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If you're having issues in-game, please post here with your issue instead of making a separate post! Lets get everything in one place, instead of multiple threads. If you're having a problem that someone else posted, give it a "like". No need to post again. Please don't post "same" since it doesn't help and really clutters the thread. If you can, please submit your issue with logs on our bug forum!

Current known issues:

Black screen- We have identified the cause of this issue, and we’re working towards releasing a hotfix as soon as possible. While there is no ETA at this time, we will update you with maintenance information as soon it’s available.

Social features- We are investigating reports of players not receiving in-game chat messages or notifications. As part of our on-going investigation, we are disabling in-game social features at this time. Direct Challenges are unaffected, however friends will not receive in-game notifications.

Did a pack or wildcard disappear? Please contact our support team and let them know! They'll be able to look into your account and see what happened.

On a Mac? Here are the known issues.

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If you can, please submit your issue with logs on our bug forum!
Now that's where we have another problem. Few days ago I had problem with endless "checking for updates" bug and tried to submit bug report. Guess what? Couldn't do that. Every time I tried clicked on Submit button it would just hang up there almost same way as the game was hanging on checking for updates screen.

That might be because the files you were submitting were too large. We very recently increased the file size limit, so that should prevent this from happening going forward.

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Hey [[58194,users]] do you have any news on when the next update is coming and if they are going to be addressing the people who are unable to play since Core 2021 dropped 5 days ago?

Unfortunately no new news yet. Sorry. :disappointed:

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