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Valentine's Day playlist names are genius!

about 1 hour ago - /u/Rick_IW on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by het_bob


Couldn't pass it up.

COD Players Only Want One Thing...

about 17 hours ago - /u/Rick_IW on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by xFlamexWolfx

Nothing happens, it just gives you trust issues because you don't know if you can trust them or not.

Or maybe it's something much worse

Originally posted by AndreyRussian1



31 Mar

Akk! Fixing.

Welp this just happened

2 days ago - /u/ashtonisVULCAN_IW on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Yeahhhh shouldn't spawn in there. Thank you!

30 Mar

Mission accomplished.

Nikto Cosplay by inzzen

2 days ago - /u/artpeasant on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Garsyan

Joel I just wanna say that you’re doing great work out there man. Cheers.

Thanks. Hope you and the people close to you are safe and sound:)

29 Mar

All aboard!!

Rank and Operator reset

4 days ago - /u/ashtonisVULCAN_IW on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Wnir

u/ashtonisVULCAN_IW I reported this to Activision Support on their site and their Twitter, but if you're online I'd be happy to PM my account info

EDIT: I was able to solve the problem by rebuilding the database. Hope that helps!

Thank you for following up. Please tag me if this happens again.

Originally posted by nice58

That would be so awesome! Atleast a good laugh if someone got smart about it!

I checked and its working as intended right now.

28 Mar

Nikto Cosplay by inzzen

4 days ago - /u/artpeasant on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Incredible! Attention to detail is so good!!

27 Mar

Thank you for this.

Should be fixed with tonight’s update.

Originally posted by limsyoker

Hi! I just got the endowment pack today, I don't see any reticle as well.

To set the record straight. The reticle has never been in the endowment pack. A pre release image of the pack with a reticle in the image was leaked before we launched. I brought this up at the studio a few weeks back and we decided to include the reticle for all players. I will check and see if there is a challenge you need to complete to get it. I thought we just unlocked it for everyone.


6 days ago - /u/artpeasant on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by InspiredBlue

Is it just a warzone thing? Because I’m in multiplayer winning games and nothing has happened. The pet is still “dirty”.

Edit: never mind lol

It works in Warzone. Are you playing BR exclusivley? "Plunder" has a lot more opportunity to grind with infinite respawns and no gas circle. It has a lot more in common with Team Death Match. Should help tend to the Tomogunchi.

Originally posted by nice58

Is there anyway to change the name of the gun on the ground? i.e. If I drop my renamed 725 (double bubble) on the ground and my friend tries to pick it up, it still says 725 instead of “double bubble”

I think the plan was to have it work that way originally but it doesn't at the moment. As far as I know it had bugs so we kept it client side, meaning you the player see it. I will look and see if its a bug.

Not earning xp for matches?

6 days ago - /u/smileyguy987 on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Theee devs sure love breaking their own game

26 Mar

Fix missed the cutoff for the next patch, but it is on the way.

GUNCRANK - Minigame Gamemode

7 days ago - /u/dmickner on Reddit - Thread - Direct

One of my personal favorite mode combos :)

22 Mar

Originally posted by ScharlieScheen

I now sighted every single reticle for every single optic on the M4 and M13. It's just not there.

I'll do you all the favors, as long as it gets sorted out. :)

Ive bugged it. Now we have to reproduce it, fix, test, then deploy.

Originally posted by ScharlieScheen

Here is a video and here is a screenshot, showing that i am not just too dumb to find it. /u/artpeasant

Do me one last favor. Try it with a rifle scope. Like the Merc. Ill try and chase it down if its not showing up for hand guns. Should just be a small fix on our end but Im curious if we just missed it on handgun optics.

Message to @Joececot and @Activision

11 days ago - /u/Paul_Haile on Reddit - Thread - Direct

PM me all the info you have - old ATVI name new ATVI name, name, old email, new email, etc.


Originally posted by ashrafahmed__

Hey man, is there an ETA on the gunsmith features you guys have been working on? Talking about frankensteining and the new master camo

Master camos looking good. Frankensmithing needs a little more time.

21 Mar


Originally posted by singlereject

Not sure if your team is aware of this, but the Tactical Human IV bundle with Yegor has an incorrect first person view model. Yegor has fingerless orange gloves yet the first person viewmodel is just a pair of black gloves and blue sleeves.

We will look into it. Thanks.

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