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Hey! I'm sorry to hear you're having a less-than-optimal experience with the skill-based matchmaking. I took a look at your match history, and it looks like you won your first 4 games, and placed 3rd in your most recent game, in which the top-scoring player was a middle-of-the-road bot (OIandese). I can acknowledge that some of the higher level bots can be aggravating to play against, but that particular bot has 40% accuracy and shouldn't be landing every shot unless there's a bug I'm not aware of. Regardless, the skill-based matchmaker tracks how you perform, and adjusts the difficulty of who you play against, both bots and players alike. It might be important to note that your first 5 games put an artificial handicap on your MMR that is slowly lifted, so the result may be that your MMR is a bit inflated because you've only won your matches so far. As you play more, it should equalize and become more enjoyable. The goal of any matchmaker is to produce a 50% winrate to keep players' MMR from running away in either direction, however, if you just want to play winning matches, I would recommend setting up a party only match with your friend and explicitly setting the bot difficulty, as that does not affect your MMR.

Hope that helps!
8 months ago - brettpennings - Direct link
Yeah, absolutely! I definitely understand your frustration. I don't have access to replays (I wish I had time to build a system like that though!), so I'll take your word for how it went. I hope the MMR balances out for you, and your matches are close and fun :)

It's also important to note that MMR only adjusts when you complete a match. We've had issues in the past with people quitting out of losing matches and their MMR would only stay the same or go up on wins, creating a horrible feedback loop of harder and harder matches that they would leave. It doesn't look like you did that at all, so you should be good though!

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