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Originally posted by ejdebruin

I'm curious how they'll handle the card text in MTGA.

Not every player will know what Vorinclex actually does.

It's Phyrexian in your hand and on the battlefield, but in English (or local language) when hovered or on the stack. Basically, when you're trying to read the card it's in your normal language, when you're just looking at it it's in Phyrexian.

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Originally posted by icetiberon

Im sad about this too. Whats worst is they’re going to axe bof3 during the next event blaming lack of participation in this one. 🤔

Won't happen. Past Opens have us convinced there's an audience for Bo3 on day 1. If it doesn't show up this time we'd look to tweak other things, not stop offering Bo3.

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Originally posted by Mrfish31

Does this mean you effectively only see the name text in phyrexian, and when you hover over it you don't get to see the rules text in phyrexian?

Currently you would only see Phyrexian rules text in the collection/deckbuilder when the card is not hovered. In a future update we plan to make it so checking "original printing" in the inspect (right-click) view will show it in Phyrexian.