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25 Sep


Originally posted by AllShallBeWell

1. For obvious reasons, I'm sure you don't want to make any promises about when the next Dungeon season is going to start.

Is it possible for you to give us an "it's going to be at least this long" kind of idea? e.g., is this a "Yeah, there's zero chance that this is going to be released in the next (week/two weeks), and who knows how much longer it'll take than that" type of thing?

2. Dungeon pass: I'd suggest the best direction for this would be as a way for casual players or people who started late to catch up in a Dungeon season.

So, for example:

  • A pool of extra Dungeon runs (say, 60), which don't refresh but get dipped into if you run out of weekly runs. That's not going to matter for most players, since most players are going to have a tough time doing all 15, but it's a way for spenders who start mid-season to try to catch up.

  • Consumable which lets you reroll which objectives get which bonuses

  • ...
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Hi AllShallBeWell,

1) Well, the event launch is next week, so I feel confident in saying that season two won't be dropping next week.

2) We'll keep the idea of ways for players to catch up on season progress.

3) It is on the to-do list to look at the bonus rotation over the Dungeons. We'll keep the request in mind.


Originally posted by Sylexy

where is this weeks coloring sheet? :/

No new sheet this week, but I've started an activity to collect new submissions of older sheets.


Hail Crusaders!

Due to a number of factors this week, there isn't a new colouring sheet to feature.

However, we are still having the activity available, to get you towards the next buff! You can choose any of the old colouring sheets, and submit a new coloured-in version of it, to try and hit the goal! Or get closer to it for next week!


If we get 50 coloured sheets shared at us on our Twitter or ...

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Originally posted by Tyson_NW

Any hints on Desert bus? The floating head of beej? Mecha-ian? the bone zone? ;)

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Thanks for the game.

It will be a Crusader based on Ian. We're sketching up some ideas based on their suggestions for what he's done with Desert Bus in the past. :)


Originally posted by AllenMS828

Isn't that a bit steep, considering the current Tier 7 talents have starting costs ranging from half a billion to 200 billion? I finally have almost 3 trillion idols, and I'm still struggling to finish the Tier 6 talents. Or are we skipping straight to Tier 9 for the new ones? :D

We're leaning into the idol amounts the Dungeons can give.

24 Sep

23 Sep


Originally posted by Dragon97240

For the gears in chest, literally add in every common and jeweled chest one slot with automatically a gear. That way, we will get more materials and/or complete the gear's collection. So a talent or 11th objective that add in the chests a gear, so 4 slots in normal and 6 in jeweled chests.

Yes, the challenge tokens are mostly reserved for golden gears and, at the time, I only got enough legendary catalysts for a few craft each week. So my best option was rubies. Now, I will spend the catalysts as I have a good amount of them. By the way, when will the GE for Ana Guinness ( the one for chest drop) will be avaible in that shop ?

I am a pretty casual player compared to some others and still didn't reach e15 idols so ... except by having a good speedster or two until the end, a run in the dungeon can take longer than expected. Even when using speed cards ! And as some as talked about on Steam forums, Drosenthes is badly compatible with Tiernan in end runs so if you are ...

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Thank you for clarifying the gear in chest comment.

Interesting to know about using the Rubies.

Ana's Clover item is available in the Challenge token store Golden Epic rotation, so it should show up eventually.

So you'd like a healer/support Crusader that's smoother than Drosenthes? We already have a bunch of healer Crusaders, but we can think about adding another one in the future.


Originally posted by AllenMS828

Hi Erika!

I had a couple questions while reading through the other posts.

1) Can you give us a ballpark on how many rubies will be useful for the new feature? Are we talking thousands, or tens of thousands, or what?

2) To help bridge the gap between dungeon seasons, is there a way to just turn off the point accumulation, since it's too late to gain more dungeon levels? Then people could at least continue to play with the new formations while waiting for the new season to begin.

Hi Allen,

1) Thousands will be enough.

2) We won't be turning the dungeons back on until the next season starts.


Originally posted by BenL7

Will there be any differences in Codename Games launcher and the Steam version of Crusaders?

No, they'll be the same. The only difference would be either using the Codename login or the Steam login.


Originally posted by Dragon97240

Hello there !

I always miss the live hour (crying in sadness) but always there for reading or my questions/ideas.

How about the next few 11th objectives ? Is there plans already or is it open to suggestions ? As we need always more idols (and I don't even speak of the 'no max level' ones), why not adding some limit breaks or, even better, one to make them uncapped ? And another one to add a gear in chests (or talent like) ? And one to have more JC drop ? And ... no just joking :P

For your question on the dungeon pass, I may be better but still doubt I have the time to reach a good level for it ... maybe for season 3, who knows.

No teasing for the next crusader yet ?

And lastly, about the rubies ... Are there plans to have them more easily too ? Since the last skin in the skin shop, I did not used them and still thinks it is building up stoo slow.

Hi Dragon97240,

Yup, questions outside the hour are why I check back on the thread throughout the week.

More 11th objectives are on the horizon. I'll add your votes to the cap increase and uncapped free plays as potential rewards.

The gear in chests, so like there would now be 6 cards in Jeweled chests? Or it would just guarantee better gear? Or is this a new piece of gear entirely?

Enough Jeweled chests drop already between Ana and the Jeweler Talent, so we don't plan on changing things there.

We'll be making a few tweaks to the season 2, so you might be able to progress on it.

Tier 6 Carnival Crusader is going to be an Animal one. :)

Oh neat, you were using rubies for skins over challenge tokens or legendary catalysts? Yeah, we're thinking of some additional sources for rubies.


22 Sep


Originally posted by DwarfinKing

Hi again,

Thank you for the information! I have another question. For the Desert Bus donation how does that work in the sense of getting the crusader? I haven't had a chance to donate before so I don't know how the process works.

Desert Bus sets up 4 levels of donations: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Epic.

All the levels unlock the Crusaders. Then the specific level you donate for determines what gear the Crusaders will have.

The donation process is the only way to get the Crusaders gear, but if you donate for the Epic level, the Desert Bus crew do have Legendary effects.

Edit: Desert Bus will email you a code to redeem in the normal code redemption system in the game, when you've made your donation during the time they're doing their livestream campaign.


Originally posted by cschwa

Hi Erika, Thanks for the info on the CNE launcher. For dungeon rewards, how about a buff that extends Sprint? Idol buff early in the season because an idol buff for the interval is currently pointless. Buff that allows you to do dungeon runs in the interval (perhaps without the idol bonus) just to use the higher dps available. If I were CNE, I would make the pass valuable even if one wasn't sure of reaching L25. It's easy to not spend if it is unlikely to have a reward

Hi cschwa,

You're welcome for the launcher info.

Would a reward buff for Sprint be temporary or permanent?

The paid season pass did have an early Idol buff, in addition to the final Idol buff. The final Idol buff also made sense for the original plans of the seasons being back to back, before the break in seasons became necessary, but we did add in the option to claim the season rewards when a player liked, with adding the break.

Ideally, there won't be a break between seasons again, or at least it will be a short one if there is one, so the dungeons being turned off for the interim won't be so bad next time.


Originally posted by Didz999

can we have hint on next crusader and skin on t6? which tag it would be or the idea of the art concept ?

Hi Didz999,

The Tier 6 Crusader for Carnival of Sorrows is an Animal, and the skin will be for Sashimi.


Originally posted by dimitrius5naj

I almost forgot.

Is it possible to add talents like "Blue Shift" to the list of general talents?

If not an exact copy, then something like "Red Shift", thanks to which more gold will pour from the monsters, as if they were several levels higher.

Interesting ideas.

I'll add them to the list of potential talents players have suggested.


Originally posted by Gerundij

Hi, Erica. Could you give more information about saving rubies? What it would be? What for to spend them? One more question. I have only one crusader missed, it's pretty useful for a lot of formations, Ichtaca. Is there any chance to get it from the shop for, may be, rubies? No missions for crusaders for about a month of my active playing.

Thx for the chest.

Hi Gerundji,

You'll want a stash of rubies on hand for the new system of power we're adding, to help get you started.

Ichtaca's recruit and gear missions will be added to the game, along with the rest of the Tier 5 event Crusaders who are missing theirs, with the launch of Carnival of Sorrows.


Originally posted by Environmental_Nerve2

which will come first, Kaines Dinner of Doom event, or Dungeons season 2?

Kaines' Dinner of Doom is in November.

Ideally we'd like season 2 out before then.


Originally posted by Dennis_Bruce

Thank you!

You're welcome.


Originally posted by SickoJay

When is the CNE client happening? All the Q&A's have just said (coming soon!) for weeks, can we have an update?


You can move your account to the Codename Games website at any time, in preparation of the client launch, since you'll need that set-up to log into the launcher once it's available.

It will definitely be out before December, so we can have a seamless transition, but as noted, our priority currently is season 2 and the Tier 6 events.


Originally posted by Legitimate-Guitar786

  1. could you please specify, would low Q be 1e18?

I meant low 1e15, or lower-case q, quadrillion Idols.

When do they post?

(GMT +0)
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