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Latest Patch Notesv2.2.37 MacOS Support Patch Notes (12 days ago)

27 Mar

26 Mar

Too many players in ffa

6 days ago - brettpennings on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Hi Ullebadulle,

Thank you for the post! Glad to hear you love the game, and sorry to hear that it's been a bit too chaotic for you recently -- it sounds like what you are referring to is the mid-game join system that will retroactively add players after a match starts to lower queuing times.

One idea we've been throwing around is scaling stages based on how many players are in the match, and focus on making the stages shrink as players die off. That would have a similar effect to "nerfing all push/pull stuff" without changing the spell metas. Does that seem like it would alleviate what you're experiencing?


24 Mar

23 Mar

20 Mar

  • MageQuit is now available on MacOS!
    • Unfortunately, this may not work with some versions of Catalina because MageQuit is not notarized (requires a Mac and Apple Developer account :steamfacepalm:)
  • Tutorial now allows switching between controllers / mouse and keyboard
  • New 3s tournament functionality
    • Update web bracket view for teams
    • Discord bot (Sadbot) now creates a voice channel for each team in the MageQuit discord
    • Tournament system allows queuing as a party of 3 for teams tournaments
  • Added new costmetics:
    • Indy Gaming League Sunglasses cosmetic
    • Tournament Crown II (for online 3s tournament)
  • Fi...
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v2.2.37 MacOS Support Patch Notes

13 days ago - /u/ on Steam - Thread - Direct
: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

18 Mar

15 Mar

12 Mar

Infinite load bug?

20 days ago - brettpennings on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
That's the electric melee that charges up when you walk around. Literally the only spell that requires logic outside of the spell cast itself. That piece runs when the round starts and it was broken which is why it was a round 3 thing, and only if static was drafted. All fixed now though!

11 Mar

Infinite load bug?

21 days ago - brettpennings on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Alright got a new patch out -- fix is confirmed. It was an issue with the Static melee. All good now. Thanks for letting me know!

Infinite load bug?

21 days ago - brettpennings on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
I've rolled back the patch for now -- if you restart steam, you should be back on the old version without this issue

Infinite load bug?

21 days ago - brettpennings on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
When you say recently -- do you mean it started in the last 12 hours? I just put out a patch last night

01 Mar

24 Feb

3v3 team color

about 1 month ago - brettpennings on Steam Forums - Thread - Direct
Glad you're enjoying it! And I've heard this same thing from a few others as well. Seems too specific to be a coincidence but I'm not sure what would cause it lol. Hope you don't mind being red 😜

21 Feb

Awesome! Thanks again for letting me know and best of luck in the spring circuit :D

20 Feb

Okay, all fixed! You may need to restart Steam to ensure you have the latest version. Please let me know if that works for you!

What was wrong is the Tutorial was hardcoded to just using whatever controller was assigned to the first player. The issue is that occasionally the controller you want to use is not tied to the first player. Now MageQuit automatically detects the active controller based on input and will even switch off mouse and keyboard controls to controller if you clicked tutorial instead of using A. Basically, it's bulletproof now!

Thanks for letting me know of your issue :)
Also, not gonna lie, I'm having some serious controller-envy right now haha.

Okay, I definitely know what's wrong -- I will fix and patch it tonight!
Hi @Keegabyte! Is this just for the tutorial that it doesn't work? I think I may know what's wrong.
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