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Thank you for the message :)
I will look into this and report back!
It will likely be a new option in the rebind settings for each wasd key.


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Originally posted by OGC GroZdarKiPiK: Hi sorry I'm a bit late on the topic. I just started playing this game today as an old warlock and spellsworn player. I love what I tested, I have one major problem which is that since I'm lefthanded (and that my keyboard is naturally not in QWERTY but i can fix that, can't fix my left hand :'() well it's rly hard and odd to move and I hardly believe i'm the only one in that case :D . Is there by any way a chance that we'll see the release of a patchnote containing customized movements ?
Sorry for the english, it's not my mothertongue ! Have a nice day
Hi! I'm not sure I fully understand what you are asking -- are you saying you'd like to rebind the WASD movement keys individually?


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Hey Dieman! The FFA late-game join bonus is getting changed in the next patch to average kills instead of double points for X rounds they missed out on. Definitely agree that the double kills can feel bad and we also can't have people mid-game join with 0 points, so we think starting with the average kill count would be a good way to go moving forward.

01 Feb

31 Jan

  • New Element: Metal!
  • New options for online party only and couch
    • Restrict Elements: choose a number of elements to leave out (e.g. Restrict 1: no Metal, Restrict 2: no Metal or Steam)
    • Include Element: you can now select an element that will always be 1 of the 4 for draft modes
  • Spitfire Updates
    • Can now be moved around with knockback (most of the caster's spells will not push it, same as with other units)
    • Wind-down time increased from 1.5s to 2s, Wind-up time remains 1s
    • Now shows the color of the owning player
  • Resized and repositioned spell descriptions so they don't get covered by UI
  • Fixed an online bug with Capacitor that allowed it to be set off after the 5 seconds expired
  • ...
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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].
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Hi DarKnife!

Thank you for the kind words :)

I agree that a 2v2 mode would be a great balance of teamwork and strategy. We actually had a 2v2 circuit last season through Indy Gaming League (playing matches once per week) and a lot of people really enjoyed it, including myself and my brother (the 2 members of Bowlcut Studios). If we get enough people signed up next season maybe we can bring the 2v2 circuit back (this season of IGL is just 1v1 and 3v3).

But anyway, to address your request -- at the moment, we need to focus on growing the game with the current number of queues (FFA, 1v1, 3v3, Chaos). If the game grows enough, an official 2v2 queue will become a very real possibility :)

In the meantime, we have an active discord of very friendly players; I'm sure you would be able to find some players in there willing to play custom 2v2s with you!

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