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Happy Friday!

Foresight and their hypothetical children with Garnet play at the park in our newest colouring sheet, which you can find on our website!


Or, if you're feeling creative, you can submit your Crusaders fanart!

If we get 50 coloured sheets shared at us on our Twitter with the hash tags #lostidolscolouring and #parkkidlets or shared here on reddit by Thursday, May 13th, 2021 at 4pm (16:00) Pacific Time (UTC-7), then we'll release a code for a 7 day long 400% Gold buff redeemable by all players.

They can be coloured physica...

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06 May


Thank you so much for all the submissions!

The Idol buff code has been unlocked: RAIN-BOWG-ALAX-YEGG

It expires on Friday May 14th, 2021 at Noon Pacific Time.


Attention, Gardeners: the universe is once again in need of you assistance! It seems the battle has reached a new level, almost a "6th Tier" of sorts. Give the 5 new objectives everything you have to unlock a fresh new Crusaders and a suspicious new skin.

Once you unlock the Alluring Viragallant, you can find them in seat 35.

You have until Tuesday, May 18th at Noon Pacific Time to complete the event!

Official blog

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05 May


Originally posted by Travkeymaybe

Hello erika,

A few suggestions with the latest batch of 5th slot runes I've noticed I've been wanting a lot of the 5th slots unlocked for the challenges especially but given how we only get one a week would it be possible to maybe have another mission for a geode so we can move a tiny bit faster there. I'd ask the same for the rune solvent i love using it for challenges but i end up going through my rune solvents way too fast. Also when runes first came out i feel like some of us didn't expect the runes to be so rare would it be possible to maybe get a rune remover that would only maybe come once a year that could remove all slotted runes

Another suggestion is with the new talents released legendary levels have gone up on all crusaders the issue is now trying to recall what crusaders have extra levels such as a level 11 etc could we get an toggle to have the crusaders with the highest single legendary item levels listed first ?

Hi Travkeymaybe,

We're happy with the current cadence of the Arcane Geodes for now. While players may be playing catch-up right now, there will be a point where they're flush with Geodes.

That said, there will be Geodes available from both reward tracks in the dungeons again for season 4, as well as the solvents.

A remove all runes from everyone potion would have to be super carefully worded, but I'll add the suggestion to our list to consider.

We can look at adding more filters to the crafting screen for the Crusader list.


Originally posted by tl93

Hi Erika and all,

It seems to me that we need a bit more of a sandbox mode. We have a partial sandbox in the Talent screen, though we don't get to see a preview of the DPS that confirming changes would have. I don't want the active DPS to change, but a second calculation of the formations DPS to be displayed on the Talent screen would be nice.

Then we could do with a sandbox effect on the Rune screen. On the Crafting screen?

I am also inclined to think that more than a few players would enjoy being able to experiment with all aspects of the game with a mode where they could set values of aspects of the game to any value they want and spawn or destroy material, runes or geodes to see what effect things have in different amounts and deployments.

This would be something that the CNE validation team should already have and, were players given access to it, it would be kept separate from the real game progression that we know now.

Hi tl93,

Thank you for the suggestion. I'll add your vote to the item on our list and we'll see what happens.


Originally posted by tl93

Of course, Erika's other reply to something like this indicates that there is another way:

  • Buy Golden Legendary items, for $$$ or for Challenge coins.

If you want these, be sure to buy Golden Legendary items and not Golden Epic items.

Buying Golden Epic items gets you Epic material, or at least it did the last time I did it.

A Golden Epic replaces an Epic piece of gear, so yes, it gives the materials for a duplicate Epic on purchase.


Originally posted by tl93

Is there any chance that opening 100,000 silver chests could be made to be less clicky?

I don't care if it takes longer in time, but I don't want to have to click 1,000 times over 30 minutes.

I also don't care about knowing what items were disenchanted.

Not in our plans to open more than 100 chests at once currently, but I'll add your vote.

04 May


Originally posted by 1skg6891

Hi Erika,

Can you rename dungeon currency to universal currency? :p

Haha, nice try. :)


Originally posted by Bocian00000

  1. At the moment it is possible to save 5 patterns. Is it possible to increase this amount, e.g. to 7?
  2. It would be nice if you could give your names to each saved formation
  3. Is it possible to add a button to the full screen, e.g. next to the auto progress button?

1 & 2) I'll add your votes to the items on the saved formation improvements suggestion and we'll see what happens.

3) The F key on your keyboard toggles full screen mode on, if you really want to play in full screen for some reason, with Esc returning the game to normal size. I don't see us adding a separate button to the play screen for toggling it, but I'll note down the request.


Originally posted by HexxarTek

With the new talent [Legendary Hoards], are there any plans to add some sort of catchup to crafting legendary pieces? The maximum decay of catalyst cost, along with the cost growth puts newer or newish players fairly far behind.

No, no plans to add a catch-up for making Legendary items.

It is based on total levels, not legendary items, so if you have the materials you can level up items higher while waiting to craft ones for catalysts.

There is also the loophole we've never closed, where if you buy the Golden Legendary version of an item from the Challenge Token store, you still get the free craft token, same as buying a Golden Legendary item for real money.


Originally posted by Xerxish

I hope you reconsider buffing 5ths from follwing crusaders:
-Adina could be useful when it buffs Hero League
-Langley deserves his propagation buffed. I have his 5th at level 5 and I will never bother upgrading that again..
-Mindy does deserve a better scaling. I have it at level 10 now but that so not worth it..

Mycall and Bruno are examples of excellent buffs and scaling.
I wish every crusader 5th buffed his best skills and with reasonable scaling.

Thank you for the feedback on the 5th slot runes. We'll keep it in mind when we take our revisit pass.


Originally posted by 1skg6891

Hi Erika,

Can you provide another way to earn dungeon currency when the dungeons are gone? Maybe though missions.

Can you offer a currency converter for dungeon coins, challenge coins, catalysts, rubies and materials?

Hi skg,

Dungeon coins are dungeon-only. Otherwise they would be misnamed.

We don't plan on having a currency converter either. I'll note down your votes for both requests though.


Originally posted by isawbones

Hi Erika,

Hope you are doing well.

I was curious if there will be other items that will be added to the dungeons shop. Currently, there is only the idol buff that has any value but it is super cheap and lasts an entire week. I am currently sitting on 15k dungeon tokens that are mostly just collecting dust. Would love some new skins or UI skins or just anything cosmetic.

Hi isawbones,

Doing OK, thank you for asking. I hope you and yours as doing well too.

That's quite the token stash, but aside from picking up missed season items, nothing else planned for Dungeon coins at this time.


Originally posted by xyzzex

When we can combine multiple runes at same time? Atm combining 100 lvl 1 runes to lvl 2s takes next to eternity.

I had thought we'd be able to do it with the launch of season 4, but Garnet's Warp ability ate into our tech buffer. So it's currently scheduled in the update queue for after season 4.

When do they post?

(GMT +0)
Something missing? Let us know and we'll add it!