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Just found out why some chest are empty bc of this fact. I think 40 is too low tbh.

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Originally posted by starbunny101

I thought there wasn’t a limit so I didn’t use them

That's why there's a limit. We wanted to basically give players some flexibility on their incoming random fragments - while ensuring they spent them soon after getting them rather than feeling pressured to hoard forever, so this was a way to do that.

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Originally posted by DMaster86

Sure... and what happens once you have all characters maxed? You still can't go past 40 which means any other shard you get is completly wasted this way.

Yes. It's similar to hitting level cap, if you fully max out all current content then you're done with the current progression.

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Originally posted by BoyMayorOfSecondLife

I will say, a limit slightly higher than 40 (like 50) would be appreciated just because it feels bad saving up for upgrading from a 2>3 star champion knowing that I'll most likely have shards go to waste at the end of that grind unless I happen to have exactly 36/40 shards when i complete the daily.

Yeah we want to avoid the overflow issue, the intention is that if you have 39 fragments or less and gain any fragments you’d keep them but couldn’t gain more until you dropped below again. So what should happen is if you gain 50 fragments in one big chunk while you have 39, you temporarily have 89/40 but can’t gain more until you spend below cap again. I’m not sure whether that functionality is live yet, but it’s something I’ve asked for.

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Originally posted by kinkasho

Hi there, the cap limit genuinely incentivises spending which is great.

However, the cap limit being exactly 40 means if you need to level a champ to 3 star (40 shards), having 37, 38 or 39 shards from relics means that you'll waste 1-3 shards from dailies. Is it possible to increase to limit to at least 45 or 50?

Otherwise the limit system is decent.

Agreed, I'd like it to work so that you only can't gain shards if you're already at or above the limit. Stops most overflow problems. Even so, players don't know about that safety valve necessarily so it might be good to slightly raise the cap anyway to reduce the anxiety.