Transcript (by Youtube)

0s we've got some updates coming for the
3s new Avengers team that we just recently
5s announced right yeah I'm really excited
7s uh we've been listening to a lot of the
9s player feedback uh for the team
12s um looking at Discord and Reddit and
13s Facebook and so one thing we always see
16s when we release a war defense team is
18s people want the player you can see to be
20s able to play it where they in offense or
23s defense and so we looked at this team
25s and decided to update it and make it so
28s it's generic War so players can choose
30s if they want to put this very powerful
31s team on defense or if they want to keep
33s it for offense last Friday we announced
36s tiger the werewolves as the fifth member
38s of the new vendors team and so the full
41s team is going to be Bing Coulson
44s Mockingbird Ronan and out tiger and
46s you'll be able to check her full kit um
48s that's up now on