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This isn't a *really* complaint post, but a legitimate question, but honestly. (Ok a little complaining)

But like, as the title says... can they?

I don't see how some comps who scale extremely slow like Nasus, Ornn, Garen, etc. Even have a chance in this adventure.

Even champs who need to take nexus hits early to setup, just simply most likely won't survive the overwhellming amount of damage.

Like maybe i'm wrong because i'm still relatively new, but it feels kinda bad that some champs are just completely gated out the content. Even Lissandra allowed those champs to atleast have a chance.

Eh, I don't know... What niche, weak, or rarely spoken about champs have you cleared Swain with? Cause the rarest i've seen is like... Nilah, but oath build, so... doesn't feel like that really counts.

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Any champ cheap enough to get out in the first 2 rounds can shut down the burn with turret plating. That makes the rest of the adventure way more feasible. Any champion with semi-reliable access to healing will also have a fine time because they can stabilize and then recover the lost health. Any champion without either is going to have a harder time due to the citybreakers.