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Calling Card Glitch

about 13 hours ago - /u/artpeasant on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by tweak114

Or could you maybe just fix the glitch?


21 Feb

Going through our next update right now and see a fix for this, so keep an eye out for patch notes. Thank you again for this, was super helpful to our team.

20 Feb

Originally posted by Negan115

Any update on the Scotland flag?..

In flight. Likely next update as far as I know.

The New Tomogunchi Watch

3 days ago - /u/artpeasant on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by dannbrownn

What happened to this? I check the store daily waiting for this?

Soon. Its ready now.

19 Feb

A dream come true

4 days ago - /u/Rick_IW on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by ashtonisVULCAN_IW

someone hates fun.

FUNdamental Chemistry!

Thank you for sharing this! 1-4 are set to be fixed in our next update (not a patch, but title update). We're looking into 5, but for number 6., can you tell me a few more details? Did you join a match in progress? Were you in last stand or spectating when the game ended? Any other info you can provide is helpful! :)

So clan tags are broke now

4 days ago - /u/ashtonisVULCAN_IW on Reddit - Thread - Direct

we're taking a look at them now - thank you for the quick reporting!

Originally posted by WokenWisp

regiment tags just broke, mine was replaced by two 3's and when i re toggled my regiment tag, now there's a random 3 in it u/ashtonisVULCAN_IW

We're taking a look at these now.

A dream come true

4 days ago - /u/ashtonisVULCAN_IW on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by V_Schillinger

Thank /u/rick_IW for these retarded names only he finds amusing and then /u/ashtonisvulcan_IW for tee-heeing the incredibly difficult task of coming up with playlist names to him. According to her he’s a GENIUS XD.

someone hates fun.

Throwing Knife Hitmarker

4 days ago - /u/dmickner on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by NickFoxMulder

I was wondering what was up with the hit marker I got when meleeing last survivor last night! Smart addition actually....but it didn’t save him >:)

Spoken like a true infected lol

This is so cool. Nice f'n work man.

Originally posted by CowboyKill

Get some resistance bands and you’re good to go. Way cheaper and can do different weights.

That’s what I’ve been doing between every game.

Definitely have those already. I dig them for what they can let me achieve, but I definitely want at the very least a kettle bell to start.

Thanks for this post - we were able to find and rename a bunch of players using this exploit today.

Please keep reporting people you run into with bullsh*t names.

Appreciate it.

18 Feb

Originally posted by jmoneyx

PS4 - JMoneyyx

Thank you.

Originally posted by s629c

As someone in healthcare and soon to have a nutrition certification, keto and fad diets are really not exactly what we would recommend... Eating a balanced diet and overall keeping a calorie deficit is just better overall for you. Specifically with keto, damage to your organs like your kidneys is possible. Carbs are good you and are you main source of energy. Only carbs to avoid are added sugars

I looked into the diet pretty hard and have had amazing results which have been recognized by my current healthcare professionals. I totally understand that this, along with so much else in life, could potentially damage anything and everything in my body if not kept in check.

Congrats on your soon-to-be certification.

OP, can you tell me your platform ID?

You’re welcome to PM me.

Originally posted by Sean-E-Boy

Try intermittent fasting instead of keto you can still eat all the foods you love to eat its just about staying in a caloric deficit and having a set period to eat ( I do a 4 hour period in the day where I eat and fast the rest of the day it actually suits our biology better because in old days before food became so available people would work or hunt all day for their food maybe they would have a small bite here and there but generally they would fast the majority of the day only consuming water and eat at period near the end of the day)

I technically intermittent fast every single day too. Most of my calories are also consumed within a four-hour window if not six.

Keto foods were already my favorite foods. (Breakfast and avocados? Yes please!) Cutting out sugars/carbohydrates was easier than expected.

Originally posted by duncsmaps

Thanks very much! Which Treyarch maps would you like to see me recreate? I'll add your suggestion to my ever-growing list 😄

I think the iconic Nuketown would be awesome!

This is amazing and even more so after watching your timelapse of it. If you ever make anything for a Treyarch map, hit me up.

Personal achievements like this are never dumb. Good job on that.

Originally posted by Reilly149

I started Keto last year, lost a bunch of weight and got back into the Healthy range.

I absolutely hate doing exercise, but knew it had to be done. So I bought some Dumbbells myself and started doing Rows, Curls, and shrugs after each Death. My Wife has said its absolutely shown a difference.

And to be absolutely honest, I did that for the last couple weeks of Season 1, after about a month... I actually look forward to the workout.

Im really excited to hear Im not the only one using this game to get back into fighting shape.

Congrats! I plan on doing the same thing now that I'm settled in a new location. Keto has been helping me drop a lot of weight but I feel like it's time to reintroduce casual weight lifting into the mix. Keep grinding!

Rank reset glitch in MW

5 days ago - /u/artpeasant on Reddit - Thread - Direct

It will refresh. Restart everything.

Nice work!

Thought this was pretty cinematic

5 days ago - /u/artpeasant on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by olivedi

What about the colored name tags on PS4?

They are working on that fix.

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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