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3s [Music]
5s greetings Marvel Strike Force Community
8s I am cerebro and I welcome you to your
11s community update show we've got a number
13s of character updates coming your way
15s very soon some of these hot off the
17s press so let's get right into the
18s interview please welcome back to the
20s show one of my favorite guests Mr Matt
23s sheets how are you doing good sir hey
25s cerebral I'm doing pretty well always
27s glad to be back well I want to thank you
29s for making time on such short notice uh
32s because we've got some updates coming
34s for the new Avengers team that we just
37s recently announced right yeah I'm really
40s excited uh we've been listening to a lot
42s of the player feedback uh for the team
44s um looking at Discord and Reddit and
46s Facebook and so one thing we always see
49s when we release a more defense team is
51s people want the player you can see to be
53s able to play it where they in offense or
55s defense and so we looked at this team
58s and decided to update it and make it so
60s it's generic War so players can choose
62s if they want to put this very powerful
64s team on defense or if they want to keep
66s it for offense well that's really cool
68s to hear I know that's a lot of work for
70s the team but I know the players really
73s appreciate that I'm speaking of which we
75s actually announced the fifth member and
78s final member for the team last week
80s could you fill us in for those that
82s maybe aren't aware yet sure thing uh
85s last Friday we announced Tigra the
87s werewoman as the fifth member of the new
89s vendors team and so the full team is
91s going to be Bing Coulson Mockingbird
95s Ronan and out tiger and you'll be able
97s to check her full kit
98s um that's up now on Marvel
100s as we have not had the
102s chance yet to talk about the new
104s Avengers team here on strike time could
106s you please give us a rundown of the
109s characters with some highlights and how
111s they synergize with each other I'd be
113s happy to uh let's start with Ronin
116s um as he's going to be the first
117s character for the team our version of
118s Ronan is Glenn Barton from The Lonesome
121s Universe Ron's ultimate's very powerful
123s it hits a total of five times and
126s applies blind and bleed and in a war
128s it's gonna apply trauma but the kit that
131s really synergizes the team is his
132s passive he gains bonus speed and new
135s Avenger allies also getting bonus speed
137s and War speed is one of our most
139s powerful stats and so this makes this
141s team a very very fast team next is
143s Mockingbird she's the support for the
145s team and so we're special and her
147s ultimate give healing to the team and
150s some other and a little bit to other
151s allies but she also has the shield train
154s and her abilities can summon the shield
157s Medic or a shield assault trooper and
159s the movie how did Tiger Tiger is a very
162s fun and Powerful protector
164s um she's something that we haven't
165s really done in Strike Force yet which is
168s what's called like a Dodge tank when
170s you're looking at other type of games
171s not only does she gain taunts but she
173s also gained a lot of evades and so
175s players are it's going to be a little
177s bit challenging when you're fighting her
178s because you have to eat through all
180s those evades to be able to actually try
182s to do cause damage being a goal Center
184s both receives a million reworks her
186s thing he gained on his passive whenever
188s someone attacks this character a new
191s Avenger or a Fantastic Four Ally if he
193s does not have a building block he'll
194s attack them back so he's starting to do
197s a lot of damage in war this also cleared
200s charge of the end he's a battle
201s protector thing is going to start
203s bringing the pain
204s and then Coulson a lot of his rework and
207s then for the reworks at Coulson I'm
209s excited especially with him becoming a
211s generic War character he's always had
213s his power tied to board defense so this
215s update for Colson is going to allow
216s players to finally see his whole kit
218s when they're playing against him he
220s still does what he does best back when
221s he was released or evoke it helps you
224s focus fire and he plays taunt on someone
226s and then all of your allies are attacked
229s then and so I'm really excited for
231s people to actually play with Polson and
232s then play with the full new Avenger team
234s and then finally uh for a thing and
236s Colson they did have their base stats
238s buffed up to our more modern values so
242s they're gonna be much more powerful and
243s really cement themselves on this team so
245s obviously they're going to be a very
247s formidable war team but not all of our
250s players are at the highest level of play
252s in fact some players may have just
254s unlocked War fairly recently could you
257s let them know what some of the most
259s popular teams currently are in war and
263s how the new Avengers will fit in into
265s that meta yeah so looking at our data
268s you know Weapon X is still a very
270s powerful team we have War Dogs which is
272s a very powerful wakanda team from
274s nowhere that just came out and then you
276s also have gamma and so this team is very
279s very powerful they shut down almost
281s every other team in war or Apex war team
284s nowhere can still beat this team
287s um so so nowhere still holding up his
290s mantle of Apex war and then Super scroll
292s and a couple other and then we we've
294s seen some super scroll and some hybrid
297s Apocalypse Team being able to this team
300s and of course when you're talking about
301s all of those like teams being matched
303s we're talking about them being fairly
305s even in terms of of power level right
307s not we're not talking about like
309s punch-ups or punch Downs here right
310s right we're talking about when you are
313s fighting the same investment of gear
315s cheer and yellow stars and red stars got
318s it now I always have to throw out there
319s at the beginning that isowate is
321s subjective use whatever you want but
324s Mr sheets do you have some personal
326s recommendations for isowate for each
328s character yeah
330s um in testing when we were play testing
332s the team we definitely fell for like
333s Ronin Striker was very very powerful
336s with him our second choice of him was
338s all was Raider for Mockingbird
341s um for healing we put healer on her but
343s also you could put striker on her if you
345s need a little bit more damage a tiger
347s applying those bleeds
350s um can be vital so skirmisher and
352s getting and then that helps to put a
353s bunch of vulnerables out for a thing
355s because his his ultimate still hits very
357s heavy uh Raider was one of our favorite
360s um getting that extra good chance and
362s then for Coulson uh skirmisher was our
366s preferred ISO for him so switching
368s tracks a little bit here
370s I actually heard that we're possibly
372s working on a rework for black order and
374s I'm not just like playing koi here like
377s I I heard this recently and I don't
378s really know too many of the details uh
380s what what's going on with black order so
382s yeah when we updated War uh when nowhere
384s came out one of the temporary rules was
387s a really big boost that's exclusively to
389s Black order and so we had a lot of our
392s players invest heavily in that team
393s group and so there's also temporary and
396s they eventually ended
397s um and so we didn't want players
399s regretting the decision to invest in as
403s heavily as they did what order and black
404s order is also one of the more popular
406s teams
407s um everyone loves Thanos seeing that
409s staff go off feels great and so we
412s decided to go ahead and do a rework for
414s black order so the update for them is
416s going to make them pretty powerful war
417s team and one of the things that I'm
420s really excited about is the deer
422s crafting element we're not we're going
423s to allow you to uh Empower Thanos
425s without needing all of the black order
427s allies you can just bring one of them
429s and Thanos will Empower
431s um and then also diving a bit in their
433s kits and giving some status for them so
436s I'm really excited we should have some
437s more information in the next couple of
439s weeks okay so I know you said details
440s are forthcoming but I got to ask about
442s that one empowerment thing there so
446s Thanos won't get all of the stones
449s if he has just one black order Ally but
453s he will still become empowered anyway he
455s just won't get the benefits of all the
456s stones yeah so each black order Ally
459s gives Thanos specific stones or multiple
462s stones in case of ebony mom as long as
464s he has one or more stones on his turn he
466s will Empower but there's gonna be a lot
469s of theory crafting for our players to be
470s able they can choose now like who they
472s want to bring in they want to sub in
474s other characters so I'm really excited
476s for this change all right Matt well I'm
478s excited uh we've got a number of amazing
481s things coming when can we get all of
484s this in the player's hands yeah so it's
486s coming very soon it's going to be part
488s of our 7-4 release
490s um it'll be available Post Release
492s um but we're still aiming early in the
495s release so hopefully into September or
497s the October all right Matt well thank
499s you again so much for taking time out of
503s your busy schedule doing doing all these
504s reworks for all these teams and
506s everything for our players again I know
507s they appreciate it so thank you for your
509s time yeah thanks for having me
511s um as always I'm excited to see what the
513s players do with these various teams
516s um and yeah always a pleasure in common
519s what's up commanders Community manager
521s Archangel here bringing you this
523s episode's Community Spotlight in our
526s last episode we talked about our new
527s segment epic replays well let's have our
530s first segment of Epic replays first up
533s we have dogbert who shows us how to
536s defeat a big apocalypse with a baby
538s Apocalypse in the arena
551s foreign
574s next up we have feed Zeke who gear tier
577s 18 his selfie and also going to be very
580s helpful in dark dimension 6. up next you
582s want to give a big congratulations to
584s Ian Thornley he's one of the mods on the
586s official Discord and he geared here 18
588s his big boy apocalypse congratulations
592s bro just want to give a quick reminder
594s commanders in the Epic replay Channel
596s please put your videos in there any
598s screenshots you want to put up put those
600s in the Brack section speaking of the
603s brag section first up we have fear who
606s geared here 18 his Scarlet Spider out
609s about y'all but in the last spider-verse
610s movie I thought his character was
612s hilarious congratulations and we hope
614s you get good use out of him in dd6 next
617s we want to give a special
618s congratulations to soar cherryvine who
620s reached level 70 and then immediately
622s raised their Photon to level 70. you're
626s going to get some epic blast out of
627s photon good job and keep it up next red
630s lunar shows off his seven red apocalypse
633s oh
634s I do not want to run into you in the
636s arena dude good job next we have xandar
639s who shows so begins dark dimension six
643s baby finally Hades the hated pulls 80
646s shards of Ghost Rider Robbie not once
648s but twice on our last dry Time episode
651s we left you with the question what
653s character when they were announced made
655s you the most excited we appreciate all
657s the responses let's take a look at a few
659s of them first we have James Walker who
661s said apocalypse was the character that
663s excited me the most when announced in
665s Strikeforce because I actually asked for
667s him personally Jeremy Edwards said
670s Hulkbuster and for our last segment
672s let's go look at some of the amazing art
674s you left in the Art Channel we have
675s lovely doll Paris who gives us a mural
678s and entitles it my favorite Marvels
681s finally we have fuzzle who showed off
683s this amazing scream artwork awesome job
687s welcome managers thank you for paying
689s attention during this segment of
690s community Spotlight the question we're
692s going to leave you with today is what
694s character manager are you looking most
696s forward to seeing in the game one day
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