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Originally posted by Nasitrapkrad

Oh my. And I thought I'm pretty high up there with my e24 idols.

Another question, If I might ask: at about how many idols possessed by an average player do you balance the talents costs? The costs go up so high it would take years of grinding to max them all. That doesn't sound fun at all. It's easy to feel burnt out.

e24 Idols is up there, I think more players are in the e20, e22 range right now, but seasons are back, so that will go up.

Players mentioned on stream before the Tier 7 talent update that they were at the e18 to e20 mark, thanks to the dungeons, so most of the talents added then range from e12 to e30 to max out, giving them goals to work towards, but also providing some power to help with going a bit further in the idol collection.

Olympian Training starts cheap, to give you some room to grow, but caps out at e29 Idols at max level, while Arithmagician Newts costs e27 Idols to max.


Originally posted by DoctorNovakaine

Hi, Erika. Thanks for the chest code.

Since you're asking for feedback on challenges, here are a couple that I've brought up previously:

-Uncapping challenges. There's still a natural limitation on challenges since they end in two days, so give us the opportunity to go for whatever we can get. In most cases we're not reaching cap anyway, but it could happen in the future.

-Rework Blast From The Past. Right now it's the only challenge that's perpetually stagnant - we're never getting more T1 crusaders so there's basically nothing to do with it except set and go. Runes may let us go a bit farther but that applies to every challenge, so we're still looking at a challenge that will inevitably be left in the dust. Allowing more crusaders over time as we get new tiers (Maybe allow event crusaders up to current tier -3?) would be a rework that would keep the basic premise but still allow progression over time; otherwise the premise itself may need to be revis...

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Hi DoctorNovakaine,

You're welcome for the chest.

  • Like spend the whole two days grinding to area 20,000 if a player wanted and because there's no sprint? That would be an exercise in patience for sure.

  • Blast from the Past is definitely on the radar for changes. Current Tier - 3 might be something we can do.

  • Adding more challenges to the rotation is something I want to do. Superhero and flora ones have come up a lot in the suggestions today, so those will likely appear in some form.

  • The Top to Bottom formation is Descent into Darkness with 1 slot removed. It was an experiment in if players have formation skills to build a really powerful 8 slot group, but combined with the limited Crusaders, it does make it even more challenging for that challenge (heh) to compete with the challenges with even more slots available. We can look at revising the formations.


Originally posted by patv61

Some idea for challenges: make challenges real challenges. Make them unpredictable. For instance: instead of having for every challenge a fixed list of available crusaders: let the game pick random some crusaders to use for the challenge of that week. Limit the list of available crusaders (for instance: number of available spots in that challenge + 4) and make that list different for all players (if it's random then it will be different)

Randomly selecting the Crusaders would be a unique challenge for sure. We'll keep the idea in mind. :)


Originally posted by VerbingWeirdsLang

Thank you for the chest!

Regarding the Challenges, if there aren't any plans for sprinting, perhaps you could implement other ways to speed things up?

For example, special Speed buffs or buffs that increase the drop rate that activate after you reach a certain area.

Also, I really liked the Dungeon Points buff from last time. I wasn't able to complete the dungeon but it brought me a few levels closer than I ever could with the Dungeon Bonus alone.

You're welcome for the chest.

Special buffs for the challenge objectives sounds like fun, or maybe something like adapting those old speed buffs from some early event objectives (like Milk and Cookies) to work on challenges.

Yeah, the dungeon points bonus is a cool mechanic. There's a version of it available in the season pass purchase this time around.


Originally posted by Travkeymaybe

Hi, again Erika,

Another tiny suggestion can we have a 3rd rune chest to purchase for rubies it's odd we only have 2 there and 3 in all other locations

Hi Travkeymaybe,

There's only 2 Runic chest missions a week, in addition to the 2 per week from the Ruby Store.

I'll note down the request, and we'll see what happens.


Originally posted by Dragon97240

Hello Erika.

5th runes released by batches... will they be released by tier each time (so we will have to wait until the end of the dungeon for an upgrade for tier 5) ? As we got the first batch being the original crusaders, I only extrapolate that info.

BUT ! What about those crusaders from the charity event ? Each of them have a tier or will they all be released in the same batch ?

Hi Dragon97240,

So, batches by Crusader ID: it does mean waiting until the final batch for the existing Tier 6 Crusaders (and the ones added before that batch releases.)

The Desert Bus Crusaders will get their runes when we do the batch containing their ID.


Originally posted by josefk549

Would love to see sprint in the challenges. Also maybe more tiers to Blast from the Past. Thanks for the rune chest.

Speed on challenges, and revising Blast from the Past, noted!

You're welcome for the chest. :)


Originally posted by bgh251f2

We need some special challenges like you need to have the same amount of male and females (non binary and a gender are free), same amount of evil and good(the others are free), full diversity ( every crusader in the formation needs to have one tag the others don't have), humans and their pets(only humans and animals are available), aliens and their tools (only aliens and robots can be used), nature (no robot, no human, no alien, no elf, no dwarf, no leprechaun, no orc, no demon and no angel / take alway all sentient beings), costume party(only crusaders using a skin can be used).

Those are some very neat ideas for tag combination challenges, thank you for sharing. :)


Originally posted by DandyMike

Hi Erika, thanks for the runic chest.

I'm not sure if it's a bug or a feature of the "The Machine Stops" t4 objective, but in the description it says that debris hits two random crusaders for 95% health, however in practice sometimes the debris hits the same sader and instantly kills them. Please fix this issue

Hi DandyMike,

You're welcome for the chest.

The Machine Stops can have both pieces of debris hit the same Crusader, just in case a player only had one Crusader in the formation when it falls.


Originally posted by pibedetorres

Hi Erika, thanks for the code!

I apologize if this was already asked before, but could it be possible in the bottom bar of the missions menu (where we see all the crusaders and pick them for each mission) to have a new type of priority/order added?

Basically, as it stands now the order is given as it follows:

  • Favorite (optional)
  • Most tags owned by crusader that are needed for that mission
  • EP

What I would like to see added, while keeping the following priorities order:

  • Favorite (optional)
  • Most tags owned by crusader that are needed for that mission
  • Rune power that activates for that mission (so for example shorter mission duration would always be taken into count as priority, while EP boost would only be considered for missions that give EP as reward)
  • EP

I just thought it would help since I try to send crusaders with rune powers on mission often ...

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Hi pibedtorres,

You're welcome for the code.

It's always good to be reminded that players would appreciate a filter for highlighting Crusaders with runes that can help.

It is something I would like to add at some point sooner than later.


Originally posted by Daurakin

Hi Erika!

Hmm... for challenges, there's always the currently missing tags for starters. Some examples of how to make those could be:

  • Flower (Super)Power - Only Flora and Superhero Crusaders can be used - Gardeners of the Galaxy campaign

  • Double or Nothing - Only dualgendered, dualraced, non-gendered or Non-Binary crusaders allowed (as well as the specific "hybrids" like Arachnobuddy, Emo and Willy) - Merci's Mix-up campaign.

  • Dark Era / Dark Rule - Only Evil, Demons and Royal crusaders allowed - A Song of Thrones campaign (basicly the counterpart to The Grail of Power).

  • Peril of the Planets (joke on War of the Worlds) - Only Alien crusaders and more modern and/or non-dualraced Human Crusaders can be used. "Modern" status can be signified by things such as wearing glasses, goggles, guns/hitech weapons, ties and/or modern attire (and maybe some o...

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Hi Daurakin,

Oh, those are very interesting combinations.

Thank you for sharing!


Originally posted by 100beep

For the weekly challenges, I'd like to see a change in Blast from the Past. It's outdated, and really rather boring.

Blast from the Past is on the list for some changes.


Originally posted by Cassius335

" I am planning on making some updates to the weekly challenges in an upcoming update. What is something you'd like to see changed or added?"


How We Began: Original 20 only, Worlds Wake map, Taskmasters & Runes disabled. Certain Talents like Phase Skip & Bossing Around probably also worth disabling.

Identity Crisis: Hidden Temple map (replacing Blast From The Past, which is a tad outdated). Healing disabled. Crusaders gain 20% DPS for each tag they share with each adjacent Crusader (additive), but lose 20% Max Health for each non-original Tag they possess (multiplicative, cannot reduce below 1HP regardless)


The above might be a bit nasty for Weeklys, but hopefully you still find something useful in there...

Interesting ideas. Thank you for sharing. :)


Originally posted by BeatingsGalore

The new version skins/runes info box that pops up when you hover over a crusader is often sticking open. It makes it hard to click anything underneath it when you are merely sliding your mouse over to click on something near it? It doesn't happen all the time but it does happen a lot. But changing from the crusader screen to another like, statistics screen doesn't make it go away. It really gets in the way. Can this be corrected? Just sliding past a crusader shouldn't make this stay up infinitely. It never used to happen before the skins/rune info was added. Thank YOU! Thank you! Happy Tuesday btw!

The new hover is designed to stay up while you're still on the Crusader portrait, or while you're hovering it directly, so you have time to read the tag hovers or click the buttons.

That said, we've had a couple of reports of it not behaving properly on objectives where Crusaders portraits have changes applied to them, so we'll be looking into those situations.

When you say looking at the Statistics screen, are you using the hot key to bring it up, or using the button on Rosette tab?


Originally posted by Made_In_The_80s

hi erika

thanks for the code

challenges: let us choose how to order the list of our top scores... i would like to sort it by date, so we can see what 3 challenges are in the pool for next challenge.

Hi Made_in_the_80s,

You're welcome for the code.

There have been requests for sorting the challenges in the past. We don't store the date that you last completed the challenge currently, but we can look into that I suppose. I'll note down the request.


Originally posted by AllShallBeWell

I enjoyed the first three new T11 objectives, but haven't bothered with the last two yet due to the irrelevancy of their rewards.

I'm kind of perplexed about them, so I have to ask: What is the intended purpose of putting a cap raise so deep in the reward system?

By the time a player is able to complete the objectives that raise the cap, (a) they've long since left FPs behind as a meaningful source of idols, and (b) the soft cap on bonus idols in FPs means that no matter how high you raise the cap, those aren't ever going to turn into a meaningful source of idols.

There's a narrow window in which someone will get a reasonable amount of value out of the 4th new objective (that just raises the cap), but the new talent just doesn't make a lot of sense.

Is there a plan to change Freeplays in a way that will make buying that talent make sense?

The cap increase will be needed for future objectives.


Originally posted by ryan92084

For the challenges besides new tag combination challenges ( more tiers, "out of this world" angel/demon/alien, something something flora?, etc) anything that makes them more about challenging our form building abilities rather than our patience would be welcome

True, the challenges could use some more tag combinations, which would lend to some of the formation building skill.

Less patience testing, we'll try. :)


Originally posted by Nasitrapkrad

If you have this info: what is the most amount of idols someone has at this date? What's the world record? I'm very curious.

The highest amount of Idols I know about would be e34, but that was a few weeks ago. It's a pretty high amount.


Originally posted by Travkeymaybe

Hello Erika,

Got a few things to comment on first off the new 11th's are a pretty good challenge for most of us the issue we seem to be having is the last one evil scheme is simply way too difficult for most of us to do even with a lot of idols rn I'm at e15 and have been playing for several years already and we have people with e19 idols who can barely get that objective done but extremely easily can do the others. Can we have something done to that objective to make it possible to do for the majority of us. I'd also like to ask we know the next rune slots will go in order by crusader id but are you able to tease how many will come out in this next batch? Also with regards to idols from the free plays now feel they were nerfed slightly too much. For me, at this point, I still cannot justify doing a Freeplay over a dungeon run as the coins and points from dungeons combined with how short the season makes it not worth it to run anything but the dungeons. As for the weekly ch...

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Hi Travkeymaybe,

Evil Scheme is only the equivalent of clearing area 5000 on a normal free play objective, which is below the previous maximum number of e1100 DPS, and one can farm some buffs with killing the Things, in addition to taking advantage of Rune power, all the buff cards on offer, and the new Olympian Training talent, along with all the other sources of power.

It's also not something that needs to be completed right away. We may revisit it in the future when we release the Tier 5 11th for Mme. Finkebottom's.

The next batch will be a batch of 30.

The change to the bonus boss Idols formula was to make them a more gradual increase, since I didn't want players instantly jumping idol amounts with the new maximum number. It's still quite a build up with multiple runs with all the Idol buffs active and the free play bonus or event bonus.

Challenge coin drops changed, noted.

I'm happy with the one a week geode drop for now, but I'l...

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Originally posted by godsolrank

For the love of god, change up some maps for challenges. I don't think anyone is having fun making formation with 8 crusaders, unless you actively want to diminish players' fun. Also few new challenges would be nice, like aliens or superheroes, also plants are missing. And something like new Evil scheme objective, only evils, demons and undead allowed.

Thank you for the ideas. :)

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