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1s foreign
5s Barton and Dr Bobby Morse better known
8s as Hawkeye and Mockingbird
11s have a lot in common
15s [Music]
19s they've each been members of Shield and
22s the Avengers
23s they're both exceptional martial artists
26s acrobats
29s and even talented Pilots
31s [Music]
34s [Applause]
37s they have so much in common that they
40s even shared vows
42s for better or for Worse their romance
45s didn't last and after the events of
47s secret invasion in the comics
49s Mockingbird and Hawkeye have mostly
52s moved on
55s that might seem like it could be awkward
57s for the two of them to work together at
60s strike but alternate realities and
62s parallel timelines are rarely so
64s straightforward
66s in Marvel Strike Force this may be
69s mockingbird's first visit to Nexus Earth
71s but Hawkeye is one of the earliest
74s members of strike and a dedicated
76s Avenger right
80s [Music]
81s well this isn't Hawkeye and he's not
84s from earth616.
87s Clint Barton is from a past version of
90s Earth 199
92s 9999 and if you want to get his
95s attention you'll call him
97s Ronan
103s Ronan from Marvel Studios Avengers end
106s game
107s and the comic-inspired Mockingbird are
110s the first two new members of The New
112s Avengers to join strike
114s [Music]
119s Ronan is a hero City skill brawler with
123s high damage and focus that make him
125s ideal for striking the finishing blow
127s against powerful individual enemies he's
131s most dangerous in Alliance War
134s [Music]
137s in additional
140s decline the trauma debuff with his
141s ultimate attack merciless
147s War he can even prevent enemy speed bar
150s gains at the beginning of a match thanks
152s to his passive ability Under World
154s Reckoning not so fast bad guys
158s Mockingbird is a hero Global skill
161s support but in addition to being a new
163s Avenger she's also a member of Shield
170s he's a high Health High armor healer
172s capable of supporting any team but her
175s healing is enhanced when her allies are
178s new Avengers
179s her ultimate all-out takedown is a team
182s heel that flips negative effects for
185s positive for her shield and new Avenger
187s allies and spreads them to other members
190s of the team before summoning a shield
192s medic to join the fight
196s also calls in additional backup to
198s further bolster her team with her
200s passive ability tactician this ability
203s summons Shield minions whenever Shield
205s or new Avenger allies drop below 50
208s health and even grants that Ally stealth
211s if they're a new Avenger
216s Ronan mockingbird's abilities unlock a
219s dim Alliance War no body her special
222s fight and flight is enhanced to Grant
225s allies immunity while her passive Buffs
227s the overall effectiveness of summoned
229s Shield minions in this competitive game
231s mode
233s when you're ready to further customize
235s your characters with ISO 8 you should
238s pay special attention to Striker for
240s Ronin the resulting extra attacks will
243s reduce the enemy's speed bar in war
247s and depending on your needs you might
249s want to experiment with mockingbird's
251s ISO 8 options but healer will result in
254s the most obvious enhancement in her
256s powerful team sustaining abilities
260s Ronin and Mockingbird are the First new
263s characters to join the new Avengers but
266s strike veterans Agent Coulson and the
268s thing have been buffed and are also on
270s the team laying the foundation for the
272s arrival of tiger the team's fifth member
275s and the key to unlock their full
278s potential we'll cover Tigress background
280s and abilities in a future video but
282s you'll want to prepare your roster ahead
284s of time so that you're ready to make
286s full use of the team once you recruit
288s them all for a deeper look at each
291s character's abilities head to
298s find the full detailed character kits
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