonna be Roger
24641s against Kanye I believe China yep and
24645s yeah one of them will make
24646s I think that the players know that there
24649s is a lot on the line Grandpa roji
24651s already kind of said that he was just
24653s glad to be here glad to show off his
24656s favorite deck in front of the world
24658s right Talia malphite all the doubters
24660s and shambles it's here in the world
24661s championship and if roji can make it in
24664s that's just gonna going to give him a
24666s massive boost I think even going into
24668s the top eight it's a very clutch moment
24671s here and chenia has a ton of experience
24674s behind him he did win that king of
24676s runetera back that was on a stage that
24678s was a big production you know that's
24680s maybe more nerve-wracking even than a
24682s world championship because of the
24684s factors that were around it he is going
24686s to be Stone Cold whereas roji we saw a
24688s little shaky in the qualifiers he
24690s started looking good at the top of the
24692s day but as the stakes have passed up he
24694s started to kind of maybe lose some of
24695s his foresight I want to see roji really
24698s solid in this match because his lineup's
24699s fantastic his play is clean when he is
24702s on I need to see him laser focused here
24704s against chenia because I expect chenia
24706s to just be Iraq I think where the China
24708s Luck like when Roger is lacking in the
24711s maybe delivering but his lineup is
24715s exquisite in comparison to Junior where
24717s he plays very cleanly but maybe some a
24719s few bumps in the meta read and causing
24722s the problems with the Tech lineup that's
24724s going to be an interesting match for
24726s sure and we also still have the two
24727s matches that have yet to be played out
24729s for group a and Things Are
24733s up over there we've looked at the
24735s standings there's not really clear
24738s players yet that are going to be moving
24740s forward so I can't wait to see how those
24741s matches are going to go too we're gonna
24743s go to a short break though before we get
24744s into all the action we'll see you guys
24746s on the other side
24749s thank you
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24856s thank you
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25062s the casters to the corners of the world
25071s weapons of war and became them
25078s not even Realms could divide us old
25082s friend
25085s more there's no place
25100s [Music]
25103s foreign
25135s apocalypse comes
25139s yes Oblivion
25149s hello everybody and welcome back to our
25151s coverage of the 2022 Legend of Ranchero
25154s World Championships my name is necra and
25156s of course I'm joined by our lovely
25159s Caster team to break down our next match
25162s we've already played a lot today but we
25165s still have three more to go and this
25166s next one is really going to help shake
25168s things out in group a as we head over to
25171s the tank Buster versus Bowie's now you
25175s know the tank Buster has that a little
25176s bit of a rough day so far but boys as
25179s well you know has a 1-1 record what do
25182s you think of this matchup I mean we're
25184s still looking to pick up a win with that
25186s plunder deck it's so far been not
25189s performing well for the the tank Buster
25191s yeah and Bowie's I mean finally gets to
25194s play jinx this could be a big X Factor
25197s for him a deck that has the potential
25199s for a lot of burn damage and I mean the
25201s virus I know he doesn't even want to
25203s look at that deck anymore so it's it
25205s looks to be banned away and he can maybe
25207s make something else happen yeah he's
25208s happy that he doesn't have to worry
25209s about finding a weapon because it's not
25211s going to be in his lineup for this one
25213s but yeah I agree with Alan I mean
25214s looking for plunder to actually pick up
25217s its first Victory the matchups are going
25219s to be red Gwen and this Jinx Lulu both
25221s of which heavily unit damage Focus
25223s combat so having you know the sejuani
25225s getting the freeze is going to be
25227s beneficial and at least in red Gwen you
25229s do have some targets for your make it
25231s rains and your parlays so a lot of the
25233s the tools that you have at your disposal
25235s are at least going to be effective in
25236s these two matchups so why the plunder
25239s deck on the tank Busters lineup you know
25241s what was do you think was the medical
25243s there that really helped to persuade the
25246s tank Buster to add it into the lineup
25248s spirit unleashed into red Gwen spiritual
25251s Nation to Champion strength yeah you get
25254s that way to clear the board and as we
25257s saw again and again the threat of the
25259s sejuanese level 2 frostbite trying to
25262s lock down these mid-range game plans
25264s just a little bit too slow and we
25266s unfortunately had to say that he just
25268s might be in the wrong group every group
25271s has a microcosm meta to it yeah I mean
25273s and some of the games were really close
25274s it's not like he was been blown out
25276s every single time I mean there was
25278s against Teddy it really felt like that
25280s surfing game could have been a win in a
25282s lot of circumstances If Teddy hadn't had
25283s the foresight with the acolyte to hold
25286s on to that and then actually hit a spell
25287s that allowed him to clear away the
25289s Gangplank uh tank poster was setting
25291s himself up for a lethal swing in the
25292s next turn or two so there were some
25294s opportunities where one thing goes
25296s differently and the tank Buster does
25298s pick up a win barkeep is known for
25301s giving you exactly the answer
25304s really you think that was lucky enough
25306s [Laughter]
25313s oh well maybe we're gonna get a chance
25315s to see all of that and more we're gonna
25317s head over to our wonderful casters
25319s Boulevard and silver fuse to bring us
25321s through this next match
25324s thank you necra as you guys mentioned
25326s there this is one of the last matches of
25328s group a but not the last match nothing
25329s is really set in stone here everything
25332s is still up in the air everybody is
25334s still in it but this is going to be a
25336s big decisive match for some of these
25337s players as the tank Buster currently owe
25340s into in the group at 0-3 absolutely no
25342s shot to make it so this is a Do or Die
25344s situation for him
25345s yep indeed so I mean it'll be the big
25349s question is can the Splinter deck find a
25351s win and I I think you know we talked
25353s about yeah you know maybe if he found
25354s himself in a different group but I think
25355s bowis is the one person in his group
25357s where he might have a chance we see the
25359s Lulu Jinx finally not banned because of
25361s how well Spirits Unleashed and make it
25363s rain is going to be able to do into that
25364s and as Alan mentioned the red Gwen as
25366s well this is the sort of the matchup
25368s tables that we've been looking for
25369s scouring the entire day for in the group
25371s it's just unfortunate it's coming in
25372s with an 0-2 mentality yeah we'll have to
25374s say I mean tank Buster really likes the
25377s look of voices decks and wanted everyone
25378s else to have that as well and maybe I
25382s mean it'll be interesting to see if this
25384s will work because I mean if he goes on
25386s three then it's like well maybe my
25388s lineup wasn't where it was but now we
25391s feel like yeah maybe just the wrong
25392s group but this will really test to see
25395s hey if I was in a different group would
25397s I have done better but yeah you know we
25399s actually see the red one left on the
25400s table uh you know we talked about the
25402s Splinter deck maybe gonna do a little
25403s bit well into it but a seasonal Champion
25405s that and I actually crowned together so
25407s you'll refuse Prodigy a big influence
25409s into tankbusters testing group has
25410s mentioned that he thinks that red Gwen
25412s is not the deck for this tournament that
25413s it's going to be something that they
25414s actually look to disrespect a little bit
25416s and therefore gonna leave it open now
25418s I'm not sure if this was something where
25419s they're like okay yeah it's not that
25420s good we're going to disrespect it or if
25422s this is actually a soft target deck from
25423s this plunder because as we mentioned a
25425s lot of one HP units in there a lot of
25428s them indeed and I mean we've seen Gwen
25430s be disrespected over and over again and
25433s oftentimes has been able to find the win
25435s but I I would love to see this matchup
25437s of the plunder versus the Gwen does it
25439s work the way they anticipated we're
25442s probably going to find out as both of
25443s these decks are on the table still and
25444s here on the side of Bowie's we see uh
25446s sort of two of the more traditional
25447s decks of the tournament red Gwen
25448s Pantheon various but rounding it out
25450s with that Lulu Jinx which silver it's
25452s not banned I know you've been very
25453s excited finally throughout the entire
25455s day talk us through it a little bit well
25458s of course I mean Lulu not too many
25460s players brought her either but she is
25463s able to buff all these small units and
25465s then Jinx I'm mean you're playing all
25466s these small units you're getting them
25468s out of your hand and then you're being
25469s fairly aggressive with Jinx using her
25471s Rockets to be able and just ping down
25473s the Nexus essentially and there's some
25475s interesting things in that deck too
25476s where it has such a vandal tell stones
25478s but we will take a look further into
25481s voices deck the Gwyn and the uh Katarina
25485s Yeah we actually you know in the last
25486s match we had seen the shadow aisle
25488s telesstone this time around we just have
25490s the mark of the aisle in the main deck
25491s not getting too fancy not really playing
25493s for the options because again we have
25494s not seen crumble or Spirits Journey
25495s gotten off that card but into the game
25496s it is not red Gwen but we skew it up
25499s that Jinx first things first and
25500s squeaker in the main deck as well so
25503s Mecha yortle action possibly in our
25505s future yeah I mean squeaker has been a
25507s card that's been buffed a couple times
25508s now it was one that it just hasn't been
25511s able to quite go into the meta but it
25513s makes sense that was a two minute tutu
25515s and giving you additional value two of
25517s them in hand so we probably will be
25518s seeing these mechadortals yeah and I
25521s believe that is a scrap Heap as well so
25524s quite a bit of Vandal City Mecca yortle
25527s generation here for Bowie's but no real
25530s combo with the Lulu in the opening hand
25532s you know we're not getting the flame
25533s Chompers and no boom baboons getting
25535s online into the poro Cannon so at the
25537s very least this Sneezy big old dust is
25538s quite a ways away from being a
25539s game-ending threat and on the side of
25540s tank you see a pretty nice curve through
25543s the early game Elise Sneezy I mean no
25546s longer going to be a game-ending threat
25548s as it will be discarded and there are a
25550s couple muck Euros here that could
25551s potentially be the answer I mean we got
25554s Challenger with impact more impact and
25557s giving some units plus one plus one but
25559s that's a little bit far away as a five
25560s minute card and the final one we have
25562s impact and support give my Ally spell
25565s shield and plus two plus two this round
25566s two man on one four I actually really
25568s like either of the two drop options
25570s getting another supporter here in the
25572s geode mechomancer in order to level the
25574s Lulu a little bit faster we also could
25575s have taken the Challenger because we are
25577s currently late on Boom baboons but maybe
25579s in a deck list like this because you are
25580s playing effectively six copies of the
25582s flame Chompers because of the baboon
25583s maybe you think you know it's very light
25585s likely that I top deck a challenger very
25587s soon yeah makes plenty of some Slayer I
25590s mean plus we've seen spell shield be a
25592s big factor in this tournament overall I
25594s mean maybe not as much in this list that
25596s we're currently against but spell shield
25598s has made the difference in so many games
25600s between a lethal and not lethal yeah it
25603s is a little bit awkward that you only
25604s get the spell shield in combat and all
25606s of Tanks removal is slow speed the
25608s desert duel the grappling hook you know
25610s sort of the strike spells that you don't
25611s see too often coming out of shurima but
25613s because this is auction aatrox we don't
25615s have access to the fish fight to the
25617s Furious wield or anything like that so
25618s we do have to go a little bit more back
25620s to the Stone Age but the good news is it
25622s does give plus two plus two as well so
25623s it still will find itself to be useful
25625s in the future I get an attack from
25627s auction no safe blockers here from
25629s Bowie's and I imagine a squeaker there's
25631s gonna be more opportunities for you to
25633s get thrown under the bus there little
25634s guy don't you worry and I wonder if this
25636s augment has any opportunity to actually
25638s come into play here as we get these
25639s mechagodals down with the boom baboon as
25641s well you know another flame Chopper is
25642s coming down just a lot of created cards
25643s in the hand for bowies
25645s you have the credit cards giving we saw
25647s augment do some work earlier with the
25649s dark bulb acolyte so maybe the squeaker
25651s is able to push some extra damage
25652s through the augment as well we are going
25655s to go ahead and see the first mega
25656s yardal come down today and good setup
25659s with the Lulu as well going to be
25661s putting a good amount of pressure onto
25663s this auction
25664s we can even get down the flame Chompers
25666s as well if Boise goes for a boom baboon
25668s scrap Heap will discard generate another
25670s yordo but currently if we don't go that
25672s route I'm not sure how bowis wants to
25674s line up these support units and I think
25676s that's what we see you know the hands on
25678s the face kind of contemplating how do I
25679s want to play the rest of this turn what
25681s does my attack order look like because
25683s rarely have we seen it be so important
25685s as it is in a Lulu deck yeah this is a
25687s high stakes game for boys you can see
25689s that every oh it's very intense for him
25693s right now we've got the rocking and just
25695s pure focus on his face making sure to
25697s make every decision because they all
25700s matter especially in attack order like
25702s this with the Lulu and the mecca ordle
25705s as well as the Challenger too okay so it
25707s looks like we are going to protect the
25708s Lulu turn that into a five five spell
25710s shield and then give a grow 2044 over to
25713s the flame Chompers and actually the
25715s Trump attacker picked up for an
25716s impactful turn six attack as well but
25718s I'm gonna rearrange it a little bit
25719s saying you know I looked at the deck
25721s again there's a shape Stone so maybe my
25723s Lulu dies here but that is a risk that I
25725s am willing to take so we are able to to
25727s save the squeaker here for that reason
25729s at three Health there's nothing to trade
25730s into it without having some kind of
25732s combat trick and that's why the Lulu
25734s isn't the one being buffed here just a
25736s little bit more aggressive here
25738s throwing out the boom baboon as well
25740s saying hey if you want to trade this
25742s with the sand Soldier you have to let a
25744s little bit more damage go through but
25746s looks like Bowie's gonna rearrange him
25748s or tank bus are going to rearrange just
25749s a little bit here and keep one unit
25751s around when all is said and done I love
25753s that aggressive play from boys hair
25755s recognizing that I need to get every
25757s point of damage here possible with this
25759s kind of deck in every point of date deck
25761s every point of damage matters because
25763s Jinx is able to chip away the Nexus in
25766s the future yeah I mean it's a win
25768s condition that we don't see in the hand
25769s right now but definitely one two play
25770s towards one that the Jinx player is
25772s always going to have in mind can I top
25773s deck my game ending champion and so far
25775s tank has a little bit more Refuel on the
25778s following turns but gonna get the odd
25781s shot down continue to get down this
25782s warlord's Palace turn into the Warlords
25784s horde but we are a long ways away from
25785s that silver fuse and not a lot of
25787s targets targeting cards rather left in
25790s tanks hand to accelerate yeah we do have
25792s the desert dual may be able to take care
25794s of the Lulu in the future but there we
25796s have a giant buff coming down from the
25799s mecca ordle the Trump attacker coming in
25801s big giving allies plus one plus one on
25804s summon much like Garen although not
25806s gonna rally quite as often but this
25807s should be enough to Stonewall the attack
25809s from tank unless tank wants to put it
25812s all on the line attack with the auction
25813s and say hey I have shapestone what are
25816s you gonna do about it without actually
25817s having the card that would be quite a
25820s bluff here at this stage
25822s that it would and it looks like instead
25824s we are gonna get a desert duel to kick
25826s things off
25828s maybe taking out the flame Chompers
25830s you're not in a position actually no you
25832s could take out the Lulu because auction
25834s will level in response to this because
25836s it targets him
25838s yeah but the question is do you want to
25841s risk it I mean zero Mana there's not too
25843s much risk here yeah this is not the uh
25846s noxus variant so you're not worried
25848s about like a poro cannon into a survival
25849s skills even if you were it would hit the
25851s Trump attacker so auction is going to
25853s level we are going to proc the Warlords
25855s Palace now getting a warlord's horde
25856s online and it is going to be a kill onto
25859s the Lulu and Lulu was a big part of what
25862s allowed the flame Chomper to really be
25863s effective so taking that away does
25866s relieve a lot of pressure here and it is
25868s just give it's not Grant on the Trump
25870s attacker so it is going to go away at
25873s the end of the turn I really hope I read
25874s that card correctly earlier when I saw
25876s it but I'm gonna get a predict and a
25878s draw from tank the most common option
25880s and right of negation not really looking
25883s like something that hits anything in
25886s this matchup
25887s yeah not until Jinx comes down at least
25890s yeah the super mega Death rocket
25892s definitely something that you could want
25894s to counter you know could be a
25895s game-ending threat but the shapes don't
25896s we do see now in the opening hand and
25898s dune keeper you know we talked about
25899s tankless a little bit earlier it's
25900s actually very low to the ground there's
25902s Makai Reapers Dune Keepers multiple
25903s forsignificizen actually nearly 10 one
25906s drops in this list with the intention of
25908s going wide both unit and weapon wise and
25911s getting down a big world Ender so when
25913s you are gassed out like this your top
25915s deck silver fuse they are not good
25918s yeah I really do need to make sure you
25920s get the world under going
25922s [Music]
25924s I'm interested to see if we get more
25926s mechi orals here to continue putting all
25928s the pressure there is jinx finally I get
25930s a c here but bye finally Arcane Jinx at
25933s that oh man a couple squeakers in hand
25936s no way to play the Jinx and empty the
25937s hand this turn but voice really has a
25940s great control of the game so far tank
25942s just drawing another grappling hook
25945s unable to find the darkened weapons to
25947s go wide really unable to find a time to
25949s get down the aatrox just yet as Bowie's
25951s continues to stay wide and will only
25952s continue to get wider as the game goes
25954s on and we're kind of saying a little bit
25956s why this deck has been banned because it
25958s is so aggressive and we have had such a
25960s greedy meta really slow decks I mean we
25963s saw a really install level up earlier
25964s we've seen so many world endures so
25966s seeing why players were like you know
25967s what don't really want to deal with Lulu
25969s jinx it just puts on too much pressure
25971s for my game plan and this is I've been
25974s chipping away down nine more Health yeah
25976s and we're gonna see a trade for an
25979s auction and a squeaker turns out that
25981s Trump attacker's buff is permanent so
25983s Grant not give an important thing to
25985s always pay attention to when you are
25986s reading cards in legends of runeterra I
25988s know they both start with the letter G
25989s but it is a game-ending difference with
25991s a capital G and in this case things
25993s looking great for tank or for bowies
25995s rather as most if not all of his board
25997s stays intact and tank you could play out
26000s a couple more units here you'd be
26002s getting down two at most or you can just
26003s slam down the aatrox
26006s I mean voice is just looking like he is
26008s in such a great spot as long as his
26009s aatrox isn't able to heal and run away
26011s with the game that is pretty much the
26013s only source of healing here but we do
26015s have poke sticks to reach a little bit
26016s more but they do draw a card so we might
26019s be using the squeaker to discard
26020s something to level up the strengths in
26021s the future I mean I think getting this
26023s Jinx online and really applying that
26025s pressure is important yeah it really
26026s comes down to how much time does Bowie's
26028s want to take to do this because because
26029s you could cast the Poke sticks first see
26031s what you draw maybe it's some things
26032s that you'd like to discard with the
26033s squeaker or maybe you're more concerned
26035s with just getting this Jinx online as
26037s fast as possible but can get a little
26039s bit awkward right we might even see a
26040s squeaker discard a squeaker just because
26042s you're not necessarily in control of the
26044s cost of the Mecha yortles that are given
26046s to you in the Manifest so might not be
26048s able to empty your hand fast enough and
26049s could disrupt your Jinx game plan
26051s further
26052s and we do see Lulu leveled up now we'll
26054s grow things to five five instead making
26056s that flame trompers even more spooky and
26059s we also have plus two plus two from the
26061s supports I mean it doesn't really look
26063s like that much damage at the time but
26065s when you actually get the attacks in and
26067s support there's a lot going on there and
26069s we get help picks as well which is going
26071s to be great if tank doesn't go for an
26073s open attack here and even if tank does
26074s go for an open attack you know we're
26075s gonna have to see a poker stick be
26076s shaped Stone fight it's not a great open
26078s attack Whimsy the top deck which
26080s actually might come in handy as it will
26083s turn any follower into a 1-1 in silence
26085s it which includes all of the darken that
26087s we could see tanks set up for with the
26089s world Ender it would be pretty funny to
26091s see that setup of saying uh darken what
26094s if it just became a little squirrel it
26096s would be cute indeed but for now Tank's
26098s gotta find a way to get on board I don't
26100s think this is the world Ender turn
26101s unless you can strike with a couple more
26103s darken but I think the Mana never really
26105s lines up in that fashion but he's just
26107s gonna get wider and wider without any
26109s real Challenger threats coming out of
26111s tank we've got the most useless Hunter
26113s but there's so much you're gonna have to
26114s deal with in Bowie's now is an option to
26116s give something barrier
26118s yep help picks will be helping out very
26120s much and then after that has to kind of
26122s decide like do I need to get this Jinx
26124s activated or do I continue using these
26126s Mecha orals to apply more pressure
26129s it looks like it will be a squeaker
26130s discarding a squeaker another Trump
26132s attacker do you have the man on the
26134s plane there's gonna be Trump attacker
26135s number two
26136s I mean this is a strong board coming out
26139s from this Lulu Jinx all right silver I
26141s need to know you've seen the Jinx in
26142s hand you might not see the Jinx get
26144s played is that enough for you or do you
26146s need more no it's not I wanted to see
26149s her really just go off and do a bunch of
26151s damage but I mean Lulu I know a lot of
26155s players love Lulu and if you don't get
26157s to see her as much so I think her
26158s getting to shine here is great as well
26160s yeah I'm sure Jinx isn't going to be too
26162s upset about it you might have rode the
26163s bench the entire game but a championship
26164s ring is a championship ring she's just
26166s gonna be happy that her team was able to
26168s pick up the win because I do not think
26170s she's gonna get it down here I think
26171s Bowie's might be looking to end the game
26173s here on the open attack kinda hard to
26174s tell there's a lot of impact coming out
26176s of Bowie's board that could change the
26178s math a little bit hell picks to get
26180s vulnerable and I get excited off the top
26182s a good amount just trying to secure it a
26184s little bit more and we do see the right
26185s navigation in hand but there is going to
26187s be so much pressure here between it so
26188s now boys has to decide how do I want to
26191s do this attack there's two supports we
26193s have plus two plus two and then Lulu
26195s growing something to a five five I would
26197s think
26198s that's a tough one I mean there's so
26200s many ways to go about this
26202s the ordering matters a lot the aatrox
26205s feltop deck for tank also matters a lot
26207s not able to get hit with the Whimsy it
26209s is only followers so a charge will be
26211s fine through that the problem is that
26213s the board is so big of bowies and it is
26214s a two-sided street right this is a
26216s single combat not a concerted strike not
26218s a furious wielder so anything that you
26220s hit gonna hit aatrox right back severely
26222s limit your amount of impact through uh
26225s sort of just cleaning up the opponent's
26226s forward double blocking things of that
26228s nature at the moment though I do not
26229s think we are staring down lethal I don't
26231s think there's any way for you to get
26232s this six attack unit through but the I
26234s mean the augment on the squeaker
26236s actually coming in kind of big here
26238s it's also important to note that if that
26240s e-truck spell is used that does make it
26242s possible for Jinx to live a little bit
26244s longer
26245s getting our attacks lined up we are
26248s going to get
26250s geode Mecha forcer supporting the Trump
26252s attacker to kill the aatrox and then
26255s squeaker getting bumped up through a 5-5
26257s rather than just a 5-3
26260s the attacks are locked in minus 13 on
26262s the side of tank blocks lined up down to
26265s just minus three but as you get excited
26267s there's a jinx in hand
26268s and aatrox's spell doesn't work if you
26271s don't have an aatrox this Jinx might be
26273s able to slip through
26274s I really like this line from boys here
26277s saying hey you know what I need to get
26279s rid of this aatrox I mean there's no
26280s lethal here at the time so just trying
26282s to make the best trades you can
26285s something queued up on the stack is
26287s going to be aatrox fighting with the
26289s flame Chompers preserving the merciless
26291s Hunter getting a little bit of Health
26292s back thanks to the aatrox strike effects
26295s and the oh it's actually onto the
26298s geomancer the mega forcer thank you
26300s can't tell what the blue line sometimes
26302s a little bit too thin but down to nine
26304s and now combat gonna play out a couple
26306s of impacts coming through
26307s but aatrox is gone I mean the world
26310s Ender we seem to be such a strong card
26312s but when there's no units to capitalize
26314s off of it it's looking like a five Mana
26316s do nothing to me right now but we do
26318s have the treasure from the warlord sword
26321s which can reduce the cost of everything
26323s and while the board is clear the world
26325s enters down to five Mana
26327s that could be a big one as well I mean
26330s yeah that
26332s we'll have to see what is played there
26334s it looks like it's currently being
26336s hovered by Tank it's no longer in the
26338s hand but certainly hasn't been played
26339s yet
26340s religious thing about which mode do you
26342s want you could get a zero Mana aatrox I
26345s believe that is the largest unit that
26346s has died this game it'd be wild if there
26347s was anything bigger you could draw two
26349s reduce the cost of all cards in your
26350s hand by one or give all of your
26352s Champions plus two plus two spell shield
26353s I think that's the only one and that is
26354s gonna be the vulnerable option that is
26355s gonna be a resurrection onto the aatrox
26357s I mean it has to get some units out here
26360s somehow to be able to block in the
26361s future
26362s but I mean still Boyce is going to be
26364s able to put on so much pressure still
26366s six Mana to work with but
26369s looks like we're gonna see another
26370s strike come down thinking about it oh or
26373s it's going to be the world Ender
26374s contemplating is tank
26378s strike not looking bad though it might
26381s use your identification okay so it's
26382s just gonna be the world Ender aatrox
26383s leveled up
26386s and I don't know if the world Ender is
26388s going to be able to end this game it
26392s depends a little bit I think there are
26394s some draws from tank that could do it
26396s you know this is a big overwhelm unit if
26398s you can find another strike spell to
26400s push through your blocker you've got the
26402s shape stone for a little bit of damage
26403s but I think no matter what aatrox is
26405s going to be stuck doing maybe 12 at most
26408s but we do draw another aatrox so we have
26410s the 12 damage push available wait a
26413s second is that
26415s if there's not an instapass on the
26417s attack I mean you could lose if you're
26420s not careful here as boys
26422s oh sheriment telestones that's a buff
26424s that could be 14 attack on the aatrox
26427s and if you go for the open there's no
26429s opportunity to play the hell picks to
26430s give the barrier in order to stop this
26432s strike from coming through and it's all
26433s happening at first speed so far tank
26435s finds the line gonna go down onto this
26437s cop attacker going for the shape Stone
26439s yeah he's all in tank Buster is full
26441s sending this attack hey the world Ender
26443s still doing its best gonna line up all
26447s of the attacks if you pull the challenge
26449s off of jeral maybe you have an
26451s opportunity to force something out of
26452s your opponent before you use the strike
26453s spell but tank still contemplating it
26455s over saying I don't want to do anything
26457s just yet I want something to come out of
26459s my opponent what are the options take a
26460s look at the decklist again at the final
26462s moment this is not lethal that you have
26464s presented thank you head in hands
26467s understands that if Boise just hits the
26468s skip block button then the game does not
26471s end
26473s I don't think you cannot present lethal
26475s here and if you were just looking
26477s forward
26478s you can just not challenge with the draw
26480s force your opponent to line up the
26482s blocker you get a priority sequence back
26483s you can play the aatroc spell and strike
26485s through but tank has misordered and you
26487s can see himself kicking himself already
26489s understanding that this could be going
26491s oh and three in the group
26493s yeah I mean just got a little bit antsy
26495s there I mean the time we're starting to
26497s tick
26498s it's a high pressure situation and but
26501s we still actually contemplating do I
26503s want to do anything in combat it's known
26504s information that the aatrox was drawn
26506s that was tutored I believe so we are
26509s going to see just Bowie's hit skip block
26511s and go down to one
26514s and I mean still down to one so boys
26516s does have to find a way to get lethal
26518s here the Jinx is gone the Jinx is gone
26520s if you want to use get excited Mystic
26522s shot to kill the aatrox tank has a
26524s second one in hand you're only
26525s representing a little bit of damage if
26527s you can get through both aatrox you've
26529s got a shot at lethal next turn but with
26531s the second one in Tank's hand I don't
26532s think that's a likely option I mean even
26534s the second one isn't in hand I mean just
26536s using your burn to clear a unit and not
26539s be able to go for the Nexus here I mean
26541s how else you're going to do 14 Health
26543s when there is no jinx
26546s I'm trying to find a way I'm thinking
26548s about maybe the Poke stick drawing we
26549s might even see Bowie's maybe throw a
26551s poke stick at the Nexus first say you
26552s know it's not really going to stick onto
26553s the atrox I might as well see what I
26555s draw see if there's anything that I can
26556s get through here because I think it's
26557s going to take more than just one top
26559s deck to get Bowie's a lethal push on the
26561s following turn and this aatrox is
26563s sticking around it doesn't matter if you
26565s give an opportunity for barrier later on
26566s the 1010 overwhelm will end the game
26570s I mean if he were to poke stick into a
26572s jinx here is there a way that he could
26574s present lethal
26575s on time
26577s I actually
26579s I don't know because Whimsy can only hit
26582s followers so I mean I think he might be
26586s able to oh I don't know I don't know if
26588s you can get Whimsy out of hand I know
26590s that minimorph was released only being
26592s able to discard it so it's possible oh
26594s yeah I guess you could just unable to
26595s discard it but yeah we don't know what
26597s the Poke stick draw is we'll find out
26599s now I feel like doing the Poke stick
26601s first is something you always have to do
26603s there when you know your opponent can't
26605s do anything else at the time yordal
26607s Squire is not the card that bowis was
26610s looking for I think you mentioned it
26611s Jinx is the one the star of the show the
26614s All-Star the ring bearer that needs to
26615s come through in order to cinch this one
26617s out and it's gonna be a jury rig instead
26620s wow our so damage here that's lethal
26629s into the jury rig that's gonna be and I
26632s mean the augment as well with the tiny
26634s spear is that exactly well no yeah just
26636s the Lulu is gonna be enough so finding
26637s another unit off the top to summon
26639s adverse speed even not the tank had much
26641s to do about it you can see tank saying
26642s yeah I know that I had lethal on the
26644s last turn I didn't push it through maybe
26645s I could have won anyway but
26647s unfortunately but Luis finds the line in
26649s tank understanding that he really didn't
26650s deserve to win that game after that
26652s misplay
26654s I mean yeah all of his teammates from
26656s the tank Buster said that he's been
26657s playing out of his mind during scrims
26659s and they were really hyped up on him and
26661s sometimes I mean you're on a huge stage
26663s I mean nerves are part of the play and
26665s it's tough I mean starting off like this
26668s and then maybe you're able to turn
26670s around the next two games but we'll have
26672s to see and you can see bowis with a sigh
26674s of relief there understanding I think
26675s the situation as it was with the second
26678s ahrock saying I almost died there but I
26680s was able to bring it back so that is
26681s going to be one and oh for Boise in this
26684s match so far has to pick up a win with
26686s the red Gwen and I gotta say silver red
26688s Gwen has been one of the best closers of
26689s this event so far oh yeah it just puts
26692s so much pressure it's non-stop I mean
26695s once a unit dies is coming to Herald and
26697s it just continues to go over and over
26699s again especially with the Katarina it
26701s just has a plan of attack for every
26702s stage of the game and it does it maybe
26704s not the best and you know maybe not the
26706s best early game the best mid game but it
26708s does all of them better than average
26710s yep it has been the deck of the
26712s tournament for the most part I mean a
26714s lot more in this day two than day one
26717s but I mean it's either got a band or
26719s oftentimes a win and you can't get much
26722s better than that it's not often that
26723s you're looking at a player's lineup and
26724s you point at the red one and say yeah
26725s this is the one that you're looking to
26726s tow that is not something that I think
26728s we have uttered throughout this entire
26729s event so far and it is certainly not
26731s going to be the case now and which means
26732s that this is a big uphill battle for the
26734s tank Buster but as we mentioned this is
26736s a this is a deck that is prep group
26738s doesn't really respect maybe tact
26740s against it even saying you know if you
26741s bring this deck it's a mistake
26743s especially if you run into tank but as
26744s you mentioned this is a high pressure
26746s situation and a huge mental loss for
26747s tank in the last round can he bring it
26749s back for this I mean you're still on the
26751s world stage and it's still a great time
26753s to get experience so that's something
26755s and this is still high stakes for boys
26757s as well so this is still an important
26759s game and we'll have to see if boys is
26761s able to close this out or if the tank
26763s Buster can keep his chances alive of
26765s going one two and if there's a game for
26767s tank to recover in silver it's gonna be
26769s this one we see the one drops and the
26771s dark in coming out for tank exactly what
26773s this deck was built to do and on the
26774s side of Bowie's a lot of inaction
26776s through the early game a ravenous flock
26778s doesn't do much when your opponent is
26780s just throwing down one drops Katarina is
26783s a nice thing to sort of compensation
26785s level but ultimately it's gonna have to
26787s go long if Bowie is going to take this
26788s one back
26789s yeah this hand I'll start a little bit
26791s awkward for boys but I mean he
26793s and Gwen stars of the show can't be too
26796s unhappy about that and able to just
26798s throw it on the off turn Katarina and
26800s start throwing out the blades edges not
26802s worried about a desert duel or anything
26804s along those lines tank again very light
26805s on the interaction in this aatrox
26808s auction list and now it's back to the
26810s attack token of bowis if you go in for
26811s the open do you play the Gwen maybe
26813s throw down some hallowed units it's
26815s gonna be the Gwen I mean the two
26817s Champions together that make this deck
26818s as strong as it is and that's applying
26821s once again a lot of pressure and we saw
26823s this earlier with the Lulu Jinx deck
26824s where I was like well it's a pretty good
26826s start and then aatrox was kind of able
26828s to potentially bring a win back at this
26831s point we have so many chump lockers
26832s though that Katarina will level up but
26835s Gwen is going to get more procs and a
26838s little bit of snip snip heal up a bit
26840s and this Dune breaker that or this Dune
26843s keeper That was supposed to be sort of
26844s this efficient wall type effect against
26846s some of the more mid-range demacio decks
26847s you know trading off with the sand
26849s Soldier maybe just waiting some attacks
26850s doesn't really matter with two quick
26852s attack Champions coming in for the
26853s hundredth time this weekend we get a
26856s Katarina level up yeah once upon a time
26858s Katarina was considered one of the worst
26860s cards in legends of rentera and we've
26862s seen her so much in Katarina Gwen became
26865s a deck I want to point out that Katarina
26866s didn't just suddenly become good she's
26868s gone through quite a few rounds of Buffs
26870s from the Sun I mean the blades Edge on
26872s some into the zero Mana blades that
26873s don't level up to the point that we are
26875s today where red Gwen is one of the best
26877s decks to Katarina actually the most
26878s played Champion through the qualifier
26879s stage of this event
26881s yeah it's been great to see her be able
26883s to shine I know she's a well-beloved
26885s character in League of Legends so it's
26887s nice to see her as a champion being able
26889s to do her thing tank this is aggressive
26891s my friend waking Sans on the open not
26894s waiting to use these as blockers says
26896s hey you know you did a Katarina into a
26898s Gwen this kind of tells me you don't
26900s have an early curve I want to see how
26901s many chump blockers you have in your
26903s back pocket and if it's not enough I'm
26905s sending a lot of sand soldiers at you we
26907s are off to the races here
26910s it's waking Sans number one no play from
26911s Belize yet could pass and I'm really
26913s curious to see if tank throws out the
26915s second waking stance get that second
26916s Sandstone charger online and I mean with
26918s the Makai Reaper this could be a rather
26920s aggressive attack even if some blocks do
26921s come out you throw that one to the end
26923s of the line and it continues to tick up
26925s as you slight your opponent's units I
26927s mean boys knows about this other Samsung
26929s charger in hand and looking at his hand
26932s he has to decide like hey how can I fake
26934s that I have more blockers here than I
26935s actually do because really it doesn't
26937s want to block with the Gwen if she's
26939s going to die once the blocks you know
26941s just jump lock something else instead
26942s but we'll have to see what is decided
26945s here I mean I kind of have my eyes on oh
26947s Katarina okay and it's a curious
26950s situation for Bowie's right because
26951s there are desert duels in Tank's deck as
26953s well so when you see these Sandstone
26955s charges come down you don't necessarily
26956s think okay this is going to combat you
26958s might be thinking oh here comes a desert
26960s tool to trade onto my Gwen without
26961s actually losing board presence on the
26963s side of tank and now the blades Edge you
26966s know actually not used in response
26967s probably gonna wait until combat so that
26969s the dark and throttle doesn't come out
26970s and hit you in the face as well you
26972s don't get a chance to move the dark and
26973s blood letters assuming that this does go
26975s on to the one one HP unit that tank has
26982s the Flint but you can't attack with this
26984s Katarina it's just too much damage that
26985s comes back at your face yeah so just
26987s gonna take a little bit of healing but
26988s there is a quick sand in the hand of
26990s tank which could be used to hit both
26992s Champions here
26994s probably just go all in on the Gwen
26995s though Katarina has already rallied for
26996s the turn no need to do that but actually
26997s it's going to be held back for the
26999s Katarina on a future turn I'm just gonna
27001s let the Gwen level I mean level of Gwyn
27004s that is a lot of healing in the future
27006s to come but however we haven't seen any
27009s Herald procs yet no no hallowed in the
27012s death pool we've got a couple of them in
27013s the hands still but you know we didn't
27014s see any of those early cards we didn't
27016s see the Prodigy that Alan has been
27017s hyping up all weekend is with the best
27019s new addition to the deck and now 13
27021s damage sent into the Nexus and Bowie's
27024s not super inclined to block with either
27027s of these champions
27029s yeah I mean taking 13 damage
27033s that is a lot to take here but I mean
27035s there's two ephemerals and you have your
27036s two Champions and we don't have the
27039s hollow procs either so
27041s there's a zero Mana blades Edge it's
27043s more a question uh so I think that the
27044s three one that's always going to get
27046s with the blades is we're not really even
27047s contemplating blocking that but you know
27049s can we afford to take all this damage
27051s from the Sandstone charges or even do we
27052s want to block with the Gwen I'm not sure
27054s what bowis is thinking that tank is
27056s representing here shaped Stone uh
27058s actually not something that needs to be
27060s respected there hasn't been a landmark
27061s played yet so this is just gonna be a
27063s plus one plus one if that's something
27064s Boise is considering I mean I would
27067s still I mean
27068s still have to respect that though just
27071s the blades Edge it would be able to give
27073s plus one still yeah I guess the Blade's
27075s Edge is going to be sent at the Nexus
27076s maybe Bowie's has mapped it out a little
27078s bit more and says this is my better
27079s shouted lethal if I can get my opponent
27081s down to nine that's a range that I'm a
27083s little bit more comfortable with right
27084s now because there is quite a bit of
27085s damage still in Boise's hand you know
27087s we've got a midnight raid potential
27089s we've got the mark of the aisle
27090s definitely some surprise things could
27092s come out and it's actually going to be a
27093s double kill onto a few units clearing
27096s things off and saying Make Way for my
27097s Gwen and Katarina I mean this Katarina
27100s having an extra attack potentially
27102s going to be rough but this quicksand
27104s also just still waiting here I mean I
27107s feel like we're going to see it soon and
27108s I feel like bowis is almost teasing
27111s Point putting both a cards onto the
27113s stack at the same time against a four
27115s Mana right of negation and saying go
27116s ahead do it I'm playing a harrowing deck
27118s you'd think that you can get away with
27120s playing a right indication here a little
27122s bit of BM from Bowie's a little bit of
27123s baiting at tank I I think I like the
27126s bait here because if you draw in the
27127s future I mean being able to get a ride
27129s of negation out there
27131s if you've had or no forgot but I I
27134s believe more that there was a little bit
27137s of teasing going on there Hank might
27138s even have to you okay no actually not
27140s going to use the band Hotel Stone in
27142s order to sort of kill the Katarina just
27144s gonna take away the uh sort of quick
27145s attack here but Bowie's can still mark
27147s up the aisle to strike with the Katarina
27149s because it's zero attack she is not
27151s going back to hand she's not getting you
27152s an additional rally and now aatrox comes
27155s down tapped out on the side of tank
27157s yeah and there isn't a way to bounce
27160s back this Katarina because what there
27163s was this Gwen would be doing a lot yeah
27165s it's only one of quicksand I'm curious
27167s about the lack of Mark of the aisle
27168s coming out of bowies maybe without the
27170s quick attack Katarina's not bouncing I'm
27172s not entirely sure how this one works but
27174s I do believe that that would have been a
27175s way to recall the champion it doesn't
27176s dance without quick attack I am being
27178s told so it's gonna be the midnight raid
27180s instead and we could send in Gwen with
27182s this but as you keep mentioning without
27183s any hallow triggers this is just gonna
27184s be a four attack wince snip snip
27186s snipping for two
27188s go Gwen go
27191s Mark of the aisle available to trade
27193s with the aatrox if that's the way that
27195s we want to play this a midnight raid
27197s locked in Lethal presented aatrox the
27200s blocker could be a flock could be a mark
27202s a couple options for bowies to take out
27204s the world Ender
27206s yeah
27209s I kind of want this aatrox I mean it was
27212s the way for a win last game so you know
27216s losing him not necessarily what you want
27218s to do with a hand like this yeah
27220s unfortunately no overwhelm on the aatrox
27223s this time around not until level two and
27225s we are quite a ways away from getting
27226s down a world Ender and I mean tank kind
27228s of felt like they had the ideal opening
27230s hand we had a lot of One Drops a lot of
27232s weapons we found the aatrox in the
27233s timely fashion but even without going
27235s wide in the early game just with the
27237s Katarina Gwen who felt like it was
27239s enough in order to pressure this
27240s situation to the point where tank has
27242s lost all of his followers save a dune
27244s keeper and now has lost his aatrox
27247s yeah in seeing that Mark the aisles
27249s allowing Gwen to do some extra damage
27251s trading into that aatrox even though she
27253s was lost she'll be probably brought back
27255s in the future of this eternal dancers
27257s yeah and that will just about be lethal
27260s it's got to get another hallowed proc
27262s into the pool I believe I don't think
27263s Gwen rounds up on the damage that she
27265s does
27266s but I tanks gotta attack if he's gonna
27268s win the game at any point in desert Duel
27269s not a great top deck here's zelani the
27272s only playable unit from the hand of tank
27275s you can see him kind of sitting back
27277s thinking maybe this is the point where
27279s I've secured it
27280s yeah I mean to me having the stun spider
27283s in hand knowing that hey there's a big
27285s unit played I really don't have to worry
27287s about it and tank feels like he's got to
27290s do something right if you pass but
27292s always just goes for the open attack and
27293s that's GG that's the match that's your
27295s world's run so we're gonna go for the
27296s desert duel onto the Katarina no
27299s response here from Belize not able to do
27301s anything about that with the ravenous
27303s flock doesn't need one anyway that is
27306s true and now the flock gonna come out
27307s onto the Dune keeper clearing out all of
27309s the units for tank
27312s might have to go for the right of
27314s negation but either way with one
27317s hallowed in the death pool that's enough
27319s to give Bowie's lethal with either
27320s attacker
27322s yeah I mean and also the saturnal
27324s dancers is going to put on so much
27325s pressure once this eternal dancers is
27327s put on the board we're going to see I
27330s mean it's just going to be too much
27331s there's no way of stopping this yeah and
27333s the second flock comes out there's no
27336s answer for tank the quicksand has
27339s already been used the singular one the
27341s shariman tell Stones not even enough
27343s Mana to go for the spirit fire and with
27345s the Eternal dancers coming down silver
27347s fuse everyone watching at home I believe
27348s this secures the victory for bowies and
27351s the tank Buster also going to go oh and
27354s three in his group
27356s unfortunate end but still making it to
27359s Worlds is quite an accomplishment we
27361s don't want the players to forget that to
27362s judge themselves solely based on their
27364s performances in the group stage just
27366s making it here is an incredible
27367s accomplishment but beliefs might be
27369s moving on we're not totally sure yet not
27371s everything is set in stone but a 2-1
27372s record was good enough yesterday will
27374s likely be good enough today again yeah I
27378s mean our next matches they're going to
27380s determine everything absolutely and
27383s police don't we
27385s players keep coming through and you know
27387s we'll see big reactions out of people
27388s when they misplay some of them have a
27390s pop-up I know Maddie yesterday had a big
27392s pop off we even saw it with Aragorn a
27394s little bit earlier immediately pulling
27395s out the phone to text everyone hey I did
27396s it I made it and Bowie's I think knows
27398s that it's not over yet you're not
27400s guaranteed this last match will
27402s determine things but silver uh do you
27404s have anything that you want to throw to
27406s before we get back to the analyst desk
27407s to break down this a little bit further
27409s I mean I didn't get the Jinx pop off but
27412s seeing Lulu be such a strong unit and
27415s being able to push damage I thought that
27416s was pretty fun as well yeah Jinx the
27418s star player but Lulu's the one that
27419s actually closes it out now we're gonna
27421s throw it back to the analyst desk to
27422s break down the almost end of group a
27426s thank you so much Boulevard and silver
27428s and I feel the disappointment in seeing
27431s the not seeing the Jinx do the thing
27433s either
27434s um but I also feel for the tank Buster
27436s because while this might not have been
27439s the showing that he would have wanted at
27441s the World Championships I think
27442s Boulevard and silver fuse put it
27444s amazingly well that being at Worlds at
27448s all is a major accomplishment knowing
27450s what the players have had to go through
27452s this season look I want to contextualize
27454s it a little bit to for the tank Busters
27456s specifically right this is one of his
27458s earliest seasons in playing competitive
27460s runetera he has one seasonal top cut
27462s this isn't because oh he's been playing
27464s so many and he just couldn't make it
27466s this is because he hasn't been playing
27468s Legend of Frontera competitively for
27470s very long he jumped in Fairly recently
27473s he's a young player he joined up with a
27476s bunch of very strong players came
27477s through tested with them and they all
27479s believe in him very heavily as a pilot
27481s yes he came in here and on the top 16 of
27486s worlds in maybe didn't have his best
27487s performance but he got through those
27489s qualifiers and he has been a fantastic
27491s player in the North American scene he
27493s should be incredibly proud of himself I
27495s hope to tank Buster goes home and is
27496s happy with the fact that he made it to
27498s worlds in one of his first seasons and
27500s he's got a bright future in runterra
27502s ahead of him I agree to the police
27505s congratulations on Sirius also very good
27508s Lane abroad
27509s Lulu Jinx haven't dropped the game
27512s either banned or just swept yeah I loved
27516s the inclusion of so much Mecca yordal
27519s Synergy a lot of times you know the old
27521s Louis jinxes would only run like one or
27523s two scrap heaps but going all in with
27525s the buff squeaker and just recognizing I
27528s need powerful units I need more fuel you
27530s aren't all in on empty my hand into Jinx
27532s we now have this more fleshed out
27534s alternate win condition of Lulu pressure
27536s yeah it was very solid to watch I think
27538s bowis has impressed me a lot throughout
27541s the day though the one Series where he
27542s fell flat this is one where he's he's
27544s not drawing a weapon he's running into
27546s like a lot of issues it didn't feel like
27548s a lot of issues with Boise's play
27550s himself felt like a lot of uh his decks
27553s not working the way they should and
27554s that's not something that is normally
27557s going to happen with them they're
27558s relatively consistent decks they're just
27560s are those rare brick hands at the end of
27562s the day we are playing a card game yes
27563s and the one that can win with proper
27565s preparation decklist decks sometimes
27567s will just not cooperate without a pilot
27569s yeah you can have the best lineup the
27572s best matchups the best deck band and
27574s then just not draw correctly it comes
27576s with the territory these players at this
27579s level are used to that it does hit hard
27581s at this moment but as we said these
27584s players are still top 16 on the entire
27588s planet you can't you can't step to that
27591s it's amazing and like I feel so inspired
27594s watching all of these players perform
27596s you know a win or lose there have been
27598s some incredible strategies to take away
27600s from the play that we've seen so far and
27603s we're not even done yet we still have
27605s two more matches and these matter so
27608s much in group b we've got a winning in
27612s with Grandpa roji versus chenya and also
27615s as you could tell from rest of group a
27617s that's not even figured out yet yeah the
27619s both matches will be the deciding ones
27621s very exciting to see them yeah of course
27624s we're finally getting into these weird
27626s Swiss math scenarios where we aren't
27628s sure who's going to advance and we know
27630s that the competitors are going to bring
27631s their a game of course it's going to be
27633s as close as possible and coming down to
27635s these final games look we said two ones
27637s were safe yesterday that does not mean
27639s two ones are safe today but we sitting
27641s at that 2-1 but there's still a lot that
27643s can happen especially with Aurora and
27645s Teddy being the other match in his group
27647s it was called the group of death for a
27649s reason there's two seasonal Champions
27650s that are fighting for those spots and
27652s Luis yes he's done a lot to try and get
27654s it but it's not done yet he has to watch
27657s and wait and hope that he's going to be
27658s able to lock it in yeah I think that
27661s whole group of death thing is definitely
27662s living up to the name especially with
27664s the hype of the matches that we've seen
27665s so far too we're going to get ready for
27667s those because we have almost figured out
27669s all eight of our players that are moving
27671s on to the final bracket just two more
27673s matches to go right after this break
27675s [Music]
27697s thank you
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27834s thank you
27836s thank you
27839s [Music]
27870s foreign
27874s [Music]
27876s and welcome back to the legends of
27878s rentera World Championships where the
27880s best of the best are duking it out for
27882s this sweet trophy we're gonna take a
27884s quick look at the standings as well so
27888s that the players as they tangle around
27890s for this Titanic prize we can see what's
27893s truly on the line group a is looking so
27898s sus Teddy's up here 2-0 Bowie's
27900s clutching up that 2-1 but there's still
27903s a few more matches to be played to
27905s figure out how everything else is going
27907s to shake up over in group b
27911s [Music]
27914s two player two great players with great
27917s lineups that will be a fire yeah Grandpa
27920s roji and chenya two players who consider
27923s themselves very strong mid-range Pilots
27926s I know Grandpa roji that was certainly
27927s his claim to fame but chenya coming from
27930s South Korea has really invested in his
27933s own play style and has gotten a
27935s reputation on that server as being
27938s incredibly clinical and precise with his
27941s gameplay yeah definitely that will be a
27943s battle of the midrange Titans we cannot
27946s forget how well roji Pilots his mouth
27948s fight he's shown a great skill in the
27950s natrox and action varus wasn't that much
27954s seen yeah that keeps just getting banned
27956s away it's either that or the malphite
27959s players that dare to let it through are
27961s just playing with fire he's so confident
27963s on all three of these builds no matter
27965s what you band against Grandpa roji he's
27967s going to have you put up such a powerful
27971s showing just to take him down and you
27974s know we clink vein Kane might pull him
27976s down in this one because it's not grind
27979s enough to beat all of those decks so he
27982s needs to be about the grindiest deck and
27984s just hope he can pull it off against
27985s action battles I think yeah when it
27987s comes to the malphite we've got the new
27988s cards The Rock bear Shepherd uh he's
27991s been trying to get going but as we've
27993s seen time and time again if the Tulia
27995s malphite is too far behind by the time
27997s Big Daddy malphite comes through he's
28000s not going to be able to seal the deal on
28002s the game how do they feel about the
28004s match overall when we compare it versus
28006s uh Chinese lineup I could certainly see
28008s Grandpa roji Banning the Jinx he doesn't
28011s like to deal with elusives or swarm or
28013s that level of burn damage it's just
28015s something you pick up as a mid-range
28017s player right these sorts of win
28018s conditions that you feel you don't have
28020s enough agency to respond to
28022s I think I would have won the various
28023s Hydrox and just took him down to the
28025s Grind matchup and not worry about Jinx
28027s because again we are expecting from the
28030s China the ban on the grind here for the
28033s grindy deck and if he if logic ends up
28036s Banning Jinx then he might go into the
28039s action civil problem and to remember
28041s like if he lets if there is a problem of
28044s the vein cane winning so you should be
28045s buying the worst metal for the deck and
28047s letting go through the best matchup and
28050s if Roger realizes that I believe he
28052s should leave the Jinx out yeah we've
28054s seen the James Lulu pop off so hard and
28058s now as we go into the games we get a
28061s quick preview the Jinx is banned away
28063s roji has demonstrated he's willing to be
28065s flexible with the bands sometimes he
28067s bans red wins sometimes he's confident
28068s that he can beat it but again just
28070s doesn't want to deal with that Jinx or
28071s the Lulu just snowballing the board is
28073s gonna try to keep the game at his own
28076s pace China is extremely happy to see the
28079s world this one he needed his varos
28081s Pantheon to get the tab and then he'll
28084s have two shots at the with action varus
28086s but Grandpa roji already in the Mulligan
28090s gots the auction swinging glaive combo
28093s this combination doesn't come together
28095s too often but we saw earlier in the
28097s broadcast how it just carries grandpa
28100s roji is willing to sit on this Champion
28102s weapon combination and let it carry
28105s through the grind just like Alan was
28107s saying I think Rojo disagree it feels
28109s like for roji the cliff and Dachshund
28112s feels like they are glued like whenever
28113s I look at Roger's hand they are next to
28115s each other
28117s and now treasure secret out 2-1 to
28119s finally respond to the 2-2 Rural cultist
28121s and this is another combination that's
28123s been paying off so heavily for chenya
28125s the buru cultists into the dark in Aegis
28128s to have that 3-3 and tough to threaten a
28131s lot of the week early game these dark
28134s and decks do have Peak power play
28136s doesn't allow oroji to attack and he'll
28139s be able to swing himself and apply some
28140s pressure already from early on yeah you
28143s get the swing here four damage being
28145s threatened roji doesn't get a chance to
28146s equip anything and respond is gonna jump
28149s block with the 2-1 roji still already
28151s eyeing this long-term game plan
28154s preserving the Nexus HP right from the
28157s get-go
28158s very surprising he wants to save every
28160s inch of HP he doesn't want to get give
28163s anything but he wants to take everything
28165s and roji now with the ranger Knight
28167s Defector hasn't equipped a weapon just
28169s yet but does again have that swinging
28171s glaive we'll see if roji is willing to
28174s fully tap out here to activate the Scout
28176s it's one of the only units that can
28178s attack safely into chenya and if chenya
28182s passes you know we still can hover over
28184s this unforgiving cold Keeper of the Box
28186s comes through this is very surprising
28189s that he went for I I wonder what channel
28191s has in mind by playing here
28193s oh
28195s double dipping triple dipping with the
28198s glaive this Ranger Knight Defector is
28200s going to go in he gets the luck he finds
28202s all the same but now he's going to
28204s generate two of them and feed them to
28206s auction on the back line he made the
28208s safe play where he can play the
28210s unforgiving cold or Furious wielder
28212s based on what royal G does so uchanya
28214s decided that in this matchup I want to
28216s play more reactive not the strongest
28219s possible play I have ever run I love the
28222s just the swing here you're forcing that
28224s early combat right you we get a furious
28226s wielder out here now this is one less
28228s card roji has to worry about and with
28231s the Forsaken bakai we can start
28233s predicting and looking for some key
28236s powerful mid-range plays this doesn't
28238s set you too far behind it's still a one
28239s for one trade
28241s we definitely want to use fuse wheeler
28243s as soon as you can because there are
28244s multiple punishes there is a negation
28246s there is a forgiving called so you want
28248s to you want to utilize the clunky hand
28250s clunky cards as soon as you can and
28253s obviously Uncle forgiving called be my
28255s premium one oh and after the Scout
28257s attack the lucky find is still generated
28259s Ox sean gets plus one plus one and can
28262s swing into The Keeper of the box
28264s yeah Roger is very happy about the trade
28268s he's getting another take towards the
28270s warlord's palace once we get the relic
28272s of power we can predict and draw and
28275s these mid-range shirima decks the sivir
28277s auction we've seen it time and time
28279s again once you have your game plan set
28283s the warlord's palace finds you your
28284s missing
28286s cards to draw the eight of the China's
28289s side
28290s Kenya trying to look for aatrox now when
28293s it comes to a mid-range plan if you can
28295s go bigger your opponent is going to get
28297s bullied out of the game the aatrox has
28299s been so pivotal oh excuse me
28302s this game that's a cane vein oh that's
28306s right Kenya is on Bane Kane pardon us
28309s but again the blooming cultist the
28311s ambitious cultist still a lot of bodies
28313s in hand and this massive blowout card of
28316s the unforgiving cold is something chenya
28318s is going to be holding on into a very
28320s key moment yeah exactly so one more
28322s quality is needed to draw the cane but
28324s the problem in this matchup Kane doesn't
28326s really offer much there is no small
28327s bodies that Kenyan can just absorb with
28330s the cane
28331s and so Grandpa roji now coming through
28334s again with the Forsaken bakai just
28337s trying to find the proper top decks to
28340s continue to keep up momentum there's no
28342s attack token now recurring Vagabond
28344s comes through to accelerate the Warlords
28347s Palace blooming cultists can be pushing
28349s through a lot of elusive damage here
28350s roji has to think fast to find a way to
28353s deal with this card I mean the lucky
28355s find picks up Challenger
28357s oh she looks very very favorite like not
28360s dealing with the action getting the
28361s Warlords hard that early and Kenya
28364s doesn't see any Winkles no way no cane
28367s and this deck doesn't close the game it
28369s just feels like it has to have an
28371s explosive opener and to finish up with
28373s elusives with some until one with the
28375s cool teeth but there was nothing there's
28378s 15 HP roji bigger action like it's
28381s slipping away slowly from the Kenya
28383s stand yeah and we can see from the
28384s projected The Forsaken the kai and the
28386s other predict from the relic of power
28388s roji is now stacking up on the shape
28390s Stone now he can start to swing in and
28393s try to threaten through against the
28395s unforgiving cold
28396s he doesn't want to play an unforgiving
28400s call just yet he wants to utilize it to
28402s go with his Champions probably like he
28404s knows there is four Mana there is a lot
28406s of combat tricks that can follow up it's
28407s just too risky hunt the week being
28410s generated off of the ambitious cultist
28412s this makes your opponent discard their
28414s lowest cost follower from the hand that
28416s next forsaken pakai is going to go
28417s bye-bye
28420s that's actually exactly what you want to
28422s get discarded you know shenya was just
28424s taking the opportunity to see if maybe
28426s their last unit's a sivir and I can high
28429s roll there Here Comes shadowblade
28430s fanatic generating another one drop into
28432s the hand and roji now has board
28435s dominance and tons of value in the hand
28438s I mean I don't know what kind of can do
28440s China can do from the spot it's really
28442s rough
28443s like you can we can draw Kane but that
28445s cane doesn't really accomplish much yeah
28448s with this build the blooming cultist is
28450s the only thing you can rely on to really
28452s help you keep up on board keep pushing
28454s damage maybe chenya can find a lethal
28457s that Grandpa roji simply can't deal with
28460s in this deck so we can clearly see China
28462s keeps on forgiving cult only purely to
28464s defend the elusives there is nothing
28466s else that's the game plan just stay
28468s alive and try to finish up with those um
28474s yeah and when I look over at Grandpa
28476s roji's side he is also trying to find
28479s the unforgiving cold to deal with these
28481s blooming cultists and I wonder if chenya
28483s is gonna try to boost up the board
28485s around them in order to protect them
28487s from that frostbite spell
28492s I mean there's not enough damage to push
28495s through and right now if we look at the
28496s Chinese hand there is a little threat
28498s next turn and so far logic can't do
28501s anything about it when you're playing
28503s these mid-range decks and you have so
28505s much dominance as long as your opponent
28507s can block you down it doesn't matter
28508s when they have the elusive threat
28510s blooming cultist has proven time and
28512s time again to be such a strong player
28516s for these Boris these Kane these uh
28520s other even aatroxy this is very
28522s important that he needs to shape Stone
28524s severe to protect himself against
28526s unforgiving cold this is very important
28529s we'll see if roji does find that line I
28533s mean with the server with shape Stone
28534s double absorbs that unforgiving cold so
28537s what she did he instead of that he
28539s pulled it a bit weaker one and he's
28541s gonna just play one shape so to kill it
28543s off that's his plan uh he's just not
28545s gonna use the ship so preemptively but
28547s he's gonna spray shapestone after his
28549s first unforgiveness yeah saber's not
28552s leveled up just yet
28554s into
28555s this and chenya is still showing a lot
28557s of respect here knows that the blooming
28560s cultists put him on a very specific
28562s winning clock and as roji was showing
28564s earlier in the game protecting HP total
28566s chenya is now in that same mindset
28569s continue finds somehow a little next
28571s turn he's missing two damage momentous
28574s Choice public momentous choice of the
28577s top could do it we still have these gems
28579s in the hand as well to get even more
28581s Buffs uh a repost a repost momentous
28585s choice and that's pretty much it for out
28588s if he didn't use any moments yet oh wow
28591s actually gonna try to so aggressive look
28594s yeah blocking Mysteries
28597s because we see the double shaped Stone
28599s and he's saying I'm gonna try to force
28602s out some combat tricks here get maximum
28604s value out of the unforgiving cold he
28607s doesn't want to play unforgiving called
28608s until he sees the notifications
28614s that's a very interesting Vlog that
28617s blooming we'll see how roji responds is
28619s he going to try to outplay the
28621s unforgiving call by using expanses
28622s protection on the auction
28624s I think he should worry about killing
28626s the other uh about killing the other
28628s elusive I think blink the expanse plus
28631s shaped Stone on the the Vagabond is the
28634s play and just pass and wait for response
28636s and so China now on this varus aatrox
28638s trying to get enough funds yeah oh and
28642s there's the shapes don't locked in
28643s trying to clear the blooming cultist
28645s roji likes this so far here's
28647s unforgiving cold and then that tutors
28649s the varus he didn't see the play
28651s that would be so big for him
28654s yeah so here comes the shape Stone he
28656s still gets his original plan of slaying
28657s one blooming cultist
28664s if the virus was on the top deck then he
28666s has an extra out now
28668s and so now he's going wide and there is
28671s there are no blockers
28673s like he just might he might just win not
28676s in not even with elusive but just going
28677s wide yeah I think Grandpa roji shaking
28679s his head a little bit there I've
28681s probably realized he could have done the
28682s expanses protection play fine gets a
28684s lucky find over onto sivir and now has
28687s the font of power I'm gonna draw two
28690s cards here and picks up a furious
28691s wielder
28693s definitely will help yeah the server
28695s currently is unequipped but the auction
28698s maybe can swing in the ferris wheel is
28700s going to be great next turn
28702s what are we taking down
28704s if you take down the virus you can equip
28706s the bowl next time but you get to play
28708s blocker so what's offering the most
28710s damage also we have to keep in mind that
28712s is eight clicks also coming down with
28714s potential or headless Resurrection yeah
28717s the blooming cultists did so much work
28719s at UH swinging these HP totals back into
28721s changes favor now with a wide board
28724s Advantage Grandpa roji feeling the pain
28727s from this position chenya tutoring the
28729s varus with Shooters into the aatrox a
28732s lot of power coming through on this turn
28735s is are we gonna sit in an open attack
28738s here probably yeah we don't want to end
28740s the development from the rogy yeah when
28742s we look at Grandpa roji he does still
28744s have three unforgiving cold in the deck
28748s so I wonder how Cheney is going to
28750s respect that
28754s those who will most likely go on the
28758s one one cultist
28760s to just push that to spread the damage
28763s equally yeah we expect the blocks on the
28765s battles and yeah that three three and
28769s then will be pushing
28770s yeah you're still healing off The Keeper
28772s of the Box even if you don't push lethal
28774s this turn grandpa roji is forced to
28776s block down and you have to consider that
28779s if this sivir stays alive we're under
28781s threat of the absolver maybe sharing
28783s overwhelm onto a wider board
28786s very interesting place if you want to
28788s cook a fried chicken severe or at least
28791s take out some combat tricks so you're
28793s changing his mind me to play with the
28795s yeah with a full swing like that there
28797s is still the possibility of unforgiving
28799s coal Furious wielder with a couple
28800s blocks two stabilize and chenya is going
28803s to take this opportunity to go even
28804s wider roji can develop the shadow fiends
28807s here as another blocker but because the
28811s the zelani has the overwhelm maybe
28814s valuing that extra damage a bit more
28816s Bales out on the bloodletter play
28818s however Gonna Keep a bunch of Mana open
28820s to threaten some combat tricks
28824s really really tough call
28827s presently done
28828s yeah Chen you're just saying if my board
28831s does get traded down here I'm just going
28833s to save the zelani to combine with the
28835s aatrox to combine with a way to refill
28838s the board
28839s and now the Buffs are coming through
28841s eight damage still being threatened
28843s despite these two blocks sivir are
28845s potentially gonna go down
28847s so he's very worried about the
28848s unforgiving cold here if there is some
28851s like if he is very worried about
28852s unforgiving cold we should see absolver
28854s on severe to prevent it because again he
28857s cannot use furious with their own
28858s deceiver because severe doesn't wield a
28860s weapon it needs to abuse on action and
28862s the only way to play around it is by
28864s playing if you already committed the
28867s expanse then he needs to commit probably
28869s an absolver on top
28871s and so grandpa roji needs to figure out
28873s where he wants to send this I mean the
28875s auction still getting a lot of value
28876s from this position also considering
28879s trying to keep the sipper alive at this
28881s point roji has to send it right when you
28883s fall behind like this oh yeah take
28885s really big risks in order to get back
28887s into the game in a mid-range matchup if
28889s this was a fully above board value trade
28892s Tit for Tat sort of game chenya would be
28895s a much more unfavored but because the
28898s double blooming cultists came through he
28901s had this elusive damage on strong
28903s resilient units that were able to push
28906s through and now set up a lethal threat
28908s here like even though he prevents lethal
28910s here like look at the board like it's
28913s very hard for him to close the game no
28915s overwhelm no nothing like Russia was
28918s ahead whole game but there was a it
28920s wasn't really the moment where he could
28921s just close the game notion will just
28923s play eight rods and he will have that
28925s available warlander but of course we see
28927s the in the Roger's hand there is a
28929s negation for that
28931s so roji now kind of stuck right playing
28933s four Mana behind because you have to
28935s consider the world Ender from this
28936s position the lucky find still coming
28938s through from auction plus the Furious
28940s wielder doubles up on the spell shield
28942s another lucky find offering plus one
28945s plus one fearsome Challenger
28948s oh yeah just he yeah the CH the auction
28950s has Challenger
28953s and also has the grappling hook to take
28956s down the varus
28957s he decides not to uh doesn't he know
28960s there is an eye drops because this eye
28961s drops were thrown from the weapons yeah
28964s so aatrox is able to come down safely
28966s because of the grappling hook roji just
28968s wants the strike he's accelerating to
28970s try to pop open the Sentinels horde he
28973s wants this powerful treasure and with
28976s the countdown of the next turn plus
28978s absolver he might be able to get it and
28981s then with the resurrection brings sivir