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Welcome Crusaders!

Before we begin: I hope you're all staying safe and being kind.


For those of you who are joining us for the first time, I'm Erika, the Live Services Manager for Crusaders of the Lost Idols, and I will do my best to answer your Crusaders questions. This Q&A is so you know where to find one of the team to chat Crusaders weekly.

I will be answering questions live for the first hour and then checking back throughout the week.


The previous Q&A: Number 247!

Community Activity!

This week we're collecting versions of the lemon elf Qadir! We've had some fun submissions so far!


  • We're working on Song of Thrones and some anniversary tech this week.

  • The Tier 6 version of A Song of Thrones will launch around Thursday, July 15th, 2021, featuring Zuczek, a female kikimore-inspired bug.

  • The recipes for the Alien Invasion Day Crusaders will be available after Noon Pacific Time (UTC-7) on Tuesday, July 20th, 2021.

  • The 6th anniversary celebrations will start around Wednesday, July 28th, 2021 and the update will include some QoL features.

  • The Tier 6 version of Littlefoot's Big Adventure will launch around Thursday, August 5th, 2021.

  • The Tier 6 version of Dr. Evil's Summer Sabotage will launch around Thursday, August 26th, 2021.

  • In case you missed it, we're doing Q&A streams for Crusaders on the CNE Games twitch channel now! The streams are at Thursdays at 10AM Pacific Time (UTC-7.) VODs are available on Twitch and we also post the stream to our Codename youtube playlist.

  • Next Thursday's stream (July 22nd) is cancelled due to the Idle Champions days of streaming celebration, but we'll be back on July 29th with bonus guest developer Wilson!

End of Life in Flash in Browsers

Crusaders is available to play through the version on Steam, and through a downloadable launcher on our Codename Games website.

Note: The launcher will work with Wine to run the .exe on Linux. Otherwise, you can try using the Steam version.


Please put in a support ticket if you've found a bug with the game. You can submit a ticket using the "Contact Support" button from the Guidebook/Support menu in the game. You do need to have cookies enabled.


Have a treat! POXY-HOOM-NURL-QUIP awards 1 Runic chest. Expires Tuesday, July 20th, 2021 at 9:59 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7.)


Next Q&A: The next Crusaders Q&A will be on Tuesday, July 20th, 2021 at 10 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7.)


Edit: Thank you for the questions during the live hour!

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Originally posted by Dlanor1980

good stuff. i like your game

That's awesome. I'll pass it along to the team. :)

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Originally posted by TheKnoticalMenace

Not to be one of those eager beavers, but what can we expect for this game's 6th anniversary?

Also, this game along with Idle Champions are one of the reasons why simply keep on playing and finding new tips from the community. Thank you for creating such a wonderful game that keeps on growing. 💜

💜 Thank you. I'll pass it along to the rest of the team as well. :)

Well, the basics of the anniversary is the 7 days of codes for fun stuff, with the Idol bonus starting when you redeem all 7 of them.

Then Wilson be joining the stream on the 29th, to finally see what questions players want to ask him.

Counting ahead, July 27th will be the 250th reddit Q&A, so I'll be running a raffle for the players who comment during the first 24 hours of it.

Otherwise, I'm hoping on the quick rune merging tech, and then whatever other little bits of QoL we can squeeze in around that.

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Originally posted by drbillblaze

QOL features = Rune merging? :-D

Hopefully! :D

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Originally posted by Brianp45344

Hi Erika,

when we will get Tier 5's 11th Objectives?

Hi Brianp45344,

I've got it penciled in for when all the campaigns have their Tier 5 objectives, so that's coming up soon. That update will likely be this year.

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Originally posted by drbillblaze

One that would get people excited would be to double Qadir's open rate.

Thank you for the suggestion. :)

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Originally posted by mystic_dragon005

oh didn't know the evnts dates for 3 would be in a single post. thanks for the code too

Yeah, I feel comfortable enough that we'll hit the event release dates, so they're all in the post.

You're welcome for the code. :)

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Originally posted by FrequentWay

Hey Erica, as a suggestion on QOL improvements, can we also get crafting to add a choice of crusaders not in our formation.

Hi FrequentWay,

That's probably a filter option we can add. I'll toss it on the QoL list to look into.


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Originally posted by SotFX

Any chance of adding the amount of idols currently for reset the world to the info panel for the current run (where you can see how many dungeon points/tokens during dungeon runs) rather than needing to get to the 20th slot to see just in the tooltip for the reset ability

That's an interesting request. It's similar to the request for a detached reset the world button. I wonder which one is easier to implement. I'll add it to our list to consider.

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Originally posted by VerbingWeirdsLang

Thank you for the chest and congrats on 6 years!

Suggestion for the Runes menu: Sort Crusaders by 5th runes either by 5 separate elemental tabs or one list going down in a certain order (similar to Bench Seat sorting).
Ex: All Crusaders with 5th Fire Runes, Water, Air, Earth, Soul

I just thought it'd be nice to locate our highest level runes faster when we want to move to another Crusader or when crafting more powerful runes. I'm also hoping for a way to merge multiple runes at once as many other players have requested.

Yeah, hard to believe it's year 6 done and dusted already. Thank you to all the players for keeping it alive. :)

Oh neat, that is a good idea for a possible filter. I'll add it to the QoL list to look into.

Quicker rune merging tech is underway, so fingers crossed. :)

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Originally posted by rjakubec

Kudos to the team for almost six years of creating! Are there any new talents coming up or is that after dungeon season 5 is out?

Cheers, I'll pass it along.

I do want to do more talents before the end of the year, so we'll see when they end up going out.

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Originally posted by Cassius335

Hey Erika,

Can someone please double-check on Garnet's Jewelers Finest? Not convinced it's currently working. If it is, can someone please change the ability's tooltip so that it shows which Formation Abilities Jewelers Finest is currently affecting?

Hi Cassius335,

It is working. You need the buff bubbles enabled to see it. Affected Crusaders get the Jeweler's Finest buff bubble and then the DPS bonus on applicable abilities is increased in the relevant buff bubbles as well.

I'll add the request for seeing "from Jeweler's Finest" to the tooltips to the suggestion list to consider and we'll see what happens.

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Originally posted by Witty_Newspaper_9693

How about exchange rune feature ? U can trade same lv rune to another element with a cost. Material, catalyst or something else.

Exchanging runes isn't something we're currently planning, but I'll add your vote to the item on our suggestion list to consider. :)

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Originally posted by ChakatFirepaw

A thought I just had for the "Blast from the Past" challenge:

Have it based on a randomly selected event crusader that's at least 50 crusaders or so back, you get that crusader and the next 34 event crusaders to have been released. That gets you about the same number as you currently do but your selection is going to be different each time.

(Yes, I fully expect chat/Reddit/Discord moans of "we missed {powerful crusader} by ONE!")

That's an interesting way to mix up the challenge, or for a potential restriction for a future objective. We'll keep it in mind. :)

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Originally posted by DragonFuhrer

when you come out with future crusaders, can you please start mixing up the 5th rune slot with runes other than fire. It seems the fire rune is very popular 5th spot for the powerful characters and simply, there's just not enough fire to go around. thx a bunch.

The runes get randomly assigned with each new Crusader. It's just happened that some of the 5th slot runes have been Fire on the popular Crusaders so far.

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Originally posted by Cassius335

Thank you. The Buff Bubbles are... not the best.

Yeah, they are something I would love to replace, but they technically still work.

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Originally posted by AllenMS828

This just gave me an idea that I don't think I've seen suggested before. Instead of trying to fit the reset button onto the main screen, which I believe was deemed problematic in the past (for space reasons), how about adding it to the info panel mentioned here?

It would fit nicely next to the Rewards box, under the See All Objectives button. It would be out of the way, reducing the chance of accidentally clicking it. But it would still be way more convenient than it is now. What do you think of that idea?

Oh, that would be a neat way to deal with it. We'll keep it in mind.