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Cant it all be condensed down to one or two screens? I dont know why I have to sit through two different quest screens, a results screen, a champion XP screen, and whatever else.

This is silly. Just make one after match screen with tabs for other options. I have limited time to play and clicking through all of those screens is frustrating even after a win.

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Hello! Yeah, we totally feel how long and how many clicks/taps the end of game experience is. It is painful for sure. The good news is we have some improvements that’ll make it better coming in the future. The not good news is those improvements aren’t going to be perfect right off the bag. The other good news* is that those improvements are just the beginning, and I’m hopeful we’ll eventually get the whole thing much much better

Thanks for the feedback and hanging in there!

*I stayed up way too late trying to get my vault leveled up and was feeling the pressure that the end of game was slowing me down. Don’t tell Riot Exis that’s why I’ll be yawning all day.

**I’m getting a little lost in my own post. It’s Good, Not Good, Other Good?