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0s foreign
4s the battlefield with apocalypse's war
7s Horseman Red Hulk
13s General Thaddeus Thunderbolt Ross spent
16s years pursuing the Hulk an obsession
18s that eventually led to the death of his
20s daughter Betty
24s the Allied himself with the super
26s villains leader and Modoc in a pact to
28s seek Vengeance against the Hulk in
30s exchange for bringing Betty back from
32s the dead
33s using the Hulk's body and energy Ross
36s was transformed into the Monstrous Red
39s Hulk
40s a red-skinned beast with similar size
42s and strength to that of the regular Hulk
49s [Music]
52s unlike the Hulk Ross can consciously
54s transform into the Red Hulk along with
57s possessing the powers to absorb energy
59s and emit fiery gamma radiation
63s and although Red Hulk has had his
65s villainous moments he's fought as a hero
67s alongside the Avengers
69s and Secret Avengers
78s Red Hulk is not only an apocalypse
80s Horseman
81s it's the legendary brawler of the gamma
83s team and possesses the additional traits
86s of global and bio
88s he crushes foes with big attacks clears
91s enemy revive once and applies negative
94s effects
95s including trauma and eel block
99s this Red Menace grows even stronger in
102s Alliance War the gamma team specialty
106s and grants his gamma allies damage
108s reduction
110s red Hulk's ultimate ability is where
114s Battlefield
118s and causes enemies to be attacked and
121s gain three bleed on their turn you can
124s recruit Red Hulk during the war Scourge
126s event for information on Scourge events
128s check out our videos for rogue and
131s Morgan lafaye
133s what's this war Horseman's secret weapon
135s ISO 8. the striker class is a powerful
139s Choice as it'll increase red Hulk's
141s already by damage attacks red Hulk
145s apocalypse's War Horsemen the gamma
148s team's leader and a brawler who poisons
150s enemies with his Battlefield effect
153s recruit Red Hulk now in Marvel Strike
157s Force
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165s the comments below if there's a
167s character you want to see in Marvel
168s Strikeforce then let us know thanks for
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