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0s what about Buffs are there any Buffs
2s coming or just a bunch of
4s Nerfs thanks for asking uh actually I
7s really like this question because yes
10s there are some Buffs
12s [Applause]
16s coming uh welcome to fortunat tum where
18s we talk about all things new world uh
20s today we have an episode of balance of
22s power where where we'll be discussing
25s balance heading into season 4 uh And
28s discussing some of the recent changes uh
30s but before we jump into the questions I
33s want to address uh a Hot Topic we've
35s been seeing and that's some of the
36s recent balance changes that came out
38s with the 3.0.3 patch uh specifically the
42s changes around shirking
44s Hills uh you know this has been a very
46s contentious change and I think just to
48s be frank I think we might have been a
50s little heavy-handed here uh I'm very
52s happy with sort of the the pace of
55s change uh and balance changes that we've
56s been making if you remember sort of a
59s year ago in the past uh we were much
61s slower and I think too slow in making
63s changes we let meta get too stale uh we
66s let things that were too strong or too
67s weak remain that way for too long so I'm
70s happy that we've made improvements there
73s uh however the other aspect of balance
75s changes is the magnitude so while I'm
77s happy with the pace of changes I think
79s our magnitude has been a little bit too
82s too much uh so what I want us to do is
85s start making smaller incremental changes
87s on these you know on the minor patches
90s uh to sort of try to achieve balance and
93s you know just as a reminder and what our
95s goal for balance is is that we want
98s balance to mean that all the perks are
99s viable that you know uh they each have
101s sort of equal strength and just
103s depending on which build you want uh
106s that's how you choose what you
108s want uh so I want to talk a little bit
110s about the reasoning about why we had the
112s second change uh to shirking heels
114s because I think a lot of people are like
116s it was fixed when we fixed the previous
117s bugs and I think you know I think we
119s were over indexing there's still one
121s remaining bug where uh the way ank and
124s anoid in and sacred ground worked it
126s really buffed Shing heels more than we
128s wanted and we've been very sort of had
130s our eye on uh the survivability of
132s healers and I think that led to this
134s change uh so two good things one that
137s bug is fixed in season 4 uh and with
141s that bug fixed and some of the changes
143s and and behavior that we're seeing uh
145s with that minor pants we are going to
147s bring down uh the coold down from the
149s increased t seconds down to 7 seconds so
152s we think that'll be a good middle ground
154s uh we'll keep our eye on it and uh we'll
156s make further changes after that in in
158s sort of a smaller measured manner uh if
161s we deem necessary all right Dave well
163s before we jump into the questions maybe
165s now is a good time to discuss uh what
167s are your views overall on healing yeah
170s now I think it's good let's talk sort of
171s like what are our goals and philosophy
174s behind healing uh when I think about
175s healing I think about sort of four
177s things one I want healing to be strong
180s for healers I want them to be able to
182s heal their teammates I want that fantasy
184s of of being able to come in and save
186s someone from from my team from getting
189s uh killed or hurt so that's that's one
191s thing that's very important two I want
193s there to be counters to Healing right
195s rather than just Nerf the power of a
197s healing instead I want to keep it strong
199s but give people options to be able to
201s counter
202s it uh three I want being a Healer to be
205s somewhat risky right like it is a
207s powerful role uh and I'll be Frank in
210s the past healers have been had sort of
213s an insane amount of survivability and I
215s think that's something we're starting to
217s chip away at uh and I want there to be
219s sort of a risk to to having all this
221s power uh and lastly uh from a
224s philosophical standpoint I also want
226s there to be options for solo people or
229s teams without a heel uh and with that I
231s mean you know I want there to be viable
233s paths towards self-
235s sustain uh so when I look at that as
237s sort of our overall goals and philosophy
239s around healing uh that's you know you
242s can see where the 1114 patch came in the
245s recent minor was we really wanted to
247s start to create counters towards healing
249s and those were uh one the Buffs to
251s disease uh on outgoing and also sort of
254s the ability to apply it more generously
256s with plague strikes and plague crits so
258s that was one part of the puzzle uh
260s coming in uh the second part is coming
262s in in season 4 uh where we are making
265s changes to anointed in sacred ground uh
268s that will sort of tackle some of the
270s survivability of healers they won't be
272s able to just you know pots won't be
274s Amplified by all that and I think the
276s right things will be Amplified mostly uh
278s the natural healing uh with those
281s changes with that change made we can now
283s also remove the 20% we had uh the
287s decreased efficiency of pots uh and with
291s cirking heels coming down from 107 from
294s 10 seconds to 7 Seconds those two things
296s we also think will tackle uh the self-
298s sustain so I think you know we probably
301s won't hit the balance perfectly in
303s season four but I think we are starting
305s to tackle those those sort of four
307s philosophical points uh I discussed and
309s we'll continue to do that on a longer
312s longer run basis we also do want to
314s think about healing and is it is it fun
316s is it active I think right now a lot of
319s the heels are sort of passive Hots uh
321s and I think that's less fun than some of
323s more active weapons we have so we are
325s looking at that in sort of a longer run
327s and also sort of seeing like can we make
330s some of the other weapons more viable so
332s that there's a little more swapping
333s between weapons and combos between them
335s so that's something we'll be looking at
336s in the long term in 303 uh you made some
339s Nerfs to blunderbus and do you think
341s it's in a good spot now uh so we did
344s make some changes I think we we took uh
347s two actions one we tried to reduce its
349s survivability by adjusting some of the
351s perks we also reduced a little bit of
353s its damage uh by uh nerfing the primary
355s attack in ASB so I think we did take
358s some changes I think some of the recent
360s disease changes have had a byproduct of
362s sort of buffing it I think overall it's
365s it's still pretty strong I think we've
367s got our eye on it no plan changes yet
369s for season 4 but it's definitely
370s something that is on the stronger side
372s and and we are keeping our eye on all
374s right uh in 303 you gutted the range of
377s Splash of light to 25 MERS
380s why yeah I think this is another one
383s that I think you know we probably went
385s too far too fast I would have preferred
387s if we had stepped this one down uh but
390s the rationale behind it is is that 25 M
393s is the range for all the other healer
395s abilities and we wanted to sort of
396s create a a standardized range it also
399s works very well with the ux uh teammates
402s become gray after they go out of that
404s range so it helps people know when they
405s are within range uh this ability is also
408s really it's got some inherent strong
410s points right like you don't need line of
411s sight uh and your teammates don't have
413s to be grouped to get the benefit which
415s can be really advantageous if you've got
417s some backline and some front line people
419s so we think this ability still has a
422s good spot uh in the game uh so I think
425s you know no plans to change the the
427s distance and I think if we did see that
429s the ability needed a buff I think we'd
431s find other ways to buff it uh and and
434s sort of keep the distances
436s consistent all right uh jumping into PTR
438s in season 4 now let's start out with the
441s big one uh what were you thinking about
444s with boltcaster yeah so
447s boltcaster uh yeah I think we were
449s little bit nervous going in with this
451s one I think uh it is you know what we
454s liked about it is it's a very cool and
456s unique passive the ability to stun
458s someone with a bow is sort of a neat
460s passive and the way it worked off Health
462s was something that we hadn't done before
464s it was sort of fun so we thought it
466s would be interesting to try out uh we
467s did see it in PTR we have played it more
469s internally and I think uh while it may
472s be fun for the bow user uh it is not fun
476s for the recipient and while that was
478s okay in some of our internal testing and
479s so solo fights in big group fights uh it
482s just it proved not to be fun and it it
484s really sort of created an unpleasant
486s experience so uh we are going to take
488s action we are going to remove that perk
490s uh we're replacing it with something
492s else uh we're replacing it with a perk
495s that uh for every basic attack you hit
497s someone with you gain a charge uh a
500s Lightning Charge so to speak and at
502s three charges you do a big pop of damage
506s uh we like this as sort of a direction
507s for the weapon I think it it rewards
510s sort of skill and precision and and
512s hitting people versus just you know some
514s people with bow may just be spamming AOE
516s or shooting into a pocket of people and
518s I think this will reward people who have
521s uh a little more targeting and skill in
522s their their usage so we're excited to
524s see how this plays out what about the
526s gym changes um any changes to those uh
530s that was another one that was pretty
532s controversial I think we went out very
535s strong in the PTR uh where we made these
537s gems very powerful they scaled High
539s highly off both int and focus and I
541s think you know in the spirit of what I
543s discussed at the start of this of taking
545s more sort of measured approaches and
547s going a little more steps I think we are
550s going to tune this down uh we're going
551s to go to uh 75% scaling on intelligence
554s and 65% on Focus I think that is a good
558s place to start out uh these gems are
561s still really powerful because they allow
562s combinations that otherwise wouldn't be
565s uh available and and we're going to see
566s how it plays at this level uh and then
569s may ad just uh another thing to mention
571s is while we were doing this one of the
573s things we we found and I think we've
575s heard feedback on this and we really
576s looked into it I think it's accurate is
579s that you know the intelligence atbs are
581s just stronger than a lot of the others
584s uh so that was creating a lot of desire
586s to put in these new gems to scale off
589s int even for strength and Dex based
591s weapons to get access to the new ATB so
594s that is something we're looking at we
595s are making one change for season 4 uh
598s the 150 ATB uh the elemental damage one
601s is going down from 15% to 10% uh and
604s we'll be looking at them more uh I could
606s see us making one more change in the
608s future to the intelligence jtbs to sort
610s of get them in line with the other ones
613s all right how about the flail how do you
616s think it's doing uh well the flail is is
619s performing pretty well uh in fact it's
622s it's over time it's usage and win rates
625s and damage well not damage as much
627s mostly wind rates have have increased so
629s I think people are you know they're
630s finding out how to incorporate this
632s weapon into their builds into their team
634s compositions and it is doing well sort
636s of across the board and and all three of
638s our PVP
639s modes uh we think a lot of this could be
643s due to two bugs uh there's a bug where
646s uh the flail currently inherits the
648s reaction of the last weapon that
649s attacked in certain circumstances uh we
653s have definitely fix that issue in season
655s 4 so that will no longer be happening uh
657s there's another bug where you can can
659s gain permanently the haste uh that fail
662s provides uh we think we fixed this one
664s there's a couple different ways that we
666s found to get into this situation so we
667s think we fixed all of them but there
668s might be one left that we're unaware of
670s but uh we think we fixed that so what we
673s want to do is see what these two bug
675s fixes due to the weapon before we make
677s further changes so uh for season 4 we
680s fix those two bugs and then we'll be
681s keeping our eye on the weapon uh moving
683s forward all right and um what about
687s Buffs are there any Buffs coming or just
689s a bunch of
690s Nerfs thanks for asking uh actually I
693s really like this question because yes
695s there are some Buffs coming and I think
697s this is another area of just
699s philosophically in terms of balance
700s something that I want to start doing
703s more of right like uh it seems like all
705s our balance changes are always nerfing
708s the the most overpowered weapons but the
709s other thing we want to make make sure
711s we're doing is is sort of watching the
713s the lower powered weapons and and
715s boosting them up so that everything is
716s sort of uh has a chance uh so there are
720s three that sort of come off to my mind
722s one is endless thirst uh this is the uh
726s most uh achieved uh uh jewelry artifact
730s but the one that's least used so we
732s definitely think this one's a little bit
733s weak uh we are making some changes one
737s uh the uh the penalty how long you have
740s to wait between usages of potions is
743s going down to 25 uh there was some
746s confusion here because it was 20%
748s initially in the notes but it was
749s actually 40% uh so when we adjusted
752s those notes to 40% in PTR I think it
756s drew some you know an eye on this so we
758s have gone down to 25% there which we
760s think is a good spot relative to the 33%
762s increase in power uh and we've also
765s buffed uh the two perks that come with
767s it so I think that'll be a good change
770s uh CO's knee guards is another one that
772s we're taking a look at this one I think
774s what we wanted to do is make it a more
776s broadly applicable uh artifact so what
779s we're doing here is uh rather than just
783s being one type of range damage it will
785s now affect all types of range damage uh
787s but we're going to slightly bring down
789s the value of that uh amount to I think
792s 10% to balance it out but I think
793s that'll make this a more generally
795s applicable weapon I think uh that seems
797s to be something that players would like
800s uh and last is an inferno uh our fire
802s staff artifact we are going to be
804s changing the Hellfire perk on this to uh
806s 15 meters rather than 8 meters and I
808s think that will sort of give this
810s opportunity for a more uh you know sort
812s of close in uh oriented fire staff to
815s play okay well I think I'm good on
817s questions awesome uh well that leads me
819s to the community question I think the
821s last question is a perfect segue uh let
823s me ask the community what Buffs would
825s you like to see what do you think is
827s underpowered in our game right now uh
829s that's fun and if you're like oh if it
831s just was a little more powerful uh I
833s would use this a ton let us know in the
835s comments uh also like And subscribe if
837s you've liked the show um uh and with
839s that we'll see you in a
842s tourament like the uh the skeleton
844s archers when they like Duck and you
846s always like shoot right over and stuff
848s well yeah and it it totally plays into
849s our combat right like we have head shots
851s uh they do bonus damage there's certain
853s abilities where if you shoot in the legs
854s you get a slow like so we take advantage
857s of all this sort of uh cool stuff yeah
859s we could totally optimize by just
860s becoming tap Target right
862s no let's go to the next
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868s question
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