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We're now releasing pre-release 5 for Minecraft 1.18. This pre-release contains more bug fixes and a tweak to new cave generation under existing chunks.

This update can also be found on minecraft.net.

If you find any bugs, please report them on the official Minecraft Issue Tracker. You can also leave feedback on the Feedback site.

Changes in 1.18 Pre-release 5

  • If there is any bedrock at height 0 in a chunk, new world generation will happen under any non-air block at height 0 in that chunk

Bugs fixed in 1.18 Pre-release 5

  • MC-138118 - Parrot wing texture is reversed on the bottom
  • MC-148422 - Stripped dark oak log side texture is too bright
  • MC-150567 - Dark oak log top texture bark ring not updated
  • MC-162038 - Pillagers have no hood texture
  • MC-162803 - Lily Pad mirrors texture when placed
  • MC-170557 - Spruce door top/bottom has the incorrect texture
  • MC-176309 - Illusioner has a few misplaced pixels left in their texture
  • MC-176824 - Red glass and outline of blue glass are slightly more opaque.
  • MC-176833 - Anvil GUI hammer uses an outdated iron pallet
  • MC-177664 - Sound system warning messages are spamming the system log
  • MC-180398 - Too many sounds causes client to stall, limit can be easily reached with rabbits
  • MC-194822 - Glass pane top texture has not changed with the Texture Update
  • MC-194950 - Cactus in potted cactus is vertically squished
  • MC-198007 - Villages replace ice with path blocks instead of wood
  • MC-199662 - Extra pixels in cocoa pod textures as of Texture Update
  • MC-200046 - Cartography table planks texture is incorrect/slightly outdated
  • MC-200137 - Lectern base plate texture still uses the old planks texture
  • MC-200956 - Beetroot seeds texture is not vertically centered
  • MC-200957 - Melon seeds texture is not vertically centered
  • MC-202910 - Inconsistent highlight color on armor
  • MC-204901 - Side texture for dirt paths hasn't been updated with the texture update
  • MC-221172 - Warped and Crimson Stems use different top texture from Bedrock Edition
  • MC-222154 - Cave vines can generate hanging on pointed dripstone
  • MC-222763 - Armor stands use the old smooth stone slab texture
  • MC-225553 - Oak and iron doors have a line in their textures
  • MC-226711 - Carrot crop texture has an incorrect pixel
  • MC-227258 - Flowering Azalea Leaves are in both #minecraft:mineable/hoe and #minecraft:mineable/axe tags, while regular Azalea Leaves (and all other leaves) are only in #minecraft:mineable/hoe
  • MC-228900 - Cave vines can generate floating (Recurrence of MC-218817)
  • MC-229977 - Breaking blocks with pistons on the east/west direction causes significant lag
  • MC-231272 - Cave vines can sometimes generate hanging on cobwebs
  • MC-231818 - You can no longer use the up or down arrow to navigate between servers in the multiplayer menu
  • MC-233883 - The hide and show messages buttons in the social interactions menu display their hover text regardless of the position of the cursor
  • MC-234039 - The back of wild axolotls are off-centered
  • MC-235567 - Clusters of dripstone (stalagmites) tend to generate abnormally frequent with thickness "tip" on tall caves
  • MC-236723 - The Floating Islands preset does not seem to be generating correctly
  • MC-237500 - Azalea trees can generate on top of huge mushrooms, trees & bamboo
  • MC-238360 - Rooted dirt cannot replace terracotta
  • MC-238529 - Azalea trees can fail to generate
  • MC-238892 - Rooted dirt doesn't replace red sand
  • MC-239128 - Sweet berry bushes generate extremely rare in comparison with 1.17.1
  • MC-239237 - Azalea trees can be generated on icebergs
  • MC-239489 - Melons generate rarely in jungle biomes
  • MC-239847 - Chunk blending occasionally produces sharp chunk border edges
  • MC-241256 - Some feature configs still expect a configured feature instead of a placed feature
  • MC-241278 - Azalea trees are no longer generating
  • MC-241539 - Stone generates in the side of hoodoos
  • MC-241566 - Mossy cobblestone boulders generate in a grid pattern in old-growth spruce taigas
  • MC-241588 - Cave vines can sometimes generate hanging on water
  • MC-241672 - Mobs don't panic when burning if standing on blocks placed above water
  • MC-241728 - Converting world to 1.18 pre-release 2 generates new caves in too many places
  • MC-241747 - Inconsistent Colors in grindstone gui
  • MC-241784 - Some sliders in options menu do not work properly
  • MC-241800 - Cannot change numbers for gamerules on world creation
  • MC-241847 - Floating stone platform doesn't generate in void superflat world preset
  • MC-241933 - Spore blossoms, cave vines, and pointed dripstones generate indented into the cave surface

Get the Pre-release

Snapshots & pre-releases are available for Minecraft Java Edition. To install the pre-release, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the "Installations" tab.

Testing versions can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

What else is new?

If you want to know what else is being added and changed in Part II of the Caves & Cliffs Update, check out the previous pre-release post.

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