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First, yes… this is my fault. I should have known better than to break my F2P streak that I had going. This will be a novel so it probably won’t be for everyone.

These events are getting so convoluted that their customer support has no idea how to respond to relatively elementary questions regarding the issues surrounding them.

With a day or two left in the Blast from the Past event I wrote a ticket into support asking for my actual point total after the additional points from the bugged event were added. Since it’s being sent out individually theres obviously a way to track it. I had already brought Cap WW2 up to G16 but probably somewhere around 95% of the gear was equipped with the equip all button; meaning I’m missing 100 pts per gear tier for roughly 12-14 gear tiers.

Problem was that my napkin math told me that I was just slightly over/under my next two milestones by completely ballparking everything. I was just wanting verification before the event ended. This way I could throw a few more levels or pieces of gear on him to put me over if needed.

I politely explained in detail that I already know that they’re aware of the issue and basically tried to get their scripted response out the way as to speed things up a bit and then explained the situation.

… …. …..It’s probably not surprising to anyone who has dealt with CS that they completely ignored all the information that I provided and instead gave me the scripted response about how they are aware of the issue, working to resolve it and blah blah blah. They share a link to the blog then they close the ticket. This was now just a few hours before the event ended.

Ok. I guess I should’ve seen that one coming. So I open another ticket explaining that they aren’t understanding my question and word it a little differently.

Same response. Conversation closed.

Open a new ticket asking to speak to a supervisor. Someone responds and I ask them to read over the previous conversation and to answer my question. Along with a couple others:

“Do you think the service reps responses to my questions was reasonable given all the information that I provided?

Since everything is time stamped, am I eligible for any leniency if I only miss the next milestone by a few points?”

Then I asked them to leave the conversation open.

The supervisor responds, I sh*t you not, with the same exact scripted response with just a little tweak here and there that added no additional substance. But they did leave the conversation open.

I let myself simmer down a bit before responding. At this point, f*ck the milestones; their lack of customer support is the real issue now.

So I write back, admittedly a little less politely (but still refraining from cursing or directly attacking them). This time I leave out all the dialogue accept asking them to answer each of the following questions in order and to elaborate why they can’t answer a question if they can’t. I add a few more questions but consolidate them all into basically one bullet point list.

I get that same damn templated response but this time they snuck in my CURRENT point total for the Blast from the past event.

At this point I can’t contain myself:

“Why hell would I need to know my current point total??? I needed to know how many points I was actually missing when I wrote in a few days ago BEFORE the event ended. I can find that information in the game myself. What I can’t find is how many times I equipped individual pieces of equipment vs equipping them all. Or more importantly, my point total AFTER the missing points are added…. As outlined by the blog post that you guys have now sent to me four f*cking times.

Are you even reading what I’m writing? Please. Read the messages. Answer the questions. Please. What in the hell is going on over there????

I understand how convoluted this all is. Trust me. But if you can’t understand what I’m actually asking here then please forward me to someone who can.”

Their response:

HI ____, Thirdy here stepping in to help. We appreciate you writing back to us regarding your blast from the past event concern. We appreciate the feedback regarding this event issue and we want to assure you that we’ll share this information with the appropriate team so that it can be reviewed and worked on in the future. In the meantime, kindly stay tuned for the compensation. If you have any other questions, feedback or concerns, please let us know and open a new ticket and we’d be happy to help.”

(Conversation closed)

TLDR: 🤗🤔😠😳😡🤬😤😓

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