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5s What's going on, everybody?
6s It's your community manager Nakat, and today I'm here to
10s officially teach you how to play Arya Stark.
13s So jumping right into it, some of her weaknesses are
16s that she's extremely lightweight, which means that she is able
19s to be rung out and KOD very early.
22s She's very reliant on pinpoint accuracy when striking her opponents
26s and she takes a while to kill off of the
29s top into the top blast zone.
32s Her strengths are she has a sword which gives her
35s good range, she has a great combo game, unique face
39s steel mechanic that allows her to use moves from her
43s opponents, she has strong horizontal kill power, and she racks
47s up damage very fast.
49s Other than that, Arya, in my opinion, is a character
53s that is for an intermediate player.
55s So you want to play Arya if you are in
58s between a beginner and a professional-level player, but that should
62s not make you feel like you can't use her even
65s if you are just starting out.
67s She's extremely fun, she's extremely fast, and I believe that
70s she is a character that most people will gravitate to,
73s especially if they are fans of the Game of Thrones
76s series.
77s Now let's jump directly into some of her moves and
81s how they work.
82s Her dash attack is a three hit move.
85s As you can see, it knocks your opponent very far
88s away.
88s So if they get hit by dash attack even from
91s this distance and all of it doesn't connect, they will
94s still go flying on the final hit.
96s So keep that in mind that this is a great
98s tool if you want to approach your opponent and if
101s you want to ring out your opponent if they are
104s at the ledge.
106s Dash attack also has the added bonus of being a
108s great punish tool if your opponent does a move that
110s is super laggy.
113s So if Bugs Bunny dash attacks me and I avoid
115s it, I am able to weave right back in and
117s actually punish him with a dash attack.
119s And I can show you that in action right now.
124s And that's only one option out of many that if
127s your opponents decide to do if there is enough cooldown
130s on the move or whiff lag, meaning if the move
133s misses, the opponent is stuck in a state where they
136s are unable to do anything else
138s You will be able to punish with a move like
141s dash attack.
141s But that is not the only move that is able
144s to do that.
145s If Bugs Bunny does another dash attack, I can punish
149s with a forward attack or rather side attack on the
154s ground.
155s So if you want to use your side attack, there's
157s many ways you can use it.
160s You can press it twice to do a two hit
162s combo.
163s You can press it once and then immediately go into
166s your upward special for a true guaranteed combo, which leads
170s into two different follow-ups.
173s You have the combo where you do side attack into
176s up special into upward aerial that can also ring out
179s opponents when they're at super high damage.
181s Or you can do side attack into upward special into
185s side aerial, which also has the ability to ring out
188s opponents.
189s But just being able to guarantee put your opponent in
192s the air is a good situation because if you're able
195s to get them in this position, they have to land
197s while you are under them, allowing you to kind of
200s chase them while they're in the air so you can
203s actually threaten them for more damage.
205s Or of course, A KO
207s Neutral attack is very straight forward.
209s It's a move where she stabs forward.
211s However, it has great range and you have the ability
214s to charge it, which allows it to kill at later
217s percents.
218s So if I give Bugs Bunny damage, let's say we
221s put Bugs Bunny at 62 and I hit him with
223s a fully charged neutral attack, you can actually see how
227s far he goes flying.
228s If he stands around here and I decide to do
233s that at 77, that is a clean KO ring out.
236s And that is a point for you and your team
239s if you are playing duos.
241s One of the drawbacks to this move is that once
244s you use it, you are committed to finishing the entire
247s move.
247s Therefore, you will not be able to cancel this into
250s a dodge immediately or a jump.
253s Down attack is a very cool move.
254s In my opinion, Down attack is one of the coolest
258s moves that Arya has.
260s When she does a down attack, she actually uses meter
263s because she's also invincible during this move while she has
266s meter.
267s This move allows you to cross up your opponent and
270s actually hit them with a swift strike so instead of
273s dodging and then pressing an attack.
275s You can also use this because this arguably is faster
279s and has the ability to kill at higher damage.
283s Another note about down attack on the ground is that
286s you don't always have to let the move turn around.
288s As you can see, when she rolls, Arya faces the
290s opponent.
291s If you hold the direction while in that move that
294s you want to face at the end of it, it
296s will actually not turn her around.
298s Therefore, I don't have to dodge through Bugs Bunny to
301s hit him with this move.
302s I can actually press down attack right here, face him
306s directly and smack him away.
308s Up attack on the ground is a great move for
311s setting up combos.
312s If you're able to catch an opponent with this move,
315s not only does it have great range in front of
317s her and above her, you are actually able to follow
320s up with an upward aerial.
321s Now let's say they're at a damage a damage percentage
325s where you're not able to actually follow up as a
328s guaranteed combo.
330s If you knock them up and you wait for them
332s to air dodge, you can actually pressure them into doing
336s that option so you can hit them after.
341s Dead.
343s And I didn't even hit the first part of the
345s move because it's a two hit move in the air.
348s You might be able to still score the KO even
350s if you missed that first part because the second part
353s will hit them and send them flying.
355s Side air is a move that you can approach with.
358s You can actually just jump at your opponent and press
361s side and attack button and you will actually throw this
363s move out, which is a great move for knocking your
366s opponent's away.
367s If you want to actually put some more power into
370s the move, you can hold down the action while you're
373s moving forward.
374s That way it puts more strength and you see that
378s charge.
378s You don't have to charge it all the way.
380s You can actually let it go rather quick.
382s You can charge a little bit then let it go,
385s or you can do the full move altogether.
388s The more you do it, the further they're going to
391s fly.
392s Arya's neutral aerial is a multi hit move that knocks
395s the opponent away.
396s It doesn't often lead into a guaranteed situation right there.
400s Bugs Bunny can dodge this because he's going too far
403s away because of his damage.
404s Now see what happens if we kill him in this
407s situation where I approach with neutral air again, it is
410s a multi hit move and at lower percentages you're sometimes
414s able to connect it into your grounded side attack.
421s All a guaranteed combo off of neutral aerial while your
425s opponent is at low percent.
428s Game about 27 damage.
430s Downward aerial is a spike onto the ground.
433s You can spike your opponent into the ground.
435s As you saw right there, if I knock my opponent
438s off the stage and they're in a situation where they
440s have to recover, I can actually follow them off stage
443s and as you see, hit them with the downward aerial
446s to kill.
447s The cool thing about Arya's is it's able to be
449s charged for even more strength.
451s This also makes it so that if your opponent decides
454s to dodge, but you charge it just enough to pretty
457s much throw them off and make them dodge early, you're
460s able to punish them with the downward aerial to secure
463s the KO.
464s You're also able to use this move on the stage
466s as well.
467s I would not approach with this move as much unless
470s you're very confident that you're going to be able to
473s land it, because if you do you are actually able
475s to combo out of it into your other aerial moves.
480s Up attack is a two hit move that we actually
482s covered a little bit earlier.
484s However just for you all to see, you are able
486s to hit with two swift strikes that knock your opponent
489s upward.
490s Now this move doesn't have all the knock back in
493s the world, however outside of other moves it is able
496s to be set up into to make it more of
499s a deadly force.
500s Therefore, you wouldn't really approach an opponent while they're on
504s the ground with this move.
505s This is more so a move that you want to
508s lead into from your other moves.
511s You want your opponent to be above you as much
513s as possible so you can land this option.
516s That way you can get not only maximum damage, but
518s of course have a move that's under them that they're
521s afraid of.
522s That way if they air dodge, you're able to wait
525s and then punish them.
527s Side special is a move that has a lot of
529s utility from Arya.
531s She's able to throw a dagger onto her opponent and
533s teleport to it from anywhere on the stage.
536s Now how is this good?
538s Well, if Arya is in a situation where she wants
541s the combo, or she needs to recover because she's out
545s of jumps or she's just plain old too far away,
548s she's able to teleport directly to the opponent.
551s And it is beneficial to her for many reasons.
554s One, if I do this and I throw it at
556s Bugs, but I'm so far off and it looks like
558s I might lose my life, I can actually teleport straight
561s back to the stage as if it was going towards
564s him.
564s This gives me an added benefit to trying to recover
567s because if I lose all of my other options like
570s my air dodge or my jump, then I'm just a
572s sitting duck off stage and I won't be able to
575s make it back.
576s This also defends me against opponents that want to try
579s to edge guard me off of the stage.
581s Now if I throw this and I decide I want
584s a combo, I can reel in, use my up special,
586s and of course use my up air as demonstrated earlier.
590s But this time it is off of the side special.
593s And as you see, once you use that side special,
595s you have to wait for it to come back.
597s So be very, very careful about when you use it,
600s how much you use it, and if it will be
602s back in time in order for you to use it
605s again because it has quite the weight to it almost.
608s Here's another demonstration of side special in action, but in
612s a little bit of a different way.
614s I throw it out, hit my opponent up, teleport to
617s them, and as you can see, I'm much closer to
620s the top blast zone this time around, which allows for
623s some interesting conversions and combos based off of that move
627s alone that she typically wouldn't get otherwise because the dagger
631s is not placed onto the opponent.
634s In other news, you you don't only have to finish
637s that by using an upward aerial move.
639s I could throw the dagger on, knock my opponent up,
642s teleport to it up special and use my forward aerial
646s or side aerial rather to be able to hit the
649s opponent and kill them off the side as well.
652s So she has the ability to not only threaten vertical
655s kill pressure with that move, but she has the ability
657s to also threaten horizontal kill pressure with that move as
660s well.
661s So meaning in the heat of a battle, you don't
663s necessarily have to always be willing to just teleport to
666s it immediately because it's sticking to the opponent for quite
670s some time as you can see.
671s And that just allows you to basically pick and choose
675s for a brief period of time more than you think
678s when you apply the pressure of using that move.
682s Keep this in mind though, there is a drawback.
685s If my opponent is prepared to hit me, they are
688s able to actually punish me while I'm reeling into them
692s with the move, which makes it so that I don't
695s get the reward that I want from it and they're
698s able to hit me.
703s If you do not have your sideward special up, you
706s are actually able to use a different sideward special that
709s also has the ability to break armor.
712s Moves that are typically colored in purple like that do
715s have armor breaking capabilities, so if you are fighting a
718s character that has armor like Wonder Woman or Steven, you
721s are able to use that move to pierce through their
723s armor immediately.
725s On another note, if you do have your side special
727s up, you can actually throw it to an ally and
730s it will not damage them, but you can use it
732s to teleport straight to them.
734s Arya's neutral special is one of the coolest things about
738s the character entirely, as it is a gameplay defining mechanic
742s for her.
743s Arya has the ability to take the abilities of her
747s opponents.
748s Now what abilities you get are set, but per character
753s they're random.
754s So for some characters you might get their upward attack,
757s and for other characters you might get their downward attack.
761s But let's say for Bugs Bunny, right?
763s I have his dash attack when I steal his face
766s when I'm on the ground, I can use dash attack.
769s But if I decide to do this again and I
773s jump and use a move, I have his upward aerial.
777s Now you can see the creativity and the utility that
780s comes together when you're blending 2 characters move sets together.
784s So again, as you can see on the ground, it
787s will be the same thing as before.
789s I steal his face, I do dash attack.
793s This will never change.
794s I will never get any of other of Bugs Bunny's
796s other moves.
797s And it is the same thing in the air.
799s I will have that upward attack every single time.
802s Even if we go into another match and I fight
804s another Bugs Bunny, it will always be those moves for
807s Bugs Bunny.
808s But for another character, instead of getting dash attack, you
811s might get something else.
812s And This is why you should experiment as Arya, because
815s depending on what character you're fighting, you're able to get
818s some pretty cool and unique conversions out of their move
820s set.
822s Arya's down special allows her to sharpen her blade.
825s If she does this, she's able to crack through and
828s pierce armor immediately off of 1 melee attack.
831s Arya's specials on the ground are often resembled in the
834s air as well-being able to jump and throw your dagger
837s at an opponent and teleport to it is just one
840s thing she can do.
841s And if Arya's in a situation where she needs to
843s land, she can actually use her down special in the
846s air, not only to grant that buff to her blade
849s as explained before, but it allows her to stall in
851s the air, which allows her to mix up opponents as
854s she's trying to land to the ground if they're trying
857s to hit her while she's coming down.
859s Neutral special in the air is a little bit tricky
861s because you will have to intercept your opponent in the
864s air to grab them.
865s But to make this easier, I'll show you that you
868s can just do up special into neutral special and it
871s will link together so you're able to steal a face.
875s Upward special in the air is also a tricky one,
877s but there is some great utility for it.
879s As you see it lunges her forward, so it's great
882s as a recovery option to get back to the wall.
884s But what if I told you you could use this
886s to also threaten the position of your opponent while they're
889s above you?
890s Here I'm going to charge an upward attack and then
892s I'm going to follow Wonder Woman.
894s And if she chooses to air dodge, I'm actually going
897s to punish her with the upward special into a KO.
901s So let's see how this pans out.
909s So just to be clear and concise, here are the
911s options that you can use to just kill Azaria straight
914s up.
915s You have her neutral attack.
920s You have your forward air, you have down attack and
928s dash attack to top it off as a kill option.
936s Now this isn't to say that other moves can't kill
938s like our upward aerial, but those are more situational.
941s What I wanted to show you is just some basic
944s moves that you could use by themselves in order to
946s score the ring out.
948s Not to say that we won't get into the complicated
951s stuff.
952s So without further ado, we are actually going to start
955s going over some combos.
961s One simple combo, as showed before, is jab one and
965s two up special.
966s You're able to link these together so you can score
969s your upward aerial and so you can score your forward
972s aerial, which is very good at the ledge.
975s Or even if I knocked my opponent off stage, if
978s I'm able to catch them with the up special, I'm
981s able to link into a forward aerial or an upward
984s aerial.
984s So you always want to be aggressive off stage to
987s try to hit your opponent so you can land a
990s KO even earlier.
992s Another one that you can do is jab 1 into
994s this move.
995s So I'm able to do my down attack right after
998s my jab 1 as a mix up.
999s A lot of people, because of how fast this is,
1002s won't see this coming and you're able to actually knock
1005s them away as you can see because this move has
1008s a lot of knock back.
1009s So even if you're not looking for a kill necessarily
1012s with this move, just treat it as a mix up
1014s that, while isn't actually guaranteed, is a good way to
1018s throw off your opponent and keep them guessing.
1021s Another combo you can do is neutral air into side
1024s attack one, into up air.
1026s Another combo you can do is neutral air into side
1030s attack into up special into up air.
1034s Neutral air is a great combo starter.
1036s So just keep in mind you can approach your opponents
1039s with this move.
1040s You just have to land into them with a fast
1042s fall.
1043s And to do a fast fall all you do is
1045s jump and hold the down button or even press the
1048s down button.
1048s But if you let it go, your character will return
1051s to a normal fall speed.
1053s But the longer you hold it down, they'll fall faster.
1056s So when I'm doing this, I'm holding down the entire
1059s time while also pressing the neutral attack button so I'm
1063s able to catch my opponent very quickly.
1066s This is how I do a lot of aerials if
1068s I want to get down to the ground to hit
1070s my opponent if they are not in the air.
1073s As stated before, face steal is a core component of
1077s Arya's game.
1078s You're going to want to implement face steal as much
1080s as possible.
1081s Typically in a match when using Arya, it's very good
1084s to steal your opponent's face, and you don't even have
1087s to use it immediately.
1088s You can hold this for as long as you want,
1090s so when you're ready to use it, you can actually
1092s use it.
1093s You don't even need to use it strictly on the
1096s basis of trying to combo into it.
1098s So for example, if I wanted to approach my opponent,
1100s I can actually just jump at them and use the
1103s move that they gave me.
1104s In this case, we have Wonder Woman's upward air.
1106s So therefore if I wanted to, I could just do
1109s that.
1110s Or if I want to actually take her out of
1113s the game and actually KO her, I can combo into
1117s it with side attack into up special into the face
1121s still button again, so your neutral special button again, which
1126s will send her to the top blast zone.
1129s But I want to reiterate again, remember, depending on who
1133s you fight is what move you're going to get.
1136s Not every move is going to be the same kind
1138s of move.
1139s So study up on all of your opponents.
1141s Here are a few more examples of other things you
1144s can do with face steal, depending on the character you
1147s fight.
1148s Here's another combo that you can get off of face
1150s steal.
1151s So once you do side attack and the face steal,
1153s you don't actually have to stop attacking your opponent.
1156s You're able to finish your side attack right after by
1158s starting it up again and hitting with the second part
1161s of it.
1161s So watch this again.
1166s Now we can actually take it a step further.
1168s As you see, I have on the mask of Garnet.
1172s Therefore, if I want to actually lead into a combo
1175s that could potentially ring her out, I would do something
1179s a little like this.
1182s That's just for starters.
1184s Now what if I see an opportunity where Garnet is
1187s at ring out percent and I feel like I can
1190s actually ring her out immediately, but I don't have her
1193s mask and I want to do it with her ability.
1196s The combo will go a little something like this.
1203s All guaranteed.
1204s If you want to take it a step further for
1206s some extra damage, you can actually do something like this.
1213s All guaranteed even while stealing the face.
1217s Therefore, when you steal someone's face, it doesn't have to
1220s be the end of your advantage state.
1223s You're actually able to push advantage state even harder by
1226s continuing the combo by branching into your side attack again,
1230s then into your up attack.
1232s You can get really creative with how you're able to
1235s maintain pressure while also threatening using your opponent's moves against
1239s them.
1240s And that is the unique, yet really, really strong aspect
1243s of Arya that is unique to her character and her
1247s character alone.
1248s Now I'm going to demonstrate what Arya looks like in
1251s an actual match with another player.
1255s As things start happening in this match, I will talk
1258s about them.
1258s However, enjoy.
1260s Sit back and watch how this character fights in a
1264s 1V1 setting.
1272s Garnett is stuck above me and I want to keep
1274s her above me.
1275s She has none of her resources AKA her dodge or
1278s her jump and that's why I'm able to lock her
1282s in place.
1283s But she just touched the ground so now she's able
1285s to have those options.
1286s Again, going to wait patiently because I don't want to
1292s go down there and possibly lose my life.
1297s It's a good attempt by the garnet to try to
1299s grab me with that grab to the star.
1301s But again, Arya is about patience and knowing exactly when
1304s to strike.
1305s And because the Garnet sat at the ledge for the
1307s majority of the time, I was able to catch her
1309s landing with a dash attack and actually take her stop
1312s first.
1312s Just going to play it slow.
1317s I have a sword, so even if I feel like
1320s I'm too far away, I might have enough space to
1323s actually catch her.
1326s She missed those punches.
1327s I'm able to follow up and steal her face in
1330s the meantime, and this is going to prove really useful
1333s for me as her damage starts to increase because she's
1336s approaching the damage where I'm able to actually use her.
1339s Move against her and take her.
1346s Pacing back and forth to not get hit, Catch her
1349s but I don't actually convert.
1352s Pop her up, dodge the gauntlets.
1356s Almost was able to ring her out.
1358s One more of those will definitely do it.
1362s Going to dodge these movements, catch the conversion off of
1366s the face steal.
1367s Still still not enough, but if I do side attack
1370s one into neutral special again, she will definitely get rung
1373s out.
1375s And that almost did it.
1376s But the neutral special actually traded with her rapid jabs
1380s so she's going to still remain alive.
1384s Misses me with that uppercut.
1385s I'm getting that dash attack, but the wall saves Garnet
1391s and now Garnett is at 166.
1394s And like I said, this is one of the weaknesses
1396s of Arya, where on certain stages and against certain characters
1399s they may survive a little bit too long, all while
1402s she's being super light.
1403s However, I'm doing a good job and not getting hit
1406s with any blows that might actually take me out of
1409s the match.
1415s That's it.
1416s The dagger was able to lead into the up special.
1419s The Garnet player did not react in time in order
1421s to punish me for doing that, and now I was
1424s able to get the KO immediately.
1427s I got knocked away, but now I'm going to actually
1430s sharpen my blades just in case they try to apply
1432s any move that might have armor I got knocked up
1435s into the top blast zone, and that's going to be
1437s it for me.
1438s But that's only one life.
1439s I'm actually doing relatively well right now, but I have
1442s to be careful and take my time versus Garnets projectiles
1445s because if I run in too fast and take too
1447s much damage, that could be a problem.
1451s That's good damage.
1454s Punish that air dodge. Garnet player tried to parry again
1457s and got one successful parry already, but I was able
1461s to watch out and beat the next one.
1467s I use that to cancel my momentum so I don't
1469s go any further to the right.
1470s I don't want to go too close to the blast
1472s zone.
1474s Good parry.
1476s I get punished, but I still do not die, and
1478s that's what's very important.
1479s I want to try to survive as much as possible,
1482s but since I tried to land on the Garnet player,
1485s I actually got hit and died immediately.
1491s A nice dodge to that move and to get an
1493s attack out at the same time.
1494s Going to do that again to dodge the gauntlets.
1502s Not going to be enough.
1503s And I couldn't actually charge my forward air in that
1505s sequence because I wouldn't have had enough time to make
1508s it true.
1509s The Garnet player would have been able to air dodge
1511s and that's not what we want.
1513s Going to go ahead and convert off of that for
1515s a kill.
1516s And the way I did that was I adjusted the
1519s combo.
1520s What I did was I did side attack into face
1523s steal, then I rolled and immediately hit side attack again
1527s very early.
1527s That way, I would be able to go into the
1530s neutral special again with the copied move and take her
1533s out of the match.
1534s And that is what Arya can look like in a
1537s game against another person, whether it be competitive or casual.
1543s If you're able to practice this character as much as
1546s possible, you can replicate some of the things I did
1548s in that match.
1550s So overall, everybody, I hope you enjoyed that match.
1553s This is how you play Arya Stark from the Game
1557s of Thrones series in Multiverses.
1560s She is a very good character, but she also is
1563s a character that is not without any weaknesses.
1566s There is a lot of expression in how to play
1568s this character and how to pretty much stylize her into
1570s something of your own.
1572s So I advise you to pretty much craft your own
1574s way of playing her.
1576s But you can use these tips to get a head
1578s start on some of the best ways to use her
1581s in some ways where you can pick and take what
1584s you want to do to pretty much stylize your own
1587s way of making Arya Stark play in a way that
1589s works for you best.
1591s I recommend this character to all levels, despite me feeling
1594s like she might be an intermediate level character.
1597s However, if you are a fan, you should play Arya
1600s Stark.
1600s She's a great character and I would love to see
1603s what you all do with her in Multiverses.
1606s This is your community manager over at Player First Games
1609s and the Nakat signing out.
1611s Thank you so much for watching, I greatly appreciate it.
1614s Let me know what you think in the comment section
1617s below if you have any more questions and if you
1619s would like to see more character guides like this.
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