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Hello friends!

A few weeks ago, we asked you if you wanted to be mods. Some of you were like "F- yeah sign me up!"

The problem was that we had so many people apply that we had to narrow them down. To four.

Thank you to all that applied! There were some very good applications, but we can't take everyone. :(

That said, here are your new overlords! Here to keep the peace, make sure this remains a welcoming place, and keep fights in check (especially with our own Worlds coming up this year!), these fine individuals will... well, they'll mop it all up.

Be kind to them, they're fresh meat.

Introducing, in no particular order: /u/DeadlySaturnn , /u/AdmiralPanther, /u/Hkayn, and /u/DefiantHermit !

I asked them to give us a few words to introduce themselves, so they didn't have to deal with me making things up for them!


Hello everyone, my name is DeadlySaturrn, some of you might know me from the CJ discord server. I’ve been playing LoR since open beta and League for almost 6 years, so big fan of Riot and its games. Used to play a lot of YuGiOh when I was younger so I’m pretty comfortable with card games. My favorite champion is Kindred, I am perhaps the biggest fan of them in the world and love them with all my heart, I was so happy when they joined the roster in LoR and will vehemently defend the fact that they are totally meta. Outside of card games, I’m an Egyptian university student studying CompSci. I’m very excited to join the team, and I’m looking forward to getting closer to a community that has become near and dear to my heart over the past year.


Hello there, I’m Hermit! Some of you may know me from r/FFBraveExius or several other gacha communities, which I’m hopefully free from. I’ve been playing card games since childhood with YGO and have hopped from one digital CCG to the other until I landed on LoR right after the beta and completely fell in love. I have no previous LoL experience, so discovering new champions with every release has been a blast and I’m super excited for the future of the game! As for me, I’m a Mechatronics Engineer from Brazil that hopes to be a very good mod for this awesome community!


Hi! I hope to find you well. My name is Panther and I've been playing League since S3 (Jg/Supp main, but I'm comfortable anywhere except mid). LoR was a huge deal to me because it combined two things I always wanted when I was younger: League Lore, and a card game that didn't cost a kidney to get into. My favorite color is purple, I enjoy somewhat overcast weather, and my guilty pleasure is cooking breakfast foods well outside the reasonable scope of breakfast time. I look forward to serving you and the mod team, thanks for your consideration.


Hey all, Kayn here! League has been a part of my life for almost 8 years now; its characters and lore have grown especially close to me. Because of this I couldn't wait to get my hands on LoR, even with no prior card game experience. Although I'm still missing my best girl Neeko, it's a joy to hear the champions talk to each other and see what their followers are like. Outside of that, I also like playing platformers, watching anime and grappling fools in DnD. I'm looking forward to meeting you all! Let's keep this place great!

Now comes the fun part. ASK THEM (and us) ANYTHING! Try to keep it PG though. ;)

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19 days ago - /u/RiotExis - Direct link

Not one but two engineers joining the mod team?! Someone's making good picks.

I like overcast weather and platformers too, so I'd say we're 4 for 4 on this incoming class. Welcome everybody, and thank you for all that you do for the community (past, present, and future)!