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First of all a big thank you goes out to the LoR team for the new card back reward in Lab of Legends!

Personally I am a big fan of playing labs, more specifically Lab of Legends. I will admit I’m a casual at the game and don’t always appreciate the competitive setting of playing versus others. Lab is challenging in its own way and allows for some funny builds to explore. Great work on this mode guys!

When the icon rewards were first released my hopes for continued rewards in the mode grew, and boy were they answered when a card back came along.

My partner loves the game. He grinds the ranked ladder every season to partake in the seasonal tournaments so there sure is a fair amount of LoR being played at ours. When I watch my partner play it always makes me want to log on and play some games of my own, but like I mentioned that means Labs rather than Normals or Ranked.

Since my partner plays a decent amount of LoR they end up with a collection of rewards that my casual butt can only dream to match. When the Malphite card back became a reward that I felt was for ME and not my partner I rushed to get it right away! After I got it I went straight to playing games versus opponents in Ranked in order to show off my conquests.

A little while later I noticed that my reward was also available in the shop and my heart sank. This one thing that gave me pride in being a Labs player is available for purchase..

Don’t get me wrong, like I said I’m so grateful for the reward. I just am questioning why it needs to be available to buy? Sure, Malphite is someone who everyone should be able to have as a card back I get it. But couldn’t us Labs nerds have our own card back. It didn’t need to be fancy, just slap a wrench on a plain backdrop for all I care. I just wanted something this to feel like a Labs thing. Just like my partner has his Tournament card back I thought this could be my thing, that can’t be bought. You know?

Excuse the lengthy post and thanks for reading. Sincerely, still happy!

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That makes sense to me. If you could have a Labs-exclusive reward, what kind of reward would you be most excited about? Are card backs the best, or something else?