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@Nectaria Coutayar#92103:


If talking like that got you banned, half the people on this forum would be banned.
I'm not kidding. I got banned for basically calling wizards a bunch of morons. That was it

^^ That's not critical anymore but swearing.
I dont know where you're from, but the word Moron is not swearing by any means. Real swearing is bleeped out on these forums anyway

Whether you think it is swearing or not, it isn't allowed. Insulting someone, even staff, is breaking the Code of Conduct. If you'd like to refresh yourself on the rules you can find the Code of Conduct link at the bottom of the page. :slight_smile:

Folks are allowed to be upset, rant, or call for whatever demands... But if you include insults in your posts it gets removed. Please treat others with basic decency, even on the internet!