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1s countless villains have called
2s Spider-Man prey but none of them quite
5s like Craven the
7s hunter more than just a talented hunter
10s or skilled fighter Craven possesses
13s strength and Agility that Rivals even
16s Captain America and unfortunately for
18s our friendly neighborhood Webhead Craven
20s has long been obsessed with Spider-Man
22s who he sees as the most dangerous
27s game Craven is a villain with the city
30s skill brawler and spiderverse tags he's
34s also a member of both the superior and
37s Sinister Six he's a high focused damage
40s dealer that flips enemy Buffs and
43s becomes more dangerous as he accumulates
46s stacks of charged all of his attacks
48s apply offense down to the enemies he
51s hits which Craven uses to prevent them
53s from Gaining Death Proof his special is
57s a chain attack that flips two random
60s positive POS effects on each enemy he
62s hits along with Immunity on the primary
64s target his ultimate strikes the entire
67s enemy team flipping all instances of
70s Death Proof and stealth opponents with
72s offense down will also be debuffed with
75s slow and bleed now both this special and
79s ultimate will clear Craven's charge
81s Stacks but whenever an opponent takes a
83s turn Craven flips his team slow and heal
87s block debuffs and gains a stack of
90s charge chared and whenever Craven gains
92s his first stack of charged he flips
95s enemy stealth to disrupt it there's no
97s hiding from Craven the
100s [Music]
102s hunter for ISO 8 Raider is usually the
105s best choice since Craven can confirm
107s Critical Hits on multiple opponents with
110s his attacks it's worth noting that
112s Craven is the First new member of the
114s superior 6 to join Marvel Strike Force a
118s collection from Spider-Man's Ro gallery
121s that includes lizard Spider Slayer the
124s allnew Legendary Green Goblin and an
127s updated and improved Doc O in addition
130s he's also a member of the more seasoned
133s Sinister 6 we expect players to discover
136s some interesting team comps that take
138s advantage of the power they've already
140s developed with the boys so are you ready
142s to expand your roster of sinister super
145s villains to include the superior 6 maybe
148s you've got a craven for one of your
150s favorite Marvel characters to join
152s Marvel strike for us let us know in the
156s [Music]
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