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We are now releasing the second pre-release for Minecraft 1.20. This pre-release contains bug fixes.

Happy Mining!

This update can also be found on minecraft.net.

If you find any bugs, please report them on the official Minecraft Issue Tracker. For any feedback and suggestions on our upcoming 1.20 features, head over to the dedicated Feedback site category.

Technical Changes

  • Game will now display message box on startup if user enabled text-to-speech functionality, but it is not available
  • "item": "minecraft:air" can now be used in datapack recipes to denote an ingredient that will match an empty slot.
    • The following recipe types, however, do not allow for an empty ingredient:
    • minecraft:crafting_shaped
    • minecraft:crafting_shapeless
    • minecraft:smelting
    • minecraft:blasting
    • minecraft:smoking
    • minecraft:campfire_cooking
    • minecraft:stonecutting

Fixed bugs in 1.20 Pre-release 2

  • MC-1310 - Dispensed boats and rafts get stuck inside of dispensers used to place them
  • MC-124327 - Changing the name of an item and then emptying the text field in an anvil doesn't make the rename unavailable, keeps last non-empty name on output item
  • MC-132076 - Lowercase Letters in controls menu + "Not Bound" is missing
  • MC-159633 - Command feedback messages are unnecessarily created during function execution
  • MC-165562 - Command suggestion report "incorrect argument" when cursor is at the start of a node without suggestions
  • MC-175504 - Single quotation marks are not supported in NBT paths
  • MC-220096 - Graphics warning button(s) improperly capitalized
  • MC-224976 - NativeImage.setPixelRGBA throws exception with message getPixelRGBA
  • MC-226344 - Changing the "Owner" tag of a projectile doesn't affect the outcome of the projectile unless the world is reloaded
  • MC-237960 - New potion effect GUI doesn't work when using Programmer Art
  • MC-250197 - Glass bottles are inconsistently referred to throughout some advancement description strings
  • MC-252216 - 65540: Invalid scancode -1 logged in key bind menu when an option is unbound
  • MC-252408 - Chat restriction strings consist of inconsistent concluding punctuation
  • MC-256833 - Ridable entities that can be steered build up fall damage when on climbable blocks
  • MC-257052 - You cannot double-click on languages within the "Language" menu to select them
  • MC-257370 - Buckets of fish are not sorted in the same order as the fish items
  • MC-257512 - Dead tube coral in creative inventory is in wrong order
  • MC-258360 - Horse armor loses its NBT data when equipped on horses via right-clicking
  • MC-258461 - The "Detect structure size and position:" string displayed within the structure block GUI is improperly capitalized
  • MC-260468 - Wither rose is not grouped with other small flowers in the creative inventory
  • MC-260602 - 'data modify from string' index failure does not return 0 for 'execute store success'
  • MC-260711 - Some words within "/datapack list" command feedback messages are always pluralized
  • MC-260712 - Some words within "/scoreboard" command feedback messages are always pluralized
  • MC-260713 - Some words within "/team" command feedback messages are always pluralized
  • MC-260715 - Some words within "/bossbar" command feedback messages are always pluralized
  • MC-260716 - Some words within "/fill", "/fillbiome", and "/clone" command feedback messages are always pluralized
  • MC-261024 - /execute if loaded does not guarantee entities are loaded
  • MC-261080 - Player can fall through scaffolding when loading a world
  • MC-261233 - Minecart movement is not reliably detected by sculk sensors
  • MC-261349 - Chiseled Bookshelf won't rotate when placed as part of a structure
  • MC-261433 - Shield doesn't block TNT explosion
  • MC-261816 - Most two block tall flowers do not block enchanting tables / are part of #minecraft:replaceable
  • MC-261988 - Inconsistency with Mangrove Roots and Leaves in the Creative Tab
  • MC-262033 - The command block GUI remains open when the said command block is destroyed
  • MC-262106 - Smithing recipe must have template to work
  • MC-262135 - Recipe book GUI is positioned incorrectly
  • MC-262181 - NBSP is a valid invisible character that can be used to rename items to have blank names
  • MC-262213 - Baby sniffer's head is smaller on the first frame of existing
  • MC-262310 - Telemetry description strings consist of inconsistent concluding punctuation
  • MC-262311 - The "telemetry.event.game_load_times.description" string is missing an article before the word "execution"
  • MC-262355 - Death messages for falling from climbable blocks do not work
  • MC-262440 - Sniffers can sniff while in love and pathfinding to their lover
  • MC-262441 - Baby sniffers stand a bit too far away from players that are tempting them
  • MC-262445 - The text cursor no longer renders above text
  • MC-262446 - Text within buttons renders above the semi-transparent black lines at the edges of menus
  • MC-262471 - Random skylight underwater where it shouldn't be, that cuts off at the chunk border
  • MC-262506 - Parts of beds render through the alternative recipe GUI in the recipe book
  • MC-262508 - Torchflower_crop causes the game to crash and locks the world when pollinated by bees
  • MC-262518 - The "mco.configure.world.uninvite.player" string contains an unnecessary space before the question mark
  • MC-262531 - "death.attack.genericKill.player" displays raw translation string (is untranslated)

Get the Pre-release

Pre-releases are available for Minecraft Java Edition. To install the Pre-release, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab.

Testing versions can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

What else is new?

For previous changes for Minecraft 1.20, see the previous snapshot post. Read more about the changes in the Wild update in the release post

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