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0s and this character is the battery for
3s the new Warriors in Marvel Strike Force
6s gwenpool is a hero brawler for the new
9s Warriors and also Sports the city and
12s Mystic trades
16s her High Health and resistance stats
18s make her a durable brawler who can dish
20s out punishment just as well as she can
23s take it gwenpool is the battery for her
26s new Warrior allies who have a Charged
28s mechanic Deathpool and firestock
31s allowing Deathpool to use her instant
34s death mechanic and giving Firestar a
37s free attack each turn she also
40s specializes in busting up teams that
42s utilize stealth on spawn or revive
45s ISO 8 won't help you break the fourth
48s wall but it'll help gwenpool break enemy
51s Spirits the striker class allows
53s gwenpool to gain more barrier against
55s barrier heavy times but if you're not
58s going up against a barrier heavy team
60s the fortifier class makes her even more
63s durable in battle a sturdy City Mystic
67s brawler has finally arrived on your
69s roster to complete the new Warriors team
73s thank you
78s if you enjoy this video share it with
80s your fellow fans and let us know what
82s you think of the newest characters in
83s the comments below if there's a
85s character you want to see in Marvel
86s Strikeforce then let us know thanks for
89s watching

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