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0s why do we have to wait until June why
3s has there been such a lack of investment
6s into the PVP aspect can we please get an
9s update on cross server 3v3 wombat Mount
17s [Applause]
20s wi hey everybody Welcome to forge in the
23s tour where we talk about all things new
25s world today we're in San Francisco at
27s the game developers conference doing it
29s on location
31s and it's a Q&A episode I'm here with
34s Katie and Scott who you know really well
35s by
36s now bring on the questions Lin uh well I
40s first things first is there any news on
42s season five and its release yes season
45s five will be released April 2nd okay so
48s that said um little context from me all
51s right um we are filming this right after
54s a game developers conference panel we
55s hosted titled the power of community
58s feedback to create better games and
60s right now I would describe the
62s temperature is kind of hot right um
65s there are many concerns that we are
67s giving up on the game that we don't care
69s that we aren't communicating enough
71s about you know our delayed season 5
73s release the list is extensive so in the
76s spirit of using Community feedback to
78s create better games what can you tell us
81s why do we have to wait until June and
84s will there be any news about upcoming
86s features before then so first nobody is
90s giving up on the game from the developer
91s standpoint
93s we we are working long hours and really
96s hard toward a big goal this year which
98s we can't wait to share with you in June
100s it destroys us that we can't give you
103s the information that you want we'd love
105s to talk about this but sometimes you
107s have to look at what's best for the
109s long-term health of the game against
111s some of the short-term gains and it's
112s awful and I know it's not what you want
114s to hear that said we're not allowed to
116s give any real details about what's
119s coming out or what we're announce in
121s June but I you know we're trying to
124s figure clever ways we can give you some
125s information and at least let you have a
127s kind of an idea on what's
129s coming all right so eagley viewers
132s should be looking for little Clues here
134s and there absolutely there's going to be
136s some Clues there might even be one in
138s this episode it might even be more than
139s a clue it might be a direct answer what
141s is Amazon games doing with these delays
143s we hear you loud and clear on like we we
145s we've not had a great history of
147s releases being clean and we told you it
149s was a focus of ours and then we had the
151s season 4 which we weren't proud of we're
153s taking the time here to try and get it
155s right and let's not forget we just
156s completely changed the entire underlying
159s system under our animation system which
161s means all navigation and combat mantling
164s you know there were problems and you
165s found a lot in the PTR we want to
167s address as many of those as we can we're
169s not going to get all of them but we are
171s work you know prioritizing the ones that
173s could be exploitive in gameplay super
175s important and you know this is a new
178s process that we've got to give give it a
180s shot and we you know we need to get
182s better and we're really doing everything
184s we can to make season 5 a clean release
187s all right why has there been such a lack
190s of investment into the PVP aspect of
193s your game is it down to Resource
195s Management player data yeah so before we
199s launched like way back new world was a
202s PVP Focus game um and we listen to the
205s players at that time and we adjusted and
207s we actually made it more PVE Focus based
209s on that that Fe back and what we see is
212s the majority of our players are PVE
214s focused we do have PVP players though
216s and we do have different modes for them
218s and moving forward it's definitely
219s something that we want to invest in well
223s on that note I know you can't talk about
225s upcoming content but can you at least
227s say yes PVP things are coming be as
230s vague as you want but we need something
232s yes we're working on something for PVP
235s that's pretty darn big part of the June
236s announcement and we can't wait to share
238s it with you if I could tell you today I
239s would
240s um I'm really excited about
243s it okay well can we please get an update
246s on cross server
248s 3v3 you will get them in
251s 2024 all right big secret why is it a
255s secret I touched on this in the
256s beginning but sometimes you have to do
258s what's best for the long-term health of
259s the game over the short-term health and
262s we have different information than than
263s you all have on that we can't share it
265s yet I think it'll be more apparent once
267s we make the announcement um
270s but you know I it's a secret a long time
274s ago we got a small Peak at daggers as a
276s weapon in new world is that still
278s happening or at least a possibility we
281s are not working on
282s daggers
284s okay any planned update to opr honestly
287s at this point just a new map will not
289s cut it it needs a bigger update than
290s just a new map well I touched on this on
293s my three answers ago we're doing a big
296s investment in PvP it is not an opr map
299s but I think it'll
301s satiate the PVP
302s players any idea if we can expect more
305s expansions ever yes you can expect
308s expansions
310s ever given there is a general sense of
313s frustration around new world right now
314s low player count season five delay to
316s sense not being heard as a community why
319s is there a lack of effort from the devs
321s to communicate and address the
323s community's
325s frustration it's been nothing but radio
327s Silence from the devs so we we've talked
330s about this a few times like it's not a
332s lack of effort it's not a lack of Desire
335s we would love to be telling you
336s everything we're
337s doing but it it's not best for the
340s long-term health of the game right now
342s and as soon as we can in June we will
344s but we do understand that you need to
346s you know I'd want to know more too if I
348s was on you know if I was outside of the
350s game team so we're gonna we're g to try
351s to find ways to give you hints or Clues
353s at what we're working on over the next
355s month or so what devs actually play the
358s game and what server yeah so
360s um we so all devs play the game is what
363s we absolutely strive for um I know that
366s Scott just did a presentation included
368s some of our playtime um and as far as
371s the leadership team besides the the new
373s guy who only has about a 100 hours um
376s all of us are over a thousand uh one of
378s us is over
379s 3,000 um but yeah so we do play the game
382s um I will say uh that the majority of
385s devs have a character some have their
388s main on El Dorado there's also some
390s folks on Lilith um Isabella and is and
393s Isabella I have my my secondary on
396s Isabella but to be quite honest I
398s haven't really logged into that
399s character in a while um that's my
401s primary your primary and another one on
403s El Dorado as I have about 750 hours on
407s El Dorado and about 750 hours on
409s Isabella yeah Isabella was my fresh
411s start World it was a lot of fun um but I
413s went back to my main probably like three
415s months ago I think it's critically
416s important that everyone on the dev team
418s played the game I literally just to talk
420s on how important this is if like there's
422s one takeaway it's get your team to play
424s the game otherwise we can't have
425s authentic conversations with the players
427s it's impossible are there any plans to
429s improve the town Buffs I would really
431s love to see the ability to request or
433s personally purchase them right now
436s there's no that's not in the
438s works okay are there plans to be more
443s aggressive with PVP balance the PVP
446s balancing was implemented but isn't
447s being adjusted as much as one would have
449s thought
450s is there plans to adjust them more to
452s prevent metas and PVP becoming too stale
454s or
455s boring well I think like every patch we
458s put out tends to have balance changes
461s incorporated into them um you know and
464s the more the bigger patches you know
467s will contain kind of weapon reworks or
469s reimagining um so that's something that
471s our our combat team is always looking at
473s and always trying to balance uh
475s especially when there's you know there's
477s exploits then we'll you know hot fix for
480s that because we know that that that kind
482s of like exploitative gameplay like it's
485s just not like that has to get hit
486s immediately but in terms of like the
488s meta and stuff um we have a combat
490s balance update that happens about like a
493s month to a month and a half after a big
495s seasonal update um that gives us time to
498s really sit with whatever the new meta is
500s if there is a new meta um and make
502s adjustments test those adjustments make
504s sure that they're good um but I will say
507s that you know a lot of the time it feels
509s like we don't go so aggressive and I
511s would agree with them on that um and
513s that's something that we can take back
514s to the team and be like you know is this
517s is this the right change or should we be
519s more aggressive with it and then tailor
521s it back for the next one so that's a
522s conversation we can have and you know
524s take a look at the patch notes for
525s season five uh like ktie said April 2nd
528s so there'll be big changes there um and
531s then I think the next balance of power
533s is going to be a couple weeks after that
535s releases right Mike yeah that's right uh
537s we looked at all the feedback for
538s balance of power from last time we want
540s to just you know keep iterating on this
542s and improving it so the next episode of
544s balance of power will launch a few weeks
546s after season 5 is out I would just add
550s on because of my last answer the
551s majority of our combat team plays the
553s game actively as PVP players in live so
557s they they are in tune with what's going
559s on there what content do the devs not
561s enjoy or dislike and or want to change
563s as a player not a Dev as the player base
566s has complaints and the devs might not
568s see it the same I have one okay so I
570s think we should do one thing that we
572s really love and one thing that we would
574s change or that we don't necessar can we
576s just do the hate one no I'm doing the
578s hate one you know what I want and I know
580s the players want it I want to get rid of
581s that perfect Salvage popup so bad you
585s actually don't like pop-ups in general
587s so I don't I generally don't like stuff
588s getting in the way and interfering with
589s my gameplay but I that perfect Salvage
591s one it's going to be gone can't wait uh
596s the thing that I really really like is
598s that we did sort of Rec is um the art
601s for allean Wilds I think that that was
603s super different it gave me the same
605s feeling entering that zone that I got
606s from Brimstone Sands because it's so
608s different from the rest of the world I
610s really like that a lot um and then the
612s thing that I would probably have changed
615s um is also related to allean Wilds in
619s the expansion and that was we have a
621s quest line called secret of the spores
623s um I would have held that back and
625s waited until it was in like a more
627s exciting place for players and was like
629s a really cool loop right now I mean not
632s a lot of people do it um and I don't
634s think a lot of people maybe understand
635s what it is or why it would be
637s interesting so I would have I would have
639s liked to hold that back and rework
641s it um I think like my favorite uh like
645s gameplay in new world is is Arenas and I
648s know that that's not in the best place
649s right now and I think especially for
650s population and and you know cross world
653s will help with that a lot so I'm excited
654s for that um the thing that I I it's not
659s that I like it least but I feel like it
660s has a lot of potential that we never
661s really like dove into is like the
663s darkness portals like all across the map
666s you know we had Grand plans for that
667s kind of stuff and things had to be
669s scaled back and like as a player I would
671s love for that to get more run are back
674s like there's reasons to do them again so
676s it's kind of fun if I I'm gonna go back
677s I didn't say something I like I think
679s one of the things I like a lot is
681s uh all the updates to the msq especially
684s the last one bringing it home like it
687s really like makes the game like yeah
689s different was two and a half back when
692s we launched yeah so when are we going to
695s get large server merges we need a single
699s us server along with a single EU server
702s Etc uh so there's going to be a pretty
704s aggressive merge happening I think
707s they're looking at March
709s 27th but but hold on we're none of us
711s are aligned with one server in the US no
714s we're not no but there's going to be an
715s aggressive merge happening on March 27th
718s or around March 27th w about mount win
721s no despite the game's potential to be
723s one of the best MMOs the management of
725s the game by the entire team is a
726s continuation of disappointments and
729s choices that lead players to leave is
732s there anyone who can correct your
733s mistakes or do you pretend nothing
736s happened thinking that everything is
737s fine we constantly
739s self-evaluate I think the difference is
742s we just have different information than
743s you we know where we're going so why
745s things may seem like why aren't they
747s focused on this thing I want right now
749s maybe the reveal will reveal Something
751s That We're you know different that we're
753s focusing in on that you might think is
754s important we try to uh you know we we we
758s we literally try to understand what the
760s players want and need we have to
761s remember there's more players than just
763s on Reddit or on Discord like that's and
765s that are allowed that's not the vast
767s majority and I understand players are
769s leaving the game and there's reasons for
771s that but we are trying to do what we
774s think is holistically best for the
776s entire
777s game and I think also like there's a
780s there's a lot of feedback we've gotten
781s about like how we look at data without
783s context and things like that and just to
785s give people an idea you know we have
788s surveys especially from players that
789s aren't playing the game anymore like why
791s what would get them to come back we have
793s like actual Telemetry of what players
794s are doing in game broken down by like
797s different play Styles and things like
798s that we have you know uh Discord we have
801s Reddit we have like these things so we
803s we we're pulling from a lot of different
805s sources in addition to our own
806s experiences playing the
808s game and that's not to invalidate like
811s what they're saying because from their
813s perspective like like Scott mentioned
815s like we've got additional information
817s there's things that we're super excited
818s about but they don't have that they're
820s coming for you Katie uh oh please come
823s this way it's marketing I'm about to say
825s something I can't tell if they're
827s getting closer or further were you were
828s you finished with your thought there I
830s don't know but so I was gonna add one
831s more thing like the the one thanks for
834s pausing while I was um I want to add one
837s more thing though which is um
840s not all features cost the same so some
843s stuff you're asking for you're like oh
844s just do this or just do that it might be
846s really really expensive and we have to
848s make Roi based decisions it's really
850s important um we can't just like if we
852s could just do everything and everything
854s costs the same it would be the easiest
855s job in the world but it's not doesn't
857s work that way any upcoming region
859s expansion plan for Asia server
863s no about one year pass maybe more hold
867s on just pause there's a funeral oh my
869s gosh what is show this on the film get
870s it
879s get what is
884s this here either something really really
887s really bad happened or this is a parade
890s but it's a parade of cops some things
892s are in our control and some things are
894s out of our control about one year passed
897s maybe more since cross server opr became
900s a thing with that starting date we
903s started having title notifications upon
905s entering exit now the same problem and
907s cross server Expeditions can we finally
910s get this fixed yeah so this one was
913s actually a kind of tough one to nail
914s down to be honest because it didn't
916s impact everybody we talked about it in
918s the last Q&A we do believe that we have
920s a fix for it um coming out with season
922s five so if it's still happening uh we
926s are incredibly sorry and it'll probably
929s happen Scott again because he has been
930s plagued by the popups since day one
933s horribly annoying especially if you
934s forget to put your stupid numb lock and
935s your don't F or your your function lock
937s and your F2 doesn't work and you get mad
939s and yes it's A's speaking from
941s experience but yes so there is a fix
944s that we that we believe in in season
946s five question six months later what
948s design decisions do you think you got
951s right and wrong with the rise of the
952s angry Earth expansion and what did you
954s learn for the
956s future yeah so um
960s I said one of the things I think we got
961s right and that was the artwork I think
963s we did that really well there were some
964s really interesting mechanics that we put
966s into place for the um Elite chest areas
969s um that I think are interesting but um
972s maybe not the best for that type of game
975s play um so that's something that we're
976s looking at um in the future when we do
978s Implement that stuff um there was also
981s when we introduced mounts I think we did
983s I honestly think we did a really great
985s job with mounts I think that they feel
986s really good they look really cool um but
989s we had heard internally first and then
991s it was echoed in data that the world
994s tours were long and uh they felt bad
998s rightfully so when you failed them by
1001s like a second or even a minute after you
1003s just spent 15 minutes with them so uh we
1006s did make adjustments there um so that's
1008s definitely something that we're looking
1009s at for future content as if we're
1011s expecting players to like give as much
1014s time as um as those required that we
1018s should make them just is rewarding as
1020s the time commitment I think uh I would
1023s add a few things one you already touched
1024s on something that went wrong I think
1026s secret of the spores could have been
1027s better yeah and better design but I
1028s think some things that went right in my
1030s perspective were I think the leveling
1032s curve was pretty good the time to max
1034s level I think the changes we made to
1036s perks and uh some of the some of the
1038s gear Chase with the gear raising overall
1040s was good I know there was some problems
1041s we missed the 625 stuff that you can
1043s still get yeah but overall like it felt
1047s like an improvement to the game yeah is
1049s that when we got rid of expertise also
1051s yeah I think so I think that was a good
1053s change so I think there were some really
1055s good overall balance changes with but
1056s there were some things we missed yeah
1058s expertise was that I didn't mention that
1060s because it technically wasn't part of
1061s the expansion but you're right it came
1062s out at the exact or was taken away at
1063s the exact same time um another one that
1066s kind of falls into that where you didn't
1067s have to have the expansion to
1069s participate were influence Wars or
1070s influence races um those I thought were
1073s really great addition I think that um
1076s because we were trying to recreate this
1078s moment that players had in great cleave
1080s um when we first introduced the PVP
1082s reward track and it was really cool and
1085s we did do that but it's one of those
1087s moments where it's like you didn't go
1088s far enough kind of thing so I think that
1090s we're taking that moving forward making
1092s sure that we're not just addressing
1095s whatever like the fix is whatever the
1097s thing is we want but also trying to look
1099s around corners and look beyond that I
1101s think that's that's one of the big
1102s lessons that we
1103s learned I wish I had another three hours
1106s to think about that question because off
1107s the top of my head that I'm sure there's
1108s a lot I sat down and thought about it I
1110s want to ask one more um are you able to
1114s give some reassurances about the
1116s continuation of new world for those of
1117s us who would like to see it live a long
1119s and prosperous life pretty sure we want
1122s it to live as long as you all want it to
1124s live like we're putting our heart and
1126s soul and life into this and on top of
1128s playing it all those hours we're working
1130s on it all those hours and it's really
1132s really important to us
1133s so our we're going to do everything in
1135s our power to keep it here as long as we
1138s can and that's our intention
1139s yep well thank you all for bearing with
1142s us through this ever so noisy outdoor
1145s game developer conference shoot uh was
1148s not just hard on you it was hard on
1149s Chuck and Steve too I can tell you that
1151s for sure I'm looking at them holding
1153s their arms for a really long time it's
1155s hard on me too noise was a bit much Lin
1157s doesn't get any special thanks um Lin
1159s you look very comfortable I am very
1161s comfortable um we're gonna try something
1163s new here in about a week which is a
1165s community a our community manager is
1168s going to have a show where we talk about
1170s the state of the community um I hope you
1173s all check that out it's really
1174s interesting and um you know wish we
1177s could answer every question in the
1178s in-depth detail you want and we will be
1180s able to if you consider June soon pretty
1183s soon um otherwise if you like what you
1185s saw let us know on X YouTube
1188s Discord Myspace AOL Netscape and all
1192s those other places what in game chat in
1194s game chat especially in game chat um any
1197s thanks everybody and see you in a
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1216s tournament