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3s foreign
9s was a violent boxer-term criminal when
12s he landed in jail after being convicted
14s of assault
17s while serving his prison sentence Creole
19s was selected by Loki the Asgardian god
22s of Mischief as his unwitting pong in a
25s plot against Thor
29s Loki secretly spiked creel's drinking
32s water with a potion composed of rare as
34s guardian herbs
38s this Elixir gave Creole the power to
40s absorb and duplicate the physical
42s properties of anything he touched
45s including superpowers and objects like
47s Captain America's vibranium Shield
52s Now using the pseudonym of absorbing man
55s and utilizing his Newfound Powers creel
58s escaped from prison but lost to Thor in
60s battle
61s [Music]
65s despite his loss Cree was subsequently
68s recruited to join the masters of evil
70s where he met Titania whom he eventually
72s married
73s [Music]
75s he's clashed time and again with Thor
78s The Incredible Hulk
80s The Avengers
82s and Spider-Man
86s and that's how this low-level criminal
88s became an Omega Level member of the
90s Masters of evil
91s [Music]
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