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Good morning!

Before we begin today, I hope you are safe wherever you are, and that you are in a position to take care of yourselves during this time of change.


For those of you who are joining us for the first time, I'm Erika, the Live Services Manager for Crusaders of the Lost Idols and Community Manager for Codename Entertainment, and I will do my best to answer your Crusaders questions. This Q&A is so you know where to find one of the team to chat Crusaders weekly.

I will be answering questions live for the first hour and then checking back throughout the week.


The previous Q&A: Number 217!

Community Activity!

There's still time to get in some Crooked Graveyard contributions! We're currently sitting at 12 sheets submitted.


  • The Tier 6 version of Emo's New Moon is currently running and ends today, Tuesday, November 10th, 2020 at Noon Pacific Time (UTC-8.)

  • Our current priority is getting the launcher ready for players to download from the Codename Games website and normal updates will resume after that.

  • I am currently planning a Talents update and the first batch of 5th Rune powers.

  • The Tier 6 version of Kaines' Dinner of Doom will launch around Thursday, November 19th, 2020.

  • The recipes for the Emo's New Moon Crusaders will be available again on Tuesday, November 24th, 2020 at Noon Pacific Time (UTC-8.)

  • The Tier 6 version of The Nate Before Christmas will launch around Wednesday, December 16th, 2020.

  • The Tier 6 version of Princess' Pool Party will launch around Thursday, January 7th, 2021.

  • In case you missed it, we're doing Q&A streams for Crusaders on the CNE Games twitch channel now! The streams are at Thursdays at 10am Pacific Time (UTC-8).

  • We are partnering with Desert Bus again this year, and are working on a new Crusader to give to players who donate to their campaign while it's running in November. Desert Bus starts their engines on Friday, November 13th, 2020 and will last as long as the donations keep them busing. You can start donating now on the Crusaders donation page.

  • We will also be running an Extra Life Donation drive. Our livestream will run from 9am Pacific Time Friday, November, 20th, 2020 until 9am Saturday, November 21st, 2020. Watch next week for the item you can purchase in-game to help us raise money for our local Children's Hospital!

  • Wednesday, November 11th, 2020 is a holiday for Remembrance Day, and so the office will be closed that day. Normal office hours will resume on Thursday, November 12th, 2020.

End of Life in Flash in Browsers

Crusaders will remain available to play through the version on Steam, and through a downloadable launcher on our Codename Games website (coming soon!)

You can currently link your accounts to those platforms, using the in-game Linked Account option. Generate the code in the game you want to keep and paste it into the game on Steam or CNEGames. The Linked Account option is available as soon as you complete the tutorial in the new version of the game.


Please put in a support ticket if you've found a bug with the game. How to submit support tickets: Click here for the instructions.


Have a treat! JINN-ERUV-OMOV-HIOI awards 1 Runic chest: Expires Tuesday, November 17th, 2020 at 9:59 am Pacific Time (UTC-8).


Next Q&A: The next Crusaders Q&A will be on Tuesday, November 17th, 2020 at 10am Pacific Time (UTC -8.)

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Originally posted by atxstranger

Will the launcher work on Chromebook/Linux devices?

No, it's only for Windows or Mac machines.

You can use the Steam version on Linux though.

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Originally posted by billyjoe99

I asked last week but don't think I got the answer to question, I know about the solvent and how to merge runes, but just wondered if you would consider allowing a higher level rune to be dropped in over a lower one with the lower one returned. it's not much, but would be nice to have say a level 1 rune in place, have received a level 4 and just be able to drop it in place, rather than having to get several level 1s and merge, or work your way up through 1,2,3

It's not currently in our plans to allow you to replace a rune once it's slotted, hence the rune solvent and being able to merge the runes that are equipped, but I'll note down the request.

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Originally posted by KaoseT


How unique will the fifth rune be on crusaders? Will it be based on tags, role or be truly unique like some legendary items?

Hi KaoseT,

The 5th rune slot will be unique to each Crusader, depending on their upgrades and equipment.

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Originally posted by dimitrius5naj

Erica, hello!)

A few questions.

1) Does the tag "non-binary" give a plus to Synergy? If yes, why, if not, please add this to the talent description.

2) Is it possible to add another option for non-binary crusaders to Victor in the "gender" gains?

3) Is it possible to add damage to all "explosions" - Walkers and Skeletons not only in DPS, but also in Clicks? For specific campaigns (when dps is less than a click, this is sometimes critical).

4) And what about the "shooting" tag?

And as always - thanks for the code!)

Hi dimitrius5naj,

1) It currently does count, but we'll be updating Synergy to exclude it, as it is a gender tag.

2) We'll keep that in mind as a possibility for his 5th Rune slot.

3) It's not something we're planning on reworking, but I'll note that it's been requested.

4) I'll add another vote for adding a Projectile tag on the list.

You're welcome for the chests.

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Originally posted by N00byDoobyDoo

Hey Erika

So would it be safe to say the new talents (that I will not be able to buy right away) be here before December 31st? Also is more sprint in the cards?

Hi N00byDoobyDoo,

I hope to have the Talent update out before the end of the year, but we'll see what happens.

More sprint is on the short list.

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Originally posted by Environmental_Nerve2

IL get right to it

  1. Can we please have a plush toy skin for Xander on the xmas event? Pretty please?

  2. You wouldn’t be making gold mission enhancing talents, would you? Id like to think the gold mission enhancing runes were punishment enough.

  3. Since most of the Kaines Dinner saders are robots, will the new orc sader also be a robot? A RoboOrc? Or be part robot CybOrc?

1) I'll note down the skin idea as a potential one for the Christmas event. A plushie skin would probably remove the Animal tag from Xander though.

2) It would still be a talent to max out for the bonus from the talents that care about talent levels purchased and maxed out Talents.

3) No, it's not a robot, but it's related to Momma Kaine being a scientist.

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Originally posted by AerichV

Hi Erika, can we get a little sneak peek into what the talent update will be?

Hi AerichV,

More DPS sources, and more Sprint. :)

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Originally posted by Legitimate-Guitar786

Hey Erika

Could you tell us when exactly Kevin starts his vacation and how long it’s going to be, so I know how long il be stuck just doing missions and nothing else. Thanks, in advanced

Hi Legitmate-Guitar786,

Hahaha, I don't think the game will break because Kevin is going on vacation, but we should be able to get a hold of him if something is absolutely broken.

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Originally posted by Sarali1533

Hi Erica, I hope you and your beloved are well.

I was wondering, is the rune solvent only available through missions?

Hi Sarali,

We're doing well, thank you. Hope you and yours are too!

Yes, the Rune Solvent is only available through the 1 mission a week at this time.

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Originally posted by wipilap

Hi All,

Upon starting any Challenge with "Cash in Hand" Level 1 Talent 5 Challenge Tokens dropped on screen but when they are collected token counter still shows "x0". Is it normal?

Hi wipilap,

The counter on the side of the screen while doing a Challenge is just for the tokens earned from clearing areas.

The Cash In Hand tokens get added to your tokens on hand amount and can immediately be spent in the various stores after you get them.

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Originally posted by barawar

  1. We need more Ruby earning options daily. The runic chests per week cost 600 Rubies, We don't get 600 rubies per week! Most of us don't have more objectives to do and even if we have, nothing compares with the 600 rubies per week which we have to use for the rune chests. The daily ruby mission/s and daily quest provide very little ruby income, totally not enough for the 600 Rubies per week which we need at least for the runic chests, what about TM's, JC's, Skins and whatever else that cost rubies...

  2. We don't need a rune that gives more gold from missions, for us it is a totally wasted rune and rune slot, can you change it to something meaningful?

1) We are planning on adding some additional ruby sources, as well as continuing to add more permanent objectives.

2) We will not be changing the more gold runes on the Crusaders that have it.

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Originally posted by Snakebitemike

Hi, it's my birthday on 17.12. Do you think you could give me a pressie and offer me a free completion of "Inner Darkness". I've been playing this game for years now and although absolutely more powerful I'm no closer to completing it than I was years ago. I've got crusaders with 11+ Golden Legendary Gear ( minimum level 7 gear in all party ), used 2000+ Lingering buff, Additional buffs from buying chests, Level 6 plus runes and still the game won't let me past level 1185. Beginning to hate it??

Hi Snakebitemike,

There are players who have managed to complete that objective, even after we changed the power of the Lingering Buffs talent.

You might need a higher max level for your Crusaders in addition to a good formation and the Legendary gear and Runes.

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Originally posted by Axed_

Hi Erika,

Would it be possible to have a notification for when the Legendary crafting cost resets each week? Perhaps something similar to the "New Mission Available" or "New Chest" messages?

Maybe this could also be extended to show when the shops reset (Rune Chest, Challenge shop, etc)?

Hope you have a great week!


Hi Axed,

I'll add your vote to the item on our suggestion list for a notification, and we'll see what happens.

Most players just choose a time to reload the game and craft their legendary items, rather than waiting for the exact time for their catalyst reset.

I'll start a new item on the suggestion list for a pop-up when the timers on the Rune chests and other limited time items refresh.


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Originally posted by WrasslorMonkey

The runes really made doing quests interesting. Would love to see an overhaul on being able to sort crusaders for quests. Maybe a few rows, maybe always showing their +ep/+gold etc icons. It can get pretty tedious/time consuming to find the right crusaders for the job.

Yeah, revamping the look of the mission screen is coming up a lot with the addition of Runes that affect them. It's on my short list of tasks to tackle sooner than later.

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Originally posted by rjakubec

Hi Erika!

I just wanted to send you guys a bunch of good karma. CotLI puts me in a good mood every day! Just, thanks for that.

Take care

Hi rjakubec,

That's so cool! I'll pass it along to the team. :D


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Originally posted by ProShashank

Hello Erika!

Thanks for the Runic chest!

Why are the Tier 6 objectives so annoying??

I mean the requirements are way too absurd! I started the Recruit Crow objective and in the first half hour I could only clear Area 5! Monsters surviving longer and six times quest requirements on each area is really annoying. I mean it tests nothing about our gaming skills but only consumes a hell lot of time.

Hi ProShashank,

You're welcome for the chests.

The Emo's New Moon Tier 6 objectives were designed to take advantage of the large roster of Crusaders.

The Crooked Crow recruit one is meant to take advantage of all the Crusaders who affect monster drops.

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Originally posted by Cassius335

Hey Erika.

I notice the Missions screen portraits get a tiny icon for "This Crusader can speed up Mission time". Any chance of one near the same area for "This Crusader multiplies Bonus Idols"?

EDIT: Also, would be nice to get small solvents that are easier to get but only remove one rune rather than all 5. I've largely wasted 2 regular solvents on removing single runes in order to move Ep Boosts from one Crusader to another.

Hi Cassius,

There is no Crusader that multiplies bonus Idols.

Runes aren't meant to be moved around between Crusaders, like players constantly adjust their Legendary gear, so we aren't planning on adding additional types of solvent.

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Originally posted by genner13

Hi Erika. Its my case and for what I've read I'm not alone. Currently the time that takes to make a deep run on the challenges is too much, so it's often more practical to do sprints to gain poins. Are you considering extending the Sprint further (talents, 11th objective)?

Hi genner13,

You mean the dungeon points, or do you mean the weekly challenges?

Yes, more sprint is on the update list.

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Originally posted by iain_sam

Is there a table somewhere that will tell me at what level dungeon coins are given? I can only achieve around 2400 levels where is the next coin? I can't decide if it is worth using buffs to get to level 2500 if the next reward is at 2750

There isn't anything in game about the next drop, but I believe the players have sussed it out.

I'll add it to the suggestion list to update the tooltip to say when the next drop is, and we'll see what happens.

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Originally posted by 308cowboy

Can we get crusaders sorted on the mission page by runes? They currently sort by tags first, then by EP low to high. Would it be possible to get them to sort first by who has a rune that gives a bonus to the mission type, then by tags, then by EP?

The revamp of the mission screen has come up a lot since the introduction of runes.

It's on our short list of updates to tackle.

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Originally posted by Shengis1

Just a simple QOL request, can rune effect be a bit clearer in the mission screen on the crusaders picture? My eyes aren't what they used to be :( And thanks for the chest :)

Yeah, it would be cool to have better indicators of the Runes on the Crusaders on the mission screen. We'll see how the mission screen revamp goes.

You're welcome for the chest code.

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Originally posted by DoctorNovakaine

Thanks for the Runic Chest code. Always good to get an extra one of those.

I know it's been mentioned a hundred million times at this point, but the missions interface needs an overhaul. Especially considering things like the previous event where there was an EP-gated objective, which meant people might want to favor Crusaders close to the limit and thus have to scroll through a potentially very long list to get to them. Particularly when it might involve Crusaders that aren't used regularly. At the very least, smaller character icons (e.g. the size of the ones in the crafting and runes pages) alone would be a big help - having more characters visible at once in the scroll list would reduce the amount of scrolling needed to search through, and you could potentially even fit two rows in.

I have another request: is there some way that the challenge for the week can be revealed some time before it actually opens, so we can try to avoid sending Crusaders we know we want on those challenges on missions? Or making missions cancellable, but the former might be easier. I've been burned before by having Crusaders go on long missions and then realizing there was a challenge coming, and of course that Crusader is one of the better ones to use for that challenge. Knowing in advance that it's going to be X challenge means I can set some Crusaders aside and send others on missions without worry.

You're welcome for the Runic chest.

Yup, the mission screen is on our radar.

We aren't planning on revealing the weekly challenge ahead of time, but I'll add another vote on the suggestion list for the mission cancelling feature.

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Originally posted by DragonFuhrer

Ever think of adding sprint talent to weekly challenge?

We aren't planning on adding sprint to the weekly challenge, but it has come up in the past to make it faster somehow. It's on our list to consider.

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Originally posted by Sylexy

Yay, love the rune chests, thank you!

You're welcome. :)

14 days ago - /u/CNE_Erika - Direct link

Originally posted by fixingcars

Good afternoon and than you for today's chest.

Just looking ahead to the end of the year. I have a bunch of Kreds here on Kong that I purchased and have used exclusively for making some in game purchases. Are there plans for a special type of sale before Flash dies and the game is no longer on Kong so that I could use up these Kreds? It is unlikely I will use them for anything else here on Kong.

Thank You.

Hi fixingcards,

You're welcome for the chest.

We'll be mirroring the upcoming Steam sales on the DLC on Kongregate if you don't own those yet, but that's about all sale-wise, other than the normal items you can purchase in the game.

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Originally posted by Cassius335

Sorry, brain-fart. Meant "boosts EP".

If a Crusader has their EP boost from missions rune equipped, they get an EP symbol in the bottom left of their portrait while looking at the list of Crusaders to send out on an EP mission.

It is a little subtle, so we might update it as part of the mission screen revamp.

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Originally posted by lflsban

I think we have some double reward problems here.

- Rune Chest: It was only one.

- Idol: Applies when get refresh.

So you completed those missions with the Double Success, but didn't get the rewards properly?

Could you put in a support ticket please?

12 days ago - /u/CNE_Erika - Direct link

Originally posted by kibrule

Thanks for the chest :) Rune chests are the BEST ! 😬

You're welcome for the chest. :D

12 days ago - /u/CNE_Erika - Direct link

Originally posted by Bizzy68

Hi Erika, hope you, your loved ones, and the team are doing well. I was curious if there were any plans to add any type of talent that increases something based on number of skins owned like the taskmaster talent?

Thanks for the rune chest!

Hi Bizzy68,

We're doing well, thank you for asking! I hope you and yours are thriving too.

There wasn't any plans, but hearing the suggestion I'm open to maybe doing something to reward skin collecting.

You're welcome for the chest. :)

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Originally posted by Dartarus

I'm excited for the stand-alone client! I've really been wanting to leave the game running in the background on another machine, but since I play through Steam that locks me out from playing anything else on my main computer. :P

I know we've discussed it before, but I would really appreciate if one of the updates post-new client was SOME sort of search or sorting method for missions. The last T6 objective from Emo is the perfect example - it took me about 15 minutes to find all my projectile crusaders and star them, so I can get them over 1,000 EP to help with that objective. Even just a name search would have saved me over 10 minutes.

Well, launcher day is here!

Yeah, the mission screen revamp is high on the list of improvements we want to dig into. I'll keep the search box feature in mind.

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Originally posted by gragatrim

Thanks for the runic chests, going to post my question(s) again from last week, hope you had some time to think about them

What direction would you like to see the dungeon meta move towards over the next few events? The current meta relies around pre-miming and stacking abilities for a brief spike in DPS that is then captured by kris and stored by RR. It seems you aren't a huge fan of that kind of play style(please correct me if I'm mistaken). Would you like to see people using just normal static DPS formations to push deep in dungeons? Would you not mind the meta as much if you knew everyone that played tha game used it? Do you think it gives an unfair advantage, and by extension, much harder time for you, trying to plan the dungeon levels knowing that some players are getting e500+ more DPS than others with the exact same crusaders because they are using all of the things discovered by the discord community? When you are designing new crusaders, what play style do you have in mind when creating them?

You're welcome for the chests. :)

Dungeon meta: It's probably going to be something that takes a few seasons to evolve.

The Kris/Roborabbit interaction is fine. I would like to see Mindy only mimic Crusaders she's adjacent to, and stop the copies of the timed abilities when the Crusaders are moved away from her.

The uncapped nature of the Dungeons is making me appreciate having players run to the cap previously, but we'll adapt as we get more seasons under our belt.

The new Crusaders aren't really designed for a play style, more just for trying to innovate on the mechanics or introduce new mechanics and possibly come with a bit of power creep.

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Originally posted by AllShallBeWell

From your ideal design perspective, how long do you think Dungeon runs should be?

I'm perplexed at the Dungeon reward structure which practically demands that you use shenanigans that let you use a speed formation all the way to the end in order to complete the necessary number of runs/week, given your stated dislike for exactly that kind of playstyle.

Is your ideal player doing 6 ~24-hour-long runs each week in Dungeons? If so, do you think the rewards that player would receive for dedicating all that time to those runs is your benchmark for what players should consider a reasonable reward?

The ideal Dungeon run is just as far as player can push with their DPS.

This season, it's a choice between Idols and points, and we'll see how that plays out.

12 days ago - /u/CNE_Erika - Direct link

Originally posted by AllShallBeWell

Suggestion for 5th Runes: Have them give an always-on bonus of some sort (thematically appropriate for that crusader), whether or not the crusader is in the formation.

This avoids you wasting your time coming up with bonuses for 100+ crusaders that, realistically speaking, are hardly ever going to be used, and forces more player choices as to deep vs. shallow rune investment.

We'll keep the idea in mind and see what happens.