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You can now redeem FLOW-INGR-IVER-IDOL for a 3 day long 25% Idol buff.

It expires at Noon Pacific Time (UTC-7) on August 20th, 2021.


Originally posted by DrStrangelove142

Thanks for the reply!

I would also second the possibility to buy more rune chests, because, according to my calculations, at the current rhythm it is going to take several years to get a level 15 rune (right now the highest I can do is level 11, so multiply the time it has taken to get there by 16, bearing in mind I have bought all available chests in the shop every week).

Another vote for more runic chests, noted!


Originally posted by _umdos

Would be nice to see a talent reducing cooldowns on missions, or make available more missions the same time. Got more than 100 crusaders available to send on missions, even when all missions are active

Yeah, more missions are something I'd like to add at some point.

The way the cooldown system works right now isn't super great, so I'd prefer we have a go at untangling that before we do anything that affects the cooldowns such as through talents, but we'll keep the request in mind.


Originally posted by antebus

I thought the Anniversary gifts were quite generous,thanks. Also,what are the odds of me winning the raffle which I did not enter? Not very good?

You're welcome for the anniversary gifts.

Yeah, the odds aren't looking good for a retroactive win. There will be other raffles in the future.


Originally posted by TheKnoticalMenace

Hey, Erika!

Just want to say thank you for those awesome redemption gifts for this game's sixth anniversary and the QoL for the rune merging system!

I'm also at a point in the Dungeons where I'm heavily focusing on getting a lot of Idols, since I got all 40 levels and claimed my ten prized level 6 Fire Runes! And I'm stuck with the decision to dump them towards Tiernan and Garnet for DPS or faster progression, respectively.

Anyway, I'm a bit curious about the future of this game. Whether it's about making late-game progression easier/quicker, or something that can be mind-blowing to the community. (In a good way, of course!)

Also, thank you for the new Taskmaster! It's definitely one of the reasons why I get a lot job done when I'm AFK! <3

Hi TheKnoticalMenace,

Glad you enjoyed the anniversary gifts and the rune merging. :)

Congrats on clearing level 40 of the dungeons.

The future of the game is to keep updating it as long as players keep supporting it, which will involve more QoL, more talents and maybe new features once seasons and runes are more settled.

A taskmaster seemed like a fun reward for the anniversary, so we're glad it helps!


Originally posted by DrStrangelove142

Hi Erika, I was wondering if at some point we might have a re-run of the "search for Simon" event (or an improved version of it) so that it would be possible for those who missed it to get the "recruit/spend jaffa cakes" achievements?

Hi DrStrangelove142,

We currently aren't planning on having the Yogscast event come back at all, but I would like to tackle at the least recruit achievements at some point. The jaffa cake achievements will likely stay incomplete for players who missed it.


Originally posted by Vitalii-Aliluiev

Hi Erika,

Do you have any plans for how to spend Rubies?

For me, it is only golden chests available to buy (a couple of runic chests, of course, but it's only 600) since I have all Legendaries.

My idia to have one more Idols buff which will cost 1000, for example.



Hi Vitalii,

No, we don't have any plans for additional uses for rubies at this time. We'll keep the request in mind for a potential idol buff though.

Cheers. :)


Originally posted by ChakatFirepaw

Two talent thoughts and one thing for you to bug the web folks about:

The first talent would be a straightforward buff based on the number of achievements, probably multiplicative like Legendary Hoards.

The second would be an increase in the number of missions you can have running at once. So the first rank might add a gold mission, then an EP mission for rank 2, etc.

For the web folks: They need to look into the SSL certs, they're only valid for the game servers and this results in warnings if the web page is accessed with https forced.

Thank you for the talent ideas. We'll keep them in mind.

Do you mean the url for submitting a ticket?


Originally posted by LC125

Thanks for all the anniversary stuff :)

You're welcome. It was our pleasure! :D


Originally posted by CotliGamer64

while I did miss that there is apparently a turtle sader, I would still enjoy a cuter one :)

Evanescent is just a demon, not a turtle turtle. A real turtle would be a fun add.


Originally posted by xyzzex

Since we got faster rune merging (damn costy one cats wise (L10 rune 26 cats) and it could been better) so when gears lvling so gets max out of leg. hoarding?

Changes to the crafting screen is still on the list of nice to haves. Thank you for the reminder. :)


Originally posted by H4ppyfunb4ll

I liked the 6x theme for the anniversary bonuses ... until the 20% idol bonus ... c'mon, make it 60% so the theme runs all the way through! Why trip right before the finish line? :)

Hahaha, if it was only a 3 day buff, maybe I would have gone with 60%, but it's a week long buff, so 20% it is. :)


Originally posted by bridbirdbird

Do you ever plan to take a break from events to focus on "the list"?

Maybe at the end of T6 would be a good time, I don't think many players would mind having a year long break between T6 and T7 to work on everything that must be on that list by now

The events are helpful to players to unlock the Crusaders without having to wait for the mission or buying them. A year without events wouldn't be great for players, so we don't plan on taking a break from them.

Once Wilson gets more familiar with the code, we'll look at tackling more things on the list.


Originally posted by Inner_Ad_631

Hey Erika!
I was just wondering, will you ever be adding a new steam achievements for idols count ? I dont know, maybe 20 of them for each e multiplier? What are you thinking about this? This could be some motivation to play for all mid player with for example e10 idol count.
Thanks for all your hard work, stay safe and healthy!

Hi Inner_Ad_631,

We only plan on adding new Steam achievements when we add new Tier 1 permanent campaign objectives for now, but we'll keep the request in mind.

Have a good week. :)


Originally posted by JuJuBee2006

Just was curious if the points bonus for this season of dungeons was purely anniversary related, or whether the crusaders team plans on this being a regular bonus at some point during future dungeon seasons (the bonus has made it so I know I can focus on idol dungeon runs for the rest of the season and reach my level goals).

I didn't get the dungeon pass because I knew I wouldn't be able to reach level 30, but if there is another season that has a week long point bonus, it might be something to consider in the future.

The dungeon points bonus was anniversary motivated this time around, but it could always reappear in the future. We'll keep the idea in mind.


Originally posted by tstevs

Just wanted to say i'm loving bert. Very cute taskmaster design

Cheers! I will pass it along to Kat. :)


Originally posted by Glum-Prune-1392

Hi Erika,

Happy Anniversary to all the staff and thanks for the code and anniversary gifts. :)

Hi Glum-Prune-1392,

Thank you! I will pass it along to the team.

I'm glad you enjoyed the gifts! :D


Originally posted by Made_In_The_80s

hello erika, greetings from germany :)

how are you celebrating Crusaders anniversary at work? :)

dont know when we can expect new talents or when cne starts working on a new set of talents, but i would like to give suggestions for new rune related talents.

A. a talent that allows to buy more rune chests per week in the shops.

a lot of players have 100k+ Rubies and tons of JCs stacked. even with the weekly runic chests to buy... with dungeon rewards and now the code... we earn rubies faster than ever. but 100k rubies are worthless if we cant do anything useful with it. a talent that allows to buy more chests could have restrictions like "talent XY has to be maxed first" or "equip 50 saders with 5 runes each to unlock the talent" so you have to earn a lot of runes first before you can buy more per week.

having rubies to buy more than 300 rune chests but not being allowed to buy is... :( being able to buy more chests would be really good :) ...

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Hi Made_In_The_80s,

Wilkommen! Thank you for stopping by.

Huh, well, we kinda stopped in-office celebrating the game milestones because of the C-virus last year, so I totally forgot to bug people for a celebration cake this year. We did have a quarterly team outing last Thursday though featuring doughnuts and cookies, so that can count. :D

Talents relating to runes is probably a good way to go. Thank you for sharing the ideas!

1) No plans currently for a Crusader who affects the Firestorm cooldown at this time, but it can certainly be an option in the future.

2) The dungeon themes will return, but it will be a new achievement for each new season.



Originally posted by CotliGamer64

Hello kind reader,

I have had the idea to make a concept for a turtle in the game. The numerous ways this could be implemented are listed below together with some ability ideas. I don't really know if this is usually ignored or not considered, but I just wanted to give it a try. I just really love turtles!

Some type of turtle with a shell made of runes? would be fitting for the 'Sign of the Zodiac' ability

Turtle TM (well... yeah it's a turtle. So... slow and steady!)

Turtle Speed / Tank Crusader (Tags: Gender, Animal, Tank, Support, Event, Gold Finder, {Self-}Healer?)

Turtle Clicker (Tags: Gender, Animal, Clicker, Event)

Sharper Beak, More to eat! (CRUSADER_NAME pecks food faster by getting a trim of it's unique bone)

-> Spawnspeed increase? / Clickdamage increase? / DPS of all crusaders increase?

Sturdy Shell (CRUSADER_NAME's shell grows more robust over the years)

-> Health increase

Buried Beach Trea...

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Hi Turtle,

Thank you for sharing your Crusader idea. Those turtles are really adorable.

Maybe it is time to fit in a turtle Crusader somewhere. We'll keep it in mind.