3 months ago - Roxx - Direct link

Going to hop in here – we were able to escalate and track down a number of false bans for cheating that did occur recently, and are actively working on removing them for impacted players. Fortunately it was not widespread, and those who were hit by this should have them cleared up this week. Apologies for this!

2 months ago - ShieldMaiden - Direct link

We are no longer accepting ban appeals through the forums. The one time we did was for a very specific reason and situation which has been resolved. CMs do not have the tools to investigate nor the tools to make reversals. Ban appeals must go through the ticket and CS process.

2 months ago - ShieldMaiden - Direct link

Not at all overriding Roxx or saying that false bans are not a concern. Just explaining that we cannot investigate nor reverse bans through forum threads.

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