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Originally posted by TylorkPlays

Wasn't there a plan to rerun objectives for maybe less rubies or did it get dropped or changed?

It was a player's suggestion, and we might have mentioned it as a possibility, but it's not something that's ever been fleshed out as other than an idea.


Originally posted by ngvaynshtok

Yup, still counts. :)


Originally posted by AllShallBeWell

I added some feedback in another thread (piggybacking on the hard work Grag did) on the context for how DPS crusaders are used, that I hope might be useful to you.

Can you share what the formations look like that you used to test and compare MM, perhaps in the stream?

That is quite some detailed feedback, thank you for sharing.


Originally posted by belkak210

Hey Erika, how are you and the team doing?

Last week the new T6 was released and he was very underwhelming, I don't think he even breaks the top 5 for dps in the game.

Grag made a post with our testing and I'm interested to hear whether the new sader will recieve a buff or whether he was bugged or something? Cause right now he is totally useless. The post

Hi belkak210,

Doing as well as we can with the changes in policy.

Momma's Monster will be a handy Crusader to have, and we'll look at tweaking the numbers a little.


Originally posted by BladeGrip

Hi there.

Momma's Monster is horribly underperforming for a t6 dps. A more in-depth analysis has been made by a number of people in another thread here:

Is there a plan to readjust his values, or even tweak his mechanics to make him up to par?

Hi BladeGrip,

Popular question this Q&A for sure. We'll look at tweaking their numbers a bit.


Originally posted by gragatrim

Thanks for the chests as always.

I wrote up some feedback on Momma's Monster here

Have you gotten any other feedback about them, if so, anything to share? Now that they've been out for a few days I would love to hear your thoughts on if they accomplished what you wanted from them.

Edit: One of the more in depth comments on that thread that should also be checked is by the user u/AllShallBeWell

You're welcome.

Just your thread on Momma's Monster as far as feedback goes, though it's pretty thorough.

We tried. I did say we'll see what players come up with as far as clever formations. The meta is pretty hard to shift though.

Momma's Monster are an Orc DPS Crusader, which was the intention, and will be handy to have.

I'll have a chat with Kevin about getting some more power though.



Originally posted by sincrow97

It would be better if you added them as a weekly reward in all fp objectives. Weekly meaning you get a ruby reward only once from each fp obj after reset, where a 7day timer resets at a specific time (ie at 1pm PST every Monday) allowing rubies to be claimed again. With 9 fp objectives a fair value of 30 rubies per obj would give everyone 270 extra rubies each week. Your still short 30 rubies but hey, its a rune chest so working to get at least 1 is all but mandatory. :D

ps Thanks for the chest.

The tricky thing about that would be finding an area goal that would be fair for most players, otherwise you just end up with players doing 9 resets on area 1 and going back to the Dungeons.


Originally posted by bippyarg

the ENDEAVOUR NEPHEWS would beg to differ.

and I suppose if you've been conversing with farm animals lately and they made you a promise you don't deserve, UNEARNED SHEEP VOW!

Oh nice. Cool that worked out.


Originally posted by Porphyre1

Howdy - I know we've made a number of suggestions and requests for search/filter updates on the Mission screen. Runes came along and added a bunch of new requests. Is there a timeline for a revamp of the Mission screen?

Also, regarding Momma's Monster, if y'all do decide to revamp him, would it be possible to get a heads up? Like "We've decided to revamp MM and will be releasing it around XX/XX/XX"


Hi Porphyre1,

The mission screen is on the list, but no ETA.

I'm curious as to why you need a date for if Momma's Monster will be improved.


Originally posted by sqrzwol

Hi Erika,

Just a question on talent update: I'm guessing it's going to be a lateral update, rather than a whole new tier?


Hi sqrzwol,

Depends on the final list of Talents we settle on and what doesn't fit in Tier 7. There might be Tier 8.


Originally posted by DoctorNovakaine

Hi, Erika. Thanks for the chests!

I know I'm looking a bit forward but I'm curious about the Christmas event's crusader. Any hints about them that you'd be willing to divulge?

I think it'd be cool down the line to see one based on one of the more sinister bits of Christmas folklore (e.g. Krampus) or some other bizarre traditions (e.g. Mari Lwyd).

EDIT: Oh, another question/suggestion, a little more meaty. This has to do with the Blast To The Past challenge. It currently only allows T1 crusaders. While not an inherently bad idea for a challenge, it has the distinction of being the only challenge where progression is nigh impossible if you've unlocked everyone. We're never getting another T1 crusader, and unless Runes turn out to be absolutely ridiculous, it's going to lag further and further behind the other challenges. Have you considered the possibility of adding tiers to this? Say, keeping it 3 or 4 tiers behind the current one, but slowly allowing...

Read more

Hi DoctorNovakaine,

You're welcome for the chests.

As we teased on stream last week when asked, it will either be a magical girl Crusader or a robot present.

The Frosty skin makes him a plant-based Krampus, actually. Kat would definitely be up for extending spooky monsters to more events though.

Revisiting the Blast from the Past challenge comes up on occasion, but it is nowhere near the top of the list for updates compared to other things we'd like to do at this time.


Originally posted by Idlers1

I want to draw attention to the fact that Scientific Tinkering is just a flat 125% dps boost. It is currently not dependent on rune level or anything, so it is right now almost 10 time weaker than the 1000% dps ability. Being the last ability, I expected that you may have wanted this to be the strongest ability, but it is in fact the weakest ability by a huge margin. Changing this to also work with max level rune and increasing the base to 150% bonus would still be weaker than jiao, but at least it would get it into a top 5 DPS as right now it is not even in the top 5.

The last ability on a Crusader doesn't have to be a strong one. It's just their 6th upgrade.

As it's the first upgrade to buff runes, we wanted to keep it reasonable.


Originally posted by Frankcilantro17

Hey Erika,

Is there a way that I can save the link to sync accounts until I can download the launcher? I'm using shared computer and would like to wait until I get my own before downloading the launcher.

Thanks for the chests.

Hi Frankcilantro17,

If you don't get the game linked before browsers stop supporting Flash, we will have a method for players to get their accounts linked.


Originally posted by AerichV

Hi Erika,

Any ETA on the sprint talent update? And possibly on the 5th power runes?

Hi AerichV,

I hope to have a Talent update before year's end, if we can sneak it in.

The 5th power runes are looking likely to debut with season 3 at this point, but we'll see.


Originally posted by nova37hukka

Thank you for making the game available for linux! Will give it a try after I upgrade my OS in a couple of weeks. This is a great game, and I have feared losing it since the death of flash was announced. Oh and thank you for the chests. I hope you stay well & safe.

You're welcome. I wasn't expecting it, but Kevin gave the launcher a try in Wine when he'd finished it and found it worked, so that was a bonus. :D

I hope you're doing well too. :)


Originally posted by Agile-Bother-1207

The Crusader levels

There are the keyboard toggles to buy larger amounts of Crusader levels, or if you don't want to level all the Crusaders on the bench with the Buy Max Upgrades, then you can just set a Taskmaster to level up your DPS Crusader as you earn gold, once your support Crusaders are at the levels you want them at.


Originally posted by Fastnatalie1

Hope you all have a safe and happy Thanksgiving! No questions, just wanted to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.

We're Canadian, so Thanksgiving was back in October, but Happy Thanksgiving to our American players!


Originally posted by N00byDoobyDoo

could you please clarify? I already used the rubies i had to buy rune chests, and ive completed all the objectives available so far, the only thing I can use to get rubies are those daily quests and those give very little

We'll be continuing to add new objectives that reward rubies in upcoming updates.


Originally posted by JuJuBee2006

Just wanted to say thank you for the code & for opening these Q&A sessions all the time. Having communicative devs is a blessing.

You're welcome for the code. We do our best.


Originally posted by Azar-yah

Hey there,

I'm curious about these Epic recipe crafting things i received from the dungeons. When and how will i be able to use them?
The moment recipes from the previous event go live - thus making epic recipes from the latest crusader available - i assume they will be usable in some way (though it's also likely that one or more of the recipe missions that spawn immediately will be for epic recipes - thus making the voucher or the mission redundant)...
But where will those vouchers actually show up? I don't see them anywhere in game other than the dungeon rewards bar.

Hi Azar-yah,

You want to wait to hit the Claim button on the Epic Recipe reward until you actually have recipes available to earn. Otherwise that reward will give out nothing, like if you managed to do a recipe mission when you weren't missing any recipes.

When do they post?

(GMT +0)
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