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03 Jul

Thanks I'll take a look

02 Jul


Play how you want so long as you aren't breaking the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Security and Enforcement Policy. 👍

30 Jun

Originally posted by Corndog1911

Embarrassing coming from a AAA developer.

LOL! Shame comment:)

Originally posted by DaPenguinBauck

Is this the same room you use to scan real life items into their video game counter parts? Like the perk bags?

The perk packs are physical props that we built in house and captured at the studio. When it comes to assets like that we use a neutral stage so the capture comes out as clean as possible.

You are really seeing behind the scenes here. Ill give you some insight.

Thats the image based light probe we set up for the scene and captured. In exterior scenes its revealed as the skydome. It contributes to the lighting of models in that scene and grounds them into the shot. If you were able to turn the camera 180 you would see the gunbench scene in the image:) The objects behind the gunbench use a photo projection technique commonly used in movies. This was used in the charcter selection scenes also.

Originally posted by Claudettol

Here we have, the good mod

Not trying to boot lick or anything but you are by far the best mod here

Im not a mod:) Im a humble peasant.

Well well...what do we have here?


26 Jun

The best part is when the teammate shoots again for good measure and then just runs straight into the door frame afterwards.

24 Jun

If anyone can post a full video showing the load in and then the issue, that would be very helpful

Kali sticks will be added to custom modes like infected, gun game etc in a future patch

22 Jun


16 Jun

Originally posted by DaBlakester5

No way it’s IW hi I’m Blake, it’s a Striker 45 with the Flip-Hybrid sight using a Merc Foregrip, 12 round hollow-point, a monolithic suppressor, and fully-loaded as the perk.

This only happened to me on core Search and Destroy at Khandor Hideout.

Thanks for detailing. Im sending this in now.


13 Jun

Can you give specifics on what weapon this is and a parts breakdown? So we can bug and fix on our end?

26 May

I guess you can't ask for more clean than that :)

21 May

Originally posted by XMALCOLMMLK

At least bring it back permanently to private match! It was so much fun with friends

You can create it in private match.

Gunfight Advanced options > Loadouts > OSP Set starting weapon and all item spawns to throwing knives.

I'll see about getting the custom restock and little extra bits into customs in the future but no promises.

I'll see what I can do :) I had fun making this little variant and we had a lot of fun playing internally as well.

This will be fixed in a future patch. The in world objective icon will be here correct neutral color until those chevrons get updated.

20 May

This issue is resolving now, so you should be able to hop on without issue. If you have any problems, please reach out to Customer Support. Thank you all for the handles!

Originally posted by QuintenTCR

Wow thanks for responding, my gamertag is Quintenvn.

My own video:

Digital Foundy also made a video on screentearing on Xbox one X:

The issue is on all maps in all modes (also Warzone). I understand that there will be FPS drops but screentearing is really annoying when you need the vision.

I play on a 4k 60hz screen without FreeSync.

If you need more video's from other maps or Warzone i can make them.

I appreciate it. Let me get this in hands of the right people so they can take a look. Thanks again.

Can you please share your PSNID, please?

Originally posted by QuintenTCR

I wish people would upvote this more but each time someone posts this it doesnt get more than 10 upvotes so devs wont see this.

(Edit: not a) Useless effort of tagging them: u/artpeasant u/ASHTONISVULCAN_IW

Do you have a video, or can you take a video of what you're seeing? Someone sent me a video for Aisle 9, but I haven't seen any for Hard Hat. Also, gamertags too, please.

Can you please let your gamertags/PSNIDs here so we can take a look?

Gunfight, scroll through Advanced option: 'Loadouts'.

Gun game, scroll through Advanced option: "Ladder'

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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