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Today there was an issue with an offer related to Scopely Account, which unintentionally went live early. This offer was created with the intention for all players to be able to claim it upon creating and connecting their game account to Scopely Account. The offer was not intended to go live until the release of version 6.5 in the coming weeks.As some players were able to claim the offer today, and we don’t want to make all other players wait until version 6.5, we are working quickly to move up the release of the offer as soon as possible. The contents of the offer will remain unchanged, and players that were able to claim it the first time will not be able to claim it again.

Some players may still see the offer but will not be able to claim it - those players will be able to claim the offer later when it returns. To visibly have the offer removed from your store now, please submit a support ticket and we will expedite the process.

We appreciate that players reported the issue so we could address it quickly.

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