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When Riot Dovagedys made the public statement about game design it was met with initial community appraisal but now it seems people who may be disgruntled with the meta (I am too) are oversimplifying and strawmanning most things he said.

I worry that the memeing of things when Riot Devs that are people too that try to be transparent would be more apprehensive to talk more openly about game design.

What is your opinions on this?

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14 days ago - /u/Dovagedys - Direct link

Don't worry. We won't stop communicating.

There will always be a small part of the community that argues in bad faith, takes comments out of context, or have a general negative mindset. That's part of the Internet.

Keep in mind, most of the people that post angrily or are upset are passionate about the game and that passion is a good thing.

We love our community and we will continue to do our best and communicate as openly as we can.

Take heart that the post had way more upvotes and karma than negative comments.

Positivity is the path.