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Hello everyone!

As usual, we'd love to hear your feedback, requests, and suggestions. Let us know what you want to see added, improved or changed in the comments below! Please keep things on topic and constructive, and thanks for the feedback - it's instrumental for the development of the game, and we greatly appreciate it.As for our meeting notes, here's a quick rundown below:

  • We've troubleshooted issues with updates being slow, and we think we know the reason. Next time we update, it should hopefully go much smoother. EDIT: Next time we update it will be slow again as we have to change some file names, but that should fix the issue going forwards.
  • We've taken a look into what maps are more popular in which modes. When it comes to smaller game modes (ie. Brawl) we would like to tweak the rotation if possible, and potentially in the future add maps better suited for these modes. We'll see what comes of it, as at the moment we're just in the discussion phase, and nothing's confirmed as of yet.
  • Lots of discussion of feedback this week, from cosmetic suggestions, gameplay improvements, bugs, etc.
  • A little look into diagnosing some frame drops, which might be related to memory issues. No fix yet, but we're looking into some issues on this front.
  • Some investigation into file sizes, especially for some maps. Nothing crazy, but we're trying to prevent bloat if possible.
  • Longer term content goals are still being developed :)
  • We're working on a visual overhaul to some buildables, using updated textures and models. We should be able to re-use these in quite a few places on destructible wood. Not game-changing, but you tend to see these objects quite a bit, so it will be nice little face-lift. :)
  • Some work on improving combat - still experimental, but some dev work to fix fringe cases where swing manipulation causes completely unreadable attacks - objectively unreadable as in no/broken animation, not just parrying at the wrong time. (Thought I'd clarify that.)
  • Misc fixes and minor improvements.

Last week's post can be found here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Mordhau/comments/j2730s/mordhau_weekly_feedbackdiscussion_929105/

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