Transcript (by Youtube)

0s this team rules Alliance War in Marvel
3s Strike Force
8s where team specializes in Alliance War
11s and is made up of Cosmo
13s cord
16s Thor Infinity War version
19s Star-Lord Annihilation version and their
23s legendary leader Nova
27s the legendary Nova is a hero Cosmic bio
30s Blaster with high damage and focus stats
36s among Nova's many abilities is his
38s positive Battlefield effect Noba Force
41s this new Battlefield effect can clear
43s red Hulk's gamma radiation and supports
45s Nova's allies by clearing a negative
47s effect healing and applying deflect you
51s can make Nova's attacks even more
52s powerful by equipping him with the
54s striker ISO 8 Class Cosmo is nowhere's
57s Cosmic bio support and acts as the
60s team's guard dog good girl she uses her
63s High Health and focus stats to ward off
65s negative effects clear enemy positive
67s effects and provide powerful heals
71s the Healer ice away class is a natural
74s fit for Cosmo but equipping her with
76s skirmisher can gain additional focus and
78s vulnerable for the team
80s Thor Infinity War brings the Thunder as
83s a Mystic brawler and sports the Avenger
85s and as guardian traits
88s he electrifies battles with big damage
91s and on enemy turn his passive ability
94s ignores taunt to strike the enemy
96s protector with the highest speed
99s in war this also clears charged
103s and you can really bring the Boom in
105s battle by equipping Thor Infinity war
107s with the striker ISO weight class
110s Star-Lord Annihilation is a skill
113s brawler with high damage stats which he
116s uses to take down enemies with painful
118s abilities that are all area of effect
120s attacks his kit features a powerful
122s double blind
124s applies additional vulnerable and
126s applies trauma to vulnerable enemies
129s Star-Lord provides his own vulnerables
132s the striker ISO a class complements his
134s kit well The Rock Solid protector for
137s nowhere is cork who absorbs enemy
139s attacks with his high armor and
140s resistance he automatically gains taunt
143s when nowhere allies become injured
145s prevents enemy counter-attack chance and
148s reduces enemy speed bar Korg is also
151s revived 100 of the time in war by his
153s nowhere allies basic abilities adding to
156s the Big Fellas durability and if you
158s equip cord with the hordifier ice away
160s class he'll receive barrier each time
162s one of his teammates revives him
165s emerging from nowhere these heroes are
167s an all-new force to be reckoned with
171s whether on war offense or defense you'll
174s want to be ready to add them to your
175s roster in Marvel Strike Force

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