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0s [Music]
2s slip on your shades and gaze upon the
4s unlimited x-men star bursting onto the
7s scene sun fire
10s [Music]
16s yoshida was born with a mutant power
19s that enables him to absorb solar
21s radiation and convert it to plasma
24s through this process he can sheave his
26s body in flame
28s fly
30s shoot blasts of plasma and create a
32s shield made of plasma
35s after his mutant powers emerged shiro
38s assumed the identity of sunfire and
40s originally pursued villainous endeavors
44s he clashed with some of earth's most
45s powerful heroes but altered his views
48s after seeing the good that the x-men
50s avengers and other superheroes did for
52s the world
54s as a hero sunfire became japan's
56s greatest superhero warrior
59s over the years sunfire has fought many
61s times alongside the x-men and fellow
64s mutants but he's also teamed up with the
66s avengers and spider-woman in his pursuit
69s to defend japan and the world from
71s threats sunfire slots into the unlimited
74s x-men as a damage dealing blaster and
77s his more recent time as an ally to the
79s x-men led him to receiving the
81s additional traits of hero and global
84s instead of gaining his power from the
86s sun sunfire heats up in battle with
89s offense up which his kit revolves around
93s he gains offense up on spawn in cosmic
96s crucible gains it after each one of his
99s turns and applies it to his allies
103s sunfire's kit also allows him to use his
106s powerful ultimate ability twice in quick
109s succession by using his special ability
112s on turn 2 which also gives him 100
115s speed bar
118s if you really want to pour gasoline on
121s sunfire's flames make sure you equip him
123s with iso 8.
125s we recommend the striker class for
127s sunfire as the added damage can help
130s turn sunfire's attacks into a solar
132s storm that'll turn out the lights on
134s your enemies
136s sunfire a solar soldier who burns enemy
139s teams with red hot attacks recruit him
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157s character you want to see in marvel
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