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25 Oct


Originally posted by 100beep

Will we ever get a talent reduces mission cooldowns?

It's not something we're currently planning on adding, but I'll add the suggestion to the list to consider.


Originally posted by crenzz

Thanks! Is there a way to make it more obvious in game? The only way I could see it in game is after I upgraded Emo's Cape (after reading your response). When deciding what 5th rune slot to unlock first, it definitely be good to know!

Hmm, I swear the tooltips should be calling out when it's a legendary effect and not just a normal upgrade. I'll double-check with Wilson about that.

22 Oct


'Tis the season of Spooktober!


It's almost Halloween time again, so bring forth the pumpkin! We're looking forward to seeing your pumpkin creations/interpretations this year!

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Awesome! Thank you for all the submissions!

You can redeem VOID-SAYS-FABU-LOUS for a 7 day long 200% Spawn Speed buff. Code expires Friday, November 5th at Noon Pacific Time (UTC-7.)


Originally posted by BazzTurd

I would like to, I think I proposed it before, to put the suggestion of us being able to see the rune effect on crusaders when we send them on missions, no matter if it has any effect on the mission or not.

It can be difficult to remember every crusader with time reduction and accidently sending them on missions.

Perhaps have the effect on the right side, when it does not affect the mission, since they are on the left side of the portrait now when they do effect them

Yeah, it has come up before. Thank you for the reminder.

We might be able to get the mission rune effect into the hover text. I'll check with Wilson.


Originally posted by PunkyKiss

an we get another way to get dungeon tokens, like missions or even buying them? I ask because at the rate I get coins it will take me forever just to save up for one skin. Or just let us buy dungeon items. I'd literally rather just give yall money instead of grinding away forever

Thank you for the feedback on getting the older items.

I'll discuss with the team if selling the older items for money would make sense.


Originally posted by Starsteph100

I reloaded the game, it didn't help; guess I'll have to use Roborabbit and Nargulg and go to 700 with pure CLK...

Hmm, so I did the objective on both our live and dev servers and the being fed mechanic worked on both.

What Crusaders were you using initially on starting the objective?


Insulation is the Legendary Effect provided by Frosty's Legendary Scarf.

Commiseration is the Legendary Effect provided by Emo's Legendary Cape.

21 Oct


Originally posted by Ezequiel1522

I recently unlocked the "Coins in the Bag" Talent and level up to level 7 BUT I couldn't see any difference in the resulting challenge coins. Have I done something wrong?

Or exist another condition to be met to get the extra Coins?

The challenge tokens from Cash in Hand are added to your token amount on hand, so you can spend them immediately.

You can see the tokens being added with the start objective entry in the play history (P key on your keyboard) when starting the challenge objective.

They do not get added to the number visible at the side of the screen on the challenge, as that is only for the tokens earned from completing areas on the challenge.


Originally posted by TFahab

Good morning! Two questions for you today:

  1. Any update on when dungeon scaling is going to change?
  2. Would it be possible to add the option to purchase more than 1 chest at a time when purchasing with event currency?

Hi TFahab,

1) Hopefully soon. We've had other things to tackle this week.

2) I'll add your vote to the item on the suggestion list, but it's not something we're planning on adding at this time.


Originally posted by algie666UK

ty as all ways hope you are all well players included, regarding the runes i am experiencing freeze a lot every time i has been talk about a lot in chat too.i wondered if you where aware of this issue?,

A couple of players have mentioned issues with the rune screen being laggy, and we're still trying to reproduce it.

Are you idling on an area, or sprinting when you open the rune screen and notice the lag? Are you opening the screen right after loading into the game and having it lag? Or has the game been open for a while before you open the screen and you notice the lag?


Originally posted by arcaine666

Hi! With missions became so popular now and a lots of available crusaders it might be useful to be able to pick them faster in a way other than scrolling bar. For example smaller hero portraits arranged in a grid like in a fighting games selection screen. Just QOL suggestion if it is possible.

Hi arcaine666,

It's something that has come up before and something we've discussed possibly adding. I'll add your vote to the item on the suggestion list and we'll see what happens.


Originally posted by FrequentWay

Hey Erika.

Since the DLC retirement sale has occured, will new DLC items show up on the Steam shop page?

Hi FrequentWay,

We are planning on adding some new DLC soon.


Originally posted by Bocian00000

Hello. Can create a solvent for high rank rune. For example, having a level 12 rune, I would like to dissolve it into level 1 runes. Add one additional mission per week to obtain such a solvent. Regards.

Hi Bocian00000,

We don't plan on allowing players to unmerge Runes. That's why there's the confirmation message when you're merging them, so you can be sure you want to do the merge.


Originally posted by HexxarTek

Happy Thursday!

With the slashed coin rewards from dungeons, this season is particularly punishing for players who didn't have a stockpile of coins from previous seasons. More veteran players are only having to pick between runes or idols, but newer players are having to pick between coins, idols, and runes. Is the widening power gap intended or an unfortunate side effect of the new sprint/reset meta?



EDIT: This isn't impacting me at all, so this is more of a general inquiry than a complaint or feedback.

Hi Hex,

There's always going to be some power gap, based on how players choose to play the game, but it is a single player game, so playing at your own pace is fine.


Originally posted by sayoki

When will we be able to play / unlock Mitsuko the Six-Tailed, Regent Sawtooth and Shir Brio of Cadenza?

Thank you for the reminder.

I've made a note to get the recruit/gear missions in the game with the Emo's update.


Originally posted by Bcadren

Any word on how skins will go out now that it's no longer in events? I know you brought up dungeons, but I'm not so sure about that because it'd be weird for newer players to unlock a skin for a crusader they don't have (and it's T1-T3 events that need skins the most for the most part).

Skins will be available through the season updates, and then with scheduled skin store updates.


Originally posted by 50phie

Hi Erika,

Thank you for the chests.

I am super frustrated. There is something going on with the game: After reaching a certain level/area the DPS is being reduced. In order for the DPS to go back up, I have to go back to Area 5, then jump to the area I was working on. It seems that the DPS goes down when a front-line crusader is killed.

Can you tell me what is going on and how to fix it?



Hi Sophie,

You're welcome for the chests.

If the Crusader getting killed is providing most of your DPS or the buffs to your formation, then yeah, your DPS would end up dropping when they die, and if they were like Mogra, who needs time to accumulate monster deaths again, then going back to an earlier area where you can kill things would get your power back up.

But without a screenshot of the formation in question, it would be hard to diagnose what buffs are missing when the Crusader dies.

If you are doing the event objectives and noticing it, the areas get difficult much more quickly, hence the requirements of Bullet Hell, Washed Up and Arthmagician maxed to start the objectives. That means the monsters do more damage sooner as well, compared to a free play objective, so you may need a tank Crusader in the front of the formation to absorb the damage so the other Crusader tricks can push you forwards or you don't lose the important Crusader right away...

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