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I was playing [[Chevill, Bane of Monsters]] in Brawl. The situation was a little convoluted, but here's how it played out:

Opponent took control of my Chevill. On their their next turn, they put a bounty counter on my [[Questing Beast]].

I destroyed Chevill and cast it from the command zone.

Opponent then took control of my Questing Beast. I destroyed the Questing Beast, which still had a bounty counter on it, but Chevill did not trigger.

Chevill was under my control. It had all its abilities, also no [[Hushbringer]] or other things that could interact were on the board. Opponent was playing [[Ashiok, Nightmare Muse]].

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Thanks, we'll look into this. #wotc_staff

EDIT: We are having trouble reproducing this though. Please, if you see it again or have a reproduction, reach out to me with steps or a screenshot!