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28 Mar

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Hi! There's not currently a way in-game to do this, but I've noticed that the bloom seems especially strong when upscaling to very high resolutions (4K, etc). Not sure if that's what you're experiencing, but something we've had to do for conventions is set the system resolution to 1080p because our convention TVs are 4K.

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27 Feb

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It's not explicitly programmed to go after human players specifically, no. But in a team setting, the bots do sometimes target the same players in the same order each round. I'm honestly not sure why this is -- it's not intentional, but many players have observed it. It's something I can look into though!
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Hey! There's not like a cheat code or anything, but the easiest way to do it quickly would be to play 3-round custom team games with mercy rule on and do "mirror 7" for the draft mode (teams will need to be even to do this mode, so you may need to add a bot if you have an odd number). It'll assign all 7 spells randomly and the match could be over in 2 rounds, unlocking an element. And then repeat until all are unlocked.

Hope that helps!

25 Feb

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Hello rot! No, we do not have micro transactions in MageQuit. The wardrobe outfits are unlocked using gems that are earned from playing matches online. Hope that helps!

24 Feb

Ice spells are here! Featuring some voice acting by my dog, Marty.

Ice is the first element that is explicitly better the more spells you have in the same element. Each ice spell can create an ice crystal and changes the state of all your existing crystals, making it the most combo-able element yet.

Blast Fishing

Brittle End

Marty Party

You Were The Chos... Read more
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A lil somethin somethin: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page here.

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