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Casual player here. Hear me out this bullsh*t that just happened to me. I was playing as Jinx doing the Gangplank adventure section in Bilgewater. I was on the final game turn 4 and the ai plays a boomship but somehow did 70 damage with only 1 barrel on the field and nothing else affecting it. The boomship resolved and put 70 barrels on their field! I then blew them all up with a burst speed spell but the game still said there were 69 on their field. The ai then proceeded to parlay me for 69 damage with no barrels on the field for game round 5. Nice Is this a bug or not? I think the AI f*cked me over. I reported it as a bug but if it's not then please, help me out here. I looked everywhere for articles on this and couldn't find any.


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We’re looking into these reports. It’s definitely a bug.