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0s [Music]
6s hello and welcome to I turnam your
8s source for the latest in New World News
11s I'm your host and Community manager
13s Leela but you may know me better as
15s Lydia in Discord we've got a lot of fun
18s stuff to talk about today including
20s rabbit's Revenge a special Community
23s event and this time we have Katie in the
25s hot seat first up we have the return of
28s rabbit's Revenge event defend turn them
30s from the wave of corrupted rabbits to
33s earn rewards like the corrupted rabbit
35s mask and armor skins a new reward to the
38s event this year is a flail that has an
40s adorable secret this month I'm excited
43s to present a special celebration created
46s by the community team to highlight and
48s give back to our dedicated players from
51s now until June 3rd join us for Community
54s convergence a three-week celebration of
57s you check in each Monday on our website
59s during the event to find out what you
61s can look forward to that week including
64s contests in-game bonuses and more let's
67s break down all the details on what to
69s expect for week one first we'll be
72s having weekly contests to give players a
75s chance to win awesome prizes for week
78s one we're focusing on all things
81s fashion by hosting a transmog style
84s contest for a chance to win 100,000
86s marks of Fortune and five transmog
89s tokens put together your best outfit
92s take an aesthetic screenshot and check
95s out the details on Discord X and
97s Instagram for directions on how to
99s submit your entry no spoilers but make
102s sure to check back during week three to
105s learn how you can win an awesome
106s Logitech gaming Hardware bundle we're
109s also excited to host our first player
111s choice twitch drop vote starting on May
114s 14th follow play New World on X to vote
117s in the poll for which twitch drop cash
119s you'd like to unlock during Community
121s convergence all good celebrations need
124s party favors make sure you log in each
126s week during May to grab a free housing
129s item from the in-game store this week's
131s free item is the bare skin rug as staple
135s for the Discerning housing decorator of
137s aternum throughout the week on our
139s website and social media channels we'll
141s be highlighting featured content
143s creators and members of the community
145s follow along to get to know some of the
147s Staples of the community or be
149s introduced to someone
150s new we'll be topping off the week with
153s in-game XP bonuses each weekend during
156s Community convergence hop in this first
159s weekend to level up your skills with
161s double Gathering and character XP I'm
164s excited to spend this time celebrating
165s our players and want to thank you all
167s for your continued support let's have
170s some fun this month as we all wait very
173s very patiently for the June Dev update
176s and with that let's head on over to the
178s hot seat where we'll take this time to
180s talk to
183s Katie okay hi Katie welcome to the hot
186s seat hi Lea great to be here how are you
188s doing today I'm pretty good it's the end
191s of the day though so I'm a little tired
193s been in meetings I've been playing the
196s test build quite a bit so it's been
198s quite a day yeah how have you been
200s feeling lately I know our players have
203s been waiting to hear from us in June but
205s how are you and the rest of the team
207s feeling about the last couple of weeks
210s of secrecy yeah we are we are ready to
214s talk um you know I think that it makes a
217s lot of sense why we're kind of keeping
219s things under wrap for right now um but I
222s think I speak for myself and the rest of
224s the team when I say that like we are
227s we're ready we're ready to let players
229s know like what we've been working on
230s because we're super stoked about it yeah
232s I I'm I'm ready too I'm very excited to
235s get to share more with players and share
237s in their excitement whenever they get to
239s learn about everything that's coming to
241s the game yeah absolutely yeah so um what
244s have you been working on what are you
246s really looking forward to that's coming
248s to the game this
250s year yeah I mean um I know that you know
255s there's a lot of like hush hush and I
256s know that Scott had like a couple winks
260s and nods to some interesting stuff
262s coming out um but I think that
265s personally I'm really looking forward to
269s [Music]
273s that's going to be really cool and you
275s definitely can't forget that we're
277s including a
278s [Music]
280s new right like I know that when we
283s introduced the sandworm before that um
286s folks were a little concerned because it
289s [Music]
294s was so I'm super stoked for that we're
297s still tuning all of that right now um um
300s I'm also super excited to see any
302s changes that we
303s [Music]
311s have so so yeah so I think that like
314s that's that's really interesting and
315s different and um oh and like something
318s that we introduced in Rise of the angry
319s Earth that I think people were really
321s excited
321s [Music]
324s about going to be soing cool and so like
329s I'm excited for
331s like there's just so much that we've
332s been doing and working on and it's great
334s and all of that for it to come
340s out the really the really cool and
342s exciting thing for people who have
344s purchased the game already purchased the
346s rising and great Earth
347s [Music]
354s expansion so like that's fing awesome um
359s so yeah so this is just like like
360s there's so much happening there's so
362s much going on with the team and like
364s we're in that test build daily um and so
367s like we're just we're itching we're
368s ready to go we're ready to talk yeah I'm
371s excited too I'm really looking forward
373s to
378s that it's going to be so fun for the
381s community and for me totally and like I
384s totally forgot that like
387s [Music]
392s it's just nonstop like cool coming
396s to the game so uh I know that it's been
399s like really quiet like quieter than
401s normal you know we try to be super
403s communicative and so not being able to
405s talk about this and I'm so glad I was
407s able to talk about it but not being able
409s to talk about it has been horrible yeah
412s it feels so good to finally just be able
414s to talk about everything abely for sure
417s for sure everyone's going to love it I
419s agree yeah I'm going to love it well I
422s definitely plan on having a lot of fun
424s with players this month in May as we
425s build up to our exciting June
427s announcement and yeah thank you so much
429s for joining me today and as I said
432s before we'll see you next time in June
434s with the dev update see you in a tum and
437s see you in a tum of
440s course and the next time you'll see us
443s here on YouTube is for the June Dev
445s update we'll finally be able to share
448s all the juicy details about what what
450s you can look forward to for the game
452s personally I'm excited for new ways to
454s play my main and to make a fresh start
457s with a new character and experience the
459s game in a new way but before I say too
462s much let's move on to this week's
464s Community question what personal goal
467s are you working toward in game right now
470s I'm a completionist so I'm currently
472s working on finishing all of the
474s brimstone Sand's main story
476s quests thanks for watching make sure to
479s like and sub subscribe and join the
480s community in Discord and I'll see you in
483s a turn up
497s [Music]