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1s can't miss out on this masters of evil
4s villain in Marvel Strike Force
8s absorbing man is a protector for the
10s villainous masters of evil and possesses
12s the additional traits of global and
14s Mystic
15s he's fortified with high armor and
17s resistance stats that help him do what
19s else absorb enemy attacks along with
22s clearing effects
29s he gains taunt on spawn in all game
31s modes making him a powerful asset for
34s any team
36s and bolsters himself by copying and
38s clearing a positive effect from his
39s attacker
40s [Music]
43s absorbing man also helps his partner in
45s crime titanium
47s when their allies by granting her
49s counter in Cosmic Crucible
51s make sure absorbing man soaks up the
54s benefits of ISO 8. the Raider class is
56s great for any masters of evil character
59s when paired with paying the Conqueror
61s and his crit heavy kit
65s fortifier also works well to support his
67s on-spawn taunt
69s [Music]
70s every great team of villains needs
72s someone to take the hardest hits it
74s would be a crime to miss out on the
76s opportunity to add absorbing man to your
78s masters of evil roster in Marvel Strike
81s Force
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