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I was a teenager when I started playing League, and while I’m not super old now ( 25 ) I have some nasty arthritis already. That paired with the general burn out of playing the same game for 5000+ hours total mostly solo que, and I barely have touched the game lately. Even before the big announcement of games last year.

So I’m glad LoR exists, a game I can play without my hands screaming, or wanting to kill myself thanks to a troll Ryze ADC. I can enjoy champs I grew very attached to over the years like Karma, Lux, Elise and Vlad. Best part is they play similar to their moba versions, feels familiar.

I haven’t even touched the other card game I was super invested in ( Yugioh Duel Links ) and it’s making my wallet happy too. Riot has big “ f*ck you money “ energy radiating from the monetizing of LoR. I know League and TFT also was like this but this is a CCG. It’s almost unheard of one being this f2p friendly. It’s also anti whale with the weekly limit.

Seriously god bless you Riot. I can’t wait to see your fighting game, even though I personally hope it’s so best sh*t crazy that I can’t play it without getting my hands cut off.

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love hearing things like this, thanks for playing!