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Hey Riot? Yeah. I'm talking to you. Come here. Sit down.

Now. I'm currently a happy happy card gamer. meta's fun, diverse, and the most popular deck isnt tilting me and everyone else in the community to the moon. the past week has been a return to form, and once again all is right in the world of runeterra.

But don't you think I didn't forget about the last two months. And while most people are super excited about all the cool stuff coming with the Ruination event, the sentinels of light skins, and the cards that are slowly getting revealed.... (which look awesome by the way) I'm also getting giga tilted.

Because I know that parts of the mini expansions were worked on by the balance team. which means all the cool stuff were about to get? was at the cost of our ability to play the game for the past two months.

Now, this game is awesome, and the community and myself are going to view this as water under the bridge. You guys want to make cool cards sometimes instead of just making sure everything works properly, I get it. But if your going to do that, then you need to get more guys in the balance team, so that way all of us are not screwed every time you work on a mini expansion.

In short: Please don't put creating new stuff at a higher value than our ability to enjoy the current product. Because I know for a fact that a non zero amount of people I play with would have bought the dark star pass if the game was fun at the time.

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Good post. It doesn't matter how good the game will get in a patch or two when the playerbase doesn't know that, it's shit right now and bleeding players. The Azirelia situation was bad, though personally what I hated the most was Dovagedys popping up on this sub telling people everything is fine, their balance decisions are 100% correct and the players are playing the game wrong. Added a lot of fuel to the fire.

The last patch did a lot of good and the coming big event expansion is an amazing surprise. But after all that, it's crucial to prioritize regularly balancing the current state of the game and not just let it rot until a new expansion comes, like before.

I don't think I said any of those things.

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Originally posted by kingslayer086

the normal expansions are created by the creative team.

the mini expansion are worked on by the balance team. Both rubin and dova have explained this.

I'm not sure how this idea got started, but that is not how our team works.

Any game designer can work on any content. We usually build out the teams making the content when we begin it, but before it starts there are no specific delineations.

To use some examples of designers this sub knows - RubinZoo and CarelessWhisper have both worked on several expansions and design updates.