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Hi Kruton!

The main reason we don't have that (at least for non-private lobbies) is to create replayability in the default game mode, and to create a rubberbanding mechanic to help losing players potentially catch up by picking spells they are more familiar with.

Are you asking for a mode that lets you just straight up pick exactly which spells you want before starting your first round? If the issue is that you don't want to spend a bunch of time drafting spells, increasing the total number of rounds will decrease the percentage of time you spend drafting vs actually fighting.

Also, the 1v1 mode could potentially work for more than 2 players in the future, I just figured there would be too many redundant spell loadouts for it to be fun with more than 2 players.

I have a fun idea for a "booster draft" mode where every player picks from the same "booster" at the same time. E.g. each booster would be randomized and contain 1 primary spell, 1 movement spell, 1 melee spell, etc. Once you pick a movement spell, for example, you can't take a movement spell from any of the remaining boosters. After the 7th booster, every player would have a full arsenal of spells. This mode would be fun because it would allow for actual draft counterpicking (opponent picks their ult, you pick a defensive later that counters their ult, etc). I'm thinking, again, that this mode would be best suited for a 1v1-type mode, but I could see it working for a full party as well.

Regarding the "last man standing" bonus, that could potentially be a more advanced setting, but the reason we don't have it by default is that it incentivizes passive play, but I'm sure you probably understood that already.

Anyway, thanks for playing and thanks for the suggestions!

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Yeah man I totally get where you're coming from and appreciate the feedback very much <3

I'll see what we can do!