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I don’t mean to point fingers or accuse folks in any way, and I am not referencing anyone in this thread in particular, but every one-off ban appeal vs RMT we have escalated for further investigation in the past two weeks has been a case of confirmed RMT, even with folks promising up and down they didn’t do it when they reached out – and it usually comes out shortly after that we confirm with the logs that they did in fact buy gold.

If you or your friend was banned for RMT and truly did not participate, please go through the ban appeal process on the support site here: Appeal a ban - Support | Amazon Games I know this process can be lengthy, but our support staff has access to game logs and can verify whether or not botted gold was received on your account. If you did receive gold in the mail from a friend or something similar, or have any remote idea of why you may have been hit for RMT, share the details of this instance in your ticket.