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I’m inclined to agree with you. One bug that is affecting some shouldn’t stop them from fixing bugs that are affecting others. It’s just so incredibly frustrating to see the developers lack of any response towards this issue. Even just a timeline for potential fixing or even just letting us know they are looking into it would be so much better than simply ignoring it. For the longest time they simply denied it was a problem until a post on the forum got over 1000 votes. Countless customer support inquires have led to nothing. My wife is just getting into to magic and this is a huge bummer for her not getting those new standard decks.

We are looking into it.

However, you will basically never hear about timelines or progress updates on specific bugs until they are fixed, because until they are actually fixed (and sometimes even after), it's always possible that the problem is much bigger or deeper than you think. It doesn't mean it's been forgotten - it means that, when we speak on it, we want to actually have something to say.

Is your wife's account new? If that account was created after the August 24 update and is experiencing this issue, I would like more details. So far, all of our indications show that only a few specific accounts from before that time are affected.

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