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Hey everyone,

We understand that frustrations are running high and that everyone is having a different experience within New World.

To address some of the points brought up in this thread:

  • Server “lock” (Full status, if I understand the frustration correctly) was instituted because certain worlds within regions were seeing DRAMATICALLY higher numbers of individuals who wanted to play on that particular server. With server capacity being worked on, one of the ways we found to effectively mitigate the growing queue issue was to limit new character creation on popular worlds. We know this is super frustrating for some, as you are wanting to play with friends or family and that is why we are also aiming to offer server transfers later this week.
  • Server imbalance can feel super disheartening, especially when you aren’t on the “winning team.” The good news is, the War team thought of this issue when they were designing the Influence mechanic in game. It’s not explained super well in game, and that is part of some work we are going to have to do in the future, but if Purple gets too lackadaisical Green and Yellow can be poised to strike at a moment’s notice!
  • Patch notes are super important to us! There was actually a brief moment in time when there was a discussion on whether the changes from Open Beta to Launch were actually important to call out, and turns out they are! We post notes on every single update we release. We have through all of last Alpha and we’ll keep going well into Launch and beyond.

Calling New World “riddled with bugs” is kind of disingenuous. Are there issues in game? Absolutely! We wouldn’t have a section dedicated to the reporting of Bugs and Exploits if we thought we didn’t have any or if we weren’t interested in hearing about them. Player reports of bugs are super useful. If you encounter bugs, please report them so our QA team can hunt them down and squash 'em. The team has actually fixed a veritable mountain of bugs prior to New World’s launch and they are still hustling to address the ones that are left. So if you see something, please head over to the Bugs section and call it out so we can work towards addressing it!

Lastly, we know tensions are running hot. Some players have waited years to get into New World fully. The Forums and community as a whole is a place where people can go to be civil and constructive and not vitriolic. Posting with the intent of causing unrest is not ok. We are all here wanting New World to be a great game and for the community to be an awesome, safe community. Keep it civil, keep it constructive, and let’s all work together to enjoy a game we are all super excited to be playing.

Thank you for your understanding and for your help with both making New World a better game and keeping the community a safe and constructive place for fans to congregate.

We’ll see you in Aeternum!