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04 Jul

Hi Binbo-gaijin, would you be able to attach a screenshot of the skill selection column? I'm not sure I understand what you mean by that. As for the disconnect issue, we didn't change anything in the last patch that would have affected our networking. However, Photon (the library we're using) does tend of have some "off days" where certain players experience consistently bad connections. That said, I am currently looking into implementing a reconnect feature to recover gracefully from these disconnects to minimize their impact.


03 Jul

24 Jun

Ranked 1v1s Queue is open from 9-11pm EST every night! Must be level 10 or higher.

Steam Spells! The 8th element is here! And, no, it's not Oxygen. Head over to the Practice Range to cook up some steamy combos.

IGL Summer Circuit Only a few more days to sign up for the IGL Summer Circuit!
Register alone for the 1v1 series or bring some friends for 3v3s.[]
Here's a look at what you can win this time around:

: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

23 Jun

14 Jun

10 Jun

08 Jun


I know that on steam link all controllers will stop working if you disable XInput, however, this shouldn't affect your game when you aren't using steam link. That said, I actually noticed the same issue you described happening to me too in the currently available build of the game, but also thought it might be a one-off. The version I'm running with locally (a version that will be released this week) does NOT have this issue since it has a newer version of the controller library we use, so hopefully this will be resolved for you as well!


31 May

It's (Almost) Time to Duel

Ranked 1v1 Mirror will be dropping on June 14 at 9pm EST

3 Days: 3 Tournaments

Sign up for any, all, or none of them in-game or in our Discord with command +signup
This time around, Xbox players can sign up as well (DM me in Discord for a special Xbox signup link)

Golden Item #4

Sorry Pk and Ron, but it looks like your sets are no longer complete. You will need to win the all new 1v1 tournament format to reestablish your dominance.

Some Steamy New Content

New cosmetics? A new stage? A new element? Stay tuned.

29 May

I'd certainly be willing to put it to a vote with the community to see what people think in general. The upside of not doing the 2-round snake draft is that it simplifies the first round which is important for new players. It could potentially be added as an "unlock" sort of like the elements are unlocked the first few times you play online.

26 May


Definitely agree that it feels very bad to be last pick for primary just due to RNG.
To counter this, we added a competitive preset (which you can use in party only games and will be the preset for ranked 3s and tournaments). This preset uses what is called "2-round snake" for the spell selection mode, which means that after everyone picks their primary spell, it reverses the pick order and you then draft your movement spell. Since one of MageQuit's strong points is replayability through draft scarcity, we felt this was a better solution than just letting people pick whatever they wanted for the first round. For quick play games we left the formula alone since it's meant to be more of a "for fun" mode.

Hope that helps!


09 May

20 Apr

19 Apr

18 Apr

  • New Stage -- Airship!
  • New seasonal cosmetic!
  • New seasonal main menu background
  • Literal easter eggs added to stages for your enjoyment
  • New custom game settings (for party only and couch)
    • New spell selection option: 2 round snake draft (first 2 spells are drafted before the first round with snaked draft order)
    • New spell selection option: Random 7 mirror (requires even teams; the same 7 spells are randomly assigned to each opposing pair of players)
    • New spell selection option: Random (same as classic draft, but spells are assigned randomly)
    • Mercy rule: Game ends early if the losing team can't possibly catch up
    • New stage selection option: Random or choose a specific stage to play over and over
    • New number of rounds option: Choose any number of rounds between 3 and 20
    • ...
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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

13 Apr

Hi Bipolar Bob,

I'm sorry to hear that the game is giving you issues. Are you referring to being stuck in the tutorial, practice range, couch mode or online? The magequit database shows that you've successfully completed an online game, winning with 15 kills, so maybe you figured it out?


06 Apr

05 Apr

Hey YelloFattyBean!

Currently we don't have full squad support yet -- it's something that will be added eventually and custom colors will be an unlockable part of that. That said, we started doing custom colors as part of a streamer program we were running for a while (I believe the team you played was Shaun's team; he was one of our first community rivals streamers). More recently though, people have been PayPal'ing me to manually give them these custom colors until we have official squad support. If that's something that interests you, feel free to send me a friend request and we can talk more -- if not, official squad support will arrive eventually (no ETA on that yet though).

Thanks for playing!

04 Apr

  • Fixed bug where player ids and teams were being modified over the matchmaker mid-game, causing the following round not to initialize properly for all players (a.k.a. black bars bug -- doesn't look like someone left, just that one wizard was never created)
  • Fixed bug where someone quitting would cause game to not work for everyone but one person the following round, then another person disconnects
  • If host leaves during draft, draft no longer hangs
  • If host disconnects while loading, new host no longer kicks other players
  • If host drops on start-up, new host no longer tries to sync using round -1 instead of 0
  • Fixed bug where the final wizard or team would be invulnerable and the game wouldn't progress if last person to leave before score screen dies from leaving
  • Game now ensures match-updated message from the matchmaker fires on each client before server up...
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: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].