22 days ago - Shadow_Fox - Direct link

Thank you so much everyone for the patience and understanding with the NAE region restart!

You should now be able to access the store and see your aura, crystals, etc.

We understand that due to the extremity of the issue, that we did the restart extremely quick. We apologize for the pacing in communication and will strive to be better about this in the future.

You should automatically be reissued any tickets from being kicked out of a ticketed event. Please give the system 24-48 hours to get that to you, if you do NOT receive it, please post your information in this thread.

22 days ago - Shadow_Fox - Direct link

Absolutely not. Never said that, never will. The queue issue is huge. Hence why I’m currently collecting information on my other post and the devs are looking into it. Sadly it’s not as easy as a fix as restarting a service.